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Chapter 309: Venomous Snake

The white gown that Yi Yun had changed into before entering the sword tomb was now tattered.

The gown was not dirty, but it seemed to have been cut by a sword’s blade. Cut after cut made it look like rags.

Yi Yun’s long hair was hanging loose while his face seemed to exude a faint smile. His eyes were bright they shone in the dark sword tomb, as if they were stars in the sky, which gave a strange feeling.

It seemed the Yi Yun, who entered the sword tomb entered 9 days ago, was now different once again.

This difference was not easily described. It seemed like there was a change in his disposition, as if a sword Qi had merged right into his bones, making it as if Yi Yun himself was a sword.

“Kid, you finally came out!” Cang Yan said disgruntledly.

“Uh&h.e.l.lip;I was too immersed and lost track of time. How long have I been in there?”

“It has nearly been nine days. Kid, you really are planning on learning the sword?”

Cang Yan looked inquisitively at Yi Yun and he was wondering how much sword comprehension Yi Yun had gained in the past few days. But to Cang Yan, even if Yi Yun had gained some insight into a few sword moves, it was useless. A saber could do the same amount of damage as a sword could do, so there was no point learning both the sword and saber. It was a really pointless endeavor.

Yi Yun did not want to continue on this topic and he interrupted, “Senior Cang Yan, you previously said that you will let me challenge the Earth roll and as long as I get to the top 300, I can carry on cultivating the way of the sword and the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’?”

Yi Yun indeed had plans to challenge the Earth roll. The people at the top of the Earth roll would receive dragon scale runes rewards monthly.

Cang Yan rolled his eyes at Yi Yun and sighed, “You sure have lots to challenge now. Alas, you still may not know that our Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is on the brink of destruction&h.e.l.lip;”

Cang Yan carried on by describing the situation of the Shepherd Boy to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was stunned when he heard this.

Shepherd Boy?

Cang Yan’s description of the Shepherd Boy’s appearance made Yi Yun recall the mysterious youth he met at the blackwater swamp back when he went out into the Divine wilderness for training.

The youth was riding a cow and he was blowing a piccolo. The piccolo’s sound seemed to contain a magical power that would affect one’s state of mind.

This mysterious youth traversed the Divine wilderness and the blackwater swamp, but yet all the desolate beasts seemed to turn a blind eye. It was a leisure stroll to him in the Divine wilderness, as if he was entering and exiting a flower garden.

This youth, who looked amiable and even seemed to be likable, had actually stirred up a b.l.o.o.d.y storm in the Western regions, killing countless people, and nearly destroyed the extremely powerful Shen Tu family clan?

Yi Yun was extremely shocked. Hearing Cang Yan’s description, the Shen Tu family clan was stronger than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

A family clan was stronger than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom&h.e.l.lip;

What sort of family clan was this?

And where was this so-called “Western regions”?

Yi Yun sighed silently. Having come to this world, it seemed like he had some form of results, but compared to all those ma.s.sive behemoths, he was still small.

Of course, this was not something he should think about now. He had to think about the big battle tomorrow.

Yi Yun was indebted to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. All his cultivation resources and cultivation techniques were mostly provided by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Yi Yun was a grateful person, so with the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom facing a major crisis, he naturally would help as much as he could!

“Senior Cang Yan, does the Tai Ah Divine City have a armory? I want to choose a sword and a saber, to handle tomorrow’s big battle.”

Yi Yun’s Thousand Army Saber could no longer be used, and the broken sword he obtained from the Pure Yang Sword Palace was of great importance, so he could not use it unless his life was in danger. It was best to choose a sword and a saber in the Tai Ah Divine City.

The Tai Ah Divine City’s armory’s swords and sabers would definitely be better in quality than the Jin Long Wei armory’s.

Cang Yan looked at Yi Yun’s harmless-looking smile and his heart thumped. He snapped, “Rotten kid, you are trying to take advantage of old me once again. You can choose some weapons, but it will only be a loan. If you were to win tomorrow’s big battle, the weapons will be yours. If you don’t win, hehe, it will be charged accordingly! Don’t try grabbing my stuff just because of the big battle ahead.”

Yi Yun grinned, “Okay!”

That night, elites from all over were gathered in the Tai Ah Divine City. They were saving their strength and adjusting their conditions, in preparation for the battle tomorrow.

However, while everyone was trying to condition themselves, in a corner of the Divine City, there were a few people who took advantage of the dark and gathered in a small courtyard.

“It’s this person?”

Despite the night being dark, some warriors could still easily see in the dark.

At this moment, two men covered in cloaks were holding onto a portrait. On the portrait, there was a youth in linen clothes wielding a saber.

This youth was none other than Yi Yun.

“It’s him&h.e.l.lip;” The cloaked-man’s voice was hoa.r.s.e, preventing others from recognizing his original voice. “Break his meridians. It would be best if you made him permanently disabled. If you can do that, we will give you great rewards.”

As the cloaked man said, he flipped his hands and a black bag appeared in his hands. “This is the down payment.”

“Ah!” A youth with a venomous serpent around his body took over little black bag.

This youth was lanky and his ears were full of skull earrings. His face and body were covered in tattoos, which made him look extremely odd.

