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Chapter 296: Breaking the Array! Nine Nine Returns to One

Yi Yun’s palm was covered in cold sweat. It was like he had been dropped into an ice pit!

What do I do now?

He did not know how long the battle between the fire bird and the pure Yang spirit would last. And no matter whether it won or it was defeated, this place would become his burial ground if he carried on staying here!


This was Yi Yun’s first thought, but where could he escape to?

This burning h.e.l.l was extremely deep and it was fraught with dangers. When Yi Yun descended into this place, he used the Purple Crystal’s vision to avoid all the desolate beasts and proceeded bit by bit.

If he tried to escape out of here and use the turtle speed he used to avoid desolate beasts, then no matter how far he ran, he would be chased by the fire bird to his death.

If his speed was too fast, then he would very likely rush into danger and be killed by other desolate beasts!

Yi Yun quickly thought of the possibilities. This was the biggest crisis he had encountered ever since he came into this world!

The fire bird’s murderous intent locked on to Yi Yun without fail. Yi Yun stopped hiding as it was pointless at this point in time.

Taking advantage of the battle between the fire bird and the pure Yang spirit, Yi Yun leaped up and no matter what, he had to first open a gap between him and the fire bird. At least this would give him the opportunity to respond.


Below the burning h.e.l.l, there were tumultuous winds blowing wantonly. The battle between the fire bird and the pure Yang spirit became more intense. If Yi Yun was to be embroiled in this storm, he would be pulverized!

He had climbed to a height of 300 meters, yet his body still swayed as he was blown by the strong winds.

In the process of escaping into the exterior, Yi Yun continued to use the energy vision to observe the battle between the fire bird and the pure Yang spirit. He was paying attention to every detail. He wanted to see if the fire bird would reveal any flaws, or maybe be killed by the pure Yang spirit.

But Yi Yun was disappointed. The fire bird seemed to gradually gain the upperhand.

It pecked again and again, almost devouring the pure Yang spirit.

“Oh? That light blob&h.e.l.lip;”

In Yi Yun’s energy vision, not only was the fire bird projected in it. The hundred light blobs on the stone wall was also projected into his vision.

Yi Yun realized that no matter how strong the wind blew, the hundred light blobs did not move. Their energy did not even fluctuate as if it was unaffected by the stormy winds.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s life was on the line. Originally, he was not in the right mind to bother about these light blobs, but as he was at a distance of 300 meters away, he had changed his angle, allowing him to realize that the black and red light blobs, that did not seem to obey any rules, were scattered in a proper manner upon closer inspection. Neighboring light blobs were a fixed distance away from each other. And the distance between light blobs that were far away from each other was an integral multiplier of this shortest distance.

This is&h.e.l.lip;

With a sweep of his perception, Yi Yun realized that the number of light blobs was not 100, but 99.

50 of the light blobs were pure black in color, while 49 light blobs were dark red. There was not one more or less.

Could it be&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun suddenly felt enlightened. As he took advantage of the fire bird’s preoccupation with devouring the pure Yang spirit, Yi Yun carried on going to a higher height. From a higher height, he looked at the light blob array below him from a different angle.

The 99 light blobs could be seen in its entirety with his eyes. They shimmered above the dark red rocks. Their faint glow branded deep in Yi Yun’s iris.

An idea flashed like lightning in Yi Yun’s mind.

He suddenly realized that these 99 light blobs that formed an array was actually&h.e.l.lip;a board game!

50 black pieced and 49 red pieces. They were placed on a square lattice. They were interlaced with each other, forming some sort of pattern!

Board game&h.e.l.lip;

Was this board game the secret behind Fallen Star Gate?

Yi Yun’s heart raced. If he were to crack this board game, maybe the secrets of Meteorite Abyss would be revealed to him!

He glanced at the fire bird who was fighting the pure Yang spirit and then at the board game. Various thoughts flashed through his mind.

Escaping further up was basically a path that led to death. If he did not get chased by the fire bird, he would be killed by other desolate beasts as he haphazardly chose routes.

Then, it was better to risk it all and see if he could crack the board game!

The board game in front of him looked like Go. Although Yi Yun had some experience with Go, his skills at it was definitely not good enough to break the difficulty level of such a mysterious board setup. Besides, the way it was played in this world might be different from the Go in Yi Yun’s previous life.

That was to say, it was impossible for Yi Yun to crack the Go game with his skills. He was completely at a loss as to what the next step was in this game.


At this moment, he heard a shrill call that pierced throughout the burning h.e.l.l. Yi Yun turned his head and saw the fire bird’s body burn in golden-red flames. It seemed to be consuming itself in flames and the flames that rose behind its back formed the image of a three-legged Golden Crow!

“Three-legged Golden Crow!”

Yi Yun was shocked. The three-legged Golden Crow was a legendary primordial divine beast.

“Ten Suns from Fusang, Who Masters Pure Yang!”

This was one of the phrases in the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ general principles. The so-called ‘Ten Suns from Fusang’ referred to the ten Suns that rose above the Fusang tree. And in each Sun, there was one three-legged Golden Crow!

