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Chapter 318: Cang Yan’s a.s.s

The human lords and sages from the various factions gathered for the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord’s birthday banquet. But now that the small group matches were over, the arena was completely made available. All the matches from now on would be held on the Divine Wilderness Stage. And everyone was waiting for them!

In the past, when Tai Ah Divine City cultivators battled each other, the audience would only be cultivators from the Tai Ah Divine City. Since everyone was from the same faction, even if someone lost, there would not be much disgrace.

But now, every match was being watched by the different important figures.

There was no doubt that such a situation would make people tense up.

“Senior Wen&h.e.l.lip;” A thirteen year old junior swallowed a gulp of saliva as he pulled on Wen Yu’s sleeves before turning silent.

Wen Yu knew what he was nervous about. The three of them should have been eliminated. It was because Yi Yun had fought early, so there was no need for them to fight in the first round, and this allowing them to survive. Their opponents for the battles ahead were all much stronger than the three of them, so going up on the stage to fight was a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic move.

It wasn’t a big deal to be battered by others normally, but under the watchful gaze of all the important figures in the audience, the resulting embarra.s.sment from being badly beaten was obvious.

Wen Yu was helpless. In fact, her situation wasn’t any better than the junior.

Just glancing at the Yun Long Divine Kingdom partic.i.p.ant benches, each person gave off a terrifying aura that made people fear them.

“You guys don’t have to go up.” Yi Yun said from behind Wen Yu. His voice was calm.

“Ah? I&h.e.l.lip; ” Wen Yu’s face turned red as she fell into a predicament, “At least&h.e.l.lip; we can test them out&h.e.l.lip;”

Wen Yu felt that she had to play a tiny role, no matter how tiny it was.

Having joined this alliance tournament, she had done nothing besides gathering intelligence.

“There is no need.”

Yi Yun also did not need Wen Yu to test his opponents out. In fact, they were unqualified to do so. The battles that were going to happen only involved him and Chu Xiaoran.

As for their opponents, there were seven people! The number of people was more than three times larger.

The VIPs from the various factions were observing these new people, especially Yi Yun and Jun Yue.

Everyone focused on them.

Yi Yun had defeated Viper without using a weapon and Jun Yue defeated Li Hong without moving a single step.

Both of them were absolute geniuses, but unfortunately, Yi Yun was one year younger than Jun Yue.

For geniuses in their teens, it was the period where they progressed the fastest. A year’s time was too long. Even 3-4 months could unsurprisingly allow a person to increase their strength exponentially due to one breakthrough.

“Such a pity. That Yi Yun is young and he doesn’t have many team mates. One person alone can’t save the situation.” said an Elder of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom, who was sitting in the Elders seats, while stroking his beard.

“If Yi Yun was a year older, he might be able to fight Jun Yue. But now&h.e.l.lip;he is too young.”

Another Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder echoed. He was dressed in a plain white robe and had the demeanor of an immortal, it was as if he existed on a different ethereal plane.

The two of them believed that there was no doubt that Jun Yue would win the battle.

“Dumb a.s.s!”

Just as the two Elders finished saying their respective statements, they suddenly heard someone exclaim that. They were stunned. In such an occasion, with so many legendary figures sitting together, who would use such low-grade words?

They turned around and saw a thin old man. He was nibbling on seeds and also throwing the sh.e.l.ls away without thought.

The old man was looking right at the Divine Wilderness Stage and he wasn’t even looking at them.

This thin old man was none other than Cang Yan.

The immortal-looking white-robed Elder was sure that the “r.e.t.a.r.d” who said those words was that old man.

“My friend, why do you say so!?” The white-robed Elder exclaimed angrily.

“What?” Cang Yan looked shocked at being shouted at. He gave a confused expression, “Are you referring to me?”

“Yes!” The white-robed Elder’s expression was ugly. “Please explain the words you said just now!”

“Just now? Me?” Cang Yan looked surprised before finally understanding, “Oh, while I was chewing on these Spirit Abutilon Seeds, I suddenly remembered something about my mount, a green a.s.s. It had overturned my herb furnace yesterday, so I cursed it. Is there a problem?”

Cang Yan gave a look of innocence, while the two Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elders’ faces turned livid.

They were questioning Cang Yan in a disapproving manner but they had been scolded by this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d once again.

But Cang Yan had scolded them using the words “dumb a.s.s”. Now, he said he was scolding his mount, which was a green a.s.s. So it seemed like there was no problem. After all, Cang Yan did not look at the two of them from the beginning.

This made the two white-robed Elders fume. Clearly, they had been made into fools twice, but they could not find a reason to vent their anger. They could only stare helplessly.

The two Elders were completely helpless. Who would have thought that such a rogue character would appear in this circle of large factions’ legendary figures?

“That darned old fool!” One of the white-robed Elders transmitted his voice angrily.

“Forget it. He won’t be able to boast much longer. We just need to hold our tongues for a while. Once the results are out, we shall see what he else he has to say!”

“Right, our Yun Long Divine Kingdom is filled with proud sons of heaven this time! This is the most flourishing generation in the past hundred years. We will disgrace the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom completely!”

As the two white-robed Elders communicated with each other, they temporarily calmed down. They looked at the Divine Wilderness Stage because the first match had just begun.

Someone from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom first went onstage. It was a very cute boy who looked about seven or eight years old.

He held a small umbrella in his hand. The umbrella had no driving force, so it was floating in the air and spinning on his fingers.

“Oh? A child?”

