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Chapter 311: Humiliation

“You are asking about the guy whose body is full of tattoos?”

Yi Yun glanced at Wen Yu who was half a year younger than him. She looked a little weak, and since Yi Yun had little contact with her, he had the impression that she was just a very quiet girl.

Wen Yu nodded as she stared on with her watery, dark eyes. She looked at Yi Yun with hope, “Yes, Senior Yi, his name is Viper. You must have looked up his information before the battle, right?”

The opponent was just too terrifying, so she could now only hope that Yi Yun was stronger, even by just a bit. She was really hoping that Yi Yun had carefully researched their opponents, and that he only took on Viper’s challenge because he had confidence in winning against him.

After all, Yi Yun was rumored to be the strongest person amongst the second year cultivators, at least a year ago. With such a halo around him, he should be reliable, right&h.e.l.lip;?

Wen Yu thoughts were like this, but clearly Yi Yun was unaware of them. He shook his head, “Viper? Never heard of him. Is he famous?”

Yi Yun was not being arrogant. He had just been informed of the alliance compet.i.tion the night before. Although Cang Yan had given Yi Yun some information, Yi Yun had only paid attention to the strongest people from the Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das.

There were a few people that Yi Yun really needed to pay attention to, or even be alert against!

As for Viper, he was clearly not within the circle that Yi Yun chose to pay close attention to.

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s response, Wen Yu became dumbfounded. He accepted the challenge without even knowing anything about the other party?

She really felt speechless. She was together with Yi Yun in this match, and was there to shield Yi Yun from the challenges from others. As he was the leader, Yi Yun had the final say in who were the first and the last to go on stage.

As a leader, Yi Yun was crucial. Yet, he had not done any research on his opponent’s information, and accepted an opponent’s challenge casually, without even knowing how strong he was.

This way of doing things made Wen Yu sad to the point where she couldn’t even shed tears.

She opened her mouth, but the words she wanted to say would not come out. She had an extremely ominous feeling&h.e.l.lip;

She turned over to look at Chu Xiaoran and Qiuniu’s groups. These two groups were having their own small meetings, discussing the choice of opponents.

As for Li Hong, this group that had practically already been given up, were choosing their opponents very carefully.

As Li Hong could not come to a consensus with the Yun Long Divine Kingdom in the choice of opponents, it had to be decided by drawing lots eventually.

Only on her side was it decided in a second by Yi Yun.

At this moment, Yi Yun, the leader who was supposed to be facing a mortal enemy, was closing his eyes while sitting at the partic.i.p.ant benches. From the looks of it, it was good that he was not sitting at the birthday banquet’s feast tables, or he would probably have begun eating.

Encountering this situation, Wen Yu felt as if her heart was being trampled by 10,000 near-horned beasts with mud-stained hoofs.

At this moment, the three juniors beside Wen Yu gathered over and apprehensively asked, “Senior Wen, Senior Yi should be very strong, correct&h.e.l.lip;?”

These three juniors were in the same group as Yi Yun.

They were weaker than Wen Yu and were there just to make the numbers. They knew where they stood, so they were especially nervous with such a looming huge battle.

Wen Yu bitterly smiled. She could not impact the original tiny confidence these few juniors had. She bit the bullet and said, “Senior Yi should not be too bad. After all, he was the last rookie compet.i.tion’s champion. Juniors, do not worry. Let us do our best later.”

After Wen Yu said this the three juniors seemed to ease up a little. They were however still lacking confidence needed to face the Yun Long Divine Kingdom opponents.

“Ah! Kid, you sure are confident!”

While Yi Yun was meditating, he heard a wretched voice transmission. Without even looking, he knew that it was Cang Yan, that unscrupulous old man.

“It is Senior Cang Yan who is confident. To give me such troops is to make me be the vanguard. That is also looking up to me.”

“Hehe, do not try to take advantage of me. Do you want to use the pretext of forcing you to do something you are unwilling to do to gain some advantages from me? Don’t keep thinking about me. If you fight well, the benefits given by the City Lord will be much more than I am able to give! He’s so rich that oil flows out from him.”

After saying a few words, Cang Yan became serious again, “Kid, do not think too lightly of your opponents. Your opponent is not weak. This snake kid is a tough person. Do not fail miserably at an easy task!”

“Got it.” Yi Yun laughed. He was watching the compet.i.tion’s main referee walk up the Divine Wilderness Stage as he announced the beginning of the compet.i.tion!

The few smaller group’s compet.i.tions were held concurrently!

Yi Yun’s side was just the younger group, so he could not go onto the Divine Wilderness Stage.

They were sent to the eighth stage.

At this moment, Viper seemed as if he was a cat looking at mice. He looked at Yi Yun with great interest. Indeed, he had the rights to being arrogant. These few batches of Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das disciples were filled with talents, and the quality of them exceeded those of the past!

And him, Viper, was still as outstanding as ever, even amongst all these experts.

If not for the 72 PaG.o.das recently having extremely strong batches, the Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner would never have suggested the condition of letting these juniors decide on the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s future.

