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Chapter 302: Returning to the Divine City

“I am returning to my deep slumber. This time I will go into a deeper sleep and I am unsure about when I will wake up again. Since you have entered Pure Yang Sword Palace, it means that you and I are fated. This broken sword is yours. You can leave anytime you want. You can also train within Pure Yang Sword Palace. You have a pure Yang body so you will be able to cultivate more easily here&h.e.l.lip;”

After the black shadow sword spirit said this, its figure slowly turned fuzzy until it completely disappeared.

Yi Yun was left standing alone in the hall.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

With a few light sounds, the broken sword, which was originally embedded into the ground, slowly emerged before falling onto the ground.

Seeing the rusty broken sword, Yi Yun felt somewhat speechless. He had risked his life entering the burning h.e.l.l, broke the board game array to enter this broken world. Yet, he could not enter the internal regions of the palace and only received this broken sword that looked to be in terrible shape.

However, Yi Yun knew that since the black shadow sword spirit gave him the broken sword, it could definitely not be something ordinary&h.e.l.lip;

The question is, what is extraordinary about it&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun picked up the broken sword and inspected it. The sword’s blade was not sharp in any way and looked extremely weak.

“The swords of the ancient mighty figures would remain extremely strong, even after weathering tens of millions of years. Although the blade may no longer be sharp, it should still be stronger than the Thousand Army Saber.”

Yi Yun looked at the Thousand Army Saber in his hand and sighed. The saber had accompanied for quite a while, but while battling with the Golden Crow species, it broke. Only 3 feet of the 6-foot long blade remained.

When he returned to the Tai Ah Divine City, he would have to change to another saber. This saber could be said to have made considerable contributions.

With the broken sword in hand, Yi Yun felt along the blade with his fingers. He could feel the rough texture of the short blade, making Yi Yun sense a spiritual change.

“The black sword spirit thought of me as a saber user, so it thinks I am unable to understand the sword palace owner’s Sword Intent. Yet, I will attempt to do so. Even if I cannot gain any understandings, I will slowly understand it thoroughly in the future.”

With the broken sword in hand, Yi Yun walked out of the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

Now he was closer, in one aspect, to the sword palace’s owner. They both cultivated the pure Yang laws. It was also because of this reason that this fragmented world smashed open Meteorite Abyss, a pure Yang land.

As for the differences between a sword and a saber, Yi Yun was not too particular about them. Sword and sabers were the world’s most common weapons. Back when Yi Yun first chose the Thousand Army Saber, it was because the Thousand Army Saber looked extremely powerful, not because he had any special connection with the saber.

A saber would do, so would a sword. To Yi Yun, they were equivalent.

After Yi Yun read the ‘Truth of the Laws’, he knew that regardless of saber truths or sword truths, they were all branches of the Dao of weapons. And the Dao of weapons was just one major category amongst the 3000 Great Dao of martial arts.

To cultivate to the peak of martial arts, just following one Great Dao was too narrow.

If he had the ability, the more Great Dao he learned, the closer he would approach the Heavenly Dao of Origins. When he later becomes a Great Emperor, his strength would become even stronger.

“Even if I learned sword truths together with my saber truths, there’s no harm to that.”

With his mind set, Yi Yun walked to the front of the Seven Kills Pillar left behind by the sword palace’s owner.

As he looked ahead, the large sword scar looked as if it was going to split the world apart.

Yi Yun held the rusty sword diagonally, tracing the sword scar in the air with the broken blade.

At the same time, Yi Yun opened the Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

In the energy vision, Yi Yun was able to directly see the origin of the energy flows within.

Back in the saber tomb, Yi Yun had used the energy vision to see the ‘Saber Truth’s 32 Words’ origin saber truths. Today, Yi Yun was doing the same thing.

The Purple Crystal was too magical. In Yi Yun’s opinion, although the black sword spirit had extraordinary insight, it clearly could not detect the Purple Crystal’s existence.

The level of this kind of divine artifact exceeded Yi Yun’s imagination.

In the Purple Crystal’s vision, all appearances disappeared.

On the Seven Kills Pillar, each ‘Kill’ word looked the same with the naked eye, but with the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, they were completely different.

The sword palace’s owner had written his Sword Intent into the Seven Kills Pillar when he engraved it.

Every “Kill” word embodied a different Sword Intent, engraved with different Great Dao law!

Although Yi Yun was unable to enter the pure Yang Palace and obtain the heritage of the palace’s owner, the Seven Kills Pillar alone was a treasure!

However, the sword palace’s realm was far beyond Yi Yun’s imagination. The Sword Intent left behind in the Seven Kills Pillar was too difficult for Yi Yun, even with him looking straight at its origins.

This was probably a Sword Intent which reached the highest realms of the sword truths.

Yi Yun stood before the Seven Kills Pillar and the shocking sword scar for a day and night without moving, pondering over the origins of sword truths.

However, his level was too low. He was only able to figure out an extremely small part of it.

Only when Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi was depleted did he open his eyes and leave the Seven Kills Pillar. Standing in front of Seven Kills Pillar was a test of his perseverance. Yi Yun had to constantly circulate his pure Yang Qi to withstand the pressure emitted by the Sword Intent.

At this moment, Yi Yun was exhausted, and what he understood from pondering over the Seven Kills Pillar’s sword truth till now was extremely limited.

This was a Great Dao that reached the extreme realms. It was extremely difficult to climb it.

