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Chapter 340: Voice Transmission

“So what about it, kid? Do you dare fight me?” Murong Fei unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Yi Yun’s eyebrows. His face was full of contempt and provocation. “Does the person known as the number one person amongst the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s youngest people have guts? If you think you can’t make it, quickly beg for mercy.”

Murong Fei become more and more arrogant. He guessed that Yi Yun was going to surrender.

Not being able to fight Yi Yun would leave him with regrets as he would lose the right to brag.

But even so, he still wanted to carry on provoking as Yi Yun might turn hot-headed and accept his challenge.

Even if Yi Yun did not accept the challenge, saying all of that made Murong Fei feel good. In the future, he could boast in his circles and family clan saying how the number one person of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, Yi Yun, known as a person who would one day become a Great Emperor was humiliated by him and did not retaliate, and eventually, he surrendered with his tail between his legs.

This effect was barely acceptable.

Seeing Murong Fei’s provocation, all of the Tai Ah Divine City warriors were fuming.

Many of them could not accept it any longer!

“******, I’ve never seen such a shameless person!” A person stood up and pointed at Murong Fei and cursed.

“Murong Fei is no different to s**t! And that Murong Guang! They must be from the same family. One is more shameless than the other!”

“F**k! Still jumping out to talk a bunch of c.r.a.p, appearing as if he’s all awesome and what not. Why didn’t he fight earlier? He’s no different to a straw bag. If Yi Yun had 30% of his strength left, he could finish this kind of person in 1 move. To think he dares be arrogant. Even a dog’s barks sounds better than your shouting!”

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warriors were quite good at cursing.

However, Murong Fei’s skin was thicker than the city walls. He remained unmoved.

So what if you cursed me?

“Miss, this person is too shameless.” Beside Luo Huo’er, the maid servant Dong’er clenched her pink and tender tiny fists and her small circular face looked like an apple as it had turned redder due to anger. As she said that, her undeveloped chest moved up and down like a small balloon.

Luo Huo’er looked at Murong Fei with a disgusted and irritated look. This was the first time she had seen such a toad that was so shameless. Comparatively, that unpleasant fellow Yi Yun was like an angel.

Seeing Murong Fei being so arrogant and then looking back at Yi Yun, Luo Huo’er’s black eyes seemed to roll around, as if she thought of something. Luo Huo’er seemed to be in a dilemma.

She rubbed her smooth forehead with her tiny fingers, as if she was still struggling to decide before she said quietly to herself, “Just this once. It shouldn’t be a problem&h.e.l.lip;”

At this moment on the Divine Wilderness Stage, the referee looked at Yi Yun.

“Yi Yun, do you want to accept this challenge?”

Seeing that Yi Yun was still silent, the referee had no choice but to ask.

“Yi Yun, don’t fall for their trap! You are admitting defeat after a huge battle, it is not shameful. On the other hand, that Murong Fei is so shameless that it made people despise him. You just need to admit defeat. If you were to fight him, you would end up being even more humiliated.”

Chu Xiaoran was afraid Yi Yun would fall for the trap.

Cang Yan noticed that Yi Yun did not intend to surrender, so he stood up, “I’ll represent Yi Yun, and give up&h.e.l.lip;”

Just as Cang Yan said this, Yi Yun, who had been silent, suddenly raised his hand, “Hold on! I’ll accept this battle!”


Everyone was stunned when Yi Yun said this. Anyone could tell that Yi Yun was at the limits of his limits. He could not beat Murong Fei, yet he accepted the challenge? Wasn’t this no different than self-mutilating himself?

“Hahahaha!” Murong Fei laughed loudly, “Great, I originally thought that you were a coward, but I now take that back. You are not a coward, but a complete idiot. Very well, let’s fight! I will beat you up like you are a dog!”

Murong Fei clenched his fists with extreme excitement on his face.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. I am the leader of the Tai Ah Divine City’s overall group match. I can let Chu Xiaoran take over for me.” As Yi Yun said, he looked down the stage at Chu Xiaoran.

