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Chapter 219: Bro, you are too naive

“Big&h.e.l.lip; Big Bro&h.e.l.lip;”

The Four Bully Lords’ Shorty spoke to Fatty without any confidence, “Next up&h.e.l.lip; will be me, I don’t&h.e.l.lip; don’t have any confidence.”

Shorty’s strength was pretty much the same as Sun Yuan.

Feng Hai’s defeat by Yi Yun could be due to him underestimating Yi Yun. But Sun Yuan had done his best; yet, he too had been bricked down by Yi Yun. This was due to the absolute difference in strength.

No matter how reluctant Shorty was in accepting the situation, he had no choice but to admit this fact.

Yi Yun was stronger than him!

Fatty stayed silent. He had nothing more to say.

What do we do now?

All their a.s.sets had been bet. If they did not fight, were they just going to throw in the towel?

After the Four Bully Lords, there were still a lot of people from the Hongdao a.s.sociation. They all had ugly expressions on their faces. Many of them had submitted their application to compete with Yi Yun. They had even handed in their bets, it could no longer be changed.

For this, they were regretting it to the point where their intestines turned green.

If they had known that Yi Yun was so formidable, they would have rather died than mess with him.

Even if Yi Yun’s strength was immense, that was alright. But his weapon was a brick. Fighting with him meant one would be knocked out with a brick!

To warriors, it was alright to lose a match. As long as they did not lose their dignity, they would reluctantly accept it.

But to be bricked down by a brick, that would be too embarra.s.sing!

Yi Yun carried the Heaven Upheaval Seal down from the stage.

He had twelve matches the first day. He had to fight a match almost every hour. In a day, he had to fight from dawn to dusk for a total of 12 hours.

After his second match, Yi Yun could feel that the gaze the surrounding people gave him was one of awe.

In the Tai Ah Divine City, as long as you were strong, you would be respected even if you came from a humble background.

Yi Yun meditated for some time before his third match began.

His opponent was Shorty from the Four Bully Lords.

When Yi Yun went up on stage again, Shorty lost a large portion of his morale when he saw Yi Yun holding the b.l.o.o.d.y brick in hand.

Before the match began, Shorty abruptly said, “Wait! I have something to say.”

“Oh? “What is it?”

Yi Yun looked at Shorty with some surprise.

Shorty gulped down a mouthful of saliva and said, “That&h.e.l.lip; Can&h.e.l.lip; Can you change your weapon?”

“Change? Why?”

Yi Yun looked at Shorty with a puzzled glance.

Shorty stayed silent. What he meant was that he did not want to be defeated by a brick. It would be too embarra.s.sing, but yet he couldn’t say that.

After all, one wouldn’t expect him to say, “I don’t want to be knocked down by a brick. Please change to another weapon to knock me down with.”

This would simply mean that he was conceding in advance, before the fight even started!

Now, if he returned to the capital, that would be equally shameful. Others would say Lofty and Scrawny of the Four Bully Lords got knocked down by a brick. But later, Shorty did not want to be knocked down by a brick so he pleaded for Yi Yun to change to another weapon to knock him down with. Eventually Yi Yun agreed and as a result, Shorty was also knocked down&h.e.l.lip;

Upon thinking of this, Shorty felt extremely aggrieved.

But, Yi Yun shook his head, saying, “I’m not changing. This Heaven Upheaval Seal is very handy. Even if I were to change, I would change to a hammer or something. It would be almost the same.”

When Yi Yun said that, Shorty felt his heart being trampled by 10,000 near-horned beasts with mud-stained hoofs. Could he not be so insulting?

He was addicted to knocking people!

Shorty became enraged!

“I’ll fight it out with you!”

Shorty drew out his curved blade and charged towards Yi Yun!

As he rushed forward, Shorty’s body blurred. With a touch of his interspatial ring and a shout.

“Split Body Technique!”

With this shout, Shorty split into two bodies!


Many people were shocked by this.

His single body became two in a split second?

Previously when Scrawny used his After Image Paces, his body turned into many bodies, but those were all afterimages. After images could not move, and could only be left in the irises of people, confusing a person’s vision.

But now, Shorty’s Split Body Technique had really divided his body into two. His doppelganger also rushed at Yi Yun and attacked!

Yi Yun was also slightly stunned, but soon he figured it out.


Shorty and his doppelganger jumped and attacked Yi Yun from left and right. The two curved blades crossed

“Split Body Cross Slash!”

A gleaming blade beam shot out. But at this moment, Yi Yun’s moved, appearing in front of Shorty and his doppelganger.

He raised the brick.

“Dong! Dong!”

Using a mysterious movement technique, Yi Yun sent out two solid hits with the brick. Shorty had no way of dodging them.

The two curved blades flew straight out, but Shorty and his doppelganger had been knocked down by Yi Yun’s two brick blows.


