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Chapter 218: Devastation of Sun Yuan

Sun Yuan aggressively shouted at Yi Yun from the Divine Wilderness Stage. Yi Yun stood up and lifted the brick from the table.

The surrounding elites’ eyelids twitched when they saw this.

Yi Yun was carrying the brick up on stage again!

Yi Yun’s brick blow had previously knocked Feng Hai from behind, now he was planning on knocking down Sun Yuan?

Sun Yuan was now prepared against it, so how could he be knocked down?

“This Yi Yun sure is arrogant. He may be strong, but he shouldn’t underestimate the enemy. He may have been alright using the brick while facing Feng Hai, but now against Sun Yuan, the other party is already prepared, yet he still uses the brick!”

“This brick may be a bit hard, but it’s not a decent weapon. He should draw out his saber! Underestimating the enemy&h.e.l.lip;is a sure recipe for failing miserably at an easy task. Is Yi Yun following in the footsteps of Feng Hai?”

People began discussing, and at this moment, Yi Yun had already carried the brick up onto the Divine Wilderness Stage.

Sun Yuan looked at Yi Yun and saw the brick in Yi Yun’s hand. He grinned saying, “You want to use the same move on me twice? Naive!”

As Sun Yuan said those words, his two feet had begun slowly moving.

Sun Yuan’s pace was odd. It looked slow, but when he moved, it was hard to see his legs, as if there was a s.p.a.ce-time disturbance.

After Sun Yuan moved a few steps, there were shadows behind his body. These shadows lingered on for a long time and they made it harder to distinguish which was the real Sun Yuan.

Step after step, the number of Sun Yuan’s afterimages grew.

The people were awed when they saw this. It was the Sun family’s After Image Paces!

By using special paces to move, an opponent would not be able to tell which was the true body of the person demonstrating the After Image Paces. At the same time, each step was injected with Yuan Qi and each afterimage was formed from Yuan Qi. As a result, they looked extremely real!

If one couldn’t find the opponent’s position, how was one to attack?

Similarly, if one did not know the opponent’s position, one would not know where the attacks would come from. It would be easy to be sneakily attacked by Sun Yuan!

The ‘After Image Paces’ was the core of the Sun family’s heritage. Sun Yuan had used his outstanding talent in the After Image Paces to become one of the members of the Capital’s Four Bully Lords.

As long as the After Image Paces was not seen through, Sun Yuan would be invincible!

More and more afterimages surrounded Yi Yun. Each afterimage could be the real body and they could attack Yi Yun any time!

All the elites present were not weak. They were watching from a distance and even seeing Sun Yuan’s After Image Paces as a whole, a large number of them could not tell which was Sun Yuan’s real body.

“I actually can’t tell which body is the real one among all these images made from the After Image Paces.”

“As expected of the secret techniques of the Sun family. How is Yi Yun going to attack?”

Many people began praising it. The Four Bully Lords’ Fatty saw that Sun Yuan was slowly gaining control of the situation and he began smiling. Sun Yuan’s skill was the basis of his strength. This move perfectly countered Yi Yun.

If a sword-bearing or saber-bearing warrior was unable to see Sun Yuan’s position, they could just send out an outpour of blade beams, attacking indiscriminately.

If so, no matter how exquisite Sun Yuan’s After Image Paces was, he would struggle to cope with it. It would be easy to be slashed by the blade beams, which revealed the flaws of the technique.

But Yi Yun only had a brick. His Thousand Army Saber was placed off-stage.

A brick could not send off an outpour of attacks.

Who asked you to be careless?

Underestimating the enemy would lead to this outcome!

At this moment, in the middle of the stage, Yi Yun was still holding his brick and standing casually. Actually, Yi Yun was feeling quite speechless.

This Sun Yuan sure was not done with his tricks.

Yi Yun had already formed the Heaven’s eyeball. A sweep of the Heaven’s Eye and Sun Yuan’s real body would not escape him.

Even without the formed Heaven’s eyeball, Yi Yun could just open up the Purple Crystal’s vision to see Sun Yuan’s jumping like a monkey. The target was too obvious!

Yi Yun had practically a hundred different ways to find Sun Yuan.

To think that he said the same move could not be used on him twice. Did he think he was a saint warrior?

At this moment, Sun Yuan’s afterimages came within nine meters of Yi Yun!

To warriors, it was no different from being in contact. Initiating an attack was a matter that took a split moment!


The Four Bully Lords’ Fatty’s eyes lit up. Being surrounded by Sun Yuan’s afterimages and real body at a nine meter radius, the other party had already lost!

Fatty did not expect that Sun Yuan could deal with Yi Yun, it now appeared that Sun Yuan could win!


Sun Yuan made his move. He suddenly attacked while behind Yi Yun!

The nine meters distance disappeared in an instance.

Sun Yuan drew out a thin soft sword hidden within his sleeve. The sword’s edge was soft and could not be easily seen when immersed in the air!

This sharp soft sword was like a venomous snake coming out of its hole. It struck Yi Yun’s back and at the same time, with a raise of Sun Yuan’s hand, he shot out a series of stealth weapons!

These stealth weapons were not obvious, they were easy-to-miss flying needles!

