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Chapter 298: Dead Path

Author’s note: It seems many people have misunderstood. Let me explain the lengths used in the book. We are using the lengths of ancient times. One feet is 23cm, one zhang is 10 feet, which is 2.3m. Yi Yun’s Thousand Army Saber’s blade is 6 feet long, which is 1.38m. With the hilt, the entire saber is 7 feet 2 inches long, which is 1.65m. It is taller than twelve-year-old Yi Yun’s height.

Yi Yun’s movement skills had reached the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, so his speed exceeded everyone else amongst the warriors at the same level as him. But, compared to the Golden Crow species, it was nothing worth mentioning.

With the absolute power gap between them, their speeds were not even on the same order of magnitude.

No matter how fast Yi Yun went, compared to the Golden Crow species, he was as slow as a tortoise.


The Golden Crow species cried out as it stretched out its wings to charge at Yi Yun. It reached out with its sharp claws, wanting to claw Yi Yun to death. But, just at that moment, the flying Golden Crow species suddenly stopped as a lump, the size of a face basin, appeared on its back. At the same time, the Golden Crow species coughed out blood, as if it was in extreme pain.


The Golden Crow species slammed itself heavily onto the ground, crumbling large pieces of rocks, stirring up a storm!


Yi Yun was shocked. Why did the Golden Crow species suddenly smash itself to the ground?

A thought flashed in his mind as he opened up his energy vision. In the energy vision, the Golden Crow species’ entire body was burning with energy. And within its body, there was another lump of energy which was even brighter.

It was the pure Yang spirit!

Yes, the Golden Crow species had yet to completely overcome the pure Yang spirit. Despite forcefully swallowing the pure Yang spirit, the two ent.i.ties were still in a life and death battle!

The only difference was that the battlefield had now changed to a venue inside the Golden Crow species’ own body!

One side wanted to refine the pure Yang spirit, while the other side’s energy was injected into the Golden Crow species’ meridians, attempting to burn the Golden Crow species to death!

Neither of the two pure Yang elemental creatures were something Yi Yun could handle!

Although a large portion of the Golden Crow species’ strength was used to deal with the pure Yang spirit, it still just needed a single attack to behead Yi Yun.

Yi Yun felt that he would not make it, seeing that the palace was still a dozen kilometers away. He turned around and charged towards the dried up lake!

Below the huge lake were bones of unknown creatures!

These bones had undergone the pa.s.sing of an unknown period of time. Although they looked like they were nearly decayed, the bones still shone in a jade-like l.u.s.ter.

Yi Yun ran through the bones.

Some of the bones were as large as mountains, so big that even a near-horn beast could run between the cracks of the bones, but there were also some that were similar to human bones. They blocked the path but Yi Yun squeezed through the cracks while pushing his Minute Subtlety movement technique to its extremes!

In the bone forest, Yi Yun obtained the greatest cover; while the large Golden Crow, with a wingspan of more than ten meters, would be greatly hampered.


The Golden Crow species behind him shouted a hoa.r.s.e cry. It tumbled around as it flew up, chasing after Yi Yun once again.

Seeing the bone forest blocking its path, the Golden Crow species simply ignored it and charged through it like a missile.

“Puah Puah Puah!”

Bones after bones were knocked over by the Golden Crow species, turning to powdery white dust in an instant. The Golden Crow species had a unstoppable momentum!

But after flying for a few second, it suddenly stopped and let out a scream!

A white bone had pierced through the Golden Crow species’ wing like a spear!


The Golden Crow species fell from the sky, slamming into the bone pile.

One broken bone still looked shiny on the surface, even after thousands of years.

It was this bone that was extremely sharp. Even the Golden Crow species’ wings, which were as strong as black iron, could not defend against its piercing.

The Golden Crow’s body went into violent convulsions as its wounded wing became covered in blood. It took great effort from it to pull out the truncated bone with its beak.

A small stream of blood sprayed out from the wound, covering the Golden Crow species’ face.

The Golden Crow species had grown up in Fallen Star Gate since it was young. It had never encountered such a strong bone before. It looked like it had decayed, yet it was still this strong and sharp. Even without Yuan Qi injected into it, it could actually break through its defense! This exceeded whatever it knew.

It struggled once again to climb up. Within its body, the pure Yang spirit was still burning as it invaded the Golden Crow species’ blood veins and meridians.

The battle between the two pure Yang creatures had reached the ultimate life and death stage.

Seeing the human running further away again, the Golden Crow species’ feathers stood up due to its anger.

Such a tiny creature, which seemed like an ant in its eyes, could have easily been finished off by it, that was why it swallowed the pure Yang spirit, to chase after Yi Yun to kill him.

But, it never expected that the situation would drag out for so long!

The longer the pure Yang spirit was in its body, the more the Golden Crow species felt like it came closer to its death.

It did not have much time left. If it chased after that human again, it could very well be burnt to death by the pure Yang spirit!