Shorty slammed to the ground heavily while his “doppelganger” lost its ability to move and twisted into a pile.

Only then did people realize that this was not really a split body.

In martial arts, those who reached a high cultivation level could have a doppelganger, but Shorty was far from that level.

His so-called doppelganger was actually a puppet. When Shorty threw out his puppet, he had injected the puppet with his Yuan Qi. Together with his own afterimage and fast speed, it created this doppelganger effect.

But this method was nothing to Yi Yun who had formed Heaven’s eyeball. He saw through it with a single glance.

Shorty was defeated in the same way as the others, being knocked unconscious by Yi Yun.

Up to this point, no one had been able to escape the curse of Yi Yun’s brick. That brick, in the hands of Yi Yun, was a terrifying weapon that would cause nightmares amongst the Hongdao a.s.sociation’s members.

A brick on your head would result in a big b.u.mp, who wouldn’t fear it!?

They could not imagine the feeling of watching helplessly as Yi Yun knocked them down with his brick when it came to their turn.

They could predict the result of the match. They had to stick out their heads, just to be knocked down by him. What was more painful than this?

At this point, all the members from the Hongdao a.s.sociation who had declared war on Yi Yun felt like they were sitting on pins and needles!

A youth suddenly gritted his teeth and said, “This kid must have practiced some special cultivation technique! We have all been fooled by him. He may look aloof, making others think he’s weak. Actually he is using a very domineering and powerful move! And that move’s carrier is&h.e.l.lip; the brick!”

This youth’s words enlightened many!

Everyone looked at each other and suddenly felt that the youth’s words made sense!

But there were others who were in doubt, “It can’t be&h.e.l.lip; His original weapon was a long saber&h.e.l.lip; That long saber should be his weapon of choice, right?”

Upon facing this question, the youth from before denied it, “Bro, you are too naive. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Has any of you seen Yi Yun fight with that long saber? Ever since he came to the Tai Ah Divine City, he has been picking herbs, all the time! Picking herbs! Picking more herbs! And still picking herbs! He had never fought with us. We don’t even know what cultivation technique he practices!”

“I am 70% sure that Yi Yun has picked up a secret mystic technique, and this secret technique is related to bricks. In this world, there are sword skills, saber skills and spear skills. Why can’t there be ‘brick skills’? Don’t find it ridiculous. Think about it carefully, there are all sorts of weird cultivation techniques in this world. Having one of these cultivation techniques use a brick as the main weapon would be normal!”

This youth began to firmly believe in his own hypothesis.

People began to feel enlightened. “Bro, you’re right! No wonder this guy was leisurely walking to the arena in the morning when I saw him. He knew many were waiting to challenge him, yet he was not worried at all, it was as if he was not involved in it! His calmness was abnormal!”

“Right, when he went on-stage, he was peaceful as a dove, with no stress at all. Previously, he even provoked us to increase the stakes of the battles. Looks like he was confident early on. With his secret ‘brick’ technique, he was not afraid of us! This Yi Yun is too cunning!”

People became more and more convinced, as if they had seen through Yi Yun’s secret.

At the same time, the Hongdao a.s.sociation’s youths grew furious at Yi Yun’s provocation for them to raise the stakes. Now, they finally realized they had been cheated by Yi Yun into raising the stakes!

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

But the problem now was, even if they knew Yi Yun practiced a mystic technique and that his weapon was a brick, how were they going to crack it?

The difference in strength was too great. They would still be knocked down when they went on-stage!

“Brothers, we have to think of a way to control the brick in his hand. Do not be tricked by the brick’s appearance. It might look comical, but in Yi Yun’s hand, it’s the most feared weapon in the world!”

Someone said the concluding remark.

The other youths echoed, “Right. We need to treat the brick as the sharpest saber, sword or spear! Speaking of swordsmen, some swordsmen can have such superb swordplay that they can “be one with the sword”. The bodies of those swordsmen who can ‘be one with the sword’ are equivalent to a sword. And that sword is also their body!”

“This Yi Yun, he might even have reached the stage of ‘being one with the brick’!”

“Oh? ‘Being one with the brick’!? So powerful!? It can’t be! The difficulty of ‘being one with the brick’ can’t be any less than ‘being one with the sword’. This realm can only reached by extremely gifted people with excellent perceptivity&h.e.l.lip;”

Hearing that Yi Yun could reach the stage of “being one with the brick”, the youths present turned livid. This nut was too tough to crack!

They too had their own weapons, but none of them could be one with their weapons!

“I’m not being an alarmist, but I’ve seen warriors who were able to ‘be one with the sword’. Their moves looked simple. It was usually just one stab and they would defeat their opponent. On the surface, there was nothing fancy at all.”

“Now Yi Yun is the same too. With the knock of a brick, it might look simple, but yet he could defeat his opponents. It’s very similar to ‘being one with the sword’. It should be ‘being one with the brick’.”


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