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Chapter 208: Rainbow Blood Feather

With a flash coming from the Wilderness Divine Hall’s door, Yi Yun was shrouded by light, and in the next moment, he was teleported into the Wilderness Divine Hall 6.


This was Yi Yun’s first impression.

The temperature in the room was close to boiling point. If an ordinary mortal were to enter here, they would instantly turn into steam!

There was a blood-red sculpture in the middle of the hall. This sculpture was of a big fire bird.

The fire bird had its wings spread out, it looked like it wanted to cry out into the sky. Its feathers, which were soaked in Great Yan gold, looked like burning flames.

The Great Yