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Chapter 229: Inborn Divine Strength

Today’s ranking matches were destined to reach greater heights.

After Chu Xiaoran, three expert rookies, who were ranked in the top ten, went on stage. They challenged senior cultivators that were ranked around 5000.

The battleground became extremely intense. Although these rookies could not compare with Chu Xiaoran, who had gained insight on a hint of nomological truths, they obtained cheers from the crowd just from their Yuan Qi clashes.

Unfortunately, the three expert rookies failed to beat the veteran cultivators, who had been training for 2-3 years.

Just as other rookies were feeling regretful for these three people, a black horse appeared on stage.

A rookie named Gu Mu, who was ranked twenty, challenged a senior cultivator who was ranked in the 4900s. Everyone originally thought that Gu Mu was going to lose, but the result surprised everyone. Gu Mu actually defeated his opponent, squeezing into the top 5000!

Gu Mu was an obscure name. As a rookie who was in 20th place amongst the rookies, he did not arouse much attention. But the rookie rankings were estimated based on their performance in the past three months in the Tai Ah Divine City. It could not accurately determine a person’s real strength.

Gu Mu was a n.o.body who managed to quietly rise up to the top 5000, this astonished many people.

What made most people surprised was that Gu Mu did not come from any famous family clans. In terms of familial background, he was better than Yi Yun, but not by much. His paternal grandfather was a Kingdom Knight, but when it reached his father’s generation, it deteriorated.

Such a family clan could not be considered a family clan, but it still produced a freak like Gu Mu.

Gu Mu must have had some fortuitous events to reach such a level.

When people thought about this, they sighed. The world was so large with an unknown number of people within it. There were so many elites. It was not surprising to them that some of these elites encountered fortuitous events.

In this batch of rookies, first it was Yi Yun, then it was Gu Mu. There was all sorts of hidden talent.

It became more intense as the battles went on during the fifth day of the compet.i.tion. The last match pushed the excitement to a climax!

“Divine Wilderness Stage, 3960, Bai Mingwu! Challenger, 10,002, Qiuniu!”

Following the announcement by the referee, all the rookies were excited.

Qiuniu was up!

There was no one who doubted Chu Xiaoran’s strength anymore.

As for Qiuniu, he was always placed on par with Chu Xiaoran. Due to Chu Xiaoran’s outstanding performance earlier, many suspected if Qiuniu was at the same level as Chu Xiaoran. Now, they could see it for themselves!

“Hehe, finally it’s my turn!” Beside Chu Xiaoran, a 1.9m tall man stood up suddenly. It was hard to believe that he was thirteen years old.

Qiuniu looked at his opponent. His opponent was also a tall and well-built person. He was 15 years old and 1.8m tall. He was well-matched with Qiuniu.

“Against this kid, my white metal armor should be enough!” Qiuniu said to himself. Beside him, Chu Xiaoran laughed, “Be careful not to fail such an easy task!”

“Fail? Hehe&h.e.l.lip;” Qiuniu wiped the tip of his nose with his thumb, “Don’t worry. Before fighting you, I won’t lose!”

Qiuniu had not fought Chu Xiaoran in a long time. After seeing Chu Xiaoran beat Fang Jihai, Qiuniu also felt the pressure.

After not seeing her for so many years, despite being familiar in the past, he could no longer fathom her strength.

Bai Mingwu came on stage. He pulled out his weapon, which was a polearm.

As for Qiuniu’s weapon, it shocked many people when they saw it. Most of his body was covered in thick pale gold armor that included his legs, torso, and arms.

On his right hand, he had a huge glove that was as long as half a person and it was as thick as an adult’s waist. This glove was like the barrel of a cannon. It was also pale gold in color. Behind the glove, there were three sharp blades!

Each blade was 1.5m long and they were half a palm’s width wide. With the three blades side by side, it was like a giant claw!

On Qiuniu’s left hand, there was a pale gold shield that was a meter in diameter!

Seeing Qiuniu in such an attire, many people were stunned. This was too ridiculous!

The armor and weapon made Qiuniu look like a moving castle!


Qiuniu jumped onto the stage. With a metallic thud, the purple tungsten tiles trembled under Qiuniu’s feet!

“Heavens! How heavy is that!?”

People were shocked. The purple tungsten tiles were three meters wide and a foot thick each and they were extremely heavy. With them lined up side by side, they were extremely solid. But Qiuniu could cause them to tremble just by jumping on them&h.e.l.lip;

“This armor&h.e.l.lip;” Bai Mingwu glanced at Qiuniu and raised his polearm. “How are you going to keep up with my speed in such an attire?”

Qiuniu grinned and said, “I’m not good at anything. I just have a bit more strength. Only by wearing this can I accentuate my advantage&h.e.l.lip;”

“Heh!” Bai Mingwu smiled coldly, “Then let’s try it!”

A soon as the match started, Bai Mingwu attacked. He used his movement skills to form a series of shadows!

He wanted to defeat Qiuniu using his speed!

In that attire, Qiuniu may have great physical strength, but he was slow.

