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Chapter 266: Grandmaster Yuehua

A stone table was prepared for every Desolate Heaven Master apprentice in the Desolate Heaven technique cla.s.sroom. On each stone table there was a disk array used for refining desolate bone relics. There were runes inscribed on the three foot long square disk array.

Beside the disk array, there was also a meter tall cabinet. The cabinet was a storage device, similar to an interspatial ring. They all contained large amounts of desolate bone materials.

Desolate bones were usually extremely large. Some primordial desolate beasts could even be as long as a hundred or a thousand miles. The desolate bones of such a large desolate beast would look like a winding mountain ridge when laid out on the ground. Even a sage-grade Desolate Heaven Master would find it difficult to refine such enormous desolate bones into desolate bone relics.

When Yi Yun saw all of the most basic materials needed for practicing the Desolate Heaven technique, he recalled the Desolate Heaven Master notebook Lin Xintong left for him.

This notebook was written by Su Jie. Su Jie had previously left 18 notebooks for Lin Xintong, and in turn, Lin Xintong left the first volume for Yi Yun.

Lin Xintong originally did not support Yi Yun’s wish to learn the Desolate Heaven technique as it was extremely demanding on a person’s talent. Only one in ten thousand could learn the Desolate Heaven technique. Furthermore, one needed plenty of resources to practice the Desolate Heaven technique as well as a good teacher’s guidance. Back then, Yi Yun fulfilled none of those conditions.

Yi Yun however insisted on learning it, resulting in Lin Xintong making a deal with him. If he could gain any insight from Su Jie’s notebook within two years, learning the most basic of hand seals and energy control, then Lin Xintong would help Yi Yun learn the Desolate Heaven technique. If not, Yi Yun was to return the notebook.

Su Jie’s notebook was too profound for Yi Yun as he was only at the beginner stage.

Although Yi Yun had read Su Jie’s notebook many times in the past half year, what he learned from it was very limited.

He was only able to get a general overview over what the Desolate Heaven technique was about from the notebook’s summary. The real basics and details of it had to be learned.

Learning the Desolate Heaven technique would take some effort, but to Yi Yun, this was definitely more beneficial than harmful.

The Purple Crystal could prepare the world’s purest and richest energy. Currently, Yi Yun could simply absorb or swallow these energies, but that was a waste of a treasure.

If he could use the methods of the Desolate Heaven technique, he could process those energies. Bringing out particular aspects of those energies could make Yi Yun’s martial arts path easier.

And if he mastered the Desolate Heaven technique well, it would also be a good way to acc.u.mulate a lot of wealth.

Right now, Yi Yun was lacking a teacher, a teacher who could lead him into the world of the Desolate Heaven technique&h.e.l.lip;

As Yi Yun was examining the Desolate Heaven technique disk array, someone suddenly shouted, “Grandmaster Yuehua is here!”

With this, everyone stopped what they were doing and stood upright.

When the cla.s.sroom’s door was pushed open, a woman clad in a dark purple Desolate Heaven Master robe slowly walked in.

This woman did not look to be a day over thirty. She had white teeth, pretty eyebrows and a perfect body, exuding a mature charm.


Yi Yun was surprised. This is Grandmaster Yuehua?

Initially, his impression of a sage ranked Desolate Heaven Master was that of an old man like Su Jie. He did not expect that Grandmaster Yuehua would turn out to be a woman in her prime. Just from her looks, it was hard to imagine that this woman had become a sage nearly a thousand years ago.

Countless girls were made jealous by her ability to maintain her beautiful appearance for more than a thousand years.

In fact, in the world of warriors, there would be many females with unparalleled manners and deportment, who not only had exceptional talent, but also beauty that could cause the downfall of cities and countries.

A person’s looks were 30% nature and 70% nurture. Ordinary ladies from rich families would most likely be more beautiful than a poor girl. This was because they were particular about their etiquette and did not do any ch.o.r.es. Because of that, their skin and body lines were much better.

But no matter how rich a mortal lady was, she would not be comparable to the elite females of the martial world.

These girls would inherit a good bloodline from their family. In their future growth, they also had Heaven Earth Yuan Qi as well as all sorts of elixirs to nourish themselves with.

These things allowed many of them to develop their bodies to near perfection. Their skin would be perfect like white jade and their figures would be developed perfectly due to Yuan Qi. They would not be like mortal girls, who would end up overly thin or fat due to poor nourishment.

For example, Grandmaster Yuehua had extremely good talent. This accompanied with the fact that she was still young when she broke through to become a sage, allowed her to maintain her youth for a long time.

“From today onwards, I will be your Desolate Heaven technique teacher!”

Yuehua said without much expression while standing in front of the hall, tapping the disk array on the stone stage lightly.

Her voice was gentle, but due to her lack of expression, she somehow exuded a charm.

Immediately, many of the youths below the stage went into a daze.

For 16 year old youths, who were extremely energetic, a mature woman’s charm was more deadly than a young girl’s.

“Teacher Yuehua is so pretty! Also, she looks very young.”

Some people private transmitted their voices. Female warriors tended to be more concerned about their looks. In the world of warriors, there were many ways to ensure eternal youth.

“In the next few years, I will be teaching in the Tai Ah Divine City. I will teach you everything about the Desolate Heaven technique. If you have the ability, you can even learn my ‘Thousand Hand Moon Buddha’!”