The Sun family’s flying needles were also very famous. These flying needles, when sent out amidst blade beams, would be protected by the blade beams. A typical opponent would find it difficult to spot them, let alone avoid them.

Even if the opponent was not confused by the After Image Paces, reacted in a timely manner and could parry the blade beam, the opponent would not be able to avoid the flying needles!

This series of moves could be said to be despicable!

Taking Feng Hai’s failure as a lesson, Sun Yuan had used all his best moves and had played them out to the extreme!

The After Image Paces approached Yi Yun, with the soft sword and concealed weapons combination, Sun Yuan did not believe he could lose.

This could only be blamed on the arrogance of this kid Yi Yun. Did he think he could use a brick to win?

Without any concern, Sun Yuan stabbed towards Yi Yun’s heart!

A row of concealed weapons also pierced through the body!



The soft sword penetrated the body!

But Sun Yuan’s expression suddenly changed!

This stab did not have the feeling of entering a body’s Yuan Qi protection. There was no resistance as if he had stabbed nothing!

At this moment, Yi Yun’s figure suddenly blurred.

After image!?

Sun Yuan was greatly surprised. The Yi Yun he stabbed was also an afterimage!?

The After Image Paces was mystic technique that combined Yuan Qi and fluctuating paces to form afterimages. Of course, Yi Yun did not know the After Image Paces, but with absolute speed, Yi Yun could also create a very short-lived afterimage.

This was because the original image would continue to appear in one’s vision for a split second, which was also the reason for this afterimage phenomenon. Without opening Heaven’s Eye, this afterimage left in one’s eyes could not be removed!

It was this short afterimage in Sun Yuan’s eyes that caused him to stab into empty s.p.a.ce.

Sun Yuan immediately knew it was not going well. He urgently backed away, but at this moment, he heard wind behind his head!

A strong ominous feeling rose up in his mind. Sun Yuan felt his scalp tingle while his hair stood on end on the back of his neck. He tried hard to redeem the situation, but&h.e.l.lip; it was too late.


A clear and crisp sound rang. Yi Yun had struck Sun Yuan’s head with the brick!

Sun Yuan felt his body tremble and an intense pain from the back of his head. His vision turned black and he immediately felt dizzy.

F&h.e.l.lip; F&h.e.l.lip; Fu&h.e.l.lip; F**k&h.e.l.lip;

Sun Yuan angrily wailed in his mind. He used all his strength to open his eyes and support his body, but it was all futile, it only increased his pain&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun was surprised when he noticed that he could not finish Sun Yuan off with one brick. These Four Bully Lords sure were resilient. They must have been out and about in the past.

As such, Yi Yun patted Sun Yuan’s shoulders and earnestly said, “I say, you were jumping around like a monkey just now. When in battle, what’s the point with all those fancy tricks? It’s best to fight steadily&h.e.l.lip;”

While saying that, Yi Yun silently raised the brick.

Sun Yuan’s mouth twitched as he wanted to say something, but he had no chance. When he seemed to make the sound of a syllable with great difficulty, Yi Yun’s second brick blow came smashing down, hitting him in the exact same spot as the first brick.


Another crisp sound rang. The same attack had been repeated twice.

Sun Yuan was like a nail that was being struck by a hammer. His body shuddered and his eyes rolled. As if his bones had been siphoned off, he landed on the ground with a thud!

No one knew what Sun Yuan’s last thoughts were.

Yet another one was settled. With the brick in hand, Yi Yun loosened his wrists. It was as if he just killed a dog.

The audience turned silent upon seeing this!

Sun Yuan had used his Sun family’s secret technique, the After Image Paces, forming 36 split bodies. His move was so fancy and dazzling.

But the result was&h.e.l.lip; being destroyed by a brick!

Yi Yun had come up twice, struck the brick twice to destroy two people!

Uh&h.e.l.lip; It should be four brick blows, but that doesn’t matter!

Is this a f**king duel between experts?

No one that came to the Tai Ah Divine City was not an elite. Their duels should be filled with blade beams and heaven-moving auras!

What’s the matter with you, using two brick blows to put down two people!?

At this moment, on the Divine Wilderness Stage, Yi Yun crouched down and placed the brick to the side. He grabbed Sun Yuan’s hand and took off Sun Yuan’s interspatial ring.

After all, this thing had been part of the bet. It was going to be his sooner or later, so why not take it earlier?


Yi Yun said with a very provocative tone, but of course, Sun Yuan could no longer hear it.

Seeing this scene, the Four Bully Lords’ Fatty, outside the arena, was completely livid. The fat on his face was constantly twitching.

Scrawny had also been knocked out!

His interspatial ring had been taken and he had lost 1000 dragon scale runes!

Together with the previous match, the Four Bully Lords had lost 2000 dragon scale runes and 2 interspatial rings!

He could already imagine the future, while on the streets of the capital, when he was introduced by others, someone would say, “Oh! You are the eldest of the Four Bully Lords. I’ve long since heard about you. Two of your brothers got crushed by a Cloud Wilderness b.u.mpkin with a brick. And you even gave all of your a.s.sets to him. I’ve heard of your famous name for a long time now. To meet you today is a pleasure! Nice to meet you!”

Upon thinking of this, Fatty’s face distorted completely. If this carried on, how were they to be called the Four Bully Lords. They might as well change their name to the Four b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!


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