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Chapter 274: Acknowledging a Quasi-Master

When Yi Yun asked about her results, Luo Huo’er’s face sank. Her results were much more inferior. Saying it out would just show how bad she was compared to Yi Yun.

“Huo’er, do you know your result?” Yuehua asked Luo Huo’er with a smile.

Luo Huo’er reluctantly nodded, “I probably filled 138 fine rune paths perfectly. 20 fine rune paths were not completely filled, and the remaining 24 fine rune paths were left completely empty&h.e.l.lip;”

Luo Huo’er accurately mentioned her own results. Yuehua nodded, “That’s right! Huo’er’s energy control score is 296 points, but Yi Yun managed to get a perfect score, which is 364 points. Although for energy filling, Yi Yun’s results were not stunning, but just his energy control already got him first place!”

“Yi Yun, was it really&h.e.l.lip;your first time coming into contact with the Desolate Heaven technique?” Yuehua looked at Yi Yun with sparkling eyes.

Here it came!

Yi Yun took a deep breath and still nodded, “Yes! It was the first time this junior came into contact with the Desolate Heaven technique.”

“Oh?” Yuehua’s eyes flashed. This gaze was blinding! She clearly doubted Yi Yun’s words!


Yi Yun quickly added on, “Although this junior doesn’t know the Desolate Heaven technique, I have received some pointers from an expert for energy extraction!”

To fool a person like Yuehua, Yi Yun had to mix some truths with some lies. If they were all lies, Yuehua would easily see through it.

“Expert? May I know what his name is?”

Yuehua became interested. An expert, who could find a genius like Yi Yun, was no ordinary person.

“This&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun faltered slightly and appeared hesitant. “He did not tell this junior whether I could reveal his name, so this junior would rather not say it. But, he had left this junior a book&h.e.l.lip;This book describes many experiences related to energy extraction.”

Yi Yun mixed truths with lies and took out a black scroll.

This was the Desolate Heaven Master notebook that Su Jie had given to Lin Xintong. The first scroll amongst the 18 scrolls of Su Jie’s Desolate Heaven Master notebook described energy control!

Because energy control was the foundation of the Desolate Heaven technique, it was only right for it to be described in the first scroll.

About half a year ago, Lin Xintong had left Yi Yun this notebook before she left. They had agreed on a two year period. Back then, Lin Xintong had said, “In two years, if you can understand the most basic hand seals and energy control&h.e.l.lip;then I will aid you in learning the Desolate Heaven technique.”

“Oh? This scroll&h.e.l.lip;”

Seeing Su Jie’s scroll, Yuehua’s pupils shrank. “Can I take a look?”

When Yuehua asked, Yi Yun hesitated. It was, after all, something Lin Xintong had given him. It was not nice to just give it to others.

Yuehua naturally understood Yi Yun’s hesitation. She was not angered, and in fact, felt that what he did was appropriate. She laughed, “I will not look at the contents in the scroll.”

With that, Yi Yun handed the scroll over to Yuehua.

Yuehua gave the scroll a look and her expression turned complicated, “It’s really him&h.e.l.lip;”

Yuehua gave off a light sigh. It was as if she had recalled something. She handed the scroll back to Yi Yun and said, “I see&h.e.l.lip;I didn’t expect that you would have received pointers from him&h.e.l.lip;”

“I had originally wanted to ask if you would want to be taken in by me as a disciple, but I did not expect you to already have a master.”

Yuehua grimaced deep down. She had seen two pieces of jade , Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er. However, due to Luo Huo’er’s mysterious background, it was likely that she had a master. Even Yi Yun, a commoner who came from the Cloud Wilderness, had a master.

It was quite ironic that with her status, there would be numerous people wishing to be taken in as disciples if she wanted to, yet when she wanted to taken in Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er as personal disciples, she could not take them in.

Yuehua felt that their talents were rare and they would have a great future ahead of them. When she compared them to her two other disciples, her disciples were inferior.

After some thought, Yuehua let out a sigh and said, “Are you two willing to acknowledge me as a quasi-master?”


Yi Yun was slightly stunned. In this world, there were a few types of masters.

Firstly, there was the late master. Due to chancing upon some opportunities and receiving the heritage from a dead person, such a master was known as a late master. For example, in Yi Yun’s gaining of saber truth insight in the saber tomb, the saber tomb’s owner was Yi Yun’s late master.

Secondly, there was a master. A disciple would go through a formal ceremony to acknowledge a master. Typically, there was only one such master under normal circ.u.mstances.

There were exceptions. When one’s strength exceeded one’s master, the master-disciple relationship would be automatically be relieved, allowing one to find another master.

As for the third type, there was the quasi-master. A quasi-master was not an official master, but one could follow the quasi-master to learn all sorts of skills and martial arts. One could have many quasi-masters, and there was no strict formal ceremony.

Typically, a sage-ranked Desolate Heaven Master like Yuehua would be a real master, whether it be taking in a personal or in-name disciples. She would never be a quasi-master.

But for Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er, Yuehua had decided on this.

Originally with just Luo Huo’er, Yuehua was not willing to degrade her status to be a quasi-master.

However, with Yi Yun appearing, Yuehua could no longer curb the temptation. Taking in one was no different than taking in two disciples. She might as well be a quasi-master.

