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Chapter 216: That One Brick’s Elegant Appearance

Yi Yun was now a celebrity. If one were to say the leading actors were Chu Xiaoran and Qiuniu, then Yi Yun would be the most important supporting actor.

Yi Yun’s tag-team battle with the Hongdao a.s.sociation had attracted the attention of numerous people.

Many wanted to see how far Yi Yun would last. Others were sure that Yi Yun would be defeated by Feng Hai in the first round.

The Four Bully Lords were not simple people. To achieve a prominent name in the capital was something that could not be gained just from their background or wealth.

Feng Hai himself was ranked 10,750. In front of him, there were several veteran cultivators who failed to enter the top 10,000. Excluding them, Feng Hai was ranked around 300 amongst the rookies.

This ranking was quite outstanding!

In the audience, there was a young girl in green clothes. She curiously looked at Yi Yun, “So that’s Yi Yun.”

This girl in green was small in size and she had a cute image. She was the young daughter of the current Defender Duke of the Tai Ah royal family, Chu Xiaoran.

Beside Chu Xiaoran, there was a 1.9 meter tall youth. He was wearing crystal armor and his eyebrows were shaved. Most of his hair was shaved off, leaving an inch of hair in the middle of his head. This remaining hair was extremely long, reaching all the way to his back.

This youth had his arms crossed across his chest. His legs were spread apart as he sat on the stone bench like he was in a horse-riding stance. His back was straight and he looked majestic.

This man looked like a eighteen to nineteen year old youth, but he was actually thirteen years old. He was Qiuniu.

Qiuniu smiled and said, “This kid is interesting. You might not know this, but he came from the Cloud Wilderness. He comes from a poor background, so to have his current achievements, it is extremely difficult!”

“I have a premonition that Yi Yun isn’t dangerous right now, but he’s a diamond in the rough. In the future, he might pose a threat to you and me.”

“Oh?” Chu Xiaoran flashed a odd look in her eyes. “In the future, he will compete for the number one rank of the Heaven roll of honor with us?”

“Possibly!” Qiuniu nodded.

Be it Qiuniu or Chu Xiaoran, both of them had goals to be first on the Heaven or Earth rolls in the future!

When Qin Haotian and his batch left the Tai Ah Divine City after training in the Tai Ah Divine City for five years, it would not be difficult for Qin Haotian and Chu Xiaoran to be ranked at the top!

What was difficult was for them to complete this goal within five years.

“Xiaoran, I want this rookie first place’s glory point ! Don’t fight with me over it.” Qiuniu licked his lips as he said to Chu Xiaoran.

Chu Xiaoran laughed, “That depends if you have the ability. We haven’t competed in a long while!”

Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran knew each other from a long time ago and they were friends. Both of them had their own advantages, and neither wanted to concede to the other.

“Yi Yun, quickly come up to the stage to receive your judgement!” When the law-enforcer announced his name, Feng Hai couldn’t wait to jump up onto the Divine Wilderness Stage. With a large broad saber in hand, he was filled with fighting spirit.

I want to be outstanding today!

Feng Hai shouted out in his heart. He felt that his awesome life was starting today!

And Yi Yun would be his first sharpening stone ever since he entered the Tai Ah Divine City, if Yi Yun was worthy.

Yi Yun leisurely walked up the stage. With the Thousand Army Saber behind his back like a flagpole, he looked a little odd.

“Haha, you use a saber too and you are shorter than your saber!” Feng Hai was the tall one among the Lofty, Shorty, Fatty and Scrawny combination. Hence, he was proud of his height. “Unsheathe your saber. Since all of us are using a saber, I’ll let you know today what it means to have a saber!”

Feng Hai’s saber was very different from Yi Yun’s.

Yi Yun had a long saber and its attack method was similar to that of a sword. It was noted for its speed and sharpness.

But Feng Hai’s thick-back saber was good at direct attacks. They were two completely different types of weapons.

“Unsheathe my saber?” Yi Yun glanced at Feng Hai.

There was no need to use the Thousand Army Saber against Feng Hai because it was not easy to use.

The Tai Ah Divine City had inst.i.tuted the rule that if anyone were to deliberately kill another in the compet.i.tion, they were to be sentenced to death!

Accidentally killing another meant imprisonment!

The Hongdao a.s.sociation planned to use a tag-team battle to cause Yi Yun to become bedridden for a few months, but they did not dare to harm Yi Yun’s life.

