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Chapter 295: Pure Yang Spirit

Although Yi Yun was extremely excited, he did not lose his cool. He knew that although the pure Yang spirit was good, it was nearly impossible for him to absorb it as a Purple Blood realm warrior!

The energy contained within the pure Yang spirit was too strong. It could really be described as a tiny Sun. If a Purple Blood realm warrior were to absorb a small Sun into his body, he was destined to die from burnt innards!

Directly consuming the pure Yang spirit was equivalent to committing suicide. Actually, even sages would not dare to do so.

In the records written within the books Yi Yun read, there was once a sage Desolate Heaven Master in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom who tried to refine the pure Yang spirit into a desolate bone relic to slowly absorb it. But during the refinement process, due to the pure Yang spirit’s wanton energy, the furnace was destroyed!

Yi Yun was clearly aware of the pure Yang spirit’s terror. He did not dare to approach it without thought. The only thing Yi Yun could rely on now was the Purple Crystal.

It was impossible to consume the pure Yang spirit directly, so he could only absorb the pure Yang spirit’s energy using the Purple Crystal from a distance.

Yi Yun felt somewhat depressed when he thought about it.

The pure Yang spirit contained too much energy within it and Yi Yun’s cultivation level was limited. It was impossible for him to absorb the pure Yang spirit’s energy bit by bit with the Purple Crystal. His body could not accommodate that much energy!

Only a desolate beast could eat such an item. How much could a kitten eat?

What was he to do with the leftovers? Was he going to just leave it here?

The next time he came, the pure Yang spirit might already have changed locations, and it would not be easy for him to find it again.

All these thoughts flashed through Yi Yun’s mind. He only felt his heart ache. First, he had been led by the Purple Crystal to the light blob array, but he could not break the array. He could not grab an opportunity that was placed right in front of him.

Next, he found the pure Yang spirit, yet he could not consume it.

It was really maddening that he could not move this treasure mountain in front of him.

“Forget it! I’ll absorb as much as I can!”

Yi Yun interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal and began attempting to absorb the pure Yang spirit’s energy. He circulated the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ to an extreme for he was very aware that it was dangerous to just absorb a trace of the pure Yang spirit with his current strength!

A wave of pure Yang Qi was pulled towards Yi Yun using the Purple Crystal’s force.

But&h.e.l.lip;the pure Yang spirit only shook a bit. No energy came out of it.


Yi Yun was slightly stunned. He had used the Purple Crystal to absorb the pure Yang spirit’s energy, yet he had only absorbed the pure Yang Qi around it. He could not absorb the energy within the core?

Why is this happening?

Yi Yun did not believe in heresy, and he increased the suction power. A small purple swirl appeared in the Purple Crystal once again.

But even so, there was no reaction from the pure Yang spirit. The seven-colored flower even seemed to slightly vibrate as its petals seemed to close!

Yi Yun zoned out. What?

Yi Yun was dumbfounded when he saw the petals close slowly as if it was going to wrap the pure Yang spirit.

What was going on!?

He could not absorb anything from the pure Yang spirit with the Purple Crystal, yet this pure Yang spirit was receding?

This seven-colored flower grew up in the burning h.e.l.l, so Yi Yun guessed that attacking it was pointless. If he suddenly attacked it, he might receive the seven-colored flower’s counter attack.

This seven-colored flower most likely had turned sentient!


Yi Yun suddenly realized this thought. He finally understood why he was unable to absorb the pure Yang spirit’s energy.

The Purple Crystal could only absorb energy without an owner, but it could not rob energies that belonged to another living being.

For example, the energy within dead primordial species and dead herbs was energy without any owners.

The Purple Crystal was unable to absorb the energy within true living beings

For example, back when Yi Yun captured the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, the Purple Crystal was unable to absorb the energy within it through thin air as it was still alive.

Now, the pure Yang spirit possessed sentience. It was not too much to say that it had life, hence the Purple Crystal was helpless against it.

Upon thinking of this, he felt as if 10,000 were trampling him. He nearly vomited blood!

What the heck!

He found the light blob array, yet he could not crack it!

He saw the pure Yang spirit but he was already disappointed that he could not take it away.

Next, he realized that he could not absorb even a drop of energy!

He could see it, but not eat it.

Did he spend so much effort just to watch a show?

Yi Yun was going mad in his mind. He could not bear the impulse to rush forward with the Thousand Army Saber to slash at the seven-colored flower.

Of course, that was just a thought. He was aware that with his strength, he was helpless against the seven-colored flower.

At this moment, Yi Yun felt a shiver in his heart.

There was another unnatural movement in his energy vision!

And this movement was completely different from the previous ones. Something filled with murderous intent was charging straight towards him!

A desolate beast!

Without any hesitation, Yi Yun leaped up and raced away. At the same time, he used the Purple Crystal to seal his energy within his body and held his breath!

Yi Yun knew that any desolate beast that appeared in the burning h.e.l.l was an existence he definitely could not deal with.


Yi Yun heard the shrill call of a bird. It was ear-piercing!

