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Chapter 291: The Purple Crystal’s Throbbing

Over the tens of millions of years, an unknown number of mighty figures had tried probing Fallen Star Gate, with every inch of ground probably being covered, but&h.e.l.lip;they did not manage to find the entrance to the cave.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Chu Xiaoran did not believe she had any luck.

Chu Xiaoran said, “There are many strong desolate beasts in Fallen Star Gate. The strength of the majority of the desolate beasts exceeds our imagination. Just the pressure they give is not something we can bear, let alone dealing with those existences.”

“Now it is imperative that we leave Fallen Star Gate. If we are unlucky, we might even die here&h.e.l.lip;”

Chu Xiaoran’s expression looked serious. Traversing Fallen Star Gate really depended on their luck. The desolate beasts here were an unknown number of times stronger than the mutated Three Eyed Spider. Once the group were targeted by them, it was impossible to escape. It was practically a dead end.

Yi Yun nodded. Just as he was about to echo Chu Xiaoran’s words, he suddenly felt something. Just for a moment, he felt the Purple Crystal throb.

Ever since the Purple Crystal entered his heart, it had been sleeping peacefully. It would pulsate gently with his heart beats. Each pulsation period was precise like clockwork. There had never been any exceptions.

The Purple Crystal did not react even when Elder Jian Ge did a full body scan of Yi Yun using his Heaven’s Eye twice.

Yi Yun felt that something was unusual now that the Purple Crystal suddenly throbbed.

What is going on?

Yi Yun settled down and carefully tried to identify what caused the throb. He vaguely felt that the Purple Crystal Origins within his body had formed a faint connection with something in this world.

And this connection seemed to be guiding him to search for it.

“What is the matter?”

Yi Yun was curious. He wanted to find the location where the connection was established instinctively. But he knew how dangerous Fallen Star Gate was.

With his Purple Blood realm cultivation level, traversing Fallen Star Gate was like an ant traversing a busy street. If it was not careful, it would be crushed to pieces instantly.

At this moment, a few people fell from the sky.

Qiuniu, Chu Shan and Chu Luo fell down successively. It seemed like the various forks in the whirlpool all eventually led to Fallen Star Gate.

Chu Shan and Chu Luo were pale in the face. Apparently, they had consumed a lot of energy. All of them were shocked for words seeing the vast world in front of them.

Chu Xiaoran explained to Qiuniu and company. While at this moment, Yi Yun was in deep thought. He continued to interface his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal, trying to find that unknown guidance&h.e.l.lip;

“Yi Yun, it’s time to go!” At this moment, Chu Xiaoran’s voice rang in Yi Yun’s ear. In her hand, there was a simple map that was just drawn.

As she looked at the map, she said, “I know very little about Fallen Star Gate. I used my memories to draw up a speculatory route. I do not know if I can bring everyone out.”

Amongst the group, Chu Xiaoran was the person who knew the most about Fallen Star Gate. It was better to follow her guesses than haphazardly going about.

“Let’s go. We need to work together to overcome over this difficulty!” Chu Xiaoran said and began walking. Qiuniu and company naturally followed.

“Yi Yun, what’s the matter with you?” Realizing that Yi Yun was not moving, Chu Xiaoran felt curious.

Yi Yun sighed slightly and raised his head to look in a direction. There was a flaming sea there. This flaming sea was the perpetual fire h.e.l.l that burned pure Yang flames.

Yi Yun could vaguely feel that the source of the Purple Crystal’s throbbing came from within the flaming sea.

And Chu Xiaoran’s route choice was in the opposite direction of the flaming sea.

The flaming sea was considered a land of death, while Chu Xiaoran chose a path of survival.

Using one’s gut, there was a large chance of leaving Fallen Star Gate by following Chu Xiaoran, but Yi Yun did not have such intentions.

He said, “You guys go ahead. I do not want to leave temporarily.”

Hearing Yi Yun’s response, Chu Xiaoran was surprised. She thought she had heard wrongly, “What did you say?”

“I want to&h.e.l.lip;go there and take a look&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun pointed towards the flaming sea. Chu Xiaoran was completely stunned. Qiuniu, Chu Shan and company all looked at Yi Yun with disbelief.