The youth’s pupils were also amber in color and oval like a snake. Whenever he smiled, sharp teeth would appear in the corners of his mouth, giving a chilly feeling.

Beside the youth with the snake, there was a yellow-clad fat person. He noted with interest as he stroked his chin and reached into the black bag.

Shiny objects rolled out. They were like gemstones that glowed in the night.

They were all desolate bone relics!

“Top grade desolate bone relics!”

The yellow-clad fatty licked his lips, “Interesting. I am very curious about your ident.i.ties. You guys cannot be people from our Yun Long Divine Kingdom. Could it be that you are from the same faction as this Yi Yun? Tsk, he sure is unpopular, to the point that even people from his own faction would buy a rival faction’s people to maim him&h.e.l.lip;”

“Don’t worry about us.” The two cloaked men’s voice turned cold, going on high alert.

If this deal they struck was found out by the Tai Ah Divine City’s upper echelons, there was a high possibility of them being crippled of their cultivation levels or even the death sentence.

“I warn you, this Yi Yun is not easy to deal with. Take care not to fail miserably at an easy task!” One of the cloaked men said.

“Hehe&h.e.l.lip;don’t think that we from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom are at the same level as your Tai Ah Divine Kingdom trash. He is just a kid that did not even enter the top 1000 amongst you people a year ago.” The snake youth laughed sinisterly and kept the desolate bone relics.


When one of the cloaked men heard the snake youth’s arrogant mocking, he clenched his fists, almost to the point of getting to blows. However, he was stopped by the other.

“Then, we will rely on the two of you.” That cloaked man said.

“Ha! This anger means that you are indeed people from the Tai Ah Divine City. Don’t worry, I, Viper, am best at making vicious blows. I’ll take on this business!”

In this compet.i.tive battle, death or disability was not uncommon. After all, in a duel with real sabers and swords, many of the moves were made with full strength!

Even in the internal battles of the Tai Ah Divine City, even when people tried their best to avoid a death battle, there would still be deaths in the arena.

In this battle against rival factions, the battles would be even more intense and more brutal.

“It’s a deal!” The two cloaked men left silently.

The yellow-clad fatty was chewing on a bamboo stick as he picked his teeth, “These Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivators sure are terrible. With a foreign enemy in front of them, they are still having their internal fights!”

“Hehe, jealousy and hate is a terrifying force. It can cause a person to go mad, doing things without considering the consequences. But this is for the best.

“Of course, up to you.” The yellow-clad fatty did not mind.

“But who are these two people? They sure are cunning. They even disguised their voices.” The snake man said.

“Hehe! One of them is one-armed. He thought that he had disguised himself well, but that fake limb did not have any Yuan Qi fluctuations, so how could that trick me? The Tai Ah Divine City may have many cultivators, but there are only a few of them with one arm. It would be definitely easy to find him.”

As the fatty said, his lips curled into a sinister smile&h.e.l.lip;

The next morning, the sky lit up and early winter snow fluttered above the Tai Ah Divine City. People from all over began to gather in the arena to partic.i.p.ate in the City Lord’s birthday banquet and also, the alliance compet.i.tion.

The arena had been cleared up and tables for ten were placed all over the arena.

At the seats of honor, there were small tables prepared for the various large faction’s legendary figures.

Fine wine and delicacies were placed on the tables. The scale of the birthday banquet was more than ten times better than the one seven days ago.

However, the arena had an additional deathly aura to it that lacked the the elegance of the Splendid Room. Even the cutlery were made of black iron. They gave off a chilling feeling as if this was not a birthday banquet.

A special array was set up in the Divine Wilderness Stage in the middle. No matter how violent the battles were on the Divine Wilderness Stage, it would not affect the surrounding birthday banquet one bit.

But at this moment, many of the young elites present were not at ease enough to eat.

Of course, there were exceptions.

On the Yun Long Divine Kingdom side, there was a yellow-clad fatty who was grabbing roasted meat and tucking in, disregarding the fact that the birthday banquet had not officially begun.

Since all ties were nearly broken, there was no point to carry about any etiquette. Besides, how was he going to go on stage to fight if he did not have his fill?

Beside the yellow-clad fatty, there was a lanky tattooed youth. A venomous snake was wrapped around his body. His eyes were like that of a serpent while he was in search of his prey.

Only when he noticed a youth in linen clothes walk into the arena did he faintly smile, with pick-like sharp teeth appearing at the ends of his mouth.

“Tsk, the prey is here. He sure is fresh and delicious.”

As he said this, the fatty beside him raised his head and looked at Yi Yun.

“Eh! Indeed. Poor child, he still doesn’t know that his own company has stabbed him in the back, hahaha!” The fatty laughed without control as his mouth was covered in oil.

While walking in the crowd, Yi Yun’s eyebrows wrinkled. He felt that people were staring at him.

He did not need to turn his head. Just by opening his energy vision, he could lock on to the yellow-clad fatty and the snake youth in an instant.

“Oh? I don’t know these two people. What are they staring at me for?”

Yi Yun subconsciously touched his interspatial ring, and in it were the weapons Yi Yun chose yesterday!

Author’s note: This is the third update. I tried adjusting for the time difference the day before, but I failed.


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