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Chapter 292: Burning h.e.l.l

There were extreme dangers inside Fallen Star Gate. Yi Yun embarked on a the journey by himself. He knew very well that with his current strength in Fallen Star Gate, he was just a tiny ripple in a large tidal wave, he could be destroyed at anytime.

He had to be extremely careful. Yi Yun kept his energy vision open at all times and remembered everything he saw deeply.

The Purple Crystal’s control over energy was not only effective on energy in the exterior world, it was also also able to control energy within his interior. Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal to gather all of his body’s Yuan Qi. This feeling was like he was an invisible membrane. It completely covered Yi Yun, making it seem like he was isolated from the world.

He carefully rested his back on a rock. With the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, Yi Yun had a keen sense of where the powerful ent.i.ties were, making him able to easily avoid them in advance.

In an unseen way, Yi Yun could feel a terrifying desolate beast looking towards him from a distance. Yi Yun stayed motionless with a bated breath. It was as if he was a piece of rock.

Yi Yun only came around the rock when the terrifying desolate beast he saw with his energy vision slowly moved away. He opened his Heaven’s eyeball and used his energy vision to explore his surroundings. After making sure that there were no strong desolate beasts within a 5 kilometer radius, he began traveling at a faster pace through this small patch of desolate lands.

Again and again, Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal’s energy vision and various kinds of camouflage that Fallen Star Gate provided to proceed with difficulty. The distance from which he set off to the burning h.e.l.l was just tens of kilometers away, yet Yi Yun took two whole days to reach this point.

By the time he came close to the burning h.e.l.l, Yi Yun had not rested for two days. As he was constantly on high alert, his forehead was now covered in sweat.

Yi Yun held the Tai Cang Bow tightly and breathed lightly. In Fallen Star Gate, the Tai Cang Bow and Thousand Army Saber were just a way to psychologically comfort himself. If he really met a desolate beast, these two weapons would be no different than toys in front of them.

From Yi Yun’s present location, he could already see the burning h.e.l.l in its entirety.

The burning h.e.l.l may be said to be filled with eternal flames, which had been burning for tens of millions of years, but in reality, only when Yi Yun approached it did he clearly see that the burning h.e.l.l was not burning with flames. It was filled with five-colored light streams.

These five-colored light streams were all formed formed of pure Yang Qi. They danced within the burning h.e.l.l and rose up like layers of divine clouds. They seemed to be filled with propitious omens.

From afar, they were like patches of flames, lighting up the sky.

Nearing the burning h.e.l.l, Yi Yun felt the temperature reach an inconceivable level. All of his skin had been scorched by the burning h.e.l.l’s heat, as if it was about to split at any moment.

Pure Yang Qi had many similarities with fire, but it was not fire.

A piece of wood may burn, giving off light and heat in the dark. That was fire, but it could not be called pure Yang.

Only when a star burns, emitting the rays of a Sun, that is what is considered as pure Yang!

Pure Yang can give rise to fire, but fire is not necessarily able to evolve into pure Yang.

Yi Yun constantly adjusted the Yuan Qi within his body. He wanted to recover to a relatively optimal state before venturing into the burning h.e.l.l.

Oh? That is&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun constricted his pupils. With his spiritual energy interfacing with the Purple Crystal, he isolated his body’s energy from the external world, entering a breathless state.

He saw 6-7 desolate beasts jumping around in the burning h.e.l.l. As they traversed the land, they were also respirating the burning h.e.l.l’s pure Yang Qi.

From the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, Yi Yun could clearly see that these desolate beasts were three meter tall fire monkeys. They were all stout, with golden-green eyes!

In this world’s legendary myths, there was a stone monkey that was burned by True Chaotic Fire, but, not only did it not die, it became a great sage amongst desolate beasts. It was an existence that far exceeded human sages.

The fire monkeys in front of him naturally had no relations to the stone monkey refined by the True Chaotic Fire, but they were still far from anything Yi Yun could handle!

Such desolate beasts, which could easily traverse through the burning h.e.l.l and respirate its pure Yang Qi, were definitely stronger than the mutated Three Eyed Spider Yi Yun had previously encountered!

“This bunch of monkeys sure is troubling!”

Yi Yun leaned his back against a rock and did not move. If not for the Purple Crystal sealing his energy within his body, his fate if noticed by any of these fire monkeys would be clear.

Only when he came to Fallen Star Gate did Yi Yun feel that his power was so minute. Just any random existence here could easily annihilate him.

This made Yi Yun even more determined to investigate the burning h.e.l.l.

He wanted to know what the Purple Crystal was calling out to.

Yi Yun could not enter the burning h.e.l.l with these fire monkeys present. Ignoring him entering the burning h.e.l.l, Yi Yun did not even dare to move one bit while they were around. If he suddenly left, he might very well be discovered by the fire monkeys.

He would have to wait quietly.

But the fire monkeys seemed to be hooked on cultivating here. Many desolate beasts would cultivate for months, years, or even longer as they respirated the essence of the Moon and Sun.

Beads of sweat dripped down Yi Yun’s hair. Once the beads of sweat left the Purple Crystal’s area of influence, they would evaporate in an instant due to the high temperature of the burning h.e.l.l.