If Yi Yun were to use the Thousand Army Saber with his Radiant Sun Qi, the Divine Wilderness Stage, that was made with purple tungsten, could easily be sliced off. Such power might accidentally cause the death of Feng Hai.

Even without the Radiant Sun Qi, Yi Yun felt that the Thousand Army Saber could easily destroy Feng Hai’s defenses. The Thousand Army Saber’s blade length was enough to split a horse, and since they had a gap in their strength, he had to control his blade all the time, so it was pointless.

And the Thousand Army Saber had edges on both sides. Even if he used the saber’s spine to attack, Feng Hai might not be able to take it. So it was better if he did not use it at all.

Yi Yun shook his head calmly. He recalled the phrase commonly seen in the legendary novels from his past life. As such, he slowly said to Feng Hai, “My saber is not easily drawn, but once it unsheathes, it sees blood.”

When he said this, everyone present was shocked.

It took a while before the people could recompose themselves and they understood what Yi Yun meant. He felt that Feng Hai was not worthy of him drawing his weapon!

Was this guy sound in his mind? Did he not know how many people behind him were eyeing him!?

Everyone of them were stronger than the other!

Feng Hai was originally stunned by Yi Yun’s words, then he became furious. He wanted to dice up Yi Yun who belittled him. But a second later, he was no longer angry. There was no reason to be angry over a fool.

When faced with a tag-team battle, even those confident in their strength would gear themselves up. However, Yi Yun was nonchalant about it, as if it had nothing to do with him. He even dared to boast that he wouldn’t draw his saber?

This clearly meant he was crazy!

The people from the Hongdao a.s.sociation looked at Yi Yun for a while before roaring into laughter.

They all felt that Yi Yun was some fearless idiot. It was no wonder he was so calm.

As the saying goes, the wise worries, but the fools are fearless.

“Don’t get me wrong. I may not draw my saber, but I’ll still choose a weapon.” Yi Yun waved his hand. The Thousand Army Saber was not easy to use for he might accidentally cause serious harm to Feng Hai. This would lead to trouble for himself.

But it did not feel right without a weapon. The power of the fist had a disadvantage. It was not that Yi Yun could not deal with Feng Hai, but there were too many people behind him. It would be too tiring to use his fists. He might even end up with a bruised fist. If he could save some energy, why not do so?

Because of this battle, Yi Yun had already taken off his Flowing Mercury Gown and was ready in light gear.

Yi Yun walked to the edge of the stage in a composed manner.

Everyone was looking at him, wondering what Yi Yun would be up to next.

There were eighteen weapons around the ring!

“Do you want to choose from the weapons here?” The referee asked. These weapons were placed by the side of the stage for the cultivators to use.

Yes.” Yi Yun scanned the various sabers, spears swords and halberds.

He could not used any of these. Yi Yun decided on using a blunt weapon. It was easy to hold and there was no fear that he would accidentally kill someone with it.

“Well, this seems good. What is this?”

Yi Yun picked up a rectangular piece of metal from the weapon rack. It was about a foot long, and as wide as an adult’s palm.

“Oh, you can’t use this.” The referee shook his head. “This is a magical weapon. Its name is the Heaven Upheaval Seal. A typical Yuan foundation realm warrior can use his body’s Yuan Qi to steer this weapon to kill!”

“Besides that, the Heaven Upheaval Seal has an exquisite array technique within it. If you do not know it, the power of the Heaven Upheaval Seal would be greatly reduced.”

No one expected Yi Yun to know the array technique. As for him reaching the Yuan foundation realm, it was impossible. Naturally, he couldn’t bring out the power of the Heaven Upheaval Seal.

“I see&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun heard the referee speaking, but none of it really entered his ears.

What Heaven Upheaval Seal, after giving all that nonsensical explanations and giving it such an awesome name, to put it bluntly, it was just a piece of brick.

What ‘steering it to kill’? All it needed to do was to hit someone in the head.

Yi Yun held the Heaven Upheaval Seal and weighed it in his hand. The size was the same as a brick and he could easily hold it in his hands.

Back when Yi Yun was studying, he had fought with others before. With the brick in hand, Yi Yun seemed to recall the feelings of those yesteryears.

