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Chapter 221: Liu Yuxing

The first day of the rookie ranking compet.i.tion ended.

Yi Yun had fought a total of five battles and easily won them all!

The other seven matches ended with his opponents taking the initiative to throw in the towel.

Those who were waiting to see Yi Yun turn into a joke were dumbfounded. The members of the Hongdao a.s.sociation no longer had any temper. What else could they say after being bullied by Yi Yun in this way?

There were those who wanted to bite down on Yi Yun, thinking he was a fat lamb for the slaughter, but they had been stopped by the Hongdao a.s.sociation. For this, they felt very fortunate.

They were extremely grateful towards the Hongdao a.s.sociation for pulling them back in time, preventing them from falling into the fire pit. If not, that one brick would have taught them how to lead a proper life.

At the end of the first day’s compet.i.tion, according to the rules, the losers had to pay the winners their dragon scale runes.

Ten Hongdao a.s.sociation members including the Four Bully Lords lined up to hand over their dragon scale runes to Yi Yun.

Usually when they lined up, it was to collect resources or cultivation grounds or other various good stuff. Even the worst lines were for them to line up to buy fried dough or for the bathroom. But now, they were lining up to give their dragon scale runes to someone else.

These dragon scale runes were obtained from p.a.w.ning all of their belongings.

It was obvious how they felt.

Yi Yun held his ident.i.ty token and looked ecstatically at the stacks of dragon scale runes flying towards him.

He laughed happily saying, “Generous, you guys are so generous. Thank you everyone for your kind generosity. You know that me being a newcomer, things are not easy, and you all especially came to give me dragon scale runes to spend. I’m so grateful!”

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s words, those Hongdao a.s.sociation members, whose hearts and livers were hurting, nearly vomited blood.

Yi Yun actually said that it wasn’t easy for him to be a newcomer?

His net worth was even higher than many second and third year cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City, let alone the rookies!

Seeing Yi Yun’s brilliant smile, they really wanted to punch him, but too bad&h.e.l.lip; they could not beat him.

“And the interspatial ring, don’t forget it&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun reminded Fatty from the Four Bully Lords. He had not collected Fatty’s ring.

Fatty’s mouth twitched twice. He looked at the green interspatial ring on his hand, and his fingers trembled as he took off his ring.

This ring was a gift given to him by his family clan for his twelfth birthday.

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, special attention was paid to the important birthdays for a boy, which were at 12 years old, 15 years old and 20 years old.

Twelve years old was the time a child abandoned their childishness which the elders blessed with a gift. Fifteen years old was when a child could consummate with a girl. Twenty years old was the official hallmark of being an adult.

Fatty’s feeling of giving away this gift of blessing that he received at twelve was clear.

When he went back to his family clan, his elders would reprimand him if they found out.

But the Tai Ah Divine City operated this way. One had to pay the price of defeat according to the Tai Ah Divine City’s rules.

“Are&h.e.l.lip; Are you going to wear all four rings?”

The Four Bully Lords’ Scrawny asked disgruntledly.

“Of course I can wear them. Who says I can’t? I can wear eight on one hand easily. I can wear four rings using two fingers.”

While saying this, Yi Yun placed the four rings on his left hand’s middle and ring finger. Each finger wore two rings.

Yi Yun was pleased upon seeing this.

He finally had interspatial rings. It would be more convenient when he went into the Divine wilderness to hunt desolate beasts.

As for the #60 herb mountain, he reckoned he would not be going there as often anymore.

Seeing Yi Yun wear four rings on one hand, with the face of a nouveau riche, Scrawny swallowed his saliva and stared silently.

Yi Yun went back fully loaded with riches. Many looked at Yi Yun’s back with burning eyes.

As for Zhou Kui, Song Zijun and the other youths who followed Baldy Qin, they were at a loss for words. Yi Yun’s earnings in a day was more than what they made in a year.

They finally understood that their worry over Yi Yun in the past had been meaningless.

“Ah! If I knew earlier, I would have bet more! I only bet 50 dragon scale runes that Yi Yun would win more than ten rounds&h.e.l.lip;”

Zhou Kui gave a look of regret. Fifty dragon scale runes was not a small sum to him. When he made the bet, he was extremely worried because he felt ten rounds were way too much.

But now, Yi Yun had not even used his saber to win ten rounds. It was a pity. If he knew this earlier, he would have thrown all his a.s.sets on it!

At night, in a bright and s.p.a.cious house amongst the upper cla.s.s residences in the Tai Ah Divine City.

A puppet beast was rolling on the floor while sweeping away the dust.

This puppet was used by some families in the capital to clean the floor. Of course, the Tai Ah Divine City did not provide such items. However, some sons from big family clans would bring such puppets to the Tai Ah Divine City to clean their houses.