When Yuehua mentioned the ‘Thousand Hand Moon Buddha’, many of those who knew about this mystic technique could not help but gasp.

In the world of Desolate Heaven Masters, there were also cultivation techniques and mystic techniques. These were mainly used to extract and refine energy.

The ‘Thousand Hand Moon Buddha’ was a set of hand seals. Once it was performed, one would end up seeing the shadows of hand seals due to the extreme speed.

This was Grandmaster Yuehua’s specialty. By using this set of hand seals, it was extremely easy to extract and refine desolate bones!

The ‘Thousand Hand Moon Buddha’ was an opportunity Grandmaster Yuehua had chanced upon while she was enduring a training expedition. It was also the foundation of why Grandmaster Yuehua had such accomplishments in the Desolate Heaven technique. It was unexpected that she would be willing to teach it to others.

But, it was obvious that to reach Grandmaster Yuehua’s standards, would be almost impossible.

“This ‘Thousand Hand Moon Buddha’ was most likely prepared to be taught to Luo Huo’er. It’s pointless for us to think about it.”

People began privately transmitting voices. Grandmaster Yuehua’s rapid arrival in the Tai Ah Divine City was equivalent to taking in Luo Huo’er as a disciple. She had set many standards that were tailored for Luo Huo’er.

When they thought of that, many of them could not help but be disappointed. It was unlikely that they could learn the ‘Thousand Hand Moon Buddha’.

At this moment, Grandmaster Yuehua carried on, “All of you differ greatly in talent and foundation. I need to roughly understand what they are to teach according to your apt.i.tudes. Now, I will give you two hours to use the disk array on your stone table and the materials stored in the cabinet. Choose your best Desolate Heaven technique and show it to me!”

When Yuehua finished saying that, she gently brushed her purple robe and sat down on a chair.

When the young cultivators under the stage heard this, they immediately lit up. Especially those who were very confident in their Desolate Heaven technique, they began to rub their hands.

They were all thinking about how to catch Yuehua’s attention at the beginning of the cla.s.s. In the future, even if they did not have the chance to learn the “Thousand Hand Moon Buddha’, it would at least make it easier for them to win the scholarship award. This would make their training go even smoother.

Many people could not wait to take out the desolate bone materials from the cabinet. They chose the materials that suited them and were prepared to refine their desolate bone relic they were best at.

But at this moment, in the corner of the cla.s.sroom, Yi Yun was dumbstruck when he heard Yuehua’s words.

Refine a desolate bone relic?

He did not even know the most basic sealing methods, how could he refine a desolate bone relic?

The things written in Su Jie’s notebook were stuff he could not even use at his beginner stage.

Yi Yun took out some sections of desolate bones, but he did not recognize any of the desolate bone materials.

At this moment, many people beside Yi Yun were already busying themselves.

They were all focused and doing their best. Yi Yun was the only one who was without action. It made him stand out.

While Yi Yun was in a daze, Yang Yuefeng was about to refine his specialty, the Seven Treasure Totem relic. This relic helped in the condensing of an Aspect Totem. It could increase the success rate of forming an Aspect Before Yuan by 5%.

This was the best Desolate Heaven technique that Yang Yuefeng could do.

He was confident that with the Seven Treasure Totem relic, not many people would be able to exceed him except people like Luo Huo’er and a handful of other people.

As for Yi Yun, how could this trash compare with him?

Yang Yuefeng gave Yi Yun a glance and noticed that he was in a daze.

In this situation, Yi Yun was really in a daze.

This r.e.t.a.r.d! Yang Yuefeng said in his mind. If not for Grandmaster Yuehua being present, he would have laughed loudly and ridiculed Yi Yun.

Yi Yun’s r.e.t.a.r.dedness had exceeded his imagination. Yang Yuefeng had originally thought that Yi Yun was able to do a thing or two. He never expected that Yi Yun would have no knowledge of the Desolate Heaven technique, yet Yi Yun actually came to Grandmaster Yuehua’s cla.s.s to shame himself. He sure was a dumb pig!

Unfortunately, at the level of dumbness that this kid was, it was unlikely that Yi Yun would be able to know the level of the Seven Treasure Totem relic he was going to refine. To show off his skills in front of a pig felt meaningless. It was really quite pointless subjugating such a person.

Yang Yuefeng shook his head and no longer looked at Yi Yun. He carried on focusing on the refining of the Seven Treasure Totem relic. There was a non-trivial failure rate for refining the Seven Treasure Totem relic, so he had to concentrate to succeed.

Not only Yang Yuefeng, even Luo Huo’er had noticed Yi Yun.

Seeing Yi Yun staying motionless, Luo Huo’er was delighted.

She gloated and said to herself, “This toad is way too inferior. He has decent talent for martial arts, yet he came to the Desolate Heaven Master cla.s.s to shame himself. I really don’t know what he’s thinking.”

Luo Huo’er quickly stopped caring about Yi Yun. She had already chosen the desolate bone relic she wanted to refine. She wanted to show off her talent, letting everyone see what Luo Huo’er’s Desolate Heaven technique was.

Yi Yun carried on in his dazed state and this also fell into Yuehua’s eyes. At the beginning, Yuehua thought that Yi Yun was preparing his state of mind, as it was normal for many Desolate Heaven Masters to sit quietly for a while before refining a desolate bone relic.

But after 15 minutes, Yi Yun was still standing there motionless. Yuehua gave a slight frown and stood up before walking towards Yi Yun.


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