Although the Golden Crow species felt that it could easily kill Yi Yun if it chased him and gave him one more attack, it decided not to take the risk.

It was not worth risking its valuable life for a puny human.

Besides, the Golden Crow species had previously burnt its pure Yang blood. It was destined to go all out in its battle with the pure Yang spirit!

It hesitated for a while and decided to focus on dealing with the pure Yang spirit. It wanted to completely devour the pure Yang spirit before it would chase after that cursed human being again.

To the Golden Crow species, swallowing the pure Yang spirit was the most important thing right now. Doing so could allow its body’s blood and veins to become purer, maybe even allowing its body to grow one more limb out.

Then, it would be able to manifest the form of an ancient three-legged Golden Crow!

For this pure Yang spirit, the Golden Crow species had put in a lot of effort over many years. It did not want to fail at the last moment!

But at this moment, the Golden Crow species noticed that the human had run out of the dried up lake and was rushing towards a mountain.

The mountain was like a divine sword that seemed to emerge out of the ground. It was extremely steep, and at the top of the mountain was a palace!

The Golden Crow species did not recognize palaces, but it could vaguely feel the strong presence of the palace. It seemed like there were great opportunities contained within the palace!

If the human entered it and managed to seal the door to the palace, it would not be able to enter! It would miss out on that opportunity!

Upon thinking of this, the Golden Crow species spread out its wings. It was worth it to risk another hundred seconds to first kill the human and secure the opportunities within the palace.

It gave a long cry before flying up into the sky, enduring the wanton destruction in its body by the pure Yang spirit!

One of its wings had been pierced through by the bone, injuring its meridians and bones. This severely affected its speed, but even so, it was still much faster than Yi Yun.

The Golden Crow species used about twenty seconds to easily catch up to Yi Yun.

But at this moment, Yi Yun had rushed into a forest!

The forest was completely dead, full of withered ancient trees. They seemed like broken halberds, piercing into the blue skies.

After thousands of years, any wood would rot, but these ancient trees still remained in this broken world. Even though they had withered, they still stood proudly!

With a once bitten, twice shy att.i.tude, the Golden Crow species did not dare to charge into the forest, despite the wood being rotten. Instead it hovered above the forest.

As such, it was not able to catch Yi Yun.

Yi Yun used the dead forest as cover as it charged towards the palace. However, the Golden Crow species overtook Yi Yun in the air. It circled in the air twice before opening its eagle-like mouth.


A golden fireball shot out from the Golden Crow species without warning. It was like a meteor falling straight down!


Yi Yun was greatly alarmed. He did not expect the fire bird to have such a move. Naturally, the dead forest was unable to withstand the fireball.

Yi Yun gritted his teeth and pushed his Minute Subtlety large success stage to his limits and changed directions and side stepped.


The fireball exploded, sending out a powerful shockwave.

Although Yi Yun dodged the frontal a.s.sault, he was still affected by the aftermath. He felt an irresistible force hitting him, his body flying out like a piece of straw.


Yi Yun crashed into a large tree. The tree trunk quivered and Yi Yun felt pain at his back. His fall had nearly caused his organs to twist.

He used the Thousand Army Saber as a support to stand up. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

What a terrible force!

Although the Golden Crow species was a spent force, it was still able launch a fireball attack that left him in such a pathetic state, despite him dodging and only being affected by the aftermath.


The Golden Crow species folded its wings as it entered the forest, landing in a clearing about nine meters in front of Yi Yun.

The Golden Crow species’ wings were completely covered in blood and its life force was in chaos. Its eyes were not focused and no longer looked as sharp as a hawk. It was clearly near its limits.

In his energy vision, Yi Yun could see that there were two violent energies within the Golden Crow species body, crashing against each other, making its body nearly explode!

This Golden Crow species was not going to be able to endure this any further!

But even in such a state, the Golden Crow species was still not something Yi Yun could handle. A casual strike from it would turn Yi Yun into smithereens.

Conversely, if Yi Yun were to attack the Golden Crow species, even if it stayed motionless, Yi Yun might still not be able to break through the Golden Crow species’ defenses, no matter how he attacked.

This was the hopeless difference in strength.

At this moment, the Golden Crow species’ amber-colored eyes seemed to burn with a flame. It flared up as it stared at Yi Yun!

Two metallic claws, as sharp as blades, grabbed towards Yi Yun!

The pure Yang energy that the claw brought along formed a strong cage, locking Yi Yun within. In his current situation, he was unable to dodge!

A simple scratch would rip Yi Yun’s body apart like tofu!

In that split second, Yi Yun became extremely calm. He took out a sachet he always held close to his body.

On this sachet, there was a “Rou” word embroidered on it. There were well wishes the people of the vast wilderness believed in sewn on the back.

Within the safety sachet was the life-protecting charm left behind by Su Jie!


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