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Chapter 301: Pure Yang Sword Palace

Yi Yun took out a set of clothes from his interspatial ring, after putting them on he rapidly moved towards the palace.

This sword-like mountain did not look high, but when he tried climbing it, Yi Yun could feel that the mountain seemed to possess some sort of magical power. The distance up the mountain seemed to have lengthened. He climbed for 2 hours before reaching the peak.

On the mountain peak, the winds howled. Yi Yun overlooked the land beneath him, but he felt that everything he saw seemed to be shrouded in a hazy mist, making it all look lifeless.

And at the entrance of the palace, the large bronze door had been sealed shut. This world was once again isolated.

This unknown fragment of a world contained powers far beyond the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s, but the only thing it contained which was still intact was this palace. Everything else had faded away with time.

Yi Yun turned around and looked at the palace.

The shape of the palace was like a divine sword pierced through the sky.

Around the palace, there were four thick columns with engravings carved on them.

Yi Yun quietly walked to the columns and looked at the engravings.

The engravings were all connected together as a whole. Some of the scenes in the engravings startled Yi Yun.

He saw a divine dragon, locked up in chains. He saw all-powerful human Great Emperors being suppressed and a peerless expert shattering a world.

Amongst this, there was a great war scene where two sides were battling out. They were clearly of different races. One side was riding on primordial desolate beasts, while the other side was riding on powerful magical weapons.

“Could this world fragment’s downfall have anything to do with the great war recorded in these engravings&h.e.l.lip;?”

Yi Yun looked at each scene carefully, marveling at at the grand scene. It was hard to imagine how wide this world was.

He felt that the world he had seen was just a drop in a sea.

Even sages in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, how much of this world have they managed to explore?

After pa.s.sing the huge pillars, Yi Yun came before the palace. He raised his head and saw that, at the top of the palace, there was a golden plaque. There were words on the plaque that seemed to have been erased. There were only a few intermittent strokes left, emitting an aggressive aura.

As he approached the palace, Yi Yun started to feel an indescribable sense of oppression. This pressure on his senses was not only on his flesh, but also on his mental facilities.

It seemed like this invisible strength was suppressing Yi Yun’s energy circulation and all his life-bearing activities.

His heart, breaths, blood flow, and even his thoughts had all slowed down.

A black stone statue stood about 300 meters in front of the palace’s entrance. The statue was about 30 meters tall and was that of a tall and large middle-aged man. His face was covered by a black-red helmet and his eyes looked as deep as the star-filled universe. He had a sword behind his back.

Although there was only a statue there, it emitted an ancient wild aura that belonged to that of a peerless expert. The aura spread out in all directions, as well as up into the sky. For some reason, it left Yi Yun especially shaken.

Behind the statue, there was a fragmented black stone pillar. The words on the stone pillar looked as if they had been carved out using a sword. They were written in a crisp and powerful manner, as if the energy would seep out from the stone pillar.

As he read these words, it was as if an image of a refined person holding a sword had appeared before him.

Was this stone pillar carved by the middle-aged man the statue depicted?

Yi Yun looked at the words on the stone pillar. The way the words were written was different from how words were written in the present, but Yi Yun had read ancient books, like the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ and the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, so he was able to understand these words.

On the stone pillar were the words, "Established Seven Kills Stone Pillar, announcing my will! Awaiting the future, collapse of Heavenly Dao, the non-existence of the universe, me as the world, control over life and death, destroying the cycle of reincarnation, obtaining the souls of everything, casting my sword, spilling my immortal blood, obliterating evil demons! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

There were seven “kill” words, each more shocking than the other!

Seven Kills Stone Pillar!

Yi Yun took a deep breath of air. Just reading these few lines of words made him experience a monstrous murderous intent. It seemed like this person had infinite amounts of hate which pushed him to destroy all of existence.

“What sort of person was this? To think that he wrote on the stone pillar that he was waiting for the day when the heavens collapsed, leading to the universe ceasing to exist and then become a world himself, taking control over life and death&h.e.l.lip; This formidable intent&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun was secretly horrified. The person who made this pillar was amazing.

Yi Yun looked at the top of the stone pillar. The stone pillar was about 9 meters thick, and its top had been shaved off by a sword, leaving an extremely smooth, flat surface.

When Yi Yun walked to the back of the stone pillar, he was even more appalled. The attack that had shaved off the stone pillar continued on down its back. There was a long, black gap that became wider as it went deeper.

As he looked down towards this ravine, Yi Yun became even more shocked.

This attack had extended to the rear of the sword-like mountain all the way down the mountain’s base. It had been split all the way down.

A gap had been cleanly cut through the mountain, which was thousands of meters tall, spreading into the land. A canyon had been cut out in the lifeless land by that sword attack. The canyon was unfathomably deep, reaching all the way to the limits of one’s vision. Midway, there was a river that had also been cut apart and a path through a forest which had been sliced open.

Yi Yun turned silent for a long time after seeing this. It was as if this broken world had been divided in two by this attack. What sort of power was this!?