Bai Mingwu moved like the wind, while Qiuniu stood motionless. Bai Mingwu did not belittle Qiuniu. With Chu Xiaoran defeating Fang Jihai, he had the perfect example. He did not want to follow in Fang Jihai’s footsteps by being defeated by a rookie.

It would be too embarra.s.sing!


A polearm beam flew into the sky and it began moving around like a whip. Bai Mingwu’s polarm had been infused with a lot of Yuan Qi, which turned it emerald in color.

“It’s the Bai family’s ‘Mystic Jade Heart Sutra’!” Someone shouted.

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, many family clans had their own secret techniques. None of these secret techniques should be underestimated. A family had its own heritage, which allowed them to train up their future generations. Through inter-marriage and obtaining good bloodlines, a family clan would slowly flourish.

A good set of cultivation techniques was the cornerstone of a family clan.

A warrior with a weak cultivation technique compared to a someone with a strong cultivation technique would be crushed if everything else was equal!

The ‘Mystic Jade Heart Sutra’ was also a cultivation technique with a great reputation. It was not weaker than the Liu family’s ‘Star Picking Hand’!

And Liu Yuxing who had used the ‘Star Picking Hand’ was just a rookie. How could he be as well-versed in a cultivation technique compared to a senior cultivator like Bai Mingwu?


Bai Mingwu instantaneously appeared in front of Qiuniu. With the polearm raised, he slashed at Qiuniu’s neck. The pole arm’s beam went from top to bottom, it looked like a emerald-green lightning blast was flying towards Qiuniu!

Everyone stared wide. This attack was extremely powerful!

Facing Bai Mingwu’s deathblow, Qiuniu shouted out loudly. That tumultuous sound wave spread throughout the stage like thunder spreading across the sky!

With all his body’s strength circulating, he lifted his left arm!


A deafening rumble sounded out. Qiuniu’s shield had blocked Bai Mingwu’s attack!

With a deafening bang, the emerald-green beam exploded. The purple tungsten tiles under Qiuniu’s feet trembled. The huge impact had caused two craters to form in the purple tungsten around Qiuniu’s feet!

But Qiuniu did not retreat even one step!

“This strength!”

Seeing Qiuniu use the shield on his left hand to block Bai Mingwu’s strike, everyone was shocked and their jaws almost fell apart. Bai Mingwu had used both hands to move the polearm and together with the “Mystic Jade Heart Sutra”, the power of the blow was imaginable.

Yet, Qiuniu managed to block it with his single left hand and he did not retreat once. What sort of strange strength was this?

If it was an average person, just using an arm shield to block a polearm infused with the “Mystic Jade Heart Sutra” would have broken the bones in his arm!


Bai Mingwu contracted his pupils. The impact had caused his palm to feel numb from the tremor.

A polearm was a heavy weapon and it was very hard. He could not endure this for long, “This kid, I don’t believe his arm is totally fine&h.e.l.lip;”

Just as he was thinking this, Bai Mingwu suddenly realized that Qiuniu had grabbed his polearm.

After blocking the polearm with his left hand, Qiuniu had used his right hand to grab the polearm. He had lodged himself in position with the polearm’s shaft.

“This weapon is now mine&h.e.l.lip;” Qiuniu grinned. “If I grab any weapon, you can’t take them out of my hands!”


Hearing Qiuniu’s words, a vein popped out on Bai Mingwu’s forehead.

“You are too arrogant!” Bai Mingwu shouted and then he began circulating the “Mystic Jade Heart Sutra”, which caused his Yuan Qi to burst out. With his hands on the polearm, he pulled back with force!


The “Mystic Jade Heart Sutra”‘s Yuan Qi burst out, but&h.e.l.lip;the polearm was still in Qiuniu’s hand. It was like the polearm was stuck in Qiuniu’s hand.

“You&h.e.l.lip;” Bai Mingwu stared with widened eyes. Qiuniu’s strength was too terrifying!

He did not believe in heresy. As he madly powered up his “Mystic Jade Heart Sutra”, his Yuan Qi roared out like a tsunami, but Qiuniu’s hands were like a black iron casted vice. It refused to release its grapple on the polearm. No matter how much the polearm resisted, it was like a snake that was stuck in a hole, it was unable to move.

This&h.e.l.lip;What happened?

Beads of sweat began forming on Bai Mingwu’s forehead.

It was the first time he could not pull his weapon back after it had been grabbed. It was also the first time he faced an opponent who had used such a technique!

Using his enormous strength, he grabbed the weapons of others! How was one to fight that?

At this point, Bai Mingwu suddenly felt a surge of strength flow through the polearm. The polearm was raised up high. Bai Mingwu, who held on to the polearm, suddenly felt his legs lift up.

His entire body had been lifted by Qiuniu!

Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene. They were speechless. They never expected that this match would end up this way.

From afar, all one could see was Qiuniu wearing heavy armor, with his body as immovable as a mountain. He had inclined his arm upwards, lifting Bai Mingwu and the polearm up. It was like he was holding a lollipop.


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