Chu Xiaoran was stunned hearing this.

He was letting her fight in his stead?

She didn’t lose in the teenager division matches, so according to the tournament’s rules, anyone who had not been defeated had the right to fight. This included Wen Yu and a few other first year cultivators.

However&h.e.l.lip; She was not Murong Fei’s match!

Murong Fei was a Yuan foundation realm warrior, and due to the age gap, Chu Xiaoran would only be abused trying to fight Murong Fei. Besides, Murong Fei seemed like a shameless type of person who would not hold back.

Yi Yun wanted her to fight?

Chu Xiaoran was completely in a daze. At this moment, Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi transmission rang in her ear, “Drag it out, let Wen Yu and the rest also go up too. Try to delay as much time as possible before going up on stage. Try to delay for about the time it takes 1-2 joss sticks to burn. The longer it is, the better. When you start fighting, just surrender quickly!”

Chu Xiaoran was shocked when she heard what Yi Yun said. Delay for the time it takes for 1-2 joss sticks to burn?

In this alternate world, one joss stick was the time it took for someone to take a hundred breaths*. The time to take 100-200 breaths was completely inadequate for Yi Yun even if it was delayed.

In Yi Yun’s situation where he had been depleted of all his energy, he needed about 4-5 days to recover. And this was only under the condition of using all sorts of treasured materials to recuperate.

“Yi Yun, what are you doing?” Chu Xiaoran asked worriedly, “Do not fall for his trick! That Murong Fei is purposely antagonizing you so he can shine!”

Yi Yun shook his head, “No matter how Murong Fei provokes me, it is meaningless to me. He is just a r.e.t.a.r.d in my eyes. If I minded a r.e.t.a.r.d, then wouldn’t I have the same intelligence as a r.e.t.a.r.d?”

Yi Yun words immediately rendered Chu Xiaoran speechless, “Then you&h.e.l.lip;”

“I only want to win! I want to win this overall group championship. That’s why I accepted the challenge. You, Wen Yu and the other juniors, help me drag it out!”

In accordance to the tournament’s rules, when one side sent out a person to fight on stage, the other side could indeed send another person to accept the challenge. It was only because Yi Yun was the only power on the Tai Ah Divine City’s side that resulted in Yi Yun fighting all the way.

“You want to win? We can win under such circ.u.mstances?” Chu Xiaoran was stunned. Yi Yun’s words were simply unbelievable.

“I’ll give it a try. I do not have much confidence as well, and I do not know what will happen.” Saying that, Yi Yun walked off the Divine Wilderness Stage.

Chu Xiaoran was completely confused.

“Hahaha! You actually used a woman as your shield, you sure came out well!” Murong Fei laughed loudly the moment Yi Yun walked off the Divine Wilderness Stage. His laughter was without restraint and in it, there was a tinge of perverseness in it , “Little beauty, come on up and play with this elder brother! Gee, you’re such a beauty. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

Against social norms, Murong Fei’s gaze wandered over Chu Xiaoran’s body and it landed on her thighs, then on her chest.

This made Chu Xiaoran fume. She really wanted to charge up and fight it out with Murong Fei; however, she remembered Yi Yun’s words and endured.

I’ll let you be arrogant for a while!

Although she did not know what Yi Yun was doing, and while Yi Yun said he did not have much confidence, Chu Xiaoran still had unfounded confidence in Yi Yun. She believed that he might be able to create a miracle.

With that in mind, Chu Xiaoran said to the referee, “Sorry, I did not expect myself to engage in battle so suddenly. I want to prepare for a while.”

The referee was slightly stunned, prepare?

Although he did not know what Chu Xiaoran needed to prepare, the referee nodded.


At this moment, Yi Yun had already left the arena. With a blur of his figure, he disappeared.

Although he was greatly drained of his energy, he could still maintain a speed that exceeded mortals by a hundred times.

