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Chapter 293: Seven Colored Radiance

In the burning h.e.l.l, the five-colored cloudy mist formed layers. The temperature of this flame, which was formed after pure Yang Qi acc.u.mulated to an extreme extent, was terrifying.

Yi Yun felt that this burning h.e.l.l was like the Sun, mounted inside the Divine wilderness. Entering the burning h.e.l.l was like entering the Sun itself.

With Yi Yun’s cultivation level, it was impossible for him to endure the scorching heat of the pure Yang flames. The only thing he could rely on was the Purple Crystal. With the Purple Crystal’s energy control, he could ward off the rich, pure Yang energy inside the burning h.e.l.l.


Yi Yun interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal and it formed a golden spiral.

However, this spiral was diverging out instead of in.

Previously, the spirals that Yi Yun conjured with the Purple Crystal were used to absorb energy, this time however, he was using it to ward off energy.

Waves of pure Yang energy dispersed like the receding tide, while Yi Yun ran towards the far ends of the burning h.e.l.l as if he was a fish in the water.

The burning h.e.l.l within Fallen Star Gate was the size of a huge hole. The burning h.e.l.l extended deep underground. The deeper he went, the higher the temperature of the burning flames became!

Although Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal to protect him, he still felt hot.

As the pure Yang Qi was too dense and Yi Yun’s spiritual energy was limited, he could control the Purple Crystal but it was imperfect. Occasionally, some pure Yang Qi would seep through the Purple Crystal’s protection and flow into Yi Yun’s meridians.

Just a trace of this pure Yang Qi entering his body made Yi Yun suddenly feel like his organs were set on fire. It felt like his body was starting to char from the burning sensation alone.

“Such powerful pure Yang energy.”

Yi Yun closed his eyes to concentrate, circulating his Yuan Qi to an extreme. Using the Purple Crystal and the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, Yi Yun barely managed to control the trace of pure Yang energy that entered his body. He then slowly refined it, letting it enter his meridians, slowly acc.u.mulating it within his Dantian and making it a part of his own strength.

When the trace of pure Yang energy becoming a part of him, Yi Yun could feel his Yuan Qi grow thicker. His ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ had also progressed.

If he could cultivate the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ for prolonged periods of time in this pure Yang burning h.e.l.l, it would make things much easier.

But, this place was too dangerous. If it wasn’t for the Purple Crystal, his meridians would easily be burned by the pure Yang energy while cultivating here.

Besides that, there were also various kinds of powerful desolate beasts within Fallen Star Gate. That was the greatest danger.

Yi Yun was careful throughout his journey, he used his energy vision to alert him of his surroundings.

In the pure Yang burning h.e.l.l, whether it was one’s perception or visibility, they were greatly weakened by the wanton energy. It wasn’t only Yi Yun, even the desolate beasts had the same problems. Even if a human sage were to come here, he would experience the same thing.

But, Yi Yun’s energy vision was nearly 50 kilometers in radius. He could clearly detect any hints of trouble in this radius.

Yi Yun saw a desolate beast the size of a small mountain. Its body was covered in crimson scale armor. It was like a red boulder, lurking quietly within the burning h.e.l.l.

Its head and limbs could not be seen. They were all retracted inside its scale armor, as if it was in hibernation.

Yi Yun could not find any record of this red-scaled desolate beast in the ‘Divine wilderness’ book. He did not care if it was hibernating or not, he still used the most cautious att.i.tude to go around it.

Due to the burning h.e.l.l’s funnel shape, it was narrower at the bottom than the top. Yi Yun was moving down vertically, so he could see the burning h.e.l.l’s walls. It was a wide stretch of strange jagged rocks. They were dark red in color, as if they were red hot iron.

“Oh? The remnant bones of desolate beasts can easily be burned to ashes in this burning h.e.l.l, yet these rocks are perfectly fine here?”

Yi Yun found it weird, so he used his perception to explore the wall, but there was nothing special about it. They seemed to be like ordinary rocks.

“Really fascinating&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun suddenly had a thought. According to normal circ.u.mstances, this burning h.e.l.l should not have formed a boundary with the external world. Because if there was a border, that border should have been burned by the pure Yang fire.

He could not understand it, nor did Yi Yun carry on thinking about it. He only felt that there was some sort of invisible law restricting the burning h.e.l.l, making it so that the flames could not burn through the border.

Upon getting tens of kilometers deep into the burning h.e.l.l, something drifted into Yi Yun’s vision. When Yi Yun focused his gaze, he found out that it was a remnant skeleton.

The skeleton was more than ten meters long and it looked extremely incomplete. He could no longer tell what desolate beast it was.

This skeleton had been burned by the pure Yang fire, leaving it filled with cracks. The Power of Desolates within it had been burned away cleanly and it seemed that the desolate beast skeleton would burn to ashes before long.

In the burning h.e.l.l, no desolate beast corpse could be left behind. A desolate beast’s corpse, which was filled with treasures, was slowly destroyed by the pure Yang flames here.

“What a pity!”

Yi Yun shook his head slightly. If it had not been burned by the pure Yang flames and he brought this unknown desolate beast’s corpse back, it would be worth a fortune, allowing him to exchange it for a ma.s.sive amount of dragon scale runes.

This was all wealth, allowing him to exchange for numerous resources.

Yi Yun felt a pinch in his heart. If only these desolate beasts died outside the burning h.e.l.l. Leaving them here to burn like firewood was such a waste of heavenly treasures.

“Forget it. With the Purple Crystal, my goals should not be limited to such a scope. It’s just the remnant bones of an unknown desolate beast. In the future, with my own martial arts path, such bones would be nothing in retrospect. My scope is not so small, so what if I didn’t obtain this desolate beast’s corpse?”

Although Yi Yun said so, he still picked up a few bones that seemed presentable from the remnant skeleton, quietly placing them into his interspatial ring&h.e.l.lip;

As he ventured further down, the Purple Crystal’s guidance was still intermittent. But its direction was very clear. It was in the far ends of the burning h.e.l.l!

After going down several kilometers, Yi Yun was still as cautious as ever. At this moment, Yi Yun felt like he had just pa.s.sed through a thin membrane.

Below this membrane, the pure Yang flames manifested forms, transforming from the original five colors to seven colors.

This seven colored radiance was like the world’s prettiest clouds. It was filled with mystery and beauty, but it was also full of danger!

Within the clouds, the pure Yang flames gathered together, manifesting the shapes of birds or beasts. They looked extremely lifelike, it was as if these flames had a spiritual trace within them.

Upon reaching this depth, Yi Yun began to struggle in controlling the Purple Crystal. There was more and more pure Yang Qi seeping through the Purple Crystal’s defense, flowing into Yi Yun’s body and into his meridians.

To overcome this brutal energy made Yi Yun feel extreme pain.

At the same time, his Yuan Qi carried on thickening. This made Yi Yun feel a sense of strange enjoyment. To cultivate here in the burning h.e.l.l, it could be described with the words pain and pleasure.

Suddenly, Yi Yun felt the Purple Crystal within his body throb, it suddenly became a little bit more intense. It was a trivial change, yet it made Yi Yun extremely overjoyed.

“Is it here&h.e.l.lip;?”

Yi Yun held his breath and followed the Purple Crystal’s guidance as he pa.s.sed through the flaming clouds. The further he went, the more careful he became in order to not fail while making the final effort.

Author’s note: Recently I’ve been having a lot of mental blocks. The Divine wilderness’ adventure is quite a test of my imagination +_+.


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