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Chapter 232: The way of the saber

Author’s note: In the previous chapter, the glory points should be three. It has been corrected. While writing, I kept looking at the clock on the computer’s bottom-right hand corner. Since time was too tight and my brain was filled with plot points, I had a slight short circuit and wrote it incorrectly. This is considered the second chapter for 27th Jan.

Yi Yun followed the old man. After turning the corner around a staircase, he entered a dark walkway.

This walkway led underground.

There were everlasting lamps hung on both sides of the walkway, but the light from these lamps was not warm. On the contrary, gust after gust of cold wind blew through the depths of the walkway.

The old man did not walk slowly, but the walkway was extremely long. After walking for almost thirty minutes, they had covered a distance of almost four kilometers.

Finally, the old man stopped and said, “Here we are.”

The wind was even more chilling here. With a blow of the cold wind, the everlasting lamps flickered, dimming and brightening.

The old man slowly rotated his body. At the end of the pa.s.sage, there were two large bronze doors.

On the surface of the two doors, there were carvings of an unknown primordial behemoth. The behemoth carvings contained an inexplicable abstraction within them that made one feel distraught when they looked at them.

“It’s in here!” The old man said as he rolled up his sleeves. He pushed the left bronze door with all his strength.

“Zha Zha Zha&h.e.l.lip;”

With the sound of contraptions being activated, the bronze door slowly opened.

The door was extremely heavy and thick. As the metal shaft rotated, due to the sudden change in weight, the entire walkway began to tremor.

For some unknown reason, Yi Yun felt that the old man was not pushing a door, but a thick tombstone.

After the old man pushed the door open, he held the door open with one hand and said, “So heavy! I finally opened it. You can go in now&h.e.l.lip;”

The old man pointed to the interior. Yi Yun hesitated and just as he was about to take a step, he suddenly felt a chill rush towards him, which caused his hair to stand up on end as he felt unease!

Killing intent!


Yi Yun was alarmed. It was as if there was a terrifying existence beyond this door.

What kind of door did this old man open?

“Kid, what are you standing around for? You do not dare enter?” the old man asked casually.

Yi Yun was surprised, “Senior, what is this place?”

“What place is this? Hehe&h.e.l.lip;” The old man laughed sinisterly. “This is an ancient tomb.”

“Tomb!?” Yi Yun was flabbergasted. “A grave!? Could this be the resting place of some forefather of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom?”

“You have so many questions.” The old man impatiently waved his hand. But with some deliberation, he said, “Actually&h.e.l.lip;there is no harm in telling you this&h.e.l.lip;Do you know why the Tai Ah Divine City was built here?”

The old man answered Yi Yun’s question with another question. Yi Yun began thinking. He originally believed that the reason behind building the Tai Ah Divine City at this location was by randomly choosing a spot in the Divine wilderness that had a spiritual pulse thick in Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, which would allow the elites from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom to train here.

But now, from the old man’s words, it seemed like that that was not the case.

Yi Yun shook his head, “I do not know.”

The old man patted the bronze door that was already opened and said, “The Tai Ah Divine City was built here because of this ancient tomb! The owner of this tomb is not a forefather of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, but someone else. In fact, this ancient tomb existed at least a few million years before the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was established!”

The old man’s answer took Yi Yun aback. This ancient tomb predated the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom by so many years!

The old man carried on, “As for who the owner of the tomb is, there’s no way of verifying who it is. When the first city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City found this ancient tomb, it had already been opened. The funerary items, inheritance and the corpse had long disappeared!”

“But the ancient tomb’s array field still existed! There were many ancient array inscriptions in the ancient tomb. The founding city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City used the ancient tomb’s array field as a foundation to build up the Tai Ah Divine City’s large array!”

“All these years, the Tai Ah Divine City has been gathering Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. A portion of it is used to nourish the ancient tomb’s array field. If this array field is stabilized, the Tai Ah Divine City would be indestructible!”

After hearing the old man’s words, Yi Yun finally understood. Having stood in the Divine wilderness for tens of millions of years, the Tai Ah Divine City would inevitably suffer attacks from beast hordes!

A typical beast horde would be courting death if they attacked the Tai Ah Divine City. But if a large number of primordial species attacked, then the Tai Ah Divine City would face tremendous pressure. With the ancient tomb’s array field present, it allowed the Tai Ah Divine City to stand firmly!

“Go in. Kid, you sure lucked out!” The old man pushed Yi Yun towards the tomb.