“Sun Long, go on up. Take care of those small fish, and force Yi Yun’s hand. I will then go on up to have a great time.”

Viper laughed and completely did not take Yi Yun to heart. He was one year older than Yi Yun and his cultivation level was an entire realm higher than Yi Yun’s, how could he lose?

“Haha! My hands have been itching for a long time. I can finally see blood once again. Who knows, maybe I will even get rid of Yi Yun!”

Sun Long put on his black iron claws and jumped up on stage. He was one of the backbones of the Viper clan, and usually followed Viper around, so his style was very similar to Viper’s!

“Who’s my opponent? Come on up!”

Sun Long grinned. He stretched out his tongue and gently licked the blades of his black iron claws. His expression was that of extreme evil.

For warriors, their stance was important. Sun Long’s ominous stance made people feel fear just from standing before him.

“Senior Yi, who are we sending up?”

Seeing Sun Long, Wen Yu’s heart thumped. It seemed that even Viper’s henchmen were not to be trifled with!

This person was filled with murderous intent. He was more terrifying than any other person they had ever seen by a lot!

The cultivators present were mostly children in their teens. Although they were strong, they had not killed many in real battles.

“Up to you all. Pay attention to safety.”

Yi Yun exhorted them. He also felt that Sun Long was not a person to be trifled with, but warriors who practiced martial arts would meet enemies in the future that were far more malicious than Sun Long.

These Tai Ah Divine City young seedlings had to go through slaughters to grow up too.

Ignoring other things, just the possible beast horde that might happen soon would be a baptism of blood. Unknown numbers of people would die in it.

It was best to suffer a bit now rather than losing one’s life in the future.

However, Yi Yun’s orders made Wen Yu angry. What did he mean by “Up to you, pay attention to safety”?

Was this something a leader should say?

“Xiao Zhen, go on up!”

Wen Yu ordered angrily. Since the leader did not care, she had to take over.

Xiao Zhen was a youth of short stature. Hearing Wen Yu’s words, he grit his teeth and jumped up onto the stage.

Before Xiao Zhen was Sun Long who was laughing sinisterly. “Tsk, sure is fresh. Let me taste&h.e.l.lip; your blood!”

As Sun Long spoke, his body surged with murderous intent. With his Yuan Qi exploding, the claws on his arms turned blood-red in color. It was as if he had suddenly turned into an evil demon.

“I practice the laws of killing! The more I kill, the more my hands are stained with blood, the stronger I become! I have already forgotten how many people or desolate beasts I have killed up to this day. Even in a tournament, I am afraid that I cannot curb my urge to kill.”

Sun Long laughed manically while Xiao Zhen’s face turned pale.

He was a young master from a family clan. He had lived a pampered life since he was young. When had he ever encountered such a twisted person his own age before?

Yi Yun who was watching below the stage began to secretly shake his head.

To him, Sun Long was not big a deal, but the difference between his stance and Xiao Zhen’s was huge.

This was because Sun Long and Xiao Zhen had different growing experiences. Secondly, the recent Tai Ah Divine City’s batches were weaker than those of the past. As a result, when the Divine City’s warriors faced the Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das’ warriors, they naturally lacked confidence.

In this situation, even if their strengths were similar, it would be a completely one-sided battle.

Furthermore, Xiao Zhen’s strength really was weaker than Sun Long’s.

“Three moves!” Sun Long extended three fingers. “In three moves, I will open up the right side of your face! Then I will break your right hand and right leg’s tendons! I like to attack my opponent’s’ right side, tearing their right side to shreds while leaving the left side in a good condition. Isn’t that very interesting? Ahahahaha!”

Sun Long was extremely arrogant. After hearing this, Xiao Zhen turned angry. Did he think I am a weak and soft lamb to be slaughtered?

“This is going too far!”

Wen Yu clenched her small fist as her face filled with anger.

At this moment, Sun Long moved. He was extremely fast and appeared right before Xiao Zhen in an instant. He swiped at the right side of Xiao Zhen’s face with a claw!

Xiao Zhen was greatly alarmed, but he was after all one of the best amongst this batch of rookies. Although his stance was weaker at the beginning of the battle, he was able to reveal his real strength due to his anger.

How could he let this opponent hit him wherever he liked? It was too shameful!

He retreated and at the same time stabbed his sword at Sun Long’s palm.

A claw was considered a short-range weapon and was shorter than a sword. The longer it was, the stronger it was. Xiao Zhen believed that by stabbing like this, his opponent would either pull back his hand or his palm would be pierced right through by his sword!

However, as Xiao Zhen was stabbing, a grin flashed across Sun Long’s face. His body twisted in an incredulous fashion and three claw beams appeared from nowhere.


Xiao Zhen let out a blood-curling scream as blood splattered out!

These three claw beams had slashed across the right side of Xiao Zhen’s face. His cheek, nose, ears and the corner of his eye had been ripped open by the claw blades. Three deep claw marks appeared on his face!

Xiao Zhen clutched his face. His hand was filled with blood and his eyes were bloodshot!

The flesh on his right face had sank downwards. Sun Long’s attack was too ruthless!


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