“He only looks young. His name is Lin Tong. He is about the same age as us. Do not look down on him. I’ve seen the information on him. He is very strong. And to be first to fight also ill.u.s.trates that.”

At the beginning of the compet.i.tion, it was atypical to send a person who was too weak as they needed to establish their foothold.

“I’ll fight!” Chu Xiaoran said as she walked up to the stage.

They only had two people, and naturally Yi Yun would be last. Hence, the only person that could be sent out was only Chu Xiaoran.

“Alright, be careful.” Yi Yun nodded.

“Hehe&h.e.l.lip;” The child laughed. He looked at Chu Xiaoran while revealing two rows of white teeth.

“Let the match&h.e.l.lip; begin!”

As soon as the referee said “begin”, a Glacier Snow Wolf Aspect Totem appeared behind Chu Xiaoran as she held her long sword.

Chu Xiaoran conjured out her Aspect Totem from the beginning as she wanted to end the battle quickly.

“A wise decision!” The child praised her.

Yi Yun and Chu Xiaoran were battling against seven opponents. As such, their stamina was especially important. They had to conserve their strength for every battle and they could not drag any of the battles out for too long.


The wolf howled and charged at Lin Tong.

At the same time, Chu Xiaoran slashed with her sword. A cold wave surged. One ice column after another began appearing above the purple tungsten stage as they trapped Lin Tong!

This was Chu Xiaoran’s frost ice area of influence. Yi Yun had experienced this move a year ago.

But the current Chu Xiaoran was a lot more skillful with her frost ice area of influence. The power could not be compared to what it was in the past!

“Peng Peng Peng!”

The ice columns exploded into countless pieces of ice crystals as they shot towards Lin Tong.

This was an attack with no room to dodge. Even with Yi Yun’s large success stage of Minute Subtlety, he would not be able to dodge this!

At the same time, Chu Xiaoran’s sword and the Glacier Snow Wolf had shot at Lin Tong as two beams of light.

It was a three-p.r.o.ng attack!

Chu Xiaoran had used all her techniques from the beginning!

Against this storm-like attack, Lin Tong had no way of dodging, but at the same time, he did not have any intentions to dodge.

He roared deeply and all his Yuan Qi exploded as he rapidly circulated his Qi to form a huge whirlpool.

“Peng Peng Peng!”

Numerous ice crystals bounced off the Yuan Qi whirlpool the moment they collided with it.

The concept of rotation!

Lin Tong had used his rotation powers to deflect all the ice crystals!

At the same time, Lin Tong’s hands extended forward. Twelve small umbrellas flew out from his palms. The large ones were the size of a face basin, while the small ones were the size of a bowl. There were all sorts of colors and they were extremely pretty.

The small umbrellas twirled around as they flew towards Chu Xiaoran.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

With the sharp hum of air being sliced through, shiny razors suddenly emerged from the umbrellas. What were originally pretty spinning small umbrellas now became ferocious death-seeking flywheels!

The twelve flywheels blocked off Chu Xiaoran’s multi-p.r.o.nged attack from twelve different directions. Lin Tong was forcing Chu Xiaoran to back away.

Lin Tong had broken through Chu Xiaoran’s three p.r.o.nged attack, which seemingly had no room for dodging.

However, when facing off against the twelve flywheels, a flash of determination appeared in Chu Xiaoran’s eyes. She gritted her teeth and twisted her body in an incredulous fashion and went straight through a gap amidst the twelve flywheels!

Hard-Soft concept!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

But no matter how perfect Chu Xiaoran’s Hard-Soft concept was, she was not able to dodge the flywheels perfectly.

Three flywheels scratched Chu Xiaoran’s shoulders and belly.

Blood splattered!


Chu Xiaoran stabbed straight at Lin Tong’s face with a death blow!


Lin Tong retreated in shock. His hands formed seals and a large umbrella opened up to protect him!


With an explosion, Chu Xiaoran’s sword had pierced through the large umbrella. Sword beams exploded as the large umbrella vibrated violently.

And at this moment, Chu Xiaoran’s Glacier Snow Wolf had charged from behind Lin Tong biting his shoulder.

Lin Tong cried out in shock. His shoulder had been torn apart by the wolf’s teeth. His Yuan Qi had diminished and he was unable to maintain the large umbrella in his hands.

And at this moment, Chu Xiaoran had barely managed to gather a little bit of Yuan Qi to shoot sword beams at him!


The large umbrella exploded and dispersed into Yuan Qi. The sword beams were relentless as they collided with Lin Tong’s protective Yuan Qi.

Lin Tong spit out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards, landing heavily outside the stage.

That large umbrella was Lin Tong’s Aspect Totem.

Some warriors’ Aspect Totems would not be in the shape of a desolate beast. It could be related to their cultivation techniques or the weapons they used.

Lin Tong was the latter. He cultivated the concept of rotation. It was not a very powerful law but it was very effective.

“Lin Tong has been defeated!”

The Tai Ah Divine City camp’s spirits rose the moment they saw the battle end.

In this battle that went by like a flash, Chu Xiaoran had attacked decisively. She had defeated the storm-like Lin Tong, a strong cultivator from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom!

This was greatly encouraging.

However, there were people who worried for Chu Xiaoran. Yi Yun sighed silently after seeing the wounds on Chu Xiaoran’s shoulders and belly.

The wounds were very deep. Lin Tong was very powerful and Chu Xiaoran had aimed for a quick and decisive battle. To save her stamina, she had to forcefully attack. With injuries like that, Chu Xiaoran’s battle prowess would be greatly reduced.


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