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Chapter 225: With one Brick in Hand, To Rule the World

Flying swords!?

When Yi Yun saw all the small swords flying at him from all direction, he was stunned. He originally thought that the ‘Star Picking Hand’ was some sort of finger technique, but it was unexpectedly a sword technique.

A sword technique, but it’s called ‘Star Picking Hand’?

One main sword and twelve small swords, a total of thirteen swords shot into the sky. A large number of them did not fly towards Yi Yun, but flew to the empty s.p.a.ces around Yi Yun.

When the small swords flew somewhere close to Yi Yun’s side, they abruptly changed directions in mid-air. The sword tips began pointing towards Yi Yun from all directions!

The flying swords can change directions!?

Upon seeing this scene, the warriors present were alarmed!

To control a weapon to change directions mid-air with Yuan Qi was a technique used by Yuan foundation realm warriors. But on further thought, Liu Yuxing had previously used one move to send Yi Yun’s token flying towards him at the arena hall. It was apparently one of Liu Yuxing’s special abilities.

The thirteen swords came at Yi Yun from all directions. This was an attack with no room to dodge. Even with Minute Subtlety, it would be extremely difficult to dodge them!

Everyone stared wide-eyed at Yi Yun and the thirteen swords. They were afraid they would miss this wonderful scene that was filled with suspense!

As people’s attention was being attracted by the flying swords, Liu Yuxing secretly did a finger seal. He had circulated his Yuan Qi to its maximum. All the energy was focused on his right hand’s index and middle finger.

Both his fingers turned emerald-green in an instant!

Seeing the thirteen swords surrounding Yi Yun, who looked like he was struggling to handle them, Liu Yuxing flashed a savage look and thought “Die&h.e.l.lip; It’s impossible for you to figure out that the flying swords are just fake moves, this is the real ‘Star Picking Hand’!”

“Picking Star – Deathblow!”

Liu Yuxing held out his fingers and an invisible Yuan Qi force merged with the empty air before shooting towards Yi Yun!

This Qi force was too well-hidden. It could not be seen. It was nearly indistinguishable from a regular, subtle fluctuation in the air. Like a ripple in s.p.a.ce with incredible speed, it shot towards Yi Yun!

At the same time, the thirteen swords stabbed at Yi Yun from all directions!

The Picking Star Deathblow’s whistling was hidden within the sonic booms of the flying swords.

Its killing intent was also masked by the blade beams! As such, Liu Yuxing’s real killing blow was perfectly immersed within the thirteen flying swords. People believed the flying swords were the killing blow, but in reality, it was Liu Yuxing’s secret force attack!

“Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!”

Yi Yun waved the Heaven Upheaval Seal, fending off the flying swords in the air!

The razor-sharp flying swords posed no threat under Yi Yun’s counters. With a swipe of the Heaven Upheaval Seal, they were all shot down. They seemed impressive but lacked any substance.

Even the main sword was smashed down by the Heaven Upheaval Seal!


Seeing Yi Yun knock away the main sword, the audience stared with wide open eyes. The killing move, the ‘Star Picking Hand’ that everyone was looking forward to, which took Liu Yuxing so long to prepare for before shooting out, was blocked just like that?

As the audience was in shock, a grin formed on Liu Yuxing’s face. All his Yuan Qi had been infused into that sure-kill attack, so the Yuan Qi within the flying swords was of course weak, but Yi Yun was already preoccupied with them.

That death blow had flown straight towards Yi Yun’s heart and was no doubt on target!

Even if he had to experience jail time for killing Yi Yun, Liu Yuxing would not regret it.


As Liu Yuxing shouted out in his heart, just as the strike was. .h.i.tting Yi Yun’s heart, Yi Yun grinned. He held his hands together, and due to the extreme speed, his arms formed a series of afterimages!

The Yuan Qi within his body exploded. The Heaven Upheaval Seal was placed across his chest!


With a loud ring, Liu Yuxing’s attack hit the brick surface of the Heaven Upheaval Seal!

A huge aftershock from the powerful impact caused a turbulent air flow. As such, Yi Yun’s body was lifted high up in the air. The impact was so great that even for Yi Yun, he felt his arms go numb.

“Such a great force. The Liu family’s secret technique, the ‘Star Picking Hand’ sure isn’t bad!”
This thought flashed in Yi Yun’s mind as he stabilized his body within the air.

Everyone who saw this scene was completely shocked!

What happened!?

All the flying swords had been fended off by Yi Yun, but where did that huge Yuan Qi explosion come from at the end?

And the person who was most shocked was Liu Yuxing. When he saw the final scene, he turned dumbfounded.

How did the victory that was almost in hand end in such a result!?

How was this possible? How could he be so fast as to block all thirteen swords and also block his Picking Star Deathblow!?

The Picking Star Deathblow hit at almost the same time as the other thirteen swords! He was actually fast enough to ward off all of them!?

Not only that, he actually discovered the force attack hidden within the blade beams!?

Liu Yuxing could not accept this!

All his energy had been in that one strike, yet it had been parried away by Yi Yun. He had not even forced Yi Yun to draw out his saber! To him, this was an extreme insult and setback!

And at this moment, he suddenly found that the Yi Yun he was looking at had disappeared&h.e.l.lip;

Liu Yuxing felt like he had been struck by lightning. His limbs turned cold and slow to react. A strong sense of unease surged to his mind!


