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Chapter 313: Against Viper

“Ah, ah, ah&h.e.l.lip;”

Sun Long rolled on the ground. A warrior’s strong mentality usually prevented him from fainting, but Sun Long was not far from doing so.

His left hand and leg were not much different from a frog’s limbs. They had been completely flattened.

Being smashed by a metallic brick like that was much more painful than being slashed by a claw’s blade. Also, the injuries were ten times more severe. Even if he was to be healed with various good medicines, it would take at least half a year for Sun Long’s hand and leg to regain their Yuan Qi.

To young geniuses, half a year of time was too precious. It would, to a certain extent, affect Sun Long’s future growth.

“You actually dare to say that you cultivate the laws of killing. That is an insult to this Great Dao!” Yi Yun sneered.

The Dao of Killing was one of the Great Dao and it ranked high amongst the 3000 Great Dao. It was ranked above the five element laws, and it was not weaker than the pure Yang Dao.

Sun Long had only gathered some killing Qi, he could at best be described to have a killing aura. He was far from the actual Dao of Killing!

Behind Yi Yun, Wen Yu, Xiao Zhen and company were too shocked for words. What just happened only took a few seconds. The mighty Sun Long was turned into something like a dead dog in a few seconds, so they could not react in time.


Xiao Zhen swallowed mouthfuls of saliva. He had even forgotten the pain of his own body.

Yi Yun had returned everything Sun Long had done to him in a more severe manner. Everything had been done cleanly and easily.

“Senior Yi&h.e.l.lip; is very strong!” A youth said, with an idolatry face.

One year ago, Yi Yun had taken first place in the rookie ranking compet.i.tion and then, he disappeared. About ten months later, many people doubted if Yi Yun’s strength had increased by leaps and bounds, or if it had stagnated over time.

As he had not fought in a long time, people inevitably had their doubts. That was to be expected, but now, they knew that their worries had been completely unfounded.

“He’s not only strong, he’s also ruthless!” Another youth said. It was not right for a warrior to kill the innocent indiscriminately, but against an enemy, one had to be ruthless, or one would only end up suffering.

“Senior Wen, Senior Yi’s battle sure allows one to vent off one’s anger!” A youth said to Wen Yu. Wen Yu was in a daze, she was still unsure of what to say at this moment.

Beside Wen Yu, Xiao Zhen was tightly clenching his good left fist, as his eyes sparkled.

When people were in their weakest and most vulnerable state, it is easy for them to suffer a setback. However, at the same time, they are also easily inspired. This short battle had left an unforgettable impression in his heart.

Xiao Zhen was in such a stage. At the lowest point in his life, Yi Yun’s relentless beating of Sun Long unquestionably left a long lasting image in Xiao Zhen’s heart.

Xiao Zhen gritted his teeth and secretly made a resolution.

“Thank you, Senior Yi. I will work hard, and one day, I will use my own hands and be like you. Beating those who want to step on me until they turn b.l.o.o.d.y!”

However, Yi Yun, who was still on stage, did not pay attention to the psychological changes that Xiao Zhen was experiencing.

He was looking straight at Viper while nonchalantly wiping the blood off the brick. After he came to this world, he was getting more and more used to the rules of the warrior world.

Viper had an extremely ugly expression on his face. His amber eyes were filled with killing intent.

“You&h.e.l.lip; have guts! I will let you know the cost of ignoring my words!”

Just now when he shouted, “Stop it”, not only did Yi Yun not listen to him, he had even looked back at him as if nothing happened, after he beat Sun Long up.

The look he gave provoked Viper!

Even though he had his services bought by someone with desolate bone relics, he would still go all out to cripple Yi Yun, hopefully killing him.

“You sure speak a lot of nonsense. Are you going to fight personally? Or are you going to send some more henchmen up here to die?”

Yi Yun was still on the stage, looking down on Viper. The Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das cultivators sitting besides Viper were all enraged. They seemed like they all wanted to rush up and dice him up.

However, they could only look fierce. If push came to shove, they all knew that they would suffer a crushing defeat in less than two moves.

Yi Yun was very strong!

Although they all despised the Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivators, they had no choice but to admit that this was true.

Viper’s pupils constricted. The snake on his body spit out its tongue as it hissed.

“Interesting!” Viper grinned as he walked up on stage.

The audience around the eighth stage became dumbfounded.

It was too exaggerating for the eighth stage’s matches. The other stages had not even finished their first two battles, but the eighth stage had already finished fighting two battles, and the leaders were already going up to fight against each other!

It was too fast.

Although Yi Yun’s performance just now was outstanding, Wen Yu and company were worried for Yi Yun as he went up against Viper.

The reason was because of the difference in cultivation level!

According to the compet.i.tion’s rules, if the gap in their ages exceeded a year, the older person had to suppress his cultivation level. If the difference was larger than two years, the cultivation level had to be suppressed even more.

For every full year, the cultivation level had to be suppressed by one grade. Only then would it be a balanced compet.i.tion.

Yi Yun was slightly over 14 years of age and Viper had just turned 15. The difference in their age was just one month short of a year.

As a result, Viper did not need to suppress his cultivation level. And between the two of them, there was the border that separated the peak of the Purple Blood realm and the Yuan foundation realm, which made this match extremely unfair!

For a warrior at the peak of the Purple Blood realm to fight a Yuan foundation realm warrior, it would be nothing if the other party was mediocre. Many of the Tai Ah Divine City disciples would be able to do so.

However, the opponent was Viper!

Not only was he a genius, he was also extremely ruthless! With the dispute from before, there was no doubt that Viper would be attacking Yi Yun with death blows.

The hearts of Wen Yu and company were pounding.

“Senior Yi, be careful.” Wen Yu said silently below the stage. Her hands were clasped tightly together, indicating how nervous she was.

At this moment, people from not far away had begun to pay attention to the match of the eighth stage.

“What’s this? They are going to start just like that&h.e.l.lip;?”

Cang Yan was originally sitting at a table drinking wine.

Seeing Yi Yun take on Viper, he put his cup of wine down.

Yi Yun’s talent was shocking, but he lacked time. Cang Yan was very concerned about this match. He pushed away his chair and walked towards the eighth stage.

Cang Yan did not know how Yi Yun’s fight would end. After all, his opponent was a Yuan foundation realm genius. He went closer to the eighth stage, so that, in the event of Yi Yun losing, he could save him.

As for the rules, old man Cang couldn’t care less about them. Protecting Yi Yun was of the utmost importance.

Not only Cang Yan paid special attention to this battle, not far away, Li Hong, Yang Haoran and company had also noticed the match on stage eight. The leaders were beginning their duel.

“It has begun! Yi Yun against Viper!” Li Hong sent Yang Haoran a Yuan Qi transmission. Yang Haoran grinned because he had been waiting for this moment.

Yesterday, he had taken the huge risk of looking for Viper because he valued Viper’s ruthlessness and strength.

Viper could bypa.s.s the limitations of the rules while fighting against Yi Yun, so it was just right.

“So what if Yi Yun is a genius. Without the time to develop, it is pointless! Viper will definitely leave an unforgettable mark on Yi Yun!”


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