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Chapter 259: Chu Royal Residence’s Negotiation

Since Yi Yun had decided to move into the central divine tower, Yi Yun went back to his free lodging to gather his things. All his belongings were thrown into his interspatial ring.

After packing his things, Yi Yun went to the cook house next to the free lodgings for dinner. But some uninvited guests came while he was eating.

A youth, who was fanning himself with a fan, walked over with a smile and sat opposite Yi Yun.

The person closed his fan with a snap. Yi Yun looked up and glanced at him. Behind him were two attendants who were the ones who had invited him to the Divine Moon Restaurant earlier.

Other than that, there was someone familiar, Yang Dingkun!

Yang Dingkun was following behind the youth with a fan. Without question, this fanning youth had a higher position than Yang Dingkun in the Chu royal residence.

“This must be little brother Yi. I had reserved a special table with a feast worth 1200 dragon scale runes at the Divine Moon Restaurant, but little brother Yi did not do me the favor to show up and rather chose to eat in the cook house. I waited there for nothing for two hours.”

The youth with a fan said with a smile. Although his tone was polite, there was a hidden sharpness within it.

Even Tai Ah Divine City cultivators ranked in the top 100 of the Heaven and Earth roll would feel the pinch after eating 1200 dragon scale runes worth of food.

Yi Yun slowly wiped his mouth. He was speechless. Every time he had a meal, someone would come pick on him. Did these fools collude beforehand to do so?

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Yang Yuefeng and from the Chu royal residence. I’ve been in the Tai Ah Divine City for four years, but have a shameful ranking of 100 or so on the Heaven and Earth rolls.”

The fanning youth said slowly with a lot of charisma.

It was a very impressive deed to commoners if someone could reach the Heaven and Earth ranking of 100 within four years in the Tai Ah Divine City.

But for a young leader of the Chu royal residence, it was not impressive.

Even Yang Dingkun, who was obviously lower in status than Yang Yuefeng, was ranked in the top 100. Furthermore, Yang Dingkun was even younger than Yang Yuefeng.

But Yi Yun was aware that even though Yang Yuefeng’s self-introduction might sound weak, it was a demonstration of his prowess. By pointing out his shortcomings, he was actually highlighting his strengths, or his status would not be above Yang Dingkun’s.

Yi Yun remembered Yang Yuefeng’s name since he had memorized the Heaven, Earth, Man rolls of honor.

Yang Yuefeng was ranked tenth on the Man roll!

By being ranked on the worse side of 100 on the Heaven and Earth roll, but ranked tenth on the Man roll clearly indicated that Yang Yuefeng had some special skills.

“I see that it’s young master Yang. Is young master Yang a Desolate Heaven Master? Or an alchemist?”

“Ha! I’m lacking in talent but have some mild research in the Desolate Heaven technique.”

Although Yang Yuefeng said it humbly, he was clearly very proud of his Desolate Heaven technique!

By being ranked tenth on the Man roll, it symbolized that his Desolate Heaven technique was near perfection!

It was due to his Desolate Heaven technique that Yang Yuefeng had achieved such a position among the younger generation within the Chu royal residence.

In fact, in many cases, large families would appreciate Desolate Heaven Masters more than pure combat warriors.

Outside of the Tai Ah Divine City, in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the currency most often used was desolate bone relics. Some special desolate bone relics could help a warrior make a breakthrough, condense an Aspect Totem or allow their Aspect Totem to evolve. There were many uses for desolate bone relics.

“So it’s Yang Heaven Master.” Yi Yun said lightly.

“Haha, I don’t dare to be given the t.i.tle Heaven Master. In the future, when little brother Yi condenses an Aspect Totem, maybe I will be able to a.s.sist you in some way.” Yang Yuefeng subtly expressed the level of his Desolate Heaven technique. Only high-grade Desolate Heaven Masters could refine desolate bone relics that could help condense Aspect Totems.

“Little brother Yi’s time is precious, so I’ll go straight to the point.” Yang Yuefeng said before pa.s.sing a jade scroll to Yi Yun. “Little brother Yi, you can take a look&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun swept it with a glance. It was the terms the Chu royal residence used to pull him in again with a binding contract. The remuneration was none other than elixirs, fiefs, relics, beautiful s*x cultivation slaves, etc. However, compared to the previous contract, the terms were multiple times better. Some of the beauties prepared for him were even from the Chu family’s direct bloodline.

By giving the Chu royal residence’s descendants to elites, which the Chu royal residence wanted to pull in, as concubines, not only did it satisfy the vanity and dominating personalities of elites, it could also make these elites have a closer relationship with the Chu royal residence. It killed two birds with one stone.

This gave Yi Yun mixed emotions. Girls born from large family clans had a tragic fate if they did not have enough talent.

The Chu royal residence had too many children. For the family clan’s interests, they did not mind sacrificing their children who were of little value. In a large family clan, they had no freedom regarding their marriage.

Seeing all these conditions that lacked anything new, Yi Yun lost interest. He noticed that besides those conditions, even the ‘Truth of the Laws’, which Yang Dingkun had lost to him, had been written into it as one of the conditions.

Even a lost bet could be used as a condition? Yi Yun frowned slightly.

