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Chapter 236: Fighting Qiuniu

Although Qiuniu was lower in the rankings than Chu Xiaoran , if someone was forced to make a decision on who to fight between the two, they would still face Chu Xiaoran rather than Qiuniu.

This was because Qiuniu gave people a sense of immense pressure!

Many people were unable to muster up their courage while standing in front of Qiuniu.

On the other side of the stage, Yi Yun held his Thousand Army Saber and walked onto the stage.

He stood thirty meters away from Qiuniu and faced him directly.

Yi Yun was finally going to use his weapon for a battle. This was reasonable; after all, his opponent was Qiuniu!

“This Yi Yun is finally going to use his saber. I wonder if his saber technique is any good.” People discussed. Previously, Yi Yun only used a brick to stomp his opponents. This was indeed very formidable, but this did not mean that by not using the brick and switching to the Thousand Army Saber, his strength would become even more perverse.

Of course, the Thousand Army Saber was stronger than the brick, but no matter how much stronger it was, it all depended on Yi Yun’s saber technique.

“Yi Yun’s saber is too long. Against any typical opponent, a long weapon is advantageous. But against Qiuniu, once he grabs it, Yi Yun will not be able to use it anymore! Even if it is not caught, just trying to slash Qiuniu’s body might not be enough to break through his defense.”

Qiuniu had an ability, which was that once a weapon was caught, there was no way of getting it back.

This was the reason why many people did not have the confidence when facing Qiuniu. It would be too embarra.s.sing to lose their weapon to him.

And Qiuniu was very fast. Trying to keep the weapon away from Qiuniu’s clutches?

It would be very difficult!

Everyone acknowledged that a light weapon was useless against Qiuniu. Yi Yun’s saber was long and light. It could stir up a whirlwind by slicing and dicing and it looked cool, but against Qiuniu’s heavy armor, it was absolutely useless.

“Can we begin?” Qiuniu looked at Yi Yun with a grin. It was as if he could not wait any longer.

“Sure&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun also laughed. He casually placed the Thousand Army Saber vertically beside his body. The extremely long Thousand Army Saber seemed to stand vertically on the ground without falling. It was a strange scene.

Many cultivators were stumped. According to normal circ.u.mstances, a saber had no chance of standing vertical on the ground, as it would lose its balance, but Yi Yun’s saber seemed to have a spirit within it!

Qiuniu was shocked too, but instantaneously, he licked his lips, “Interesting! I’ll see if you can keep your saber away from me!”

Saying this, Qiuniu leaped up towards him!


Like a pounce from a primordial beast, every jump caused the stage to tremor!

Even while wearing his heavy armor, Qiuniu’s speed was not any slower.


Qiuniu landed heavily on the ground with a foot, while Yi Yun disappeared.


Yi Yun had unsheathed the Thousand Army Saber. The scabbard still remained standing vertically on the ground while the sharp blade began to send out beautiful blade beams!

Yi Yun had finally started to use his saber. Like a dragon traversing the ocean, the Thousand Army Saber made a screeching sound!

In that moment, the blade beams formed a web as they enclosed Qiuniu. Yi Yun’s attack speed was so fast that it dazzled everyone!

Qiuniu’s eyes lit up.

“Nice one!” He shouted and contracted his body. He charged forwards with his shield leading the charge.


Numerous blade beams exploded on Qiuniu’s shield. The thick shield was like an impregnable fortress wall. Every blade beam that came in contact with it was destroyed from his charge!


Yi Yun and Qiuniu pa.s.sed each other. After Qiuniu stopped, he turned to face Yi Yun, “Your saber technique is not bad! Too bad, it cannot break through my defenses!”

As he said that, Qiuniu cracked his neck. His joints issued a crackling sound.

People were left in wonder. Just from this defense alone, it allowed Qiuniu to stand unbeatable!

“Your armor is also not bad.” Yi Yun gave his review.

Qiuniu laughed, “You are still in the mood to review my armor?”

As he said this, Qiuniu began walking towards Yi Yun. He was walking slowly and he was compressing the s.p.a.ce Yi Yun could use to dodge bit by bit.

“Ka-cha! Ka-cha!”

As Qiuniu walked, the metal armor clanked around. The sound that approached people gave them an immense pressure.

Shield bash!

Suddenly, Qiuniu charged forward at Yi Yun with his huge shield.

Yi Yun dodged and avoided Qiuniu’s shield bash. With Yi Yun’s speed, it was very difficult for Qiuniu to hit Yi Yun with his shield attack!

Qiuniu took a step forward and swiped with his claw, but Yi Yun’s body was like a willow that was blown up by the wind, easily dodging the attack once again.

At this moment, Qiuniu sneered. With a slight turn of his body, the huge glove on his right hand followed.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The three sharp claws suddenly protruded and shot towards Yi Yun!

The metal claws contained within them an array method. When Qiuniu injected them with Yuan Qi, he could cause the claws to shoot out. This attack would catch people off guard at a close distance!


Yi Yun’s eye focused on the three flying claws and he twisted his body in the air to avoid them. At the same time, Yi Yun’s Thousand Army Saber reversed and slashed at Qiuniu’s throat!

Without taking another glance, Qiuniu stretched his hand towards the Thousand Army Saber to grab it!

