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Chapter 245: Rushing Up the Earth Roll

Hearing this voice, Yi Yun turned his head. He saw Cang Yan waving at him from the seats of honor. At this moment, the old man was smiling happily, revealing a row of bright white teeth.

This old man.

Yi Yun groaned in his mind. However, he was still very grateful towards Cang Yan. Although Cang Yan did not have any real intentions of grooming him and it was all the result of an unintentional fluke, it was still a significant event for Yi Yun.

It could be said that Cang Yan had pointed out a new path on the road of martial arts for Yi Yun!

The path of martial arts was extensive and profound, abstruse and complicated. There were too many things a martial artist could chose between. If one had the skill, one could choose everything!

But without skill, focusing on a single aspect and doing well in it, would be the best choice.

Yi Yun’s contact with martials arts had so far been very short. There were many things he did not know. Things like the Saber Truth’s 32 Words, Aspect Totems and nomological truths, were all realms that Yi Yun had no previous contact with.

He was like a dried up sponge that had been thrown into an ocean of martial arts. Now, he was greedily absorbing all of it.

Yi Yun walked towards Cang Yan and Jian Ge.

At this moment, the vast majority of the audience had yet to stand up to show respect for the Elders, so when they saw Yi Yun walking towards the Elders, they were shocked.

“The Elder called Yi Yun over!”

Everyone saw Cang Yan waving his hand. Many turned envious when they saw that an Elder of the Tai Ah Divine City was calling over a newcomer with such a friendly expression.

“Yi Yun greets Elder Jian Ge, and greets senior.”

Yi Yun still did not know Cang Yan’s name.

“What you just used was a saber technique learned from the Saber Truth’s 32 Words, correct?” Elder Jian Ge asked as he looked at Yi Yun.


Yi Yun nodded. Just as he said this, he felt his heart go cold. Once again, Yi Yun felt that his body was being seen through! He felt that Elder Jian Ge’s eyes were seeing through every inch of his flesh and blood, all the way into his bones! Even the Heaven’s eyeball he had formed was now being carefully examined by Elder Jian Ge.

Of course&h.e.l.lip; Jian Ge did not find anything in particular. The Purple Crystal in Yi Yun’s chest carried on pulsating within Yi Yun’s heart. It did not deliberately hide itself, as if it completely ignored Jian Ge’s action. It was as if it was a G.o.d that treated mortal beings with indifference.

“Old man Jian, what are you checking? Could it be that you think this junior has had a fortuitous chance that has caught your interest?”

Cang Yan noticed Jian Ge’s actions and teased him with a Yuan Qi voice transmission.

Jian Ge slightly frowned and replied with a Yuan Qi transmission, “Don’t frivolously joke around. How can I covet what belongs to a junior? I am merely curious. But it seems that he does not possess some amazing chance. His const.i.tution is average. Maybe he ate some treasure, opening up his meridians, allowing him to complete the beginning steps of martial arts. As for his perceptivity, it should be inborn&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun’s const.i.tution was average. As a sage, that much was obvious at a glance. Besides, Yi Yun’s cultivation level was not too ridiculous. It had not even reached the late stages of Purple Blood yet. Relative to other aspects of him, this Purple Blood cultivation level was not much.

“Did you read any top saber manuals before you entered the saber tomb?”

Jian Ge asked again. If Yi Yun had some fortuitous event by being able to read some saber truth mystic techniques, then Jian Ge could comprehend this situation better. Of course, this was very unlikely.

However, Yi Yun shook his head.

Elder Jian Ge nodded slightly, “I understand. In the future, if you want to enter the saber tomb again, you can just go through me or Cang Yan. We will not require you to pay anything. As for other resources, if you want to use those, you will still have to pay the usual price. That is the rule of the Tai Ah Divine City.”

Nothing could be accomplished without rules. Naturally, the survival of the fittest rules that the Tai Ah Divine City enforced on the cultivators had to be followed.

The saber tomb was not used by anyone, so there was no point in leaving it idle. There was no problem in letting Yi Yun freely use it.

But other resources were not the same. Many of them were vied for by other cultivators, risking their lives for them. If the Elders practiced favoritism, and directly gave them to Yi Yun, it would be hard to placate the ma.s.ses.

Upon hearing this, Yi Yun was overjoyed. He really wanted to enter the saber tomb again. But one glory point a day was far too expensive. He could not afford to enter it even if he was rich.

“Kid, you lucked out.” Cang Yan chuckled. “Practice well. It is unknown which amazing person pa.s.sed down the Saber Truth’s 32 Words. Even sages who entered the tomb were unable to gain a lot of insight from those words&h.e.l.lip;”

“What? Even sages were unable to understand it!?”

Hearing Cang Yan’s words shocked Yi Yun. Sages were omnipotent figures to Yi Yun, but now Cang Yan said that even sages were helpless against the Saber Truth’s 32 Words.

“There is little common ground for understanding between people of differing principles. The saber and sword tomb have been sleeping underneath the Tai Ah Divine City for tens of millions of years. Sages can enter them freely, but not every sage is proficient with saber or sword truths. Even those accomplished in the way of the sword or saber may not be able to adapt to the laws hidden within the saber and sword tomb.” Cang Yan said and glanced at Jian Ge. “Old man Jian uses a sword. He has the most authority on this.”