Yi Yun had a strange feeling. According to the old man, this ancient tomb was an important spot in the Tai Ah Divine City; yet the old man could bring him here. It seemed like this old man’s status was not ordinary.

“Senior&h.e.l.lip;Since the tomb has been cleared by others, then what is there for this junior to do inside?”

Even before Yi Yun could finish, the old man had pushed him into the tomb. “Kid, in the ancient tomb, there are two chambers. The left chamber is related to sabers! Do well at gaining the insights, it’s a great opportunity! There are many treasures in the Tai Ah Divine City. It all depends if you have the ability to obtain it!”

After the old man finished his sentence, he pressed on the bronze door. With a “Zha Zha Zha” sound, he closed the tomb’s door.

Yi Yun was now in a completely sealed s.p.a.ce.

Seeing the door close, Yi Yun’s heart thumped. Was this old man not afraid that the mechanisms would turn faulty? The door’s weight was terrifying, there was absolutely no way that Yi Yun could push it open.

The tomb chamber was now completely isolated from the outside world.

Yi Yun sized up the tomb chamber. The tomb chamber was not large and it was about ten meters wide.

There were everlasting lamps on all four walls, allowing him to see clearly.

In the middle of the chamber, there was a sarcophagus. The sarcophagus was already opened, and the lid had already disappeared. It was obvious the sarcophagus was empty.

Yi Yun took a look inside and gasped slightly.

The sarcophagus was not as empty as Yi Yun expected. There was a thick metal plate with a long indentation through the middle. The indentation was about five foot long. It was as if something was embedded within it originally.

After Yi Yun sized it up, he was shocked.

It looked like the shape of a saber!

A saber was originally placed within the indentation!

Maybe this sarcophagus was not used to bury a person but a saber!

But now, the saber was gone, leaving behind a saber sarcophagus.

A pity!

Yi Yun sighed. If the saber was left behind, it was clearly a great treasure! If it was possible, he wanted to see how awesome the saber was!

“I really do not know what sort of person the tomb owner is. Back when the founding city lord built the Tai Ah Divine City, he had to use the tomb’s array field to reinforce the Divine City. This meant that the founding city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City could not set up such an array field!”

“With this hypothesis, then the owner of the tomb was even more capable than the Tai Ah Divine City’s first city lord!” Yi Yun had mixed feelings upon reaching this conclusion. There were too many peerless experts in this world. There was no limit in the universe.

“What did the old man bring me here for&h.e.l.lip;This sarcophagus is empty&h.e.l.lip;” As Yi Yun knitted his eyebrows, he suddenly noticed something. With the light from the everlasting lamp, he found a few marks on the walls of the chamber!

Each mark were extremely sharp. It seemed like each mark was made by a saber!

It was a saber scar!

There were four saber scars!

And below each saber scar, there were words written on the wall!

Seeing these words, Yi Yun was momentarily overjoyed. Could this be some peerless saber technique’s mantra formula?

Yi Yun rushed to see if there were anything else on the wall, but after searching, he was slightly disappointed. There were not enough words for it to be a mantra formula.

With a glance, the words underneath first saber scar said–

‘The saber truth, pressing forward with indomitable will!’

The words underneath the second saber scar said–

‘The emperor amongst weapons, reigning supreme.’

The words underneath the third saber scar said–

‘The son of Heaven’s aura, killing at its core.’’

And the words underneath the fourth saber scar said–

‘With an invincible mind, invincible in all other aspects!’

The four sentences were short, but there was an indescribable quality in each of them. Yi Yun felt his blood rush after reading them.

The saber truth?

Yi Yun had obtained the Thousand Army Saber early on. He had always been using this saber, but he only used it as a handy weapon. He had never considered what the way of the saber was.

The Thousand Army Saber actually looked like a sword. Its blade was long and nearly straight.

But, it had an essential difference from a sword.

A sword was nimble, elegant and mutable.

Lin Xintong’s swordplay was biased towards nimbleness and elegance. When she stabbed with her sword, it was like a fairy was born. As for Chu Xiaoran, she was biased towards the mutability of sword moves. Her sword was soft like water and her swordplay was unpredictable.

However, a saber was different.

Nimbleness and mutability were not qualities of a saber.

The way of the saber was to be an absolute authority under the heavens with its sharpness!

The saber was the emperor among the weapons. With a slash of the saber, there was no end in sight, reigning supreme across the world!

The core of the saber was in killing.

Being decisive in killing, while killing all!

With such a stance, one’s mind was invincible, causing one to be unmatchable in the whole world!


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