Could it be that after the person carved the words on stone pillar, he sent out such a slash due to his hate and loathing? Resulting in such a stunning sword scar?

Waiting for me as the world, to slaughter all evil demons&h.e.l.lip;

Who were the evil demons? Was the person, who left behind this sword scar, defeated in that huge war?

Looking at the sword scar he could subtly feel that, besides containing a terrifying killing intent within it, there was also an air of tranquility to it.

Yi Yun felt pain in his eyes after looking at it for too long. Even his skin could feel p.r.i.c.kling pain. His muscles tensed up involuntarily.

The longer he looked at it, the more the Sword Intent within the sword scar became obvious. It made Yi Yun not dare to move away from his spot. His breaths became heavier as if he was facing a huge enemy. It was as if this sword attack was about to pierce through s.p.a.ce-time and slash at this head.

It was unbelievable that such a Sword Intent still existed in this sword scar, even after tens of millions of years!

Yi Yun conjured up his pure Yang Qi to ease that feeling.

“To have such power, after such a long period of time. Back then, this attack’s power would likely slash apart the entire Divine wilderness&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun sighed. If this was tens of millions ago, the remnant sword Qi was enough to kill him, considering how hard it was for him to endure the Sword Intent left behind by the sword scar.

Yi Yun took a deep breath. This level of existence was far beyond his understanding.

He turned around and left the sword scar, walking towards the palace’s entrance.

The ancient large door did not have any ornaments. As Yi Yun approached the door, he could feel sword Qi surging towards him, as if it was about to cut through his body.

He held his breath and walked to the door with great difficulty.

Before Yi Yun could reach out his hand to push open the door, a brilliant flash sucked Yi Yun in. With that, Yi Yun was already inside the palace.

The hall was dimly lit. The ground was covered in black unknown rocks. The first thing that entered Yi Yun’s eyes was a sword stuck in the ground!

This sword was extremely old. The sword’s edge was covered in rust and there were cracks in the sword’s blade.

“It’s broken?”

Yi Yun sighed. It was definitely a peerless sword, but unfortunately&h.e.l.lip; the sword’s blade had cracks, making it lose a great deal of its spirituality. After such a long time, it probably was extremely fragile!

Yi Yun silently walked over and slowly grabbed the sword’s hilt.

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly saw a black shadow standing not far from him. With a startle, he leaped backwards and unsheathed the Thousand Army Saber!

Focusing his eyes, the black shadow remained motionless. It did not have a physical body, but seemed like a burning flame.

It was wrapped in a black cloak, only its two red eyes underneath the cloak were bright. They were like jewels in the night.

“You are&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun originally thought that it was some unknown lifeform, such as the ‘evil demons’ mentioned on the Seven Kills Pillar.

However, he quickly realized that the black shadow had no intention of killing him.

If it really had killing intent, any existence that could stay in this palace would easily annihilate him with just a thought.

“How long has it been&h.e.l.lip; Someone has actually entered&h.e.l.lip;”

The black shadow’s bleak words seemed to contain an indescribable loneliness.

“Senior, are you this palace’s guardian?” Yi Yun ventured a guess.

The black shadow said, “I’m a sword spirit&h.e.l.lip; I accompanied my master through countless battles for an unknown period of time. Now, my body has been destroyed, leaving behind a residual soul. I’ve been sleeping in this Pure Yang Sword Palace. By doing so, I have slowed down the time it takes for me to completely dissipate. Now, with you entering, I have awakened. However, such a long period of sleep has made me reach the end of my life&h.e.l.lip;”

The black shadow’s voice was very weak. Yi Yun had a thought upon hearing this, “Senior, have you been sleeping for tens of millions of years?”

“I don’t remember&h.e.l.lip; I’ve been wandering in s.p.a.ce for too long before landing in this world. I originally thought that no one would ever pa.s.s through that door. Yet, you actually had such a fortuitous opportunity&h.e.l.lip;”

Wandering in s.p.a.ce?

Yes, the tens of millions of years was the time since this world crashed into the Divine wilderness. Before that, this world fragment had been drifting for an even longer period of time.

Yi Yun had many questions in his mind. The black shadow could see through his thoughts and said, “You do not need to ask anymore about things of the past. In comparison to this world, you are not bad. You have a low-grade pure Yang body. If you can become one of the best in this world, that alone is already not an easy feat, but that is not enough. The things you want to ask will be pointless. You will not be able to enter the deep levels of this sword palace unless you gain insight into the Sword Intent left behind in the sword palace by my master. When that happens, you might be able to refine the sword palace and obtain the items left behind by my master. However, for you to do that, it will be too difficult, too difficult&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun stayed silent. He knew that in the eyes of the black shadow, he was just a very lucky ordinary youth in this wilderness world. His qualifications barely made it.

Just him alone could gain insight on the Sword Intent in the sword palace?

The sword spirit clearly did not hold any hope for that.

For a person who wanted to learn the way of the sword, he needed extremely high talent. Clearly, Yi Yun did not have any talent in the way of the sword. Besides, his weapon was a saber.

By entering into such a world, the sword spirit probably did not believe his master’s heritage would ever be inherited.


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