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Chapter 217: No matter how good your martial arts were, you would be put down with a brick!

The people from the Hongdao a.s.sociation were stunned for a long time, it wasn’t until Feng Hai bled a huge pool on the stage that the three people from the Four Bully Lords reacted.

“Brother Hai!”

“Second Brother!”

The three of them rushed up and saw that their brother had been beaten up badly.

The three Bully Lords lifted Feng Hai up, and all they saw was a huge b.u.mp on Feng Hai’s forehead and another huge b.u.mp on the back of his head.

The two b.u.mps protruded out greatly. If one were to look at them from the side, it would look like a bear with two little ears.

This look made people at a loss of whether to laugh or cry.

“Brother Hai! Brother Hai!”

The Four Bully Lords shook Feng Hai. All of them stared with all their might. They could not believe that Feng Hai’s and Yi Yun’s battle could have such a result.

Actually, all the elites present could not believe it.

This was not going according to script. Feng Hai had clearly used an awesome move, and it was demonstrated beautifully. It was after all the secret technique of the capital’s Feng family, how bad could it be?

The blade beam, the aura, the movement, the force wind&h.e.l.lip; was impeccable!

Everyone thought Feng Hai was about to flaunt his skills.

But&h.e.l.lip; at this moment, how did he, how did he&h.e.l.lip; get taken down by Yi Yun’s one brick!?

No matter how it was a.n.a.lyzed, Yi Yun’s brick was nothing special. The attack was direct and there was no fancy cultivation technique. In fact, there was no technique involved, but the result was ridiculous!

It was like a martial arts guru from a martial family clan demonstrated a beautiful set of Tai Chi Fist in an upscale dojo. While he was planning to befriend others through martial arts and meet all the heroes of the world, a ruffian on the street rushed forward and beat up the guru with a brick!

This was an eye-popping experience!

Many family clan descendants could not accept it.

“Was Feng Hai careless&h.e.l.lip;? Yi Yun used the Heaven Upheaval Seal as a brick, and he didn’t avoid&h.e.l.lip;”

Hongdao a.s.sociation tried to find excuses for Feng Hai because they could not accept the result.

The battle had ended too quickly. It was too dramatic. They rather believed that this battle was just an outlier.

Many of them had bet heavily against Yi Yun. Amongst them, the least amount that people bet on was 800-900 dragon scale runes. There were even more people who took out their family possessions such as elixirs, relics, interspatial rings, etc.

They were really betting all their a.s.sets!

Of course, they did not believe that Yi Yun was stronger than them.

But, on another side, Qiuniu rubbed his chin and looked meaningfully at Yi Yun, “This Yi Yun is quite strong&h.e.l.lip; I underestimated him just now!”

“Yes!” Beside Qiuniu, Chu Xiaoran nodded slightly. “Although Feng Hai took Yi Yun lightly, even if he had put in his all, he would definitely not be Yi Yun’s match. Yi Yun is very strong!”

“This kid is interesting!” Qiuniu’s eyes flashed. He liked to spar with experts. Yi Yun was already able to arouse his interest.

“Divine Wilderness Stage, Yi Yun versus Feng Hai, Yi Yun wins!”

At this moment, the referee declared the end of the match. Yi Yun kept the brick and wobbled down the stage.

As he was returning to the audience stands, Yi Yun turned around and said, “Referee, I’ll be borrowing this brick.” Yi Yun did this while he bade farewell.

When the referee heard this, he was speechless. He coughed twice and said, “This weapon&h.e.l.lip; is called&h.e.l.lip; the Heaven Upheaval Seal.”

“Right, it’s more or less the same. I find this weapon quite handy. Thanks.” Yi Yun said in a casual tone.

His words made many people roll their eyes. Even the expressionless referee could not help but twitch his lips a few times upon hearing it.

What the heck!

How could this Heaven Upheaval Seal that was painstakingly produced be used in this manner?

If the person who produced the Heaven Upheaval Seal knew that his own produced weapon was being praised in such a manner, it was a wonder what he would think.

As such, Yi Yun returned to his seat. Zhou Kui and Song Zijun looked at Yi Yun as if he was a monster.

He was basically a humanoid primordial species. It was unknown what herbs he ate growing up that allowed him to use the Heaven Upheaval Seal as a brick to knock Feng Hai unconscious.

Yi Yun placed the brick with a domineering aura on the stone table in front of him. The surface of the brick even had blood.

It was terrifying.

This really was&h.e.l.lip;

No matter how good your martial arts were, you would be put down with a brick!

Whatever so-called “Bell Tone Steps” and “Golden Wind Saber” simply did not work in front of the brick.

Yi Yun began to meditate to rest his mind.

The rookie ranking compet.i.tion carried on in the arena!

With this, the Hongdao a.s.sociation people became more down-to-earth.

They no longer shouted. Besides occasionally going on-stage to compete, they shriveled up the rest of the time.

With a brick over their heads that could fall down anytime, how could they laugh!

“F**k, we need to avenge Brother Hai!”