“Oh? You want me to challenge Yi Yun tomorrow?”

In this room, a effeminate youth leaned on a bed while playing with a lancet flying dagger.

Sitting beside this effeminate youth was a slight chubby youth with a grim face. This person was none other than the Hongdao a.s.sociation’s President, Li Hong.

“That’s right! Brother Liu is ranked sixth among the rookies. Your movement techniques are superb. In the capital city, only a few people do not know of your famous name, Liu Yuxing.”

Li Hong’s idea was simple. Since the Tai Ah Divine City’s rules only allowed at most twelve matches a day for the rookie rankings compet.i.tion. This prevented the contestants from being over-exhausted that would result in a decline in strength.

But for Yi Yun who won without battling, he could have additional matches.

Hence, Li Hong wanted Liu Yuxing to come out to defeat Yi Yun. This was the way to end Yi Yun’s winning streak.

At least, he could save on the losses the Hongdao a.s.sociation had incurred from opening up the betting pool. If not, he would have to give Yi Yun 50,000 dragon scale runes.

This would be equivalent to cutting off a piece of flesh from Li Hong.

“Haha, Brother Hong, does your Hongdao a.s.sociation not have anyone that can stop Yi Yun?”

Li Hong shook his head, “Among the second year cultivators, there are many that can beat Yi Yun. But amongst the rookies, there really are none&h.e.l.lip;”

The Hongdao a.s.sociation was after all inferior to a large a.s.sociation like the Luohuo a.s.sociation which had been established for 3-4 years. Its foundation was still not established, and many of the outstanding rookies did not join the Hongdao a.s.sociation, but joined other larger a.s.sociations. Those a.s.sociations could give better benefits, while Li Hong’s promised benefits only came into effect 2-3 years later.

As a result, Li Hong did not manage to recruit anyone in the top 20 of the rookie rankings. There were also lone wanderers like Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran, who did not join any a.s.sociation.

Liu Yuxing was ranked sixth. Li Hong wanted to him to go up against Yi Yun because they had known each other for some time and considered each other as friends.

As for Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran, Li Hong never came into contact with them. He might not be able to pull his weight with them. And even if he could, they were ranked ahead of Yi Yun. If they challenged Yi Yun, Yi Yun could also reject it.

“Brother Hong, friendship may be friendship, but we need to make things clear. That Yi Yun has not even used his weapon yet. And without a weapon, he could still defeat the Bully Lords with one move. This means he has skill!”

“Although the power he has displayed up to now is of no threat to me, but who knows, he might have plenty of hidden strength?”

“This time, I plan to rush up to the top 5000 of the Earth ranks. Yi Yun still hasn’t gone up there yet. Even if I win against him, I would just replace his 10,003 spot. Besides that, there aren’t any benefits.”

“Me being born in the Duke’s residence, and Yi Yun being born from the Cloud Wilderness. He has nothing to lose. If I win over Yi Yun, people will say that is expected, and will even add to Yi Yun’s reputation. Yi Yun would be said to be so strong that the Duke’s residence’s Liu Yuxing came to challenge him.”

Liu Yuxing said slowly. As a really strong expert amongst the capital’s sons, he was completely different from the gangsters like the Four Bully Lords. He also knew how to cherish himself. Under normal circ.u.mstances, why would he challenge a kid from the Cloud Wilderness?

It was equivalent to a n.o.ble disciple competing with a country b.u.mpkin. This meant a lowering of Liu Yuxing’s status.

“If you win against Yi Yun, I will give you 3000 dragon scale runes as a reward!’

Li Hong knew why Liu Yuxing was resisting it. He made Yi Yun sound strong only for some payment.

Hearing Li Hong’s words, Liu Yuxing laughed, “Brother Hong sure is understanding. However, 3000 is too little. 8000 dragon scale runes, take it or leave it!”

Liu Yuxing made a ridiculous bargain making Li Hong stare, “8000!? You are just going to fight once! And you want 8000?”

Liu Yuxing was strong, but 8000 dragon scale runes was too much. Liu Yuxing also didn’t earn dragon scale runes that easily during this period as a rookie.

“Heh! If Yi Yun were to win another 8 more rounds, you will need to pay 50,000. I only want 8000. It’s not unreasonable.”

Liu Yuxing hit Li Hong’s sore spot and quoted an outrageous price.

Li Hong gritted his teeth and said, “Alright&h.e.l.lip; 8000 it is, but only if you win.”

“Rest a.s.sured!” Liu Yuxing laughed and stood up from the bed. “A kid from the Cloud Wilderness only beat up a bunch of goons. How could I lose to him?”

The Four Bully Lords and the other Hongdao a.s.sociation members were ranked in the hundreds. The difference in strength between them and Liu Yuxing’s sixth place was indeed large.

This was the reason why Liu Yuxing was so confident.


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