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Chapter 332: Severely Injured

“Yi Yun’s hand&h.e.l.lip;”

Everyone’s focus was originally on Feng Lin, only now realized that the sword-wielding hand of Yi Yun was bleeding profusely. All the blood vessels in it had ruptured, and even the tendons and meridians had suffered a great deal of damage.

Just using a sword attack caused such an injury to his hand.

This sword move is too terrifying&h.e.l.lip;

“To think that Yi Yun’s hand would suffer such an injury. That sword move’s power far exceeds that which Yi Yun can control. His cultivation level is limited, so injecting that much energy into his meridians caused them to tear immediately&h.e.l.lip;”

The Tai Ah Divine City warriors were looking at Yi Yun with extreme worry.

With the price of one sword attack being so high, could Yi Yun still use his hand?

“Yi Yun!”

At this moment, the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord stood up. He was far in the seats of honor, but the look he gave Yi Yun was that of generous appreciation.

“You have already done very well. If you cannot continue, do not force yourself.”

The Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord had no expectations of Yi Yun actually winning the overall group championship because it was just too difficult.

Now, the City Lord knew that it was unlikely that Yi Yun would be able to use his right hand anymore. At the very least, Yi Yun could not use that terrifying sword attack again.

His arm would not be able to handle it.

Because of the sword attack, with its large Yuan Qi consumption, Yi Yun was only left with 60-70% Yuan Qi. Fighting in such a state against the Yun Long Divine Kingdom compet.i.tors would be extremely difficult. In fact, it should be said that it was impossible to win.

Looking at the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s side, there were 13 other people sitting on the partic.i.p.ant benches. The pale faced youth in black clothing had particularly stood out for the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord. His strength could only be described as unfathomable for Yuan foundation realm warriors.

In such a situation, how could Yi Yun win?

At this moment, the youth in black was no longer sitting quietly in a corner. He stood up, holding a sword as he looked at Yi Yun with dark black eyes.

Yi Yun also looked back at the youth in black. His right hand was still trembling, with blood continuously dripping from it.

“What a pity&h.e.l.lip;”

At this moment, the youth in black sent a Yuan Qi voice transmission to Yi Yun. His voice was cold and heartless, causing one to worry. “If I knew you had such strength, I would have personally fought you in the previous round. And now, with your hand in such a state&h.e.l.lip; you can no longer fight me.”

The youth in black glanced at Yi Yun’s hand and showed a sense of regret.

Although in this overall group match partic.i.p.ants were allowed to take pills, elixirs and relics to treat themselves, due to the short period of time, they had limited effects.

Discerning people could tell that the injury on Yi Yun’s hand had reached to the root of his bones and the meridians. Even if it was immediately treated, only a small portion could be healed in the short period of time. If Yi Yun were to use that sword attack again, his hand might be completely destroyed!

This youth in black felt that it was a great pity.

He was a fanatic for martial arts and he trumped all of his peers. As a lonely expert, he was thirsty for an elite that could compete with him in a delightful battle. If Yi Yun could use that sword move, then Yi Yun would be qualified.

Yi Yun looked at the youth in black silently. He had already expected that this battle would be very tough, now it was indeed so. It had even exceeded his predictions, just the second battle had injured his arm thoroughly.

However, Feng Lin was just too strong and forced Yi Yun to do so.

The sword attack that had been injected with the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s concept could really not be used by Yi Yun. He could not slash out an attack with that amount of force, if he did, Yi Yun would not be able to handle the stress on his arm.

“Yi Yun, do not force yourself!” Seeing that Yi Yun was not responding, the City Lord said again.

In this alliance tournament, lives could be lost in the exchanges between experts. Even if no lives were lost, it could also end up with heavy injuries, crippling some of them. It was possible to end up bedridden for more than 6 months. And for an elite like Yi Yun, 6 months was too precious. He could not afford to lose that.

“Thank you for your concern City Lord. However, I think I can carry on fighting.”

Yi Yun’s voice was calm. The hearts of the Tai Ah Divine City warriors’ sank when they heard him say this. It was extremely worrying seeing Yi Yun’s current state.

With Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi being greatly depleted and having a severely injured hand, how could he carry on?

“Since you insist, then so be it&h.e.l.lip;” The middle-aged scholar looked deeply at Yi Yun before slowly sitting down.

“Haha! This Yi Yun would rather die than lose face. He clearly can’t handle it, yet he insists!” On the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s side, a youth in silk clothes laughed disdainfully.

The youth’s silk clothes was the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s clothes of n.o.bility. The n.o.ble’s clothes were embroidered with a flying black river dragon. It was equivalent to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s viscount. To rise to the rank of a viscount at this age proved that this youth was not weak.

“A spent force should not speak the words of the brave. Yi Yun is finished. His hand is crippled and with less than 70% of his Yuan Qi left, he is nothing to be feared!” Another Yun Long Divine Kingdom elite said.

“He could admit defeat in a decent manner, but he was not smart enough and instead, he insists on dying on stage. If so, I will go up and finish him!”

The youth wearing the flying black river dragon suit grinned slyly and jumped up the Divine Wilderness Stage with a saber.

“Let me fight this match!”

The youth pointed his long saber at Yi Yun and smiled provocatively. “Yi Yun, you are very arrogant after having won a series of battles. Unfortunately, you are destined to be defeated by me, Murong Guang. Come! Let me see what other abilities you have left, use it all!”

Murong Guang’s words had no restraint, causing the surrounding Tai Ah Divine City cultivators to fume with rage.

“Who does he think he is!? Taking advantage of a person’s disadvantage and pretending to be great. He is shameless!”

Some senior cultivators only wished they could rush up and chop up Murong Guang.

“If not for Senior Yi Yun’s injury, he would be no match for Senior Yi Yun!” One Tai Ah Divine City rookie junior was also fuming till her undeveloped chest heaved up and down.

However, at this moment, Murong Guang only sneered, “Only the outcome of the battle matters. Why does the process matter? So what if you are a genius? You will still end up being finished by me! No matter what reason it is, being defeated by me means being defeated. It is something you can’t remove from your entire life. Even if female saints were screwed by me, they are forever screwed! Hahaha!”

As Murong Guang was laughing, he suddenly went into a daze.

He saw Yi Yun take out a container from his interspatial ring. He opened the container’s lid and in it, there was a heavy and sticky liquid.

“What is it?”

Before Murong Guang could see it carefully, Yi Yun had tilted his head and finished all the red liquid in the container.

Inside the container, there was precious blood, the precious blood of the Golden Crow species!

In Fallen Star Gate, after killing the Golden Crow species, Yi Yun had kept the corpse of the Golden Crow species into his interspatial ring. He had also taken the blood of the Golden Crow species’ heart, and stored it in blood containers. This was where all the essence of the Golden Crow species was.

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