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Chapter 323: The Young Adults Battle

“Does anyone from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom want to challenge Yi Yun?” The referee on the Divine Wilderness Stage asked loudly.

There were still four more people from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom left who had not gone up after Yi Yun defeated Jun Yue. They were eligible to challenge Yi Yun.

The four of them had ugly expressions, but none of them really went on stage to fight Yi Yun. The difference in strength was too great, going up on strength would only end with them being brutally beaten up by Yi Yun. As such, whether they went up on stage or not had lost its meaning.

No one answered the referee. After the referee repeated that statement three times, he said loudly, “No one from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom is challenging, so I shall now announce that for the alliance tournament’s Tai Ah Divine Kingdom vs Yun Long Divine Kingdom teenager division, the winner is the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!”

The referee’s voice was excited as the Tai Ah Divine City audience burst out into a tumultuous cheer.

This victory was really surprising. Having thought that their Tai Ah Divine City’s new crop had yet to come in to replace the old, they had still managed to beat the Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das in the teenager division compet.i.tion. This result was something to be proud of.

But not all the Tai Ah Divine City cultivators were happy. At this moment, Li Hong, Yang Haoran and company’s faces were ugly listening the tumultuous cheers.

In particular, Yang Haoran was clenching his fist tightly, his nails were lodged deep in his flesh.

See his arch-enemy become the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s hero, even gaining the attention of the City Lord, together with Cang Yan, Jian Ge and Yuehua’s support and favor granted to Yi Yun, the hopes of taking revenge on Yi Yun had become a joke.

Compared to the aura of being the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom hero, he, with his broken arm was no different from a lost dog. This difference made Yang Haoran feel anguish that did not need further elaborating.

At this moment, the referee on the Divine Wilderness Stage was also extremely excited as he announced with an exhilarated voice, “Next, we have the young adult division compet.i.tion. Yun Long Divine Kingdom and Tai Ah Divine Kingdom will have 15-18 year-old cultivators coming to the stage to battle!”

When the referee said this, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s audience became excited. After having their moods dampened by Yi Yun, they were filled with anger. Now that it was the young adult division, their Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s young adult division was filled with elites. In comparison, the Tai Ah Divine City’s young adult division was like a handful of kittens. There was no doubt what the outcome of the battle would be.

“Yun Long Divine Kingdom is sure to win!” Some of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom cultivators shouted loudly.

They were looking forward to obtaining revenge for the disgrace they suffered.

“Wipe them out! Wipe out the Tai Ah Divine City!”

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience was excited. On the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom side, the audience went t.i.t-for-tat as they cheered as well.

The situation looked as if the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience were almost about to fight.

“It’s really crazy!”

Yi Yun, who was on the partic.i.p.ant benches, sighed upon seeing this scene. But it was reasonable. In his past life, there were some ball-related sports matches where the audience would become so agitated watching the game that they led to stampedes and other accidents, what more, this is a warrior’s world. Compared to the sports matches in his previous life, elites battling against each other was a matter of greater importance and with it came greater excitement.

Yi Yun glanced at Cang Yan who was in the Elder stands. He transmitted his voice, “Senior Cang Yan, I can’t partic.i.p.ate in the young adult division matches, right?”

Cang Yan, who was still being highly conceited, was shocked hearing Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi voice transmission. “No, you can’t. However, you can partic.i.p.ate in the overall group matches in two days.”

The overall group compet.i.tion was scheduled in two days time to allow the compet.i.tors to rest and heal, allowing them to adjust themselves to their optimum states.

“Alright, I got it. Then, I want to go to the sword tomb.”

The Pure Yang Sword Palace’s sword Dao was extremely profound. Yi Yun always felt his understanding of the sword Dao was still lacking up to this point. The path of martial arts was fraught with dangers and difficulties, and could be said as defying Heaven. Yi Yun had to grab every opportunity to strengthen himself.

“Sword tomb? You are going just like that? Aren’t you going to watch the young adult division matches?” Cang Yan said with a shock. “You sure are grabbing every second.”

“I’m not going to watch.” Yi Yun shook his head. Actually, watching the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s experts’ performance before the overall group match was necessary. However, it was not that Yi Yun was being arrogant and underestimating his enemies, but he guessed that the person he really wanted to see would not appear in the upcoming young adult division matches. Even if the person appeared, that person would not go all out.

In that case, there was not much difference whether he watched or not.