This bird call sounded familiar. Yi Yun felt his heart go cold. It was the fire bird that he saw near the exterior perimeter of the burning h.e.l.l!

A fire bird that could easily devour a fire monkey with unfathomable strength could rip him apart easily with one swipe!

Yi Yun did not turn around. He opened up his energy vision to look at the situation behind him.

He saw a huge fire bird in the burning h.e.l.l plummeting straight down with its wings outstretched. Its feathers were bright-colored as it dragged a rainbow flame behind it!

Its goal was the seven-colored flower growing in the basin!


The fire bird’s large claws grabbed the thick flower stem and pecked at the seven-colored flower’s corolla with its sharp beak.

The corolla deformed but the seven-colored flower possessed amazing resilience. Its corolla did not break despite the fire bird’s tearing at it.


With a clear sound, a seven-colored flame surged out from the flower’s core, heading straight towards the fire bird!

This was the pure Yang spirit’s retaliation!

Seeing the pure Yang spirit’s attack, the fire bird gave a sharp cry as it went on full guard. Its feathers began to stand up like arrows.


Its sharp claws swiped through the air as the fire bird’s claw grabbed the pure Yang spirit!

But even the fire bird could not endure the burning pure Yang fire. Its claw was quickly burnt, as patches of b.l.o.o.d.y skin fell off, leaving it bloodied!

The original wound on its back opened up once against as blood spilled from it.

Yi Yun remembered that when he first saw the fire bird in the burning h.e.l.l’s perimeter, he had seen a blood hole the size of a wash basin on its back. There were burn marks around the blood hole that revealed even its organs and bones.

The fire bird devoured the fire apes in order to heal its injuries.

Now, after seeing the fire bird try to capture the pure Yang spirit, Yi Yun understood that the large hole in the fire bird’s back was most likely left behind by the pure Yang spirit!

The fire bird entered deep into the burning h.e.l.l and it must have discovered the pure Yang spirit early on. It had tried to swallow the pure Yang spirit but was injured by it. It could even have managed to swallow the pure Yang spirit, but it escaped from the fire bird’s body, leaving behind that shockingly large hole!

The fire bird came out of the burning h.e.l.l to treat its wounds. Now, it had come back once again, precisely for the pure Yang spirit.

“I actually tried to grab food from this monster’s mouth&h.e.l.lip;If it discovered my intentions, it would tear me to pieces regardless of anything.”

Yi Yun felt some fear. Thankfully, he had his energy vision. In the burning h.e.l.l, the perception of all desolate beasts were weakened. With his energy vision, Yi Yun was able to discover the fire bird early on.

If he had been half a second slower, he would have been left without even a bone!

The fire bird cried as it flapped its wings and flew around wantonly. It set off a fierce storm in the burning h.e.l.l!

Large amounts of Seven Colored Radiance was swept up. Even though Yi Yun was far away, he still could feel his face burn. His Purple Crystal’s energy protection nearly cracked from the rampaging wind. It was like a fragile egg sh.e.l.l.

“Fearsome!” Yi Yun was filled with shock seeing the battle between the fire bird and the pure Yang spirit.

Yi Yun had no way of resisting such an existence in front of him.

Even though the fire bird had been seriously injured due to it swallowing the pure Yang spirit, its remaining strength went far and beyond what Yi Yun could handle.

Yi Yun still remembered that the fire bird was still able to instantly kill two fire monkeys even with a large gaping hole in its back.

He could only wait here till the fire bird swallowed the pure Yang spirit, or it leaving after it failed to devour the pure Yang spirit once again.

Only when the fire bird left, then Yi Yun could come out. As for what he could do once he stopped hiding, he had no clue. He would probably carry on studying the esoteric light blob array that might take him months and years to understand it.

Yi Yun also felt helpless when he thought of this. He had only himself to blame for his weakness. As for all the fortuitous opportunities he had encountered in the burning h.e.l.l, he could get nothing from them. The fire bird got to eat meat, but he did not even get the chance to get any left overs.

As Yi Yun sighed, his limbs suddenly froze as he felt something in his heart.

He felt that an instant ago, a murderous intent surged towards him, locking on to his position!

“What is it!?”

Yi Yun probed back as a reflex and in his energy vision, there was no other desolate beast lurking in a five kilometer radius. There was only the fire bird and the pure Yang spirit!

It was the murderous intent that the fire bird emitted. It had discovered him!

Yi Yun gasped. He never expected the fire bird to discover him who was completely hiding his presence while it was fighting with the pure Yang spirit.

It actually had such keen senses!?

Yes, this fire bird had lived for tens of thousands of years. It may not be able to speak, but it was highly intelligent.

It knew that it was weakest when it swallowed the pure Yang spirit. If it was severely injured, near to the point of death, even a desolate beast at the level of a fire monkey could kill it.

As such, it did not allow any threat to its existence be near it, in order to prevent a third party from benefiting from its struggles with the pure Yang spirit.

Hence, as it was fighting with the pure Yang spirit, its senses were at its sharpest. When it scanned its surroundings carefully, it found Yi Yun!


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