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Chapter 328: Feng Lin

“Yi Yun, are you alright&h.e.l.lip;?” Chu Xiaoran worriedly asked as Yi Yun came off the stage, but she quickly realized that her question made no sense.

Yi Yun looked as if he couldn’t be any better. In fact, it looked like he never took part in a huge battle. He had casually loosened his muscles, warming up his body before casually defeating the fatty.

Thinking back to the battle process, Yi Yun had won far too easily. From beginning to end, he had only stepped forward once and attacked once. Besides, the weapon he used wasn’t even his saber&h.e.l.lip;

If one ignored the time it took for the fatty to prepare his Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke and illusion technique to bewitch Yi Yun, then it took them less than the blink of an eye to exchange blows. This was definitely the fastest Yi Yun had ever taken care of an opponent.

Chu Xiaoran did not really know what to say.

This fatty was not some n.o.body. He was from the Qianshui clan and this mysterious family clan’s mystic technique was dreaded by countless numbers of people. In the Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das, this fatty should be ranked in the top 3. He had defeated Yao Dao and Yang Qian, but against Yi Yun, this fatty had suddenly transformed into a straw sack. If Chu Xiaoran had not seen the match between Yao Dao and the fatty with her own eyes, she would have never have believed that the fatty was a top expert.

In the Elder stands, Cang Yan was stroking his chin and he was also very alarmed.

“Could this kid have specially trained his spiritual mental powers?”

Originally, he did not have any hope in Yi Yun truly defeating the fatty, because he could not conceive how Yi Yun could win. It was only because Yi Yun often surprised him pleasantly that he hoped that there would be a pleasant surprise this time. This was the unconditional trust and antic.i.p.ation he had in Yi Yun.

However, not only did Yi Yun give him a pleasant surprise, it was such a ridiculously pleasant surprise that it made it hard for Cang Yan to believe it.

Though, now was not time to question Yi Yun in detail. Cang Yan stroked his chin as he suddenly recalled something. He turned his head and looked at the Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elders with great interest.

As expected, Cang Yan saw the two white-robed Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elders look like their dear sons just died. Their expressions were extremely ugly.

This made Cang Yan overjoyed. His current feelings could be described in one word: “awesome”.

“Feng Lin, what are you doing!?”

One of the white-robed Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder was fuming with anger. Especially after seeing Cang Yan’s sardonic, wretched and arrogant smile, he was so angry that even his liver ached.

Letting go of the fact that Yi Yun won the teenager group compet.i.tion, now he also flaunted himself in the overall group compet.i.tion. Many of the Elders could not bear it any more!

“Elder Bai Yu, I do not know what happened either. Qianshui’s illusions seem to be ineffective against Yi Yun.” Said a girl, in a palatial attire, from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s partic.i.p.ant benches. She was the leader of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s partic.i.p.ants.

When they first reached the Tai Ah Divine City, this girl and the fatty in yellow had stood in the airship, looking down at all of the Tai Ah Divine City cultivators. Back then, the fatty was commenting on others while being highly spirited and vigorous.

Unexpectedly, when the real battle happened, he was nearly beaten into a r.e.t.a.r.d by a fourteen year old kid with a brick.

Feng Lin found it fascinating. Even when she fought the fatty, she had to be extremely careful. She had to use the acc.u.mulation of her family heritage’s “Clear Minded Curse”, the fact that her cultivation level was higher than the fatty’s and the experience that she gained from fighting warriors with illusion techniques to barely beat him.

Yi Yun had nothing. How did he win?

“No matter what the reason is. I absolutely do not wish to see a loss in the next battle!” Elder Bai Yiu said unhappily.

Feng Lin took a deep breath and said, “Do not worry, Elder Bai Yu.”

While Feng Lin was conversing with Bai Yu, the Tai Ah Divine City warriors in the arena were filled with high emotions!

Yi Yun’s brick really allowed them to vent their frustration!

When they saw the fatty’s various forms of arrogance earlier, the Tai Ah Divine City warriors had to suppress their anger, wishing they could go up and step on his fat face.

However, everyone knew that the fatty was very strong. He even defeated Yao Dao. Even Yi Yun would find it difficult, what more them.

They never expected to see the fatty jump up and down on the stage, acting smug and all, only to later be bricked down by Yi Yun. What else could be more exhilarating than that?

Therefore, the Tai Ah Divine City warriors now only wished that they could rush up to the Divine Wilderness Stage and toss Yi Yun up into the air.

In this state of excitement, the Tai Ah Divine City warriors cheers went on without any signs of abating for just a bit under 15 minutes.

Only when the referee went on stage did they slowly quieten down.

“Next match, Yun Long Divine Kingdom, who is fighting?”

The referee did not bother asking Yi Yun as Yi Yun was already standing in the middle of the Divine Wilderness Stage.

Seeing Yi Yun’s calm expression while standing on the stage, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors did not look too good.

“This kid must have some method of breaking through illusions. Senior Brother Qianshui isn’t good at fighting. Furthermore, Yi Yun took him by surprise and made him suffer. He might not have that much of an ability, I’ll go up and finish him!” A youth dressed in a red shirt said just as he was about to jump up on the Divine Wilderness Stage.

However, just as he jumped, he was pulled straight back by Feng Lin.

“Shut up!” Feng Lin suddenly boomed.

“Senior Sister, I&h.e.l.lip;” The youth in red was left dazed by Feng Lin’s berating.

“Do you think we haven’t lost enough face? You really think Yi Yun is weak? Or do you think that you can squash him just because he’s young? Do not forget that you need to suppress your cultivation level. Back then, even Jun Yue lost!”

Feng Lin’s words left the youth in red speechless.

His strength was only ranked above average in this group of people, so he naturally did not dare to refute Feng Lin.

As the leader, Feng Lin had the right to decide who was to go up on stage. Feng Lin was originally considering letting their 4th or 5th rank person battle Yi Yun as they wouldn’t fight too poorly.

However, now, with Elder Bai Yu’s authoritative command, Feng Lin was thinking of going up herself.

This match had to finish Yi Yun off. For even if they won after letting Yi Yun go through a series of battles alone, it would be too shameful.

Before Feng Lin went on stage, she subconsciously looked at the corner of the partic.i.p.ant benches. A pale faced youth in black sat there. His hair covered his eyes. Even when the fatty was defeated by Yi Yun, he never seemed to have any reaction.

Feng Lin took a light breath of air before she walked straight up on stage.

“I’ll fight you!”

“Oh?” Yi Yun’s heart thumped. In the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, Yi Yun had sensed that this girl in palatial attire had surging energy.

“This girl’s strength&h.e.l.lip; is very strong!”

Yi Yun knew that he had easily defeated the fatty because he used trickery, thanks to the Purple Crystal.

Unfortunately, the fatty’s abilities were completely countered by Yi Yun. Furthermore, Yi Yun had purposely given the fatty the false impression of “I’ve fallen into your illusion, you can attack me now”, luring him to come closer to him. And in the moment that the fatty thought he had already won, Yi Yun beat him with one strike.

This fatty had really been badly cheated by Yi Yun.

The battle was won easily, but Yi Yun would not look down on the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors because of it.

Amongst the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors, there were people who were extremely frightening, so much that Yi Yun did not have complete confidence against them.

For example, the girl in palatial attire was not an ordinary person.

Against this girl, Yi Yun immediately retrieved his Sonic Deathblade.


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