“Alright.” Cang Yan nodded and stood up to guide Yi Yun.

At this point, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience’s cheers had reached a crescendo. From the Yun Long Divine Kingdom cultivators side, a fatty dressed in yellow jumped on to the Divine Wilderness Stage.

He raised a fist and shouted loudly, “Yun Long is sure to win!”

“Yun Long is sure to win!”

“Yun Long is sure to win!”

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience responded like a surging tide.

At this moment, the fatty lowered both his hands, motioning for the crowd to be quiet. He gave a faint smile and looked at the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom cultivators, “Today, I will represent the Yun Long Divine Kingdom and declare war on the Tai Ah Divine City!”

As he said that, he pointed out his index finger and pointed towards the Tai Ah Divine City’s side, “Just me alone will be sufficient! Who will fight me? I’ll take on as many as you send!”

The fatty’s words were highly rousing and it had a provocative vibe to it. When he declared war in such a domineering and arrogant fashion, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience cheered once again. Previously, Yi Yun had won despite being up against five people in the teenager division matches. This made them fume inside, but now with the fatty’s domineering declaration of war, all the shame they had suffered was being vented.

All of them were extremely excited.

“Your Tai Ah Divine City may have gone one against many, but so can our Yun Long Divine Kingdom!”

“This darn fatso, who does he think he is?”

On the Tai Ah Divine City side, the partic.i.p.ants were furious.

Yang Qian’s expression was extremely ugly, “Is he bullying our Tai Ah Divine City as if we don’t exist? What does he mean, ‘take on as many as you send’. Those words sound so arrogant. We only have two people we can send out for the young adult division.”

According to the alliance tournament’s rules, everyone was only allowed one defeat. Once they were defeated, they could not carry on partic.i.p.ating in the group championships.

Previously, in the Tai Ah Divine City young adult division small group matches, three of the four groups had been wiped out. There was only one group left. And in that group, only Yang Qian and Yao Dao remained undefeated.

The fatty’s words were nicely put, but it was in actual fact, one against two, and that wasn’t much of an exaggeration.

“He is just going with the Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience’s wishes. By declaring war in such a manner, he can increase his popularity. This fatso sure is crafty!” Yao Dao, who was beside Yang Qian, gave his evaluation. These two former rivals were now comrades in arms.

“Hmph! How powerful can a fellow, who just messes around, be? Although there’s only two of us left in the Tai Ah Divine City young adult division, we will not be defeated by him. I’ll go up and finish him off!”

Yang Qian said as he jumped up the Divine Wilderness Stage, “I’ll challenge you!”

“Yang Qian! Yang Qian!”

The Tai Ah Divine City cultivators shouted loudly to cheer on Yang Qian. As one of the top ranked people on the Tai Ah Divine City’s Earth roll, he was extremely popular.

Yang Qian and Yao Dao were the only hopes that the Tai Ah Divine City young adult division had.

“Hehe!” The fatty looked at Yang Qian as his lips curled into a sinister smile. To establish his reputation, he began with Yang Qian.

In a short while, it would be his personal performance.

After today’s young adult division match, there was no doubt he would become the brightest person in the Yun Long Divine Kingdom!

He was looking forward to the fame gained from this one battle! By performing well in the tournament, besides being rewarded, he would also gain the attention of the upper echelons of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom. There were many benefits!

The fatty smiled as he subconsciously glanced at the Tai Ah Divine City teenager division partic.i.p.ant benches. He knew that in two days time, he would meet Yi Yun in the overall group match.

He wanted to let his future opponent see his performance.

But this glance made his expression go stiff.

Because, at this moment, Yi Yun was carrying his Sonic Deathblade and walking towards the arena’s exit. From the fatty’s perspective, he could only see Yi Yun’s back.

“What!? That kid!”

The veins on the fatty’s forehead bulged. He had been ignored?

Yi Yun had actually left the arena without watching his match? Who did he think he was?

Seeing Yi Yun leave the arena without even turning back, the fatty’s expression turned gloomy.

“In two days time, I will teach you manners.”

The fatty clenched his fists and began thinking hateful thoughts. Next, he turned towards Yang Qian and said coldly, “Yang Qian, right? I will defeat you in less than ten moves!”

“The nerve!” Yang Qian unsheathed a sword and pointing straight at the fatty’s eyebrows.

“The person who will be defeated is you!”


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