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Chapter 308: Yi Yun Coming out of Reclusive Training

The news regarding the alliance of the various large factions against the beast horde and the compet.i.tion for a.s.sembly seats quickly spread. The young disciples of the various large factions were also made aware of this information.

They finally knew why the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord had organized a birthday banquet and why it was suddenly stopped midway.

The birthday banquet was only an excuse. The real reason was to negotiate an alliance. Initially, this reason was kept confidential, which was why the lie of a birthday banquet was needed.

The matter of competing for seats was of grave importance. Every faction began making their preparations.

“The few of you are the best young people from our Bai Yue mountain family clan. I do not expect you to become the champion of this alliance ranking compet.i.tion, nor do I even ask you to enter the top 10. As long as anyone of you can win our Bai Yue mountain family clan one seat, then the next Patriarch candidate will be mostly determined!”

Somewhere in the central divine tower, a middle-aged man said to a few young boys and girls in front of him.

The Bai Yue mountain family clan was a reclusive family clan that had its roots in the Bai Yue mountains. It did not belong to any of the three large factions, nor did it have any sages. The head of the house was a peak-human lord. If they were to develop according to a prescribed order, it would be very difficult for them to grow.

However, opportunities arise in troubled times!

First, they had to compete for a seat. This was the first step in allowing their family clan to grow.

With this critical one vote, the Bai Yue mountain family clan would be valued by the other factions. During a key moment, people would try to win them over by laying enough chips on the table.

While in another residence in the central divine tower, the fur-cloaked Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner was looking at the young elites of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom in front of him.

“You are the Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das’s strongest batch in the past 100 years! I suggested the rule of competing in an alliance ranking compet.i.tion! I dared to suggest it because I have confidence in all of you!”

The Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner towered from above as he looked at the young boys and girls before him. The shadow behind him seemed to rise infinitely high, giving others great pressure.

“Since the rules were suggested by me, if anyone of you were to perform badly, then I will be the laughing stock of the South’s ten countries and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Even the old rivals in our country will mock me!”

“Now, I have nothing much to say to you. I only wish for you to gain at least half the seats in the alliance ranking compet.i.tion in seven days! That is the bottom line! In fact, only by obtaining 60% of the seats would I be satisfied!”

The Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner’s voice was shocking. The youths of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom half-kneeled with a hand across their chest, “Yes! PaG.o.da Owner!”

Amongst the crowd, a pale black-clothed youth wrapped a bandage around his hand.

“The alliance ranking compet.i.tion&h.e.l.lip;I will not be limited by it. Let this beast horde be the first test in my martial life&h.e.l.lip;” The black-clothed youth said this silently in his mind. A cold beam flashed in his eyes.

The seven days of preparation was sufficient. There were even some countries who brought the young elites from their country using super long-distance teleportation arrays, so as to join the compet.i.tion.

As for the Tai Ah Divine City, it also gave out its own rewards.

This large compet.i.tion was no longer a matter of glory points. The Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord announced personally that whoever were to obtain first place in the alliance ranking compet.i.tion would be free to use any resources while training in the Tai Ah Divine City. They would also be conferred the t.i.tle of Count, given a hundred cities as their fiefdom, and enjoy the privileges of the royal household in the future.

For example, even reading the entire set of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was not a problem.

This reward was pretty exaggerated, but the appearance of the Shepherd Boy was a matter of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s survival. Giving out rewards like this was understandable.

Of course, to obtain first place in the alliance ranking compet.i.tion was too difficult for the Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivators.

Even the leader figures of the current Tai Ah Divine City, Yao Dao and Yang Qian were experiencing heavy pressure at this time!

The two of them were old rivals the moment they entered the Tai Ah Divine City. At this moment, they were sitting across each other in a loft.

“You and I have been at odds for four years. Now, we will need to fight hand in hand.”

Yang Qian took a deep breath. He was of royalty, so for this matter that involved the country’s and his own fate, he had to put in greater effort.

If he could obtain first place in the alliance ranking compet.i.tion, he could be made a king for sure, even though it was impossible for him to be made Crown Prince.

“I am looking forward to fighting the young elites of the other countries on the same stage.” Yao Dao said as he gently wiped his long saber, as his eyes burned with fighting spirit.

At the moment everyone received this piece of information, Luo Huo’er received an invitation to fight.

Luo Huo’er’s small face frowned as she faced the invitation.

“Alliance ranking compet.i.tion&h.e.l.lip;” Luo Huo’er muttered to herself as if she was in a dilemma.

“Miss, why don’t you represent the Tai Ah Divine City to fight and beat them all up badly?”

Beside Luo Huo’er was a very excited maid servant, Dong’er, who exclaimed this while waving her small fists, making movements as if she was fighting against an opponent.

Dong’er had often heard Luo Huo’er bragging about how strong she was, such as tearing a king-grade desolate beast with her bare hands, destroying experts from all sorts of places, and so on.

