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Chapter 270: Yi Yun’s test transcript

When Yi Yun left the central divine tower’s cla.s.sroom, he did not immediately return to his apartment but decided to first head to the Ten Thousand PaG.o.da.

Practicing the Desolate Heaven technique required a large amount of desolate beast materials to support it. Only then could one have ample practice.

Large numbers of cultivators of the Tai Ah Divine City went out into the Divine Wilderness daily to hunt desolate beasts. Some aimed to condense or strengthen their Aspect Totems, while others simply wanted to hone their combat skills.

The desolate bones and other materials from the dead desolate beasts would then be left in the Ten Thousand PaG.o.da for sale.

It wasn’t only Desolate Heaven Master apprentices from the Tai Ah Divine City who would buy these items, even other factions of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would sometimes make a one-time ma.s.s purchase.

“Five Element crocodile’s bones, Four Symbols Snake’s teeth, Metal-back Eagle’s claws, Heavy Armor Giant Rhinoceros’ horn&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun created a purchase list according to his understanding of the Desolate Heaven technique.

The cost of these materials ranged from tens of dragon scale runes to above a hundred dragon scale runes.

By buying everything in bulk, Yi Yun quickly spent 20,000 dragon scale runes.

These materials were enough to fill two of Yi Yun’s interspatial rings to the brim.

“Practicing the Desolate Heaven technique is truly to spend money like water. Thanks to my previous windfall, I can squander it like this. Any typical cultivator would need to consider before spending anything. It’s almost impossible to learn the Desolate Heaven technique in the Tai Ah Divine City. They can only use their family clan’s resources while still in their families, learning it from a young age before coming to the Tai Ah Divine City, using the Desolate Heaven technique as a way to be self-sufficient.”

Many Desolate Heaven Master apprentices would buy materials and practice with them. At the same time, they would use these materials to produce desolate bone relics they could use to exchange for some income. Only then could they barely make ends meet.

“Not only do I want to practice the Desolate Heaven technique, I also need to find time to go to the Wilderness Divine Hall to practice the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’. Although I am not lacking in dragon scale runes, I’m lacking in time&h.e.l.lip;”

With this thought in mind, he headed towards his apartment in the central divine tower.

At this moment, at the 98th floor of the central divine tower, Yuehua had just returned to her room. This was a large 300 square meter room. The furnishings in the room were simple, quaint and extremely elegant.

The 98th floor of the central divine tower had four rooms. Each room came equipped with a cultivation room, an alchemy lab and a relic room. The area totaled up to above a thousand square meters. The 98th floor of the central divine tower had very dense Yuan Qi, dense enough for even for four sages to cultivate. It was quite nice. More sages and the concentration of the Yuan Qi would become insufficient. So no matter how big the rooms were, it was not a waste.

Yuehua walked into her hall and took off her long robe. She then took out the student’s test transcripts from her interspatial ring and placed them on a table.

She picked up a single transcript from the pile. It was Luo Huo’er’s scroll.

There were also two other girls present that looked to be around twenty. They casually walked over and picked up the rest of the transcripts.

A girl laughed and said, “Master, since you are eyeing Luo Huo’er, why don’t you just take her in as a disciple. Why do you want to use this method of teaching a public cla.s.s? There will be all sorts of nondescript characters entering your cla.s.s.”

These two girls were Yuehua’s disciples. They may look twenty years old, but they were several hundred years old.

Yuehua shook her head, “Luo Huo’er’s background is mysterious. The cultivation technique she cultivates and the methods of her Desolate Heaven technique is quite different from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s orthodox heritage. There are even several aspects in which Luo Huo’er’s methods exceed the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s.”

“A few days ago, many large factions of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom came with all sorts of favorable terms in an attempt to pull her in, or even just befriend her, but she maintained a distance from them. She even did that to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family. Who knows, the faction she comes from might be even higher than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s&h.e.l.lip; If that is the case, she most likely has a master.”

Yuehua had given it much thought. If Luo Huo’er had deep affections for her master, she would most likely reject her offer to be a disciple, which would make things awkward.

But Luo Huo’er’s talent made Yuehua want to teach her. She had a feeling that Luo Huo’er’s future achievements would exceed her own.

By building a master-disciple relationship with Luo Huo’er, especially with her powerful background, it would be very beneficial, not only for Yuehua but also for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family.

“I will look at Luo Huo’er’s test transcript. I leave the rest for you.”

Yuehua casually said. Actually, due to her strong mental powers, it would be easy for her to grade a hundred transcripts quickly. But she would not do so because these people were not her disciples.


The two girls took the transcripts and left.

They had previously taken a similar test and knew Yuehua’s marking criteria.

Yuehua tested two main points when a.s.sessing the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices’ energy extraction.

One was the quant.i.ty of energy extracted, the other was the energy control precision.

The more energy that could be extracted, the stronger the refined desolate bone relic.