The Golden Crow was a personification of a Sun, and it was a spiritual embodiment of pure Yang. This fire bird could condense a Golden Crow proved that it had a trace of the ancient Golden Crow’s bloodline!

This fire bird was a Golden Crow species!

A Golden Crow species was able to express its greatest combat power in this burning h.e.l.l because it was filled with pure Yang energy!

It had used its ancestor’s blood lineage, proving that this Golden Crow species was beginning to go all out!

Yi Yun held his breath. The time he had left was reducing.

With the Golden Crow going all out, there would be an outcome in a short period of time, regardless of the outcome.

But could he break the array in such a short amount of time?

Yi Yun adjusted his thoughts as he suppressed the panic within him. He looked at the large chessboard from several hundred meters high.

Calm down&h.e.l.lip; I need to calm down!

Yi Yun calmed down and realized that in the energy vision, the energy contained within the black and red pieces were distinct from each other.

The red pieces represented pure Yang energy, while the black pieces sealed within cold Yin energy!

Yin energy&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun quickly thought over it. Although Meteorite Abyss was filled with pure Yang energy to an extreme, it also had extreme Yin energy. The ice rive and the deep pool ill.u.s.trated that point.

This was also the reason why Chu Xiaoran could train in Meteorite Abyss!

There were opposing principles behind matter, and pure Yang gave rise to Yin! A pure Yang mountain valley also contained pure Yin. This created a form of balance.

Yi Yun looked at the board game below him where energy surged chaotically within. The 99 pieces and every piece’s situation was reflected within Yi Yun’s mind.

At the moment of life and death, humans would fall into two extremes. One was extreme panic, resulting in restlessness or to the point of a mental breakdown. Everything would fail as a result.

The other was extreme calmness. One’s brain would become clearer than ever before.

And now, Yi Yun was the latter.

His mind was now so calm that he had abandoned all human emotions.

Even the surrounding environment had disappeared for Yi Yun. The strong winds and the flames of the burning h.e.l.l, the intense battle between the pure Yang spirit and the Golden Crow species had been forgotten by Yi Yun.

He only had the 99 pieces and their chaotic energy flow in his mind.

After controlling the Purple Crystal for so long, Yi Yun’s had extraordinary acute intuition with regards to energy!

Energy without constraints would flow in accordance to its natural laws. Its natural flow would form the most perfect and harmonious picture in the universe.

As for the board game in front of him, there was a point which was disharmonious in 99 spots of energy flow.

With the Purple Crystal’s vision, Yi Yun could drill right down to the energy origins, allowing the disharmony to become ever increasingly clear!

The Yin and Yang were in an imbalance!

Yi Yun’s mind flashed.

The 99 pieces, of which 50 were pure Yin, while 49 were pure Yang.

Yin flourished while Yang was declined!

And in Fallen Star Gate, the burning h.e.l.l was a place where Yang flourished while Yin declined.

There was a possibility that this board game and Fallen Star Gate would form a perfect balance.

But there was an energy that was lacking, preventing this balance from being established&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun’s mind became clearer. In his vision, even his body had disappeared.

The energy that the 99 pieces and Fallen Star Gate lacked when combined was clearly understood by Yi Yun!

Yi Yun was enlightened suddenly. He roared as the Purple Crystal within him formed a huge energy swirl. All the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered towards Yi Yun!

Yi Yun’s eyes were like stars. After locking on in one direction, his body quickly rushed there!

The 99 pieces and their energies were lacking one. He had to use his body to fill the gap!

Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal to guide him as he brought the surging energy, finally landing on the board!

That moment, Yi Yun’s body turned into a game piece.

The 100th piece!

99 plus 1 was 100.

Nine Nine returns to One!

Nine was the extreme number. And nine nine was a number of utmost importance. Adding one to nine nine returned back to one. It was the same as reincarnation.

This was a perfect balance!

Yi Yun was the most critical “one”.

When Yi Yun brought this lacking energy to inject into this board array. The entire array turned silent suddenly.

The 99 light blobs suddenly darkened.

The energy circulated as the array dimmed. It was like the calm before the storm.

Yi Yun held his breath and looked at the 99 light blobs as they slowly sank into the ground.


The entire stone wall began to tremor as rocks broke up, spewing pure Yang out!

A heavy bronze door slowly emerged from the ground. It emitted an old but infinitely vast presence.

Yi Yun was deeply shocked by this presence. As he looked at the door, he felt that in front of it, he was as tiny as an ant.

It was at a completely different level!

On the door, there were ancient engravings that revealed the four divine beasts. They were the;

Five-clawed Golden Dragon, Rainbow Phoenix, Fire Qi Lin and Three-legged Golden Crow!

The four divine beasts formed pairs. Everyone of the engraved lines contained some great Dao law to it. Just a glance at it filled one with shock.

“What is this&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun felt that he was standing in front of a gate to another world. If he pushed open the door, he would enter another world!


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