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Chapter 321: Fighting Jun Yue

Jun Yue stood on the stage where his entire body felt like a sword. He looked at Yi Yun and smiled, “I’ve been paying close attention to you for a long while.”

Yi Yun looked at Jun Yue as his heart jumped.

“Amongst all the Tai Ah Divine City cultivators, you are the one I want to fight the most! Now, without anyone interfering with our battle, you will be able to fight in your best condition, so this battle is how I like it. I have been looking forward to this battle with you!”

Jun Yue said as he took a weapon out from his interspatial ring. It was a sword.

The sword was extremely long. It was even longer than the Thousand Army Saber. The sword’s blade was broad, its width was about a foot long. The blade’s central ridge was about an inch thick.

It was an extremely heavy sword.

The audience gasped when they saw the sword. Not many of them had seen a sword with such an exaggerated size like that before. Even if they did, it was usually an ornamental sword. They had never seen one being used to kill enemies.

This sword looked like it was like a door that was split in the middle, with the two halves connected together.

It did not look easy for a person to hold such a sword.

“How do you brandish such a heavy sword? It cannot be used agilely.” A Tai Ah Divine City warrior said. Although there was a saying that the longer a weapon was, the stronger it was, it did not really mean that it was that much better the longer it became.

A sword that exceeded one’s height by more than 100% would be severely constricted them when it was brandished.

But just as the Tai Ah Divine City warrior was midway through his words, he shut himself up.

This was because he was shocked at what he saw. Jun Yue had casually released his hand and the sword began floating in midair. Following that, Jun Yue landed on the sword’s blade with a gentle leap.


Many of the audience were dumbfounded. You could do that?

Wasn’t this flying on a sword?

Yuan foundation realm warriors could not really fly, but by standing on the large sword, Jun Yue was able to fly in any direction. This was no doubt the advantage of having a large sword.

When one’s insight into the laws reaches a certain realm, they are able to use all sort of bizarre combat techniques. This was the power of the laws.

“I’m going to attack.”

Before Jun Yue attacked, he warned Yi Yun, showing his great confidence!


A sword beam flashed as Jun Yue flew towards Yi Yun while standing on the large sword!

This sword’s speed was extremely fast. It was very difficult to tell its trajectory!

Just as the sword was about 30 feet away from Yi Yun, a “Ka” sound rang, and the sword’s body split!


Yi Yun constricted his pupils. He saw that the large sword had split into 24 flying swords.

The huge sword was not one sword, but it was made up of 24 swords. No wonder it was that big!

In this split second, Yi Yun did not have time to think carefully. The 24 flying swords had surrounded him!

Minute Subtlety!

Yi Yun’s body began creating multiple after-images as he retreated hurriedly!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

There were about 20 sword marks on the purple tungsten tiles on the ground. At the same time, two of the flying swords flew close to Yi Yun’s cheek and body. The sharp sword wind cut through Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi protection and two b.l.o.o.d.y slashes appeared on Yi Yun’s face and body.

“Your speed is very fast, too bad&h.e.l.lip;”

Jun Yue gripped both his hands, “Ka Ka Ka!”

The purple tungsten tiles underneath Yi Yun’s feet sprouted out metallic poles about the thickness of a thumb.

These metallic poles immediately formed a cage the moment Yi Yun landed, trapping him in it.

“How are you going to dodge this time?”

With a thought, more than 20 flying swords flew towards Yi Yun who was in the metallic cage!

At that split moment, Yi Yun roared, and his body’s Radiant Sun Qi erupted like a volcano!

The power of the pure Yang flames burnt the metallic cage and turned it into molten metal. Yi Yun flew out of it.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The place Yi Yun was originally standing was instantly diced.

And at this moment, Yi Yun changed directions in the air. With the Sonic Deathblade in hand, he attacked from top to bottom while charging straight at Jun Yue.

The Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Reigning Supreme!

An emerald green saber beam with its formidable presence tore through the air, emitting a sharp howling whistle!

The Sonic Deathblade could kill people just with its sound waves!

Against this attack, Jun Yue remained calm. He stretched out his palm and blocked Yi Yun’s attack with just his bare palms.


The audience were shocked. But just at the moment when Yi Yun’s saber was about to slash at Jun Yue’s palm, a huge metallic shield appeared in front of Jun Yue’s palms.


The Sonic Deathblade slashed on the metallic shield. The half foot-thick shield was split into two by the Sonic Deathblade. But the remaining saber force had dissipated.

“Good saber technique!” Jun Yue gasped in admiration from the bottom of his heart.

He had always been proud but against a younger Yi Yun, whose cultivation level was lower than his, Jun Yue was still unable to suppress him.

Yi Yun’s insight into the the saber truths startled Jun Yue.

The exchanges between the two were so fast that the audience were too engrossed to take a breath.

Jun Yue moved his fingers and the huge metallic shield dissipated, turning into flowing metal that covered Jun Yue’s entire body. Slowly, it formed into a metallic armor.