Elder Jian Ge was famous for his sword. His sword was always held behind his back. He never kept it within an interspatial ring. This was to allow him to subtly transform, to slowly become one with the sword.

The Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivators had never seen Elder Jian Ge’s swordplay. But just from his t.i.tle, “The sage famous for his sword”, that was more than sufficient to explain Jian Ge’s achievement in the way of the sword.

Hearing Cang Yan mention his experience in learning from the sword tomb, Jian Ge filled with mixed emotions. He said, “When I was young, I indeed entered the sword tomb. After trying to gain insights for several months, I finally got some results. But after I learned a few of the sword moves, I slowly reached a bottleneck. I was stumped by some of the sword truths. I could not understand them&h.e.l.lip; or grasp them. Later on, I continued to constantly make new attempts. These attempts took me a thousand years. Within this period, I tried many different methods which I thought was the correct path to take, but I was still unable to go any further&h.e.l.lip;”

“A thousand years!?”

Yi Yun was alarmed. In this alternate world, it seemed like a thousand years was nothing. Being a person who had lived for about two decades in his previous life, he clearly knew the concept of a thousand years. A mortal dynasty would last for just about 300 years.

Jian Ge said, “It might be that the understandings of the sword truths I gained at the very beginning may have already been leading me astray, without my knowledge. Although I might have gone astray, the things I gained from the tomb were still useful.”

“The sword tomb’s way of the sword is a large path. It’s realm is extremely high, so high that I cannot fathom it. It is like a gigantic maze. By being in it, I did not know which path would be the correct one. I could only walk through it haphazardly. Maybe when I eventually reach the exit, will I finally know that I was walking on the correct path, but&h.e.l.lip; that is too far away for me&h.e.l.lip;”

“Large path?”

Yi Yun was slightly stunned. A large path that even made a sage feel despair, and even to the point of going astray. Furthermore, he could not even verify if he had done so&h.e.l.lip;

“Yes, it is a large path. In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, people have always weighed cultivation techniques over attack moves. This is understandable. After all, a cultivation technique can allow a person to breakthrough to different realms, while attack moves cannot. But in fact, attack moves and paths are two different things. Saber moves are saber moves, while the saber truths are the way of the saber. They are fundamentally different. If you can understand the essence of the way of the saber, then it will be the same as understanding nomological truths. It can a.s.sist you in becoming a peak-sage, and maybe even reach a higher realm, but that is too difficult&h.e.l.lip;”

Elder Jian Ge sighed. He had only said this casually. Although he appreciated Yi Yun, he had never thought of the possibility that Yi Yun would one day be able to reach such a point.

Peak-sage was a realm reached by the founding emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the first City Lord of the Tai Ah Divine City. As for exceeding a sage, this was not worth mentioning. In the entire history, ever since the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was founded, there had never been a person who exceeded a sage.

Due to the arduous path of martial arts, the words casually spoken by Elder Jian Ge’s might have been due to some regrets he felt, but this greatly benefited Yi Yun.

Saber moves&h.e.l.lip; Saber truths&h.e.l.lip;

Since the words in the saber tomb were something Jian Ge described as a large path, then it was certain that it would allow him to go far in the future.

Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal Origins. The vision the Purple Crystal Origins gave Yi Yun allowed him to see the origins of energy. With this qualification, and him being able to freely enter the saber tomb, he had everything aligned in his favor. If he still could not gain something out of it, Yi Yun’s inability to comprehend it could no longer be justified.

Let’s understand it. Let’s see how far I can walk on this path!

Jian Ge and Cang Yan left, leaving behind Yi Yun, who was still ruminating over the words spoken to him by the two Elders. As for the others there, they were looking enviously at Yi Yun.

As the two Elders had isolated their voices by generating an invisible Yuan Qi forcefield, all the other cultivators present did not know the contents of the conversation between Yi Yun and the two Elders. But from the pleasant expression the Elder had, it was obvious that they appreciated Yi Yun.

If they could be called over by an Elder to receive guidance.. it was something worth losing a decade of their lives over.

As people were admiring Yi Yun, they saw Yi Yun walking down from the seats of honor, towards the referee.

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

The referee made the initiative to ask as he saw Yi Yun walking over. Previously, this referee had seen Yi Yun talking to the two Elders.

For a junior to be paid attention to by Elders, it was insufficient from being the number one rookie. The referee also thought highly of Yi Yun because of the Elders’ appreciation.

“Oh&h.e.l.lip; It’s this. I want to declare the opponent I want to challenge tomorrow.”

After Yi Yun against won Chu Xiaoran, he had clinched the t.i.tle of being number one amongst the rookies. It created a premature end to the rookie ranking compet.i.tion. But, he could still battle to rush up the Earth roll tomorrow.

“Oh? Tomorrow’s opponents? You can tell me tomorrow. There’s no hurry.” The referee looked at Yi Yun in an amiable manner. It was good that Yi Yun wanted to carry on rushing upwards.

“I think it’s best to say it now, so that the person has some time to prepare.” Yi Yun grinned with a bright smile.

For some unknown reason, the referee hesitated for a moment when he saw Yi Yun’s smile. It felt like there was something malevolence hidden within that smile.

“Prepare?” The referee was curious. It was just a match, not a training excursion outside. What was there to prepare?


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