“You really want to use the Heaven Upheaval Seal?” The referee looked at Yi Yun as he carried the Heaven Upheaval Seal up on stage. He could not understand it as he had just explained it very clearly. Yet, Yi Yun did not heed his advice. What was he doing?

“Right, I’ll use this.” Yi Yun carried the brick and walked calmly up on stage.

The Hongdao a.s.sociation were all laughing with their backs hunched over as they saw Yi Yun as a clown.

Was he really here to compete and not here to play the fool?

To face such a person with abnormal intelligence, one could not view him as a normal person.

At this time, not only the Hongdao a.s.sociation, even Zhou Kui, Song Zijun and company who were extremely confident of Yi Yun were shocked. They did not know what to say.

How could Yi Yun know any array technique. He definitely could not use this Heaven Upheaval Seal!

“Can we begin?” The arena’s referee was very cultured. Even with such a weird scene happening, he only gave Yi Yun an odd look. After that, he did not say more, and focused on the compet.i.tion.

“Oh, right. I have something&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun sure had lots of things. “I heard that the Hongdao a.s.sociation had open up a betting pool. I have previously bought 5000 dragon scale runes that I would be able to last beyond 20 matches. I wonder if they can pay up or not?”

The highest payout ratio for Yi Yun completing 20 matches was at 1:10.

But the Tai Ah Divine City did not encourage people to gain resources from luck such as gambling. As such, there was a 40% tax. Also, there was a 5000 dragon scale runes bet limit.

Of course, Yi Yun placed the maximum bet. If he could win, he would receive 50,000 dragon scale runes and he would have to pay 20,000 in tax.

But what was most important was that the Hongdao a.s.sociation needed to have the ability to pay up.

In fact, 50,000 dragon scale runes was a large sum even for an a.s.sociation like the Hongdao a.s.sociation! After all, Li Hong was just a second year soldier.


Feng Hai nearly cried out laughing. Twenty matches and above?

He had always thought that Yi Yun had some ability. But now, Yi Yun played out various humorous performances and he wanted to win more than 20 matches, he sure had a lofty dream!

The other Hongdao a.s.sociation members convulsed with laughter.

This guy must be some comedian invited by some ancient monkey spirit!

He came here to give them dragon scale runes and he made them laugh out loud. They were really blissful to meet such a great person.

“Yes, we can begin.” Yi Yun nodded his head, and the referee declared the start of the match.

Everyone’s eyes were on the Divine Wilderness Stage. They wanted to see how this wonderful match would lead on.

At this time, Feng Hai stopped laughing.

Laughing was one thing, but when it came to a compet.i.tion, Feng Hai would still focus. He had bet 1000 dragon scale runes and an interspatial ring for this match.

Li Hong had repeatedly ordered them not to underestimate Yi Yun, so that they wouldn’t fail at an easy task.

Although now it was clear that Yi Yun was likely a r.e.t.a.r.d, he still wanted to abuse this r.e.t.a.r.d!

Feng Hai opened up his posture and he began moving at a great pace on the purple tungsten stage.

People saw Feng Hai’s body blurred, and heard a series of footstep sounds, “Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta&h.e.l.lip;”

Feng Hai was as fast as lightning, and at the same thing he began waving his saber!

The golden saber slashed out a sharp saber Qi that cut through the air, emitting an ear-piercing sound.

“It’s the Feng family’s ‘Bell Tone Steps’ and ‘Golden Wind Saber’!” Someone in the stands said.

Many of the cultivators did not have sufficient dragon scale runes to exchange for a cultivation technique, so most of them used their own family’s cultivation technique.

Some family clans had high quality techniques that were pa.s.sed down generation to generation. Taking the Feng family as an example, as one of the capital’s large family clans, the “Bell Tone Steps” and the “Golden Wind Saber” were the cornerstone skills of their family clan. Although Feng Hai could only show a tiny charm of them, it was still impressive!

Being praised by many of the elites around him, Feng Hai’s vanity was greatly inflated. He was just a thirteen-year-old, an age which needed the most recognition. Immediately, Feng Hai felt extremely pleased about being the star of the stage.

He was no longer in a hurry to attack Yi Yun. Instead, he began to demonstrate his “Bell Tone Steps” and “Golden Wind Saber”.

