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Chapter 263: Yi Yun’s Dao

After the way of the weapons, there was the second large category, the laws of the five elements!

The five elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth could be cultivated to an extreme and pushed to the pinnacle of martial arts. If one could combine the five elements into one, one could go one step further.

Besides the five elements, there were the laws of nature.

One could use the powers of nature such as Wind, Snow, Thunder and Lightning and the power of crumbling mountains and tsunamis.

Once the laws of nature were cultivated to an extreme, they could also be combined into one. A warrior could become an embodiment of Heaven and Earth, holding onto the power of the Creator.

The aforementioned three laws were the most common cultivation techniques. They were not considered difficult to master, but they were still promising as one went higher. 90% of the warriors in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom chose from these three categories, focusing on a particular law.

After the three big categories, there were some relatively rare laws.

Many laws and Great Dao often came in pairs, for example, Hard-Soft, Fake-Real, s.p.a.ce-Time, Yin-Yang, Life-Death, Cause-Effect, Being-Void, Murder and Redemption, Ephemeral-Eternal&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun kept reading. The 3000 Great Dao of martial arts were all-inclusive.

A typical warrior would only choose one of them, and at best, just a few.

Every path in the 3000 Great Dao contained endless mysteries. A warrior could spend his entire lifetime and still not be able to glimpse at every secret.

If one chose too many laws, it could result in one becoming too distracted, preventing one from accomplishing greater things.

Yi Yun read the introduction to every law, as well as their properties and principles which were recorded in the ‘Truth of the Laws’&h.e.l.lip;

The ‘Truth of the Laws’ was a foundational description. Only 16 types were described in detail amongst the 3000 Great Dao.

Different Dao had their own differing qualities.

The highest grade amongst the 3000 Great Dao was the “Great Dao of Origins”!

There were very few types of Great Dao of Origins. It exceeded the normal Great Dao, and was king amongst the 3000 Great Daos.

It was very difficult to have an initial foothold in the Great Dao of Origins. It was also quite difficult to comprehend, master or break through. Just finding a mystic technique that dealt with the Great Dao of Origins was nearly impossible. Even the sages in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom rarely managed to see a book that dealt with the Great Dao of Origins.

A typical warrior would not choose the Great Dao of Origins when practicing martial arts. It was tantamount to blocking their own martial arts careers.

In human history, there were no lack of elites from super family clans that chose to focus on the Great Dao of Origins because of their exceeding talent. But due to their inability to succeed, they had to change to a lower grade law, resulting in wasted time.

In this world, there were people who tried to gain understanding in the high realm of the Great Dao of Origins. These people would usually begin with a normal Great Dao, and only when they became a sage and exceeded peers on the same level as them would they choose to try to understand the Great Dao of Origins. If they had any success, they could go a step further, becoming a Great Emperor. They would then become a giant of the Human race, allowing them to exceed a Divine Kingdom, being respected by all.

Below the Great Dao of Origins, there were second-ranked Great Dao. They were named Great Dao of Supremacy.

The so-called Supremacy was Supremacy below Origins.

For example, s.p.a.ce-Time Dao, Yin-Yang Taiji Dao, Life-Death Dao, Immortality Dao.

The Great Dao of Supremacy were also extremely difficult. But compared to the Great Dao of Origins, they were slightly easier. There were also many more known cultivation technique manuals for them.

Below the Great Dao of Supremacy, they were no longer named Great Dao, but instead named laws.

For example, the laws of the five elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, the natural laws of Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning. These were all known as high-grade laws.

Below high-grade laws were the lowest grades amongst the 3000 Great Dao, they were just normal laws.

Hard-Soft laws, Fast-Slow concepts, Mountain-River concepts, vibrational laws were all considered normal laws.

Young warriors with exceptional talent would slowly grasp normal laws in the Purple Blood realm. When they reached the Yuan foundation realm, they would be relatively skilled at using the laws.

Of course, it was not easy to understand normal laws to an extreme limit.

There was no limit to laws. In the history of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, many sages focused on normal laws. But even in the realm of sages, they were far from being able to cultivate any normal law to an extreme.

Yi Yun browsed through the ‘Truth of the Laws’ in its entirety once. The 16 laws described within the ‘Truth of the Laws’ were the five elements, Hard-Soft, Fast-Slow, Wind-Lightning, Starlight, Yin-Yang, Murder and Redemption.

The more Great Dao of Laws one cultivated and the more thoroughly one understood them, the closer one would get to reaching the pinnacle of martial arts.

Yi Yun clearly understood that he had to go slow. Although he had the Purple Crystal Origins helping him and had a promising future ahead of him, his martial arts path was still in its infancy. He could not be too greedy for many warriors would only focus on one Great Dao of Laws in their entire life.

After a lot of comparison, Yi Yun decided on his final choice, pure Yang Dao!

The pure Yang Dao was part of the Yin-Yang Dao, which was a Great Dao of Supremacy.

When the Universe was in its formative stages, “The primordial universe (Wuji) generated supreme ultimate (Taiji), and therefore generates the opposing forces. The two opposites generate the four images.”

This primordial universe was Chaos, and Chaos was a Great Dao of Origins, and the two opposites were Yin-Yang, which was a Great Dao of Supremacy.

By the evolution of Pure Yin and Pure Yang, they formed everything that existed in the Universe.

The Yin-Yang Dao was extremely difficult and profound. This was a reason why many elites failed at learning the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’.

After establishing his first goal of practicing the pure Yang Dao, his direction in condensing an Aspect Totem was then also decided.

That was to hunt pure Yang desolate beasts to form a pure Yang totem!

When Yi Yun chose the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, what mattered the most to him was that the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ had no restrictions based on laws. There was no requirement on what type of primordial species had to be killed for the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

Unlike the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’ and the ‘Book of the Stars’, they were based on the five elemental laws and the powers of the stars respectively. The cultivation technique designated a strict path for a warrior.

Cultivation techniques were rare. High level cultivation techniques like the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’ and the ‘Book of the Stars’ were invaluable.

Many warriors would restrict their own martial path by accommodating the cultivation technique, but Yi Yun was not like that.

“I want to gain an understanding of the pure Yang Dao, and cultivate the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’. At the same time I need to cultivate the next few volumes of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. Not only that, I also need to learn the Desolate Heaven technique! I have so many things to learn!”

Yi Yun could perfectly control the energy within a desolate beast thanks to the Purple Crystal, so it was half the work with double the results when it came to mastering the Desolate Heaven technique.

The Desolate Heaven technique was a supplementary skill that greatly helped one’s cultivation, so Yi Yun would definitely not miss out on it.

Yi Yun had previously obtained a copy of a Desolate Heaven Master manual when he and Lin Xintong separated.

In the past six months, Yi Yun would read the contents within the Desolate Heaven Master manual whenever he had time. Although Yi Yun had never systematically practiced the Desolate Heaven technique, he had a general understanding of it.

“The Tai Ah Divine City also has lessons that teach the Desolate Heaven technique. It’s not too late for me to start now.”

Yi Yun decided to report for a Desolate Heaven technique cla.s.s starting tomorrow. At the same time, he would progress in his cultivation of laws and Aspect Totems.

With his future path decided, Yi Yun took the remnant pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ and began trying to gain an understanding of the contents in the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.


Chapter 263

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