Liu Yuxing cried out in his heart. At the last moment, he struggled to leap forward!

But having used the ‘Star Picking Hand’, he had expended too much of his Yuan Qi. The instantaneous burst of speed had already slowed down&h.e.l.lip;

It was too late! Yi Yun appeared behind Liu Yuxing like a ghost. His eyes were focused and his foot tip touched the ground. His body was still in the air when he stretched out his hand. And in his hand was the&h.e.l.lip;

Shiny brick!

With his hands raised, the brick came crushing down!


A crisp sound rang. Yi Yun’s solid brick and smacked Liu Yuxing in the back of his head!

Liu Yuxing’s body trembled. All he felt was an intense pain behind his head while his eyes saw stars! His whole body turned stiff. He was like someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. With great difficulty, he turned his head slowly towards Yi Yun.

At this moment, Liu Yuxing’s pupils had lost their focus. However, he still struggled to see Yi Yun clearly. He struggled to prevent his body from falling. He could not fall&h.e.l.lip; at least&h.e.l.lip; not due to a brick&h.e.l.lip;

This was the only thought that was supporting Liu Yuxing’s ability to stand!

He finally managed to focus his eyes with great difficulty. All he saw was Yi Yun’s blurry figure.

At this time, Yi Yun had already raised his hands again. That shiny brick flashed before Liu Yuxing’s eyes.

I&h.e.l.lip; F**k you&h.e.l.lip;

Liu Yuxing’s mouth moved, as he tried to curse. But just as he let out half a syllable, he saw an overwhelming gold beam slam down.


Liu Yuxing’s vision suddenly turned dark. He could no longer see anything.

His heart was filled with great anger and humiliation. But ultimately, he still could not take on that simple but brutal move. With that, he sprawled on the ground with his limbs spread out.


The sound of a dead dog that crashed to the ground was the only sound that could be heard in the entire arena.

Except for that, there was complete silence!

Everyone in the audience was stunned. They felt like their hearts had been trampled by 10,000 near-horned beasts with mud-stained hoofs. It was as if that vibration had caused them to be in a daze.


This must be a joke!

Even Liu Yuxing had been taken down by Yi Yun with a brick!

Brick&h.e.l.lip; Brick. A brick can be this ridiculous!?

This was really&h.e.l.lip;

With one brick in hand, to rule the world!

It was really ‘if G.o.d was in the way, I’ll slaughter Him. If Buddha stops me, I’ll slaughter him too”!

Everyone looked at Liu Yuxing, whose head had a huge blue-black b.u.mp, in the ring. Their eyes were full of pity. A son of a Duke had been taken down with a brick by a b.u.mpkin from the Cloud Wilderness&h.e.l.lip; One could imagine the effect if this piece of news was spread back to the capital.

Liu Yuxing was a well-known figure amongst the capital circles.

He was not only strong, but he was handsome and dignified. He gave people a feeling of a pretty boy.

Many girls from the capital were so infatuated with Liu Yuxing that they were willing to die for him. If Liu Yuxing gave them a glance, it was to die for.

In the hearts of many girls, Liu Yuxing was like a male G.o.d who came down from the heavens.

But now, this so-called male G.o.d had been smashed into such a state by Yi Yun with a brick.

Seeing his messy hair, and the spectacular bruise on his head&h.e.l.lip;

Where was the slightest hint that he was a male G.o.d?

Many of the capital’s young masters, who were jealous of Liu Yuxing, secretly used a disk array to take a picture of Liu Yuxing’s current state. They planned to send these disk arrays back to the capital, to let the girls see how glorious Liu Yuxing was in the Tai Ah Divine City.

Just imagining the scene of these girls seeing the image in the disk array made these youths chuckle sinisterly. It had to be said that men, as masculine animals, had an innate nature of being jealous of those richer, stronger, more handsome and popular than them.

When these images were sent back to the capital, it would be a wonder how Liu Yuxing would ever be able to hang his face amongst the capital’s circle again.

Once they thought of this, these people experienced gleeful joy.

At this time, Yi Yun had returned to his own seat.

Zhou Kui looked as if he was looking at an ancient emperor when facing Yi Yun. He swallowed his saliva, and was tempted to say the words, “You are too&h.e.l.lip; domineering&h.e.l.lip;”

In the end, Zhou Kui finally muttered these undignified words, but Yi Yun just casually answered, “It was alright. It took me some effort to smash him unconscious. It wasn’t that easy&h.e.l.lip;”

To use the brick against Liu Yuxing, and without using the Radiant Sun Qi, Yi Yun found that his victory was indeed quite difficult.

But when these words fell into the spectators’ ears, they nearly collapsed.

You used a brick to smash a Duke’s son unconscious, and you even say it was not that easy!? Are you only satisfied if you could easily smash Liu Yuxing as if he was a dog?

Zhou Kui decided to simply shut his mouth. He felt that speaking another word with Yi Yun would incur another shock!

“By the way, Brother Yi Yun, what was the explosion at the end?” Song Zijun finally interjected. He was curious from earlier on.

He had looked carefully at Liu Yuxing’s final Star Picking Hand. But still, he did not understand much. All he knew was that Liu Yuxing had a technique that seemed to be able to control flying swords.


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