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Chapter 348: Giant Turtle

Above the city walls, Yi Yun saw Bai and Feng Lin. The two of them nodded slightly at Yi Yun without a word. Yi Yun also saw many people that were the enemy during the alliance tournament. At this moment, they were all standing shoulder to shoulder in arms.

To these factions, situating the battlefield to the Tai Ah Divine City was better than spreading the flames of war to their own land.

The air seemed to freeze as the atmosphere become graver than ever before!

A huge hourgla.s.s was placed above the city walls as a way of keeping time.

There was a distance of 1500 kilometers from the outpost where the scout was located to the Tai Ah Divine City. It was a human estimation that it would take the beast horde two hours to arrive, it was not necessarily exact. However, it was not too far off. With an hourgla.s.s keeping track of time, it allowed people to mentally prepare.

Yi Yun stood on the city walls as he watched the sand quietly flow. He felt that what was seeping downwards was not sand but fresh lives.

Once the beast horde came, it was unknown how many lives would disappear like the sand&h.e.l.lip;

Shepherd Boy, what sort of person are you? Why did you conjure the beast horde that could wipe out life?

After an unknown period of time, the sky started to darken. It was as if a dark cloud obscured the Sun.

Yi Yun’s gazed far into the distance and suddenly noticed a gray blur in the far horizon. It was like a layer of haze.

“Sand storm!”

Someone suddenly said. The gray haze was sand that was being lifted into the air in the far horizon. There were endless amounts of sand, and concealed by the sandstorm were tiny, blurry figures. They were moving on the ground, but they were not sand&h.e.l.lip; It was the beast horde!

From a lofty height, looking several hundred miles out, even large desolate beasts, the size of buildings, would look as tiny as dust.

“Beast horde! The beast horde is here!”

People could feel the ground shaking. The beast horde’s gallop transmitted the tremors from several hundreds of miles away straight to the Tai Ah Divine City!

It was really like an earthquake, formed from the running of countless numbers of desolate beasts.

At this moment, people saw a large blurry figure looming in the sky. It became even clearer amongst the kicked up sandstorm.

“What is that!?” Someone said in horror. The figure was so large that it made people chatter with fear.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The terrifying sounds transmitted all over and clear tremors accompanied them to the Tai Ah Divine City. It was like huge meteors were crashing to the ground.

The phantom image slowly walked out of the sand storm. People could finally see it clearly. It turned out to be an extremely huge turtle.

Its head was in the shape of a dragon, while its body was covered by its turtle sh.e.l.l. The rumbling noises were from its footsteps!

Every step it made made the Tai Ah Divine City feel a tremor!


The people on the city walls were appalled. With hundreds of miles of distance separating them, with them at an alt.i.tude of 100,000 feet, this angle made four-five storey high behemoths look like tiny specks of dust. However, this huge turtle nearly filled the entire horizon with its humongous body.

Every track in the divine turtle’s sh.e.l.l was as big as a city. Its limbs were as thick as a mountain. With each step it took, the ground and mountains would shake, causing the Heaven and Earth to tremor!

There was such an existence in this world? What was it? A desolate beast?

Even the Sages present were shocked. They had previously killed primordial species in the Divine Wilderness, but compared to this divine turtle, the primordial species they killed were like nothing!

Yi Yun, who was above the city walls, was equally shocked. There were too many unknown existences in this world. It far exceeded the limits of his imagination.

For example, the divine turtle before his eyes and the bronze giant he saw in the Pure Yang Sword Palace that could split a world apart using a halberd.

Against such existences, the current him was still too tiny.

“This giant turtle comes from the deep parts of the Divine Wilderness?” A human Sage alarmedly asked. He never knew that there was such an existence in the Divine Wilderness. Even historical books had no such records. Only a few books, with all sorts of bizarre information, recorded such a giant turtle, but those books were usually categorized as myths and legends.

“I do not know&h.e.l.lip;The Divine Wilderness is too big. We do not know what is within it. Primordial species are not the peak existence of the Divine Wilderness&h.e.l.lip; but, is it pointless to discuss this any further. Look at the giant turtle’s head.”

A Sage said and everyone looked towards the divine turtle’s head.