Yi Yun quietly counted the time. He estimated that he had waited here for at least 20 hours now.

Upon counting, he had already spent three days within Fallen Star Gate. The longer he stayed here, the more likely it was that an accident would happen. And after not resting or sleeping for three days straight, Yi Yun’s physical strength was beginning to decline. His mental strength was also becoming worn out from the high tension.

Yi Yun gritted his teeth and did no slack off. He carried on maintaining the energy vision. It was the crutch his life depended on. Without the energy vision, Yi Yun would not have discovered many of the lurking desolate beasts just with the help of his Heaven’s eyeball.

Thankfully, desolate beasts had a very strong territorial sense. This group of fire monkeys that stayed within the burning h.e.l.l seemed to have a certain status. When they stayed here, no other desolate beasts ventured close. This ensured Yi Yun’s safety.

Time pa.s.sed again and another two hours was gone. At this moment, a shrill shriek suddenly sounded out in the burning h.e.l.l.


It was like the call of a bird. However, its sonorous voice exceeded the limits of Yi Yun’s imagination. This bird call created visible ripples in the air, as if they were scattered and exploded due to a shock wave.


This sudden sound wave caused Yi Yun’s blood flow to reverse. His heart beat stagnated. His organs felt intense pain and blood flew out from both of his ears.

What monster is it?

Yi Yun did not have time to think about it. He quickly ate a relic to control his body’s injuries. At this moment, a fierce wind set off within the burning h.e.l.l! The serene burning fire-colored pure Yang flames turned chaotic due to the fierce wind.

A rainbow colored fire bird, with beautiful feathers and a wingspan of more than ten meters, charged out from the deep depths of the burning h.e.l.l!

This fire bird looked like a phoenix. It had sharp claws, and its body was burning with flames. The fierce wind storm that now swept up the burning h.e.l.l was actually caused by the flapping of the fire bird’s wings!

In the burning h.e.l.l’s perimeters, the group of playing fire apes gave off a strange call before they scattered at the sudden sight of the fire bird rushing out from deep within the burning h.e.l.l!

The fire bird’s golden eyes reflected coldness. It stretched out its sharp claws and with lightning speed caught two fire monkeys and flew up!

“Roar! Roar!”

The fire monkeys roared angrily. They were also powerful desolate beasts, so they naturally resisted when they were suddenly caught.

They used their strong arms to grab the fire bird’s claws, hoping to break them apart, but it was all in vain. The claw cut into the fire monkeys’ entrails like a sharp saber!

The two fire monkeys bled from all orifices as their bodies were ripped to shreds while their body twitched.

The fire bird brought the two fire monkey’s corpse up to a stone mountain. It landed on the mountain peak like a falling boulder, smashing apart a large amount of red boulders.

Yi Yun was holding in breath from beginning to end. He was extremely shocked. Such strong fire monkeys had been killed by this fire bird, without being able to resist in any way? This fire bird was too heaven-defying!

What bird was this? Was it a Rainbow Blood Feather?

Yi Yun recalled the pure Yang primordial specie statue placed within the Tai Ah Divine City’s Wilderness Divine Hall 6. The statue was that of a Rainbow Blood Feather, but in comparison, there were some differences with this fire bird.

Actually, when many desolate beasts which reached such a level, they would all have their individual differences. Due to their upbringing and the treasures they ate, the Heaven Earth essence they absorbed would be different. Hence, they would have different looks and different abilities.

“Oh? It’s back is injured?”

Yi Yun looked at the back of the fire bird. There was a gruesome wound there, as if it had been pierced through by a spear.

The wound was about the size of a wash basin. The flesh around it had been ripped open, allowing one to see the white bones and internal organs. Around the wound’s edges were traces of burning. This made Yi Yun feel his heartbeat freeze. What sort of existence could hurt such a strong fire bird?

The wound looked new, and it was not surprising that the fire bird was injured deep within the burning h.e.l.l.

“This burning h.e.l.l&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun held his breath. If there was something within the burning h.e.l.l that could harm the fire bird. Then, if he were to enter&h.e.l.lip;

That sort of existence could annihilate him using just 1% of its strength.

At this moment, the fire bird at the top of the stone mountain began devouring the corpses of the two fire monkeys. It tore off the limbs of the fire monkeys and swallowed them whole.

The pure Yang energy within the fire monkeys were absorbed by the fire bird, and slowly, the wound on its back began to heal.

Many powerful desolate beasts had extremely strong healing abilities. This fire bird was no exception, but the wound on its back seemed to contain some form of mysterious energy. Once it healed, it would split apart again. This went on again and again.

“So the reason why the fire bird ate the fire monkey was to heal&h.e.l.lip; But what hurt it?”

Yi Yun turned around and looked towards the burning h.e.l.l. The fire monkeys along the burning h.e.l.l’s outskirts ran away a long time ago.

What was left was the serene five-colored flames which burned. It was like a mysterious aurora, covering the world beneath the burning h.e.l.l. What was in there?

After the fire bird finished off the fire monkeys’ corpses, it spread its wings and flew away.

Yi Yun gripped the Tai Cang Bow tightly and with his body flashing, he rushed into the vast sea of flames&h.e.l.lip;


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