When she mentioned of her ‘glorious past’, Luo Huo’er would often add one more line at the end, “This is nothing to me, piece of cake!”

To Dong’er, with her mistress’ ‘tearing a king-grade desolate beast with her bare hands’ powers’, she was sure to wipe the floor of all the geniuses from various countries!

As her mistress liked to join in the hubbub and with her show-off nature, it was natural that she would not miss out on this opportunity.

But Dong’er never expected what happened next. After Luo Huo’er seemed to appear to have some intentions, but upon recalling something, she said, “I can’t be bothered fighting this bunch of trash! It will only reduce my stature!”

“Uh&h.e.l.lip;” Dong’er choked.

Many times, just before Luo Huo’er fought, she would use various kinds of excuses. “Reducing my stature fighting them” was Luo Huo’er’s most common excuse.

“Ai, forget it. I won’t bother with the likes of them. Training the Desolate Heaven technique everyday is also boring, but, so be it.” Luo Huo’er stretched her back, revealing her great body, “I’m going to sleep. Don’t bother me if there’s nothing.”

“Miss, why?” Dong’er quickly followed as her eyeb.a.l.l.s rolled around, as if she had seen something on Luo Huo’er’s face.

The Tai Ah Divine City’s Heaven and Earth rolls did not have Luo Huo’er’s name on them. She only held first place of the Man roll of honors.

It was really weird that her mistress would not show herself off, considering her ability to tear a king-grade desolate beast apart with her bare hands.

Dong’er was anxious but Luo Huo’er appeared to have absolute zero interest. She yawned and ignored Dong’er, as she went back to her room.

Sitting on her bed, Luo Huo’er sat there quietly and lazily. After that, she unb.u.t.toned her clothes gently and took out a talisman charm that hung on her neck, it was a protective charm. She touched the protective charm as she went into a daze.

“Daddy, when will you bring me back? It’s too boring here.”

“In this sensitive period, if those whatever City Lords or PaG.o.da Owners discover my ident.i.ty, they would treat me as a spy and chop me up.”

“Ai, what a bother! It’s so troubling that I have been suffering from insomnia recently&h.e.l.lip;”

Luo Huo’er grabbed her protective charm, pressing it to her chest as she laid back on the soft bed. Her hair spread out covered the whole bed like a blooming black rose.

Not long after, Luo Huo’er’s calm breathing was heard in the room.

The days pa.s.sed one by one. During the seven days preparation time, the South’s ten countries transfered people from their country over for the alliance ranking compet.i.tion.

There were more and more elites gathered in the Tai Ah Divine City.

These proud children of heaven were all extremely arrogant. With the rivalry between the factions they belonged to, how could they live in peace together?

Not long after, all sorts of friction exploded all around the Tai Ah Divine City.

Usually a small matter would escalate, causing the parties involved to make an appointment to fight it out in the arena.

There was always a winning and losing party in a fighting match. If one accidentally attacked too heavily, causing the other to be injured, the hostility would worsen.

Later, there would be people standing up for the injured party, resulting in another battle in the arena.

As such, before the alliance ranking compet.i.tion even began, there were many fights. Many people were injured and the situation became even more testy!

Soon, the moment the elites from the various large faction met, it would be as if they were as incompatible as fire and water. It was just short of an all-out fight amongst the ma.s.ses.

The Tai Ah Divine City’s people had the most casualties.

The main reason was that the people from the other factions were elites amongst the elites, while the Tai Ah Divine City had many ordinary disciples. The result was obvious for an ordinary disciple clashing with an elite.

The situation was nearly going out of control.

“This kid, why isn’t he coming out yet!? He sure makes one worry!”

Tomorrow would be the alliance battle. Cang Yan had been standing outside the sword tomb, tempted to open the door to the sword tomb a few times. However, he was afraid of interrupting Yi Yun’s cultivation midway, just as he was about to gain some important insight, by entering.

“In another four hours, I’ll go in if the kid still doesn’t come out. F**k, this kid has gone in there for so many days. It’s nearly burning down outside, while he has it good. I don’t even know if he has fallen asleep inside there. What the heck is he doing going in there for 8-9 days!?”

If Yi Yun were to enter the saber tomb or if he were to go into reclusive training to ponder over things such as the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ or totem mystic technique, it would be fine.

But what most exasperating was that he had entered the sword tomb to learn about swords.

Isn’t he crazy for a saber user to learn swords!?

If not for Yi Yun giving Cang Yan miracles a time or two, Cang Yan would have long washed his hands of the matter.

Cang Yan placed an hourgla.s.s by the sword tomb’s entrance. Once the sand finished flowing, he would call Yi Yun out. As tomorrow was the big battle, he needed Yi Yun to have a good night’s rest, so that he would be in an optimal state.

Just as the sand flowed down about halfway, the sword tomb began rumbling as it opened by itself.

“This kid can actually open the tomb’s door himself&h.e.l.lip;”

Cang Yan was thinking about this just as he saw Yi Yun appear by the stone door’s entrance&h.e.l.lip;


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