Even if they did not understand anything about Fallen Star Gate, they could guess that the flaming sea was terrifying. Heading there was practically a road towards death! Was Yi Yun mad?

“Brother Yi, what are you thinking? Even with me leading the way purely through speculation, I would never head there!” Qiuniu said incomprehensibly.

“That’s right, Brother Yi. This is no joking matter. This is Fallen Star Gate, not the outer perimeter of Meteorite Abyss. Even in the outer perimeter of Fallen Star Gate, we would not dare to haphazardly venture. It could cause death!” Chu Shan echoed.

But Yi Yun had made up his decision. Yi Yun did not know what the throbbing of the Purple Crystal meant, but Yi Yun intuitively felt that he would regret it if he did not investigate it.

The path of martial arts was fraught with difficulties. Although Yi Yun had the heaven defying item that was the Purple Crystal, he could not slack too. He needed to work hard through his own efforts.

Many people who practiced martial arts risked their lives to explore mystic realms just for that 1% chance of those fortuitous events, and those people did not have any guidance nor could they guess what they would receive from the mystic realm.

But compared to these people, Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal guiding him. He was much better off.

The path of practicing martial arts was to go against the Heavens. If they did not fight for the fortuitous event right in front of them because of danger, they might as well give up on martial arts.

“Yi Yun, have you really made up your mind? You can’t be thinking of finding that legendary entrance to the expert’s cave, right&h.e.l.lip;? You must know that the burning h.e.l.l in Fallen Star Gate had been probed by mighty figures over the tens of millions of years. Their perception, strength all exceed your imagination, yet they never managed to find the entrance in the burning h.e.l.l!” Chu Xiaoran looked seriously at Yi Yun.

She found him incomprehensible. So what if he had outstanding talent? How could a junior at the Purple Blood realm compare to a sage when probing mystic realms?

“Yes!” Yi Yun nodded.

Chu Xiaoran was helpless. She did not know what Yi Yun was trying to do. From her understanding of Yi Yun, he was a very rational person.

“Alright, since you have made up your mind. I can only wish you good luck&h.e.l.lip;” Of course Chu Xiaoran would not accompany Yi Yun in taking the risk. It was practically courting death.

“I wish you all luck too.” Yi Yun said.

Chu Xiaoran sighed, “Hopefully&h.e.l.lip;”

In the short four hours in Meteorite Abyss, Chu Xiaoran’s intuition told her that Yi Yun had secrets. His perception of danger and the handling of dangerous situations exceeded that of others.

If Yi Yun really was able to foresee danger, then he might have a chance of coming back alive.

Chu Luo was about to say something, but Yi Yun had already started walking towards the burning h.e.l.l with the Tai Cang Bow across his back.

“Little Ran, are you just going to&h.e.l.lip;” Chu Shan cut her speech halfway. In the distant horizon, the burning flames that tore up into the sky gavet off a sense of bleak solitude with Yi Yun’s back.

The heated air danced around as it distorted light. Yi Yun’s figure quickly became fuzzy and hazy.

Chu Luo wanted to stop Yi Yun several times, but never managed to open her mouth.

“Are we just going to let him go? I heard that there were deaths even when sages probed Fallen Star Gate&h.e.l.lip;” Chu Luo really could not understand what a growing teenager like Yi Yun was planning to do heading into the burning h.e.l.l.

Chu Xiaoran said, “Sages would die because they went too deep into the burning h.e.l.l. Yi Yun should be aware of that and he would not do things that courted death. But even so, it would be difficult for him to come back alive&h.e.l.lip;Maybe, he has a reason that compels him to go&h.e.l.lip;”

Chu Xiaoran came up with this guess and she stopped thinking about Yi Yun.

“Let’s go&h.e.l.lip;If I didn’t guess incorrectly, this should be the outer perimeter of Fallen Star Gate. If our luck isn’t too terrible, we can leave this place alive&h.e.l.lip;”

“Alright&h.e.l.lip;” Chu Luo, Qiuniu and company took another deep glance at Yi Yun before turning around, heading towards Fallen Star Gate’s exit&h.e.l.lip;


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