He wanted to grab Yi Yun’s saber!

This scene made every warrior hold their breath. In the previous battles during the compet.i.tion, no matter who it was, whenever Qiuniu attempted to grab their weapon, they would all pull it back. If Qiuniu grabbed their weapon, there was no point fighting on.

Yi Yun’s saber was narrow and long, so it was obvious what would happen once it was grabbed.

Everyone thought that Yi Yun would pull his saber back. But he did not. With an expressionless face, the saber continued slashing downwards!

The way of the saber, has no end in sight!

The saber truth’s first line had already explained the saber’s nature. How could Yi Yun pull his saber back just because he was afraid his opponent would steal his weapon?

Oh? Not retreating?

Qiuniu was surprised and with a grin, he grabbed the saber.


A metallic clang ensued. Qiuniu had grabbed onto the Thousand Army Saber without any concern!

This scene quaked the hearts of everyone. The saber has been grabbed!


No one knew what to say. With Yi Yun’s speed, they felt that he could use his speed to embroil Qiuniu in a long battle. If he did not face him head on, this fight would drag out, without him losing his saber and with it, his reputation. But no one expected Yi Yun to carry on slashing down with his saber, which allowed Qiuniu to grab his blade easily.

What was there left to fight!?

Was he just going to lose just like that?

“Hehe&h.e.l.lip;” Qiuniu laughed, “Your saber is mine! You should get another weapon.”

Saying this, Qiuniu tightly grabbed the saber with his right hand as he planned to pull it away from Yi Yun.

Yi Yun remained expressionless. With a slight rotation of his wrist, his body’s Yuan Qi circulated and the Thousand Army Saber seemed to be covered in flames.


Qiuniu was stunned. The saber in his hand suddenly became hot. It was scalding!

What&h.e.l.lip; is this Yuan Qi?

Before Qiuniu could react, Yi Yun’s eyes flashed!

The emperor amongst weapons, reigning supreme!


The Thousand Army Saber whistled through the air like a long dragon cry. A sharp blade beam rushed up to the heavens!

Blood appeared!

The Thousand Army Saber easily returned into Yi Yun’s hands, while Qiuniu’s hand was left frozen in midair as it trembled.

“Pa Da!”

“Pa Da!”

More and more blood began dripping, like pearls dropping from a cut necklace.

The entire arena fell silent. Only the clear sound of dripping blood could be heard.


Everyone was stunned.

Qiuniu&h.e.l.lip; was injured!

His hand, which was encased in metal armor had grabbed Yi Yun’s Thousand Army Saber, but&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun still managed to reclaim his saber and at the same time, sliced Qiuniu’s palm open!

After so many battles, this was the first time Qiuniu was injured!

How could that happen? Did Qiuniu’s glove armor rip open?

“You actually&h.e.l.lip;”

Qiuniu looked at his palm in disbelief. The armor on his hand had cracked open and not only that, the armor even had traces of having melted.


Thinking back to the burning sensation, could it be&h.e.l.lip; fire?

“Are you a fire elemental warrior?” Qiuniu was shocked. Even a fire elemental warrior was not supposed to be this strong. His armor was made out of white metal, obtained from the deep sea. It was extremely hard and it was almost impossible to break through. It would be almost impossible to melt it with the capabilities of the Purple Blood realm!

Yi Yun shook his head.


The Yuan Qi in his body did resemble fire, but there was an essential difference!

After learning the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi had transformed. If one had to describe its elemental property, then it should be Pure Yang!

“If this is the limit of your power, then this battle is over.” Saying this, Yi Yun slashed his Thousand Army Saber downwards again!


The splendid blade beam slashed towards Qiuniu!

Qiuniu contracted his pupils. He felt that this blade beam was much stronger than the ones before. This was because Yi Yun had injected pure Yang into it!

Qiuniu retreated and placed his large shield before his chest. However, Yi Yun’s blade beam was everywhere!

The pure Yang saber Qi completely melted through Qiuniu’s protective Yuan Qi! Deep marks were left on Qiuniu’s white armor. The saber Qi had also entered his body, now raging through him.

This saber Qi had a terrifying burning power in it. It burned Qiuniu, causing his blood to go turbulent.

Yi Yun’s saber attack was too strong! A weapon’s strength was determined not by its weight, but by how much Yuan Qi could be injected into it.

The blade beam sent out by Yi Yun was matchless in terms of sharpness!


Another beam flashed!

Qiuniu’s body tremored as another b.l.o.o.d.y line appeared on his chest.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Qiuniu retreated several steps with a look of shock!

At this time, even his face had a saber scar. Blood was dripping from all of his wounds.

The surrounding audience’s mouths were agape. This scene had gone beyond their comprehension. They could not understand how this had happened. Qiuniu’s armor was imbued with his Yuan Qi, and his defense was extremely strong. People thought that Qiuniu was invincible.

But&h.e.l.lip; His defense had been broken by Yi Yun?

Yi Yun’s attack did not look special in any way!

Qiuniu wiped the blood off his mouth and said, “Powerful!”

Saying that, he took the shield off his left hand. “It looks like I cannot defeat you while wearing this armor&h.e.l.lip;It seems like I have to take my armor off to do battle with a person like you&h.e.l.lip;”


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