He returned the jade scroll, “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

“This&h.e.l.lip; It’s regretful&h.e.l.lip;” Yang Dingkun shook his head. “Then would little brother Yi please return the ‘Truth of the Laws’ jade scroll to me. According to the Chu royal residence’s rules, the ‘Truth of the Laws’ can only be cultivated by a person from the Chu royal residence. If little brother Yi was willing to accept the conditions on the jade scroll and join the Chu royal residence, then the ‘Truth of the Laws’ can be freely cultivated by little brother Yi. But if you do not agree to that, then please return the jade scroll. According to the Chu royal residence’s rules, Dingkun had no right to use the ‘Truth of the Laws’ as a bet. Hence, the bet does not count. For this, the Chu royal residence has severely punished Dingkun, lowering his position in the family clan by three grades! I have been ordered to remedy the situation.”

“Actually, if little brother Yi were to sign the contract and join the Chu royal residence, it will be a joyous occasion. But since little brother Yi doesn’t wish so, this also makes things difficult for me&h.e.l.lip;”

Yang Yuefeng slowly said, still with a “sincere” tone.

But when Yi Yun heard this, he was amused. What did his difficulties have to do with him?

“Are you joking with me?”

Anything that was gambled is protected under the rules of the Tai Ah Divine City, regardless of the Chu royal residence, Yang royal residence. Even the Divine Emperor himself had no power against it.

The Tai Ah Divine City did not care about any Chu royal residence’s rules. What you lost as a bet meant it was lost. Doesn’t count? Dream on!

“Little brother Yi Yun, don’t be in a hurry to reject me.” Hearing Yi Yun’s sarcastic words, Yang Yuefeng was not annoyed and remained calm. He said, “I know little bother Yi is in the Tai Ah Divine City and is protected by the Divine City. But in the future, little brother Yi will have to leave the Tai Ah Divine City, and it would be unwise to offend the Chu royal residence which has deep connections&h.e.l.lip; Dingkun was in the wrong and he has already been punished by the family. Furthermore, I can get Dingkun to apologize to you.

Yang Yuefeng said this and glanced at Yang Dingkun. Yang Dingkun was clenching his fists tightly, staring at Yi Yun. His eyes were filled with humiliation and frustration.

To apologize to someone was a great insult for a proud person like him. Although it was something very costly to Yang Dingkun, it was worthless to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun wiped his hands and said, “An apology to exchange for something substantial? So Yang Dingkun originally did not have the right to bet the ‘Truth of the Laws’ with me? Then let me ask you, if I were to be the loser in the battle with Li Hong, then would you return the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ to me?” Yi Yun returned with a question. Yang Dingkun’s eyes turned blood red, “Yi Yun, I’ve already apologized. Don’t you push it!”

“Shut up!” Yang Yuefeng berated him. He did not wish for the matter to worsen any further.

He had tried to lower his status as much as he could. He knew that his request was unreasonable, but he was hoping the reputation of the Chu royal residence would prove useful.

No matter where it was, an individual’s power was always subservient to a greater power! Unreasonable things would become reasonable.

He believed that by giving Yi Yun a chance to resolve the situation, Yi Yun would compromise since as the saying goes, “a wise man suits his actions according to the situation”.

“20,000 dragon scale runes. We can give this as a form of compensation.” Yang Yuefeng announced his terms. This was something he had prepared beforehand. It was Yang Yuefeng’s bottom line to pay this amount of dragon scale runes, as a way for Yi Yun to resolve the situation amicably.

“20,000 dragon scale runes?” Yi Yun sneered deep down. He had spent 10,000 dragon scale runes and 2 glory points to exchange for the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. Glory points were priceless. It was not enough even if someone were to bid a 100,000 or even more dragon scale runes for one.

Yang Yuefeng was planning to use 20,000 dragon scale runes to exchange for something similarly priced to the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’.

“That’s enough to pay a month’s rent.” Yi Yun sarcastically said.

Yang Yuefeng’s heart jumped when he heard this!

The two followers behind him widened their eyes. Even Yang Dingkun was shocked.

A rent of 20,000 dragon scale runes per month? Had he changed to a residence above the 60th floor in the central divine tower?

The central divine tower was the Tai Ah Divine City’s biggest super-array. It gathered the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in a radius of a million miles. It was the reason why it was the best place for cultivating in the Tai Ah Divine City.

The cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City all wished they could live in the central divine tower. It was not only a symbol of glory, but it was key to their own cultivation as it significantly helped.

Furthermore, the residences above the 60th floor were so rich in Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that it made people envious!

They knew that Yi Yun was rich. But even typical rich people would not dare to spend their hard earned dragon scales like this. Was he not afraid to spend all his wealth, and not be able to earn large amounts of dragon scale runes again?

“What&h.e.l.lip;conditions do you want?” Yang Yuefeng’s face sank. Yi Yun was clearly ridiculing his condition as worthless by mentioning the rental of 20,000 dragon scale runes per month in the central divine tower.

“Two glory points as a form of equal exchange.”

Yi Yun was just about to learn the laws and needed to receive insight from the ‘Truth of the Laws’. But no matter how much Yi Yun abhorred the Chu royal residence, he still held the mentality of avoiding trouble whenever possible.

Two glory points were used to exchange for the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, and the ‘Truth of the Laws’ was also worth an equal amount.

Yi Yun could accommodate the Chu royal residence’s rules, but it did not mean he was open to being bullied by the Chu royal residence.

An equal exchange was Yi Yun’s bottom line.

“Heh!” Hearing Yi Yun asking for two glory points, Yang Yuefeng’s glance turned dark. “You really want to&h.e.l.lip;refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit!”


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