In the time it took to take a few breaths, he arrived in front of a stone hut a few hundred meters away. In the Tai Ah Divine City, there were plenty of these simple stone huts along the streets. They were built for people to take a breather.

At this moment, within the stone hut, there was a girl dressed in red. She sat on the railings of the courtyard casually, leaning on a tree beside the railing. Both her tiny legs were dangling in the air. Her dangling her feet looked like a girl touching the surface of the water with the tip of her feet.

“Luo Huo’er!”

Yi Yun came out because of Luo Huo’er’s Yuan Qi voice transmission!

“Miss Luo, you have a desolate bone relic that can recover stamina quickly?”

“Relic? Uh&h.e.l.lip;I guess so&h.e.l.lip;” Luo Huo’er responded whilst being preoccupied with another matter, in a way of affirming Yi Yun’s query.

“There is such a relic?” Yi Yun found it unbelievable. A relic that could quickly restore a large portion or even all the stamina of a completely exhausted person was something that even the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord lacked!

There was a process for warriors to absorb relics. Relics could recover one’s stamina, but their effects were slow. In fact, they had very limited effects. Even the Golden Crow species’ blood he used did not have such a heaven defying effect.

Although it sounded incredulous, Luo Huo’er had no reason to lie to him. She couldn’t be up to her mischievous antics in this situation.

“You really have a relic like that, wouldn’t it be very valuable? To use it on me&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun stopped his words. Luo Huo’er’s background was mysterious and the relic would have an abnormally high value according to her description as it confounded common sense.

Hearing Yi Yun’s words, Luo Huo’er was rendered a bit speechless. How could she have such an amazing relic? She could recover Yi Yun’s stamina only because of a special ability of hers.

However, her ability was not to be flaunted as it was related to her family clan and race. She could not let others know.

Luo Huo’er was also mischievous, but she was not good at lying. She wanted to sweep it under the rug in a hand wavy fashion, but seeing that Yi Yun wanted to ask again, Luo Huo’er felt anger and stared at him. She snapped, “Where are you getting all that nonsense from!? Just stay there!”

“Uh&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun choked. He never expected that Luo Huo’er, who was still mumbling a few moments ago suddenly, would take a 180° turn in att.i.tude.

“Lie down!” Luo Huo’er said with a repulsive look and pointed to a stone table.

The table’s length was about a foot long, and this rendered Yi Yun a bit speechless. It was so small, just barely enough to sit down on, how could he lie on it?

“There’s no time, hurry!” Luo Huo’er urged him. Yi Yun had no choice but to lie down on the stone table.

Now, Yi Yun had the height of an adult, so for him, lying down on such a small stone table was an acrobatic art. If he was not careful, he could fall down.

When Luo Huo’er saw Yi Yun’s comical state, the corners of her mouth arced upwards. She really wanted to take this opportunity to tease Yi Yun, but due to the lack of time, she gave up on the thought.

She was about to use her race’s mystic technique, but then she thought of the matter regarding relics. So she took out a desolate bone relic from her interspatial ring and threw it at Yi Yun, “This is special medicine, eat it.”

“Special medicine? It’s this?” Yi Yun stared at the relic that looked like a sugar pill in his hand. He was speechless.

You think this bro is a child!?

He was now a Desolate Heaven Master, and he was not so easily fooled. Wasn’t this an ordinary relic that could be bought anywhere on the streets?

This thing could quickly recover his stamina? Wasn’t this a joke!?

Author’s Note: The time it takes to burn one joss stick is 5 minutes. It is in reference to ancient China’s timing. In ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’, the time it took to burn one joss stick was only sufficient to make a poem. Some readers might be curious. Our joss sticks at home can burn for at least an hour, why is it only 5 minutes in ancient times? For this&h.e.l.lip;I also do not know. Maybe the materials used for the joss sticks in ancient times were different, so it was shorter. I’ll be catching a flight tomorrow, so the updates will be later.


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