And the better one’s control was, the higher the success rate of refining a desolate bone relic would be.

There were a total of 182 fine rune paths in the golden rune in of a test scroll.

These 182 fine rune paths tested the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices’ energy extraction and control.

Only a perfect extraction of every strand of Power of Desolates, with a perfect control would allow one be able to perfectly follow the 182 fine rune paths.

And besides the golden rune’s 182 fine rune paths, there were also three other energy reservoirs.

These three energy reservoirs tested the amount of Power of Desolates a Desolate Heaven Master apprentice could extract.

The more energy the reservoir had, the harder it would be to fill it.

At the Purple Blood realm and Yuan foundation realm, filling up the three energy reservoirs was almost impossible.

As for the way the scores were calculated.

They were done according to this metric.

For the energy control’s 182 fine rune paths, perfectly filling a line earned two points, an imperfect filling earned one point.

There was a total of 364 points.

As for the three energy reservoirs, filling up one was worth 110 points, for a total of 330 points.

The total score was 694, but for a round figure, it was taken to be over 700.

According to past experiences, a typical Desolate Heaven Master apprentice would have an energy control of 140-150 points, and their energy reservoir would be about 80-90 points.

A total of 230-240 points was an acceptable score.

Exceeding 300 was very good.

At 350 points, one was a genius!

Above 400 points.. that was very rare. Even Yuehua’s two disciples only managed to score 430-440 points when they took Yuehua’s test in their teens.

This result would satisfy Yuehua.

Now, Yuehua was looking forward to Luo Huo’er’s test transcript.

She wanted to see how many points a promising Desolate Heaven technique genius that she appreciated would obtain.

As she slowly unfolded the scroll, a rough glance from the sides made Yuehua smile.

Luo Huo’er’s results would likely give her a surprise!

By first looking at the three energy reservoirs, she could tell the results with a glance.

When she sank her mental power into the three energy reservoirs, Yuehua could see that Luo Huo’er had filled them up with about 60% of energy.

This was quite a shocking number.

“Energy filling, 198 points.”

Following that was the 182 fine rune paths which reflected one’s energy control.

It was more important than the energy filling.

As the level of a Desolate Heaven Master increased, their ability to extract energy would increase steadily. But energy control was to a great extent a measure of talent.

The same level of Desolate Heaven Masters had different levels of energy control.

Seeing Luo Huo’er’s scroll, Yuehua’s eyes lit up. This feeling was like reading an ancient Desolate Heaven Master’s compendium. It made her want to explore the unknown and look forward to the surprise.

“Perfect, perfect, perfect&h.e.l.lip;”

With Yuehua’s mental strength, she could quickly a.n.a.lyze the 182 fine rune paths’ situation in a few seconds. But now, she was looking at each fine rune path Luo Huo’er made, seeing if there were any defects.

“Perfect, perfect, and another perfect!”

Yuehua’s eyes lit up more and more. She had checked more than 100 fine rune paths by now, and Luo Huo’er’s methods were all perfect.

“Oh&h.e.l.lip; This rune has a defect&h.e.l.lip;”

After checking 126 fine rune paths, a defect appeared. There was one fine rune path which Luo Huo’er did not fill.

This made Yuehua sighed. Although she knew that Luo Huo’er’s ability to remain perfect up to now was marvelous, Yuehua who was yearning for perfection still felt a sense of regret when she found a defect.

“This rune path can only earn 1 point.”

Yuehua shook her head. She sighed to herself that she was being too greedy. A teenage girl, who could achieve this was already a monster, what else was she looking for&h.e.l.lip;?

The 127th fine rune path was also perfect.

Following that,

perfect and defective runes were interspersed.

The further back it went, the examinees would slowly find their mental strength weakened. Even Luo Huo’er was not an exception. There was no way she could ensure that every single rune path was perfect. Furthermore, they only had 15 minutes for the test.

After the 160th fine rune path, many of them were blank, without any energy.

This situation resulted in zero points.

Adding them all up, Luo Huo’er’s energy control reached a total of 296 points!

This was definitely a monstrous score!

296 points, coupled with the other 198 points, Luo Huo’er’s total score was on 494 points!

She was just 6 points short of 500!

Seeing this total score, Yuehua took a deep breath. It was extremely rare to obtain more than 400 points. 450 points was virtually impossible, so the difficulty of obtaining close to 500 was obvious.

“Luo Huo’er’s future prospects cannot be measured!”

Yuehua was antic.i.p.ating the future. Such a precious gem one could only come by with luck, not by searching for it.

Yuehua keep the test transcript carefully. A short while later, her two disciples hastily ran into the room.


The door was flung open.
“Oh? What’s the matter?” Yuehua was surprised. Her two disciples came from the royal family and from a reclusive family respectively. They were always well-mannered and elegant. Seldom would they appear so fl.u.s.tered.


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