This was because Yi Yun’s master was Su Jie. Yuehua was cognizant of her inferiority, so being a quasi-master after Su Jie was in no way disgracing herself.

“Grandmaster Yuehua is actually willing to be our quasi-master?”

Yi Yun was surprised. He knew the meaning behind a quasi-master. It made him feel flattered.

“I guess Grandmaster Yuehua knows old man Su&h.e.l.lip;In the future, she would probably find out that old man Su is not my master at all. But it is a fact that I received old man Su’s scroll. Since I didn’t say that I had acknowledged old man Su as my master and only said that I had learned from him, it cannot be considered a lie&h.e.l.lip;”

After thinking it through, Yi Yun felt that there would not be any problems and said, “Thanks to Grandmaster Yuehua’s appreciation, this junior is willing to acknowledge you.”

Yi Yun was well aware of his present situation. He may have shown unparalleled talent, but compared to a sage or the large factions in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the gap was too great.

He needed resources and protection.

A faction like the Chu royal residence was still aiming to rope him in by signing a soul contract. Naturally, he would not agree to it. In contrast, a sage-ranked Grandmaster Yuehua, who had no demands on him, only wanted to take him in as a disciple, even as a quasi-disciple, to groom him.

Yuehua had already degraded her status, so if he were to reject it, he would be failing to appreciate her kindness.

Yi Yun bowed in the form of acknowledging her. Luo Huo’er, who was watching beside him, fell into a daze. She did not know whether to acknowledge or not.

Yuehua looked at Luo Huo’er without any insistence. She guessed that Luo Huo’er had many worries mostly due to her background.

But in reality, Yuehua had thought too much. Luo Huo’er did not care about all those rules or pointless ceremonies. What was on her mind was that if she acknowledged Yuehua as a master, she would become a fellow disciple with that irritating rascal, Yi Yun.

Wouldn’t they then be meeting frequently? Wouldn’t that be a joke?

“Huo’er, if you don’t wish to, it’s alright.”

Yuehua’s expression was calm. At this moment, Luo Huo’er gritted her teeth and bowed, saying, “Huo’er is willing to acknowledge!”

Yuehua gave a satisfactory smile, “Good, in the future, the both of you will be fellow disciples. You must love each other and take care of each other&h.e.l.lip;”

How could Yuehua know of the “past matters” Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er had? All the words she said were common remarks made when taking in disciples, but Luo Huo’er’s corner of her mouth twitched when she heard them.

What sort of life was this? She and Yi Yun had suddenly became fellow disciples. It really made her speechless. Back in the training ground when Yi Yun saw her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, then hearing the embarra.s.sing words Yi Yun said, Luo Huo’er never expected that she would end up in such a relationship with Yi Yun one day&h.e.l.lip;

She was really at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

“Then&h.e.l.lip;that will be all for today. In the future, Yi Yun’s tuition fee will be waived. If you have any problems with the Desolate Heaven technique, you can look for me at anytime for answers.”

As Yuehua said this, she took out two notebooks from her interspatial ring. Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er received one each. “This is my Desolate Heaven technique notebook. Both of you can take it back to learn from it. Yi Yun’s book is on the most basic things while Huo’er’s book is a bit more profound.”

Yuehua was very considerate. Yi Yun’s talent may be alarming, but his foundation was too weak.

The notebook Yuehua pa.s.sed to Yi Yun was prepared for Desolate Heaven Master apprentices many years back. As such, it could make up for Yi Yun’s lack of a foundation.

“Thank you master.” Yi Yun accepted the notebook and looked at Yuehua with grat.i.tude.

Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er bade farewell and walked out the door. Yi Yun noticed that Luo Huo’er’s face was still sullen. He did not know what she was thinking, but clearly she was not very happy.

Luo Huo’er was in front, while Yi Yun was in the back. The two of them walked silently to their apartments.

Unfortunately, they were also neighbors, so their apartments were also in the same place. Naturally, they walked along the same path.

The two remained silent, causing the atmosphere to turn extremely awkward.

Yi Yun felt that since they were fellow disciples, they could not carry on like this in the future. As such, he coughed dryly and tried to make a greeting to ease their relations.


Just after Yi Yun said those words, Luo Huo’er immediately stopped and she turned to look at Yi Yun.

Being surprised, Yi Yun stopped.

“What ‘that’? Who were you calling? In the future, I’m your senior sister. Next time when you see me, you are to shout senior sister! Did you hear that!?” Luo Huo’er said fiercely and even waved her little fist to demonstrate her prowess.

Since them being fellow disciples was an unalterable fact, then it was natural that she had to be the senior sister. Just thinking of this irritating rascal having to address her as senior sister this, senior sister that, it did not seem so bad after all.

Having an errand boy was also good!

Things like bringing in and pouring the tea and other things would make everything a lot easier.

Luo Huo’er’s thoughts were as such. As for how Yi Yun thought or if he would resist against it, it was naturally not in Luo Huo’er’s consideration.

As such, Luo Huo’er slowly cheered up. Her sullen little face suddenly brimmed with smiles.

Seeing Luo Huo’er’s face turn in such an inexplicable way, Yi Yun turned agape. He did not know what to say.

He had not even said a word&h.e.l.lip;

This girl, was she right in the head&h.e.l.lip;?


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