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Chapter 224: Extreme Speed

Liu Yuxing’s sword was too fast. It was so fast that even the strong cultivators present had trouble seeing the trajectories of Liu Yuxing’s sword. Even if one could see the moves of the other party, it did not mean that one could dodge the attacks. Now that the moves could not be seen, how was one to dodge them?

Even though Liu Yuxing’s sword Qi was situated far away, many felt an infinite sense of killing intent. It was as if the intent reached as far as their own eyebrows!

Zhou Kui, Song Zijun and company all broke into cold sweat for Yi Yun.

“Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!”

In that split moment, dozens of blade beams pierced through Yi Yun’s body!

Before people could react in alarm, they saw Yi Yun’s figure slowly dissipate before completely vanishing.

What was stabbed was an afterimage!

As Liu Yuxing’s sword carried on moving downwards, Yi Yun’s body had also disappeared along with his afterimage. He had merged within the wind and could no longer be seen.

Although he had disappeared, people could see Yi Yun’s afterimage flash every now and then, before being destroyed by a blade beam!

Liu Yuxing’s sword was everywhere. Without any blind spots available, it was stabbing at Yi Yun. This sword’s speed was so fast that gave the people an impression that Yi Yun would be stabbed by the sword wind at the very next moment. However, what Liu Yuxing struck was always an afterimage!

In a field that was completely filled with swords, dodging was no doubt much more difficult than attacking!

“Terrifying. This Yi Yun dodges Liu Yuxing’s sword by an extremely small amount every time!” “How can this be possible? There’s no dodging s.p.a.ce amongst such a dense amount of blade beams!”

Someone could not help but ask. In this net of sword beams, within the huge mesh, how was one to avoid them all without shrinking one’s body?

Someone shook his head and said, “You’re wrong. Liu Yuxing’s blade beams might seem like a web, but it’s just an illusion from its speed. He is still slashing each sword one by one. There is a first and there is a second, so Yi Yun can completely dodge it.”

A sword was almost always faster than a human. For a person to dodge that many slashes, one had to reduce one’s range of motion. And Yi Yun was no doubt doing just that.

From this, many became even more alarmed. As Yi Yun slowly unfolded his movement techniques in front of them, many finally understood Yi Yun’s state.

This is&h.e.l.lip; the large success stage of Minute Subtlety!

“This kid has reached the large success stage of Minute Subtlety!?”

People looked at each other. Large success stage of Minute Subtlety! This not only needed a strong foundation and a powerful body, it also needed extraordinary perceptivity to accomplish!

Chu Xiaoran gently squeezed her own hand. Her fingers. .h.i.tting the back of her hand constantly. Back during the battles with the Four Bully Lords, Yi Yun had shown his outstanding talent in movement, but it was not this dramatic.

“It’s hard to believe that he came from the Cloud Wilderness. This world is so big, with so many elites!”

Chu Xiaoran muttered. Beside her, Qiuniu also sighed, “We really can’t look down on the heroes under the sky!”

In the ring, Liu Yuxing was attacking and Yi Yun was dodging. The battle had reached its climax. Yi Yun felt as if he had returned to the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s array back in the Divine Capital. He had previously used the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s to hone his movement skills.

But the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s were inanimate, so in terms of their adaptability in attacking, they were inferior to Liu Yuxing.

But Liu Yuxing’s attack speed was not up to Yi Yun’s satisfaction.

It’s not fast enough!

“Your name is Liu Yuxing, right&h.e.l.lip;? How many&h.e.l.lip; attacks have you used?”

Just as Yi Yun flew past Liu Yuxing, a faint voice entered Liu Yuxing’s ears, nearly making him vomit blood.

Liu Yuxing had previously said that he wanted to see if Yi Yun could force him to unsheathe his sword in ten moves.

“Locking On Mountains” could send out ten stabs in a flash, which could be considered one move. But even so, Liu Yuxing had long exceeded ten moves!

Yi Yun and Liu Yuxing had already been fighting for nearly a minute. How many slashes did Liu Yuxing make? It was simply uncountable!

After missing for so long and being ridiculed by Yi Yun, Liu Yuxing was greatly angered!

“You’re courting death!”


With a clear sound, the scabbard flew out from the sword in Liu Yuxing’s hand. The shiny blade slashed at Yi Yun!

Liu Yuxing had finally unsheathed his sword! His previous arrogant words had now completely turned into an insult against him!

After Liu Yuxing unsheathed his sword, his attack speed greatly improved.

However, Yi Yun was still dodging.