Feng Hai had eaten some medicine for his injuries, but due to the two brick hits, he was still unconscious.

This setback did not only cause physical harm to Feng Hai, but was largely a dent on his psyche.

Feng Hai originally seemed unstoppable. Just as he was demonstrating his family’s secret skills to appear outstanding, and just as he had reached the pinnacle of his life, Yi Yun’s two blows changed everything. It was definitely not a good feeling.

“Be careful, this kid is a bit odd!” The eldest amongst the Four Bully Lords said. The next person to battle with Yi Yun was also one of the Four Bully Lords.

They absolutely could not repeat the same mistakes; if they did, they would totally lose face as the Four Bully Lords.

“Fourth Brother, you are up next! Make sure to brighten up your eyes! Watch your back! If you were to be defeated by him, we, the Four Bully Lords will become a joke in the capital! We won’t have the face to mix in the capital’s circles anymore!”

“I got it Big Bro!” The thin monkey in the Four Bully Lords patted his chest as a guarantee.

“Big Bro, I don’t dare to say about anything else, but you know me. My speed is the fastest amongst us four! My eyes are also the sharpest! It would be good if I didn’t sneakily attack others, for others to sneakily attack me? Impossible!”

The thin monkey was very confident.

His moves were extremely dexterous. And his family had a top movement skill. Scrawny had great talent in movement skills, so having learned this movement skill for many years, he had perfected the first three levels.

Many people who even outpaced Scrawny in cultivation level could not attack him.

As a result, Fatty felt relieved that Scrawny was up next.

He could see that it was not realistic that Scrawny could screw up Yi Yun, but it was no matter. With Scrawny’s movement skills, he could remain unbeaten for a long time, and that would be enough.

After all, they were doing a tag-team battle. By consuming Yi Yun’s strength, when he and Shorty went up on stage, they could certainly finish Yi Yun.

After Yi Yun finished his match, he had a break for nearly an hour.

During this period, Yi Yun also watched the matches amongst the rookies, but there was nothing much to see.

Before he learned the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, these people’s cultivation technique would probably light up Yi Yun’s eyes. But now, with the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, these cultivation techniques looked very common and Yi Yun was no longer impressed.

The matches went one after another.

The rookie rankings also constantly changed.

Some rookies were outstanding in the arena. They left the stage smiling.

Others lost badly in the arena. Because they did not live up to their own expectations, they were greatly set back.

This was something all the Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivators had to go through.

The martial arts way had its gains and losses. Sometimes, the rewards from a mystic realm might make you overjoyed for a hundred years; but there were times where a disaster could break all your limbs, and might even cripple all your martial arts!

One had to be able to take on great joy and sufferings when practicing martial arts. In contrast, the loss in the rookie ranking compet.i.tion was just the first step.

Yi Yun originally wanted to see Chu Xiaoran and Qiuniu’s battle, but none of them ever went up.

Upon further thought, Yi Yun realized that no one dared to mess with them as they were strong. No one would give dragon scale runes to others and get beaten up at the same time!

Only someone extremely wealthy like himself who was ranked third and looked extremely weak would attract so much hate that they wanted to take a bite off him.

“Kid, did you recently break through again?”

At this time, Baldy Qin walked over to Yi Yun. He slapped Yi Yun on the back. When Baldy Qin saw Yi Yun’s previous battle, he could feel that Yi Yun’s improvement was not just by a tiny amount.

Yi Yun stood up and smiled, saying, “Instructor Qin, indeed I have grown stronger recently&h.e.l.lip;”

After Yi Yun learned the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, even if he didn’t use his Radiant Sun Qi, his strength was no longer the same as before. This was because Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi acc.u.mulation and pureness had made great progress!

Baldy Qin could only vaguely feel it, but he could not tell with absolute confidence.

Although Baldy Qin had opened his Heaven’s Eye, there were different grades to Heaven’s Eyes. For example the Tai Ah Divine City’s Elder, Jian Ge, could clearly see through Yi Yun with a glance. Except for the Purple Crystal, he could see everything.

As for Baldy Qin, he clearly did not have that ability.

Baldy Qin lifted up the brick on the stone table in front of Yi Yun and flipped it around, looking at it.

“Good brick. Solid enough! Heavy enough!”

“I think so too.” Yi Yun grinned.

Yi Yun had a good impression of Baldy Qin. Although Baldy Qin had not deliberately taken care of him, he had fulfilled 100% of his duty as instructor and had given him plenty of advice.

At this time, the referee announced, “Divine Wilderness Stage, 10,003, Yi Yun! 10,708, Sun Yuan! Come on-stage for the match!”

It was Yi Yun’s turn again!

And his opponent was again from the Capital’s Four Bully Lords, Scrawny Sun Yuan!

Sun Yuan had pointed ears and monkey cheeks; he was ugly. His weapon was special, a pair of nunchucks.

Sun Yuan made a weird call and jumped on stage, “Yi Yun, quickly come up, it’s time to fight!”


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