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Chapter 21: Lian Chengyu exits Isolation

The Lian tribal clan’s elders’ compound late at night.

“Peng!” The door to the compound was pushed opened. A young man with a complexion as clear as jade walked out.

“Chengyu, why did you come out?” The Patriarch stood up the moment he saw the young man. Lian Chengyu had previously announced that he wanted to isolate himself till the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warrior selection began.

Yet it had been less than a month before Lian Chengyu came out of isolation.

“My cultivation met some problems&h.e.l.lip;” Lian Chengyu’s expression didn’t look good. He had planned to use two months to acc.u.mulate a strong base before using the desolate bones essence to breakthrough to the Purple Blood realm!

By doing so, his fundamentals will be strong, and having acc.u.mulated sufficient amounts, when he breakthroughs into the Purple Blood realm, he would reach the peak of the beginning stages of the Purple Blood realm. Among the others in the beginning stages of the Purple Blood realm, he would be able to keep his head up, and it would aid him in breaking through to an even higher realm in the future. It would be very beneficial!

Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warrior selection was particular about a warrior’s fundamentals and c.u.mulative progress. If Lian Chengyu could meet all those requirements, he could get the recognition of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s officers during the warrior selection, and obtain excellent results.

However, the circ.u.mstances did not permit so. After picking dry the Lian Clan Herb Mountain, Lian Chengyu’s cultivation had a slow development despite all the good herbs!

Lian Chengyu believed he had met his bottleneck.

In fact, the att.i.tude towards martial arts mattered most when in isolation. With a good att.i.tude, strong confidence and perseverance, it would be easy to break though.

When in self-doubt, thinking something was wrong with the cultivation process, such as. .h.i.tting a bottleneck, it would inevitably cause a loss in momentum and make breaking through even tougher.

The psychological effect usually did not have significant effects, but Lian Chengyu had originally lacked the resources for his cultivation, but matters were made worse, causing Lian Chengyu’s progress to be even slower. In the end, he chose to end his isolation prematurely.

By clearing his mind and taking a break before obtaining the desolate bone essence, he could then re-isolate himself to breakthrough into the Purple Blood realm.

This was Lian Chengyu’s plans. It was a reasonable plan. Sometimes it happened that a breakthrough was not possible, but by taking a break resulted in miraculous insight, resulting in a breakthrough unknowingly.

“How has the refinement process of the desolate bones been?” Lian Chengyu asked the question that concerned him the most. This piece of desolate bone was his entire fortune and life!

“Yes, it’s still going as planned, but&h.e.l.lip; A few of the poor villagers involved in the refining were poisoned a few days ago. I was originally planning on letting them hang on a few days, but seeing they were doing badly, I gave them some Blood Thinning Pills. They have all recovered by now and will not affect the refinement.”

Lian Chengyu knitted his eyebrows upon hearing it, “These trash are really useless. It’s just been a few days and they can’t take the toxicity from the Frost Python desolate bones! After eating the Blood Thinning Pills, it will overdraw on their vitality. Under such circ.u.mstances, they will die before the refinement of the desolate bones is done!”

Lian Chengyu’s words were cold and inhumane. The Patriarch felt he was going overboard and said, “Chengyu&h.e.l.lip;You are asking for too much. These people seldom eat a proper meal or wear proper clothes. How would they be able to endure the toxin from the Frost Python? They have already sacrificed themselves for the Lian tribe. In the future when you make your meteoric rise, you must take care of their families.”

“Got it,” said Lian Chengyu with a straight face. “I’m only worried about the refinement process and fear it will be delayed unnecessarily. If these people died too early, it would affect the refinement process. Grandpa, please send the order down to the tribe to gather more help. The more the merrier. With more people, they can all share in the toxicity of the Frost Python and last longer. Although the Blood Thinning Pill isn’t a very expensive drug, but with most of our money gone, we have to save every penny.”

Lian Chengyu said it lightly. The Patriarch sighed hearing this. He knew that for every person recruited, another life was lost.

The pitiful poor even scrambled to join in the refining of the desolate bone for the bacon.

“For the Lian tribe, I guess it has to be so&h.e.l.lip;” exclaimed the Patriarch “It’s such a pity. If we had a set of desolate bones without any toxicity, there wouldn’t be so many deaths due to the refinement.”

“A set of desolate bones without toxin?“ Lian Chengyu scoffed. “With the finances of our tribe and that incomplete technique manual, would we have been able to exchange for a set of desolate bones without toxicity?”

“Besides, the Frost Python desolate bones does not have toxin, it just has a hard to dissipate frost Qi. Once it enters the body, it freezes the organs, causing a person to lose his life. With a Desolate Heaven Master he could easily dissipate the Frost Python’s Frost Qi. But why would a Desolate Heaven Master be willing to help clear such a low-grade desolate bone’s toxicity? There was no chance for them to come to our Lian tribal clan!”

“Even the young masters of the big tribes were unwilling to use this kinds of desolate bones. Only because this set of Frost Python desolate bones was the cheapest I could get. Just like how a rich family will give the remaining bones to feed the dogs, to the big tribes, I’m like a wild dog waiting to eat their sc.r.a.ps!”

Lian Chengyu self-deprecating last words were said with his lips twitching and fists clenched tightly, with his nails piercing into his flesh.

He hated!

The young masters and mistresses of the large tribes could pick among the desolate bones, not using those with side effects or low efficacy!

But for him, he had to go through all the trouble and sacrificing his wealth just to obtain a rejected piece of Frost Python desolate bones!

Putting all hope on a set of desolate bones, which had immense side effects, and risking his life to consume it was pathetic!

“Chengyu, it has been hard on you all these years. But you have to know even the bright in the big tribes are few in number. There are even plenty without the talent in the big tribes, they too don’t get much of the desolate beast meat&h.e.l.lip;” The Patriarch felt guilty. He knew Lian Chengyu had great talent, but because the Lian tribal clan was too poor, they were unable to nurture him. All these years, the Patriarch had known that Lian Chengyu had a grudge towards the tribe despite him never uttering a word.

It was hard for Lian Chengyu to listen to what the Patriarch had to say. He answered, “Grandpa, don’t console me. Heaven is heartless, treating all things as dogs. Since the world is unfair, I will use my own strength to gain that fairness! Sooner or later, I will take control of my life, and will take control of the lives of others! In the future, I will have all the children of the big tribes at my feet!”

“I understand,” sighed the Patriarch. “Tomorrow I will pa.s.s the order to gather more people to refine the desolate bones. I will not care about the number of deaths. With more people, they can absorb more of the Frost Qi&h.e.l.lip;making it safer for you when you consume the desolate bones.”

The Patriarch knew that Lian Chengyu would not feel any remorse for the poor who died for him.

Lian Chengyu hated the unfairness of the world. He felt he was extremely unlucky, so how could he be bothered with the unluckiness of others?

To Lian Chengyu, the poor were like ants. Even Lian Chengyu saw himself as a slightly bigger ant.

The survival of the fittest, this was a notion ingrained deep in Lian Chengyu’s heart. Only by eating the smaller ants could he keep growing till the point where he could control his own fate and the fate of others, as a top expert.


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