Even though Liu Yuxing had unsheathed his sword, Yi Yun had still not drawn out his saber!

“Yi Yun, you!” Liu Yuxing’s eyes were almost burning! He had always felt that as the son of Duke, it was an insult to his stature to fight Yi Yun, a b.u.mpkin from the Cloud Wilderness. Hence, he did not want to unsheathe his sword or use ‘Star Picking Hand’ to prove that he and Yi Yun were of different levels.

But unexpectedly, the situation was reversed.

Liu Yuxing had unsheathed his sword, but Yi Yun was still holding onto a brick!

This was going too far!

Liu Yuxing was really mad. His attack speed was getting faster and faster, but he still couldn’t even touch the sleeves of Yi Yun!


Upon seeing this, the audience stood agape. It was unexpected that the battle would reach such a state!

“Liu Yuxing has already unsheathed his sword, yet he still can’t hit Yi Yun!”

Many were in disbelief. Many had thought that Liu Yuxing had a greater chance of winning, but now, he was completely suppressed by Yi Yun!

“Your sword is also not very fast!” Yi Yun’s voice came from behind. When Liu Yuxing heard this, he was incensed, but he could do nothing to Yi Yun.

At this point, Liu Yuxing suddenly felt a wind behind his head. A murderous intent came attacking.

With the brick in hand, Yi Yun had aimed at Liu Yuxing’s head, fiercely slamming it down.

“Yi Yun, you!”

Liu Yuxing’s handsome face was already completely distorted.


With a twist of his blade, Liu Yuxing managed to block Yi Yun’s brick in the nick of time.

But after Yi Yun absorbed the primordial herb’s energy and had mastered the first level of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, his physical strength had reached an extremely ridiculous level. No matter what weapon Yi Yun was holding, it could still manifest unparalleled strength!

Liu Yuxing only felt a surge of energy transmitted over. The shock caused his arm to go numb and pain in his palm! With nowhere for this force to dissipate, it made Liu Yuxing almost lose his balance. As a result, his fast moving body was sent flying by Yi Yun’s brick strike.

“Deng! Deng! Deng!”

Liu Yuxing landed and took three steps backwards. His blood was in turmoil! His movement technique had been broken by Yi Yun!

Liu Yuxing’s face turned red. He had never been so ashamed in his entire life! A kid from the Cloud Wilderness actually knocked him with a brick!

And not only did he knock him, he had knocked him to the point where his blood was in turmoil and he had to retreat three steps!

Liu Yuxing felt that, as the son of a Duke and as a prominent figure amongst the imperial capital’s younger generation, it was an insult to be hit by a brick!

Not only that, he did not even manage to parry it.

The surrounding warriors were at a loss for words. In their minds, Yi Yun had sprung up to a mystic realm.

Just a brick was uncrackable by others! Even Liu Yuxing had failed to make Yi Yun use his saber!


“Yi Yun, you have really annoyed me!”

Liu Yuxing’s eyes turned red. He swiped his interspatial ring and he circulated the Yuan Qi within his body. It was as if his whole person had transformed.

The feminine air that originally lingered on Liu Yuxing’s body had greatly vanished. What replaced it felt deep and sharp. It was as if a desolate beast hid within Liu Yuxing’s body!

Seeing Liu Yuxing in his current state, many were briefly stunned. But the next moment, they suddenly understood what Liu Yuxing was going to do.

“It’s the ‘Star Picking Hand’!”

Liu Yuxing was finally going to use ‘Star Picking Hand’!

At this point, if Liu Yuxing did not use all of his abilities, he was destined to be defeated by Yi Yun.

Many of them had previously heard of the famous ‘Star Picking Hand’, but they did not know the effects of the ‘Star Picking Hand’. Seeing Liu Yuxing about to finally use this secret technique from the Duke Liu family, they couldn’t help but become excited.

Would the ‘Star Picking Hand’ be able to reverse the situation?

Yi Yun looked at Liu Yuxing with the Heaven Upheaval Seal in hand. He too wanted to know how this rumored to be famous cultivation technique would compare with the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’.

“Picking Star Deathblow!” With a growl, Liu Yuxing attacked!

With some tiny Yuan Qi fluctuations, Liu Yuxing’s sword quickly whistled through the air towards Yi Yun. At the same time, more than ten small swords flew out from Liu Yuxing’s interspatial ring. Each sword was about half a foot long.

These small swords were not thrown out by Liu Yuxing, but were flying towards Yi Yun by themselves. At that moment, it was as if these small swords were alive!


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