“Saber Has No Fear, Royalty Among Weapons, Bell Tones Are Silent, Travels A Thousand Miles&h.e.l.lip;”

Feng Hai began reciting the poetry created for the “Bell Tone Steps” and “Golden Wind Saber” by the previous head of the Feng household that was used before killing an enemy. He charged valiantly and spiritedly towards Yi Yun.

“Feng family’s saber technique’s first move – Golden Wind Jade Dew!”

Feng Hai slashed downwards. This slash was accompanied by numerous golden winds, which was the reason for the move’s pretty name.

At that moment, the turbulent winds and countless number of saber flashes trapped Yi Yun within.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

With the golden flashes, the surface of the purple tungsten metal momentarily became filled with marks.

But at this moment, Yi Yun’s figure moved. He demonstrated his large success stage of Minute Subtlety. It was as if he was one with the surrounding environment.

The Golden Wind Saber’s flashes were avoided by him by an iota.

Feng Hai’s saber was extremely fast. After all, it was the Feng family’s heirloom saber technique. Once it was used, the saber flashes were complex and appeared in a haphazard manner. To avoid it, one had to calculate the trajectories of all the flashes, making use of every single s.p.a.ce!

But Yi Yun still managed to step into the saber vortex. Even though the saber was sharp, it could not hurt him at all.

The surrounding audience were all elites. Their eyes were sharp and could clearly see Yi Yun’s movement in the flurry of saber flashes.

What!? He actually avoided that!

Yi Yun’s speed was too fast. He could meander through the thick saber flashes. This movement technique was&h.e.l.lip; horrifying!

Suddenly, Yi Yun’s figure disappeared!

“Huh!?” Feng Hai shivered as his pupils contracted!

When Yi Yun avoided his first wave of saber attacks, he began to be on high alert. But now seeing Yi Yun suddenly disappear, Feng Hai immediately used his Bell Tone Steps to retreat without any thought!

He wanted to distance himself to plan ahead. But at the same moment, as he jumped backwards, he felt a rush of killing intent behind him. Yi Yun had already moved behind Feng Hai!

This scene shocked the entire audience!

How could that be?

The people did not have the opportunity to be alarmed. All they saw was Yi Yun raising his hand, smashing the brick&h.e.l.lip; no, it should be the Heaven Upheaval Seal, at the back of Feng Hai’s head.

“Get lost!”


With a crisp sound, it sounded like a polo ball being hit by a polo club.

Feng Hai wanted to turn his head, but he felt the back of his head tremble. It was like he was. .h.i.t by a heavy hammer.

With that, he felt the world spin around him. He turned dizzy and began to see stars.

Feng Hai’s body, which was originally retreating, had been stopped by Yi Yun’s brick attack!

Feng Hai came close to crashing on the ground. He barely supported his body with the golden saber. He felt that the back of his head was sticky; he was clearly bleeding.

What&h.e.l.lip; What the h.e.l.l&h.e.l.lip;

Feng Hai had been beaten to the point where his mental processes slowed down. He could not react to many things as his body wavered. He turned his head with great difficulty to see how Yi Yun had attacked him. But his vision turned blurry. Yi Yun’s figure was like a hazy patch.

“Oh? Pretty strong&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun hesitated and he was slightly surprised. Following that, he lifted the brick without hesitation and slammed downwards.

This brick hit the forehead of Feng Hai.


The sound of a ripe melon being knocked came out, crisp and clear!

Feng Hai, who had not gotten the opportunity to see Yi Yun clearly felt his vision go black. His body was like a noodle that had slipped off a pair of chopsticks, losing the support of his bones.

After some twisted struggle, he went completely limp on the ground. He foamed at his mouth as his limbs twitched.

Feng Hai’s blood from his head splashed out, quickly forming a pool.

When the people saw this, they turned silly. Yi Yun actually used the Heaven Upheaval Seal as a brick and beat Feng Hai who was using the “Bell Tone Steps” and “Golden Wind Saber” into the ground with two strikes!

Those flashy moves lost to&h.e.l.lip; a brick!

The great Feng Hai, one of the Capital’s Four Bully Lords, had been defeated by Yi Yun. This was&h.e.l.lip;

Unbearable to watch!

As for the Hongdao a.s.sociation members, especially the other three from the Four Bully lords, their mouths were agape. Their eyes were straight as they petrified. They could not say a word.

They had just been shaking with laughing, but now, they couldn’t even cry.

What&h.e.l.lip; What the h.e.l.l?


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