The eyesight of warriors was extremely good. Furthermore, using all sorts of mystic techniques, people could see that on top of the mountain-like turtle’s head, there was clearly a person sitting there!

He was dressed in a green shirt, wore a hair band on his head and held a piccolo in his hand. A composed smile was hanging on his face.

From his expression, it looked as if he was not standing on the head of a giant turtle whose body was situated within a beast horde that could annihilate a country. Instead, he looked as if he was having a lavish field trip.

“Shepherd Boy!”

Someone said with a trembling voice. This name was now a nightmare for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the other three large factions.

“It really is him!”

People were terrified. Previously, it was said that the appearance of the Shepherd Boy would set off a blood storm, but no one had any concept of how strong the Shepherd Boy was.

Until&h.e.l.lip; they now saw the Shepherd Boy themselves!

The Shepherd Boy clearly did not emit an ounce of Yuan Qi energy, nor did he release any pressure. He looked no different from an ordinary teenager, but just by facing him, people inexplicably felt immense pressure!

And the giant turtle he was sitting on stalled one’s breaths. A feeling of not being able to use force against the Shepherd Boy and the beast horde grew in the people’s minds.

Could they really withstand this beast horde?

Would they&h.e.l.lip; die here?

These thoughts flashed past through the minds of many people. Lately, the words “beast horde” had been thrown around a lot. When people thought about it, they only thought of a beast horde that was larger in scale, by a few times, compared to the usual beast hordes. That there might be plenty of primordial species which would make the battle extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

However, they never expected that the beast horde conjured by the Shepherd Boy would be this terrifying. Just the giant turtle alone far exceeded the scope of primordial species!

“City Lord!”

Some of the Tai Ah Divine City Sages gathered around the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord. All of them looked solemn. Beads of sweat were even oozing out of their foreheads.

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom Sages similarly gathered around the Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner. Against such an enemy, they were at a loss.

How would they be able to withstand this!?

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The divine turtle’s footsteps were slow, but every step it took crossed a distance of tens of miles. It just needed to take tens of steps before it would have traversed the distance from the horizon to the Tai Ah Divine City.

Every footstep it left behind in the Divine Wilderness would form a large lake when it rained in the future.

With the divine turtle approaching, the tremors the Tai Ah Divine City felt became more and more obvious. At this time, the melodious tune of a piccolo could be heard across the vast Divine Wilderness. Several hundred miles were not enough to block off the piccolo’s tune.

The piccolo’s tune slowly emerged, flowing like water in the air as it resounded inside everyone’s ears.

People held their breaths. The piccolo’s tune could be heard everywhere. Even the loud trampling of the beast horde could not drown it!

“He is the Shepherd Boy&h.e.l.lip; We&h.e.l.lip; we were too&h.e.l.lip; too naive&h.e.l.lip;”

On the Yun Long Divine Kingdom side, the Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner bitterly smiled. An unknown feeling arose in his heart.

At this moment, the divine turtle was just tens of miles away from the Tai Ah Divine City. The giant turtle, with its head lifted, exceeded the Tai Ah Divine City in alt.i.tude. When people saw the large head, they felt as if there was a black mountain standing in front of the Tai Ah Divine City. And the Shepherd Boy, who was standing on this mountain’s peak, was lightly blowing on his piccolo. His green clothes were fluttering in the wind, as he looked like a G.o.d.

Currently, the Shepherd Boy was like his present position. High up, above all, looking down on everything!

The Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord looked up at the Shepherd Boy as he held a saber in hand. He gently sighed, “Cang Yan, activate the backup plan&h.e.l.lip;”

The City Lord’s voice entered Cang Yan’s ears, making Cang Yan quiver, “City Lord&h.e.l.lip;”

“There is no need to say anything. There is no time.”

As the City Lord said this, his body flew straight out. He flew out alone towards the Shepherd Boy!

“City Lord!”

People were greatly alarmed. Cang Yan nearly jumped out of his skin!

What was the City Lord doing? He was the backbone of the people. If the City Lord were to be lost at this moment, the consequences would be disastrous!

However, no one could stop him at this moment. The City Lord was like a wisp of smoke as he appeared before the Shepherd Boy. He was just a thousand feet away from him now.

The Shepherd Boy looked at the middle-aged scholar and a smile formed on his lips.


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