This metallic armor was much more exaggerated than the armor Qiuniu wore. It was impossible to estimate its weight, but Yi Yun knew that the metallic armor would not give Jun Yue the slightest feeling of heaviness. This was because Jun Yue could manipulate it as he wished.

“This battle armor specially made from Tai Cang metal. It follows my every wish. If I were to inject Yuan Qi into it, it will be indestructible. As long as your Yuan Qi is weaker than mine, you have no way of breaking through my defense. Even though my cultivation level is suppressed to the early stage of the Yuan foundation realm, the amount of Yuan Qi I have far exceeds yours. Therefore, you will not be able to hurt me.” Jun Yue’s voice was calm as if he was narrating a fact.

“Can’t break through your defense?” A flashed beamed in Yi Yun’s eyes. He was always very confident in his own attacking power, “Let me try!”

Yi Yun took one step forward before his body transformed into a beam of light, heading straight for Jun Yue!


The Radiant Sun Qi exploded behind Yi Yun, forming the phantom image of the Tang Valley.

Yi Yun’s Sonic Deathblade began burning with pure Yang flames.

Saber Truth’s 32 Words–One With the Saber!


With a slash, the pure Yang flames exploded, flooding everyone’s vision with white light.

Yi Yun’s saber had made its impact on Jun Yue’s armor. From the right shoulder to the left thigh, the blade edge slashed past. The vicinity of the blade mark on the metallic armor had been melted. There was a shocking one meter long blade mark!


Yi Yun was surprised. He did not hold back with this attack, but at the moment the Sonic Deathblade slashed on Jun Yue, he felt Yuan Qi surge in Jun Yue’s armor. Jun Yue’s Yuan Qi had combined with the metallic essence as one, and had greatly dissipated his Radiant Sun Qi.

He had not been able to hurt Jun Yue’s body!

“Good attack!” Jun Yue gritted his teeth. He began circulating his Yuan Qi. After enduring Yi Yun’s attack, the veins on his forehead bulged, making him look ferocious.

“But&h.e.l.lip;you are still lacking by just a bit&h.e.l.lip;” Jun Yue grinned. A flash appeared in his eyes!


24 flying swords around Jun Yue suddenly came stabbing towards Yi Yun!


The 24 flying swords impaled the purple tungsten ground. With his Yuan Qi exploding, Yi Yun used his large success stage of Minute Subtlety. However, he was still hit by the energy. He flew back and when he landed, he moved back another tens of feet. His Qi and blood was in chaos.

Jun Yue’s defense was too strong. It was completely on a different level from Kui Yu who Yi Yun had previously defeated.

Jun Yue was not bragging about the so-called absolute defense. Anyone whose Yuan Qi was inferior to his could not break through his armor.

At this moment, Jun Yue’s armor had already begun repairing. The large saber mark that Yi Yun had left behind was slowly disappearing.

Soon, the saber mark had completely disappeared, and the armor looked as good as new. It was as if Yi Yun had never slashed on it before.

The Tai Ah Divine City audience did not know what to say upon seeing this scene.

This kind of manipulation of the laws was too terrifying. If one could not break through Jun Yue’s defense in one strike, then he would just restore it again.

“Jun Yue! Jun Yue!”

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom cultivators began cheering.

The female cultivators were the ones who screamed the most pa.s.sionately. In the world of warriors, the men who were strong and had extraordinary talent would easily win the hearts of women.

“Jun Yue is sure to win!”

“Wipe the Tai Ah Divine City! Kill all these useless fools!”

People from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom began shouting even louder,while the people from the Tai Ah Divine City did not look so good.

At this moment, Jun Yue was indeed mighty. He was wearing armor that had incredulous weight and 24 flying swords were revolving around him.

These swords were all of different weights and lengths. The presence they gave off was full of power.

With his strong defense and incredible attacking strength, it made others not be able to muster the courage to fight him.

Yi Yun’s expression was solemn.

This opponent was indeed tricky.

The five-elemental laws may be lower in grade than the pure Yang laws, but when the other party’s insight into the laws exceeded his, then the power the laws would give could not be measured by the differing grades in the laws.

Yi Yun only wanted to use his Aspect Totem as a last resort as it was too shocking. He would have to come up with explanations if he were to use it.

But now, it seemed like typical attacks would not be able to beat Jun Yue.

By controlling the metallic armor, Jun Yue began to slowly fly. Up in the air, he looked down at Yi Yun with a commanding presence.

The 24 swords were around his body, arranged in a manner similar to a peac.o.c.k’s revealed tail.

“Your speed is very fast and your movement techniques are strong. Even when I power my swords with all my strength, I still can’t seriously injure you, so I have no choice but to use my last sword.”

Jun Yue said this as his body began sparking with streams of rainbow light. A purple energy sword appeared from behind him before landing in his hand.

This energy sword was thin and long. It looked like a purple light beam had shot out from Jun Yue’s hand.

Many in the audience were greatly alarmed seeing the purple beam.

“Aspect Totem, this is Jun Yue’s Aspect Totem!”

A sword-shaped Aspect Totem was the Aspect Totem that swordsmen dreamed of.

By conjuring his Aspect Totem, Jun Yue was prepared to go all out!


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