Even so, Yi Yun was not discouraged.

He knew that the path of martial arts was fraught with difficulties.

Practicing martial arts needed one to endure unimaginable loneliness. Many experts could go into reclusive training for decades at a go.

Such long periods of time where a person had to sit alone in a chamber would drive a person crazy from the loneliness.

However, the pursuit of martial arts can ease this loneliness. What was supporting Yi Yun was the sword truths in the Seven Kills Pillar.

Yi Yun returned to the Pure Yang Sword Palace. There were only two places in the sword palace he could go. One was the hall and the other was a cultivating room.

When Yi Yun entered the cultivating room, he gained a greater level of understanding of why the black sword spirit said that this Pure Yang Sword Palace was a cultivating treasure land for him.

The pure Yang array within the cultivating room had not broken down, even after tens of millions of years. It was still able to gather Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

The chamber’s Yang Qi was shockingly pure. It would be half the work with double the results to cultivate here.

Besides, the stone platform within the cultivating room for mediating was also a treasure. While sitting on it, Yi Yun could feel his mind getting clearer and his body’s Yuan Qi could be circulated even faster.

This cultivating ground was even better than the central divine tower.

Yi Yun decided to stay within the Pure Yang Sword Palace for a long period of time. He had temporarily checked out of his residence in the central divine tower’s 69th floor right before he came out to train.

The central divine tower’s residences were like inns. They were charged by the day. Even if one paid dragon scale runes in advance, as long as one was not staying in it, the dragon scale runes could be refunded.

Now, Yi Yun felt that he should come to Pure Yang Sword Palace often in the future. He did not need the central divine tower much anymore. The 6 months he had reserved might be enough for his 6 years in the Tai Ah Divine City.

This broken world also had night and day. Everyday, Yi Yun would stand before the Seven Kills Pillar, pondering over the Sword Intent. At night, he would meditate in the palace’s chamber.

When he was hungry, he would eat the food and water in his interspatial ring. When he traveled the Divine wilderness, he had gathered plenty of desolate beast meat. It was enough for him to eat.

As such, Yi Yun began his first, long term, reclusive training of his martial arts career.

He wanted to consolidate his cultivation level and lay a foundation for his sword and saber dual cultivation during this reclusive training.

Spring pa.s.sed as autumn came. Time pa.s.sed with Yi Yun no longer knowing how much time had pa.s.sed. He only knew his hair was constantly growing. His height had also rapidly shot up.

A child between the age of 13 and 14 was in his growth spurt. Due to malnutrition while in the Cloud Wilderness, Yi Yun’s physical development had been slow. Now however, consuming desolate beast meat and bone relics greatly nourished him, so his height grew by the day.

Yi Yun suddenly realized that the clothes he had brought with him were all one size too small.

He had unconsciously grown to the height of an adult male, he would even be above average amongst adults. His body became more and more stout, and his muscles were toned but not exaggerated. Besides his face having a tinge of childishness, he looked no different from an adult when one looked at him from the back.

Although Yi Yun was unable to understand the Sword Intent contained within Seven Kills Pillar, after a long period of time, Yi Yun experienced the baptism of the Seven Kills Pillar’s Sword Intent. Slowly, Yi Yun no longer needed to circulate the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ to withstand the Sword Intent.

Unconsciously, the charm of this shocking sword attack left behind by the sword palace’s owner, merged with the Purple Crystal and subtly branded itself within Yi Yun’s spiritual sea&h.e.l.lip;

This was an indescribable feeling.

Now, although Yi Yun was unable to slash out such a Sword Intent, he had deeply remembered all the structures of the laws contained within the Sword Intent.

He felt that now, it was time for him to leave.

He planned on returning to the Tai Ah Divine City.

Below the Tai Ah Divine City’s central divine tower, there was a sword tomb other than the saber tomb!

Yi Yun was now sure that the level of the sword and saber tomb’s were lower than that of the Pure Yang Sword Palace. Relatively speaking, the laws within the sword tomb should be easier to understand than the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s.

By entering the sword tomb he could lay down the sword foundation before returned to the Pure Yang Sword Palace to understand the Sword Intent left there. Then he might be able to use his Sword Intent to enter the Pure Yang Sword Palace. He might even be able to refine the Pure Yang Sword Palace, making it his own!

Just thinking of this made Yi Yun’s blood boil.

The treasure level of this palace far exceeded his imagination.

He could even enlarge or contract it, keeping it within his body. It could fly and also tunnel through the ground. It could be used as a spiritual vessel.

If he really gained control over such a palace, it would be extremely easy to traverse the Divine wilderness.

One had to know, to cross the Divine wilderness, the airships used by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom needed the cooperation of more than ten human lords to power the aerial fortress!

On the day Yi Yun left, the black sword spirit still remained asleep. It was in a deep slumber. It was not bothered by, nor did it question, whatever Yi Yun did during this period. It might not even know. To the black sword spirit, a youth like Yi Yun was not worth its effort to care for. After all, it did not have much of its lifespan left.

Yi Yun packed his things and leaped down the sword palace’s mountain. As he approached the big bronze door, the door would open. As such, Yi Yun successfully returned to the burning h.e.l.l.

After such a long period of time, the Yi Yun who entered and exited the burning h.e.l.l were completely different.

Whether it was his strength or his psyche!

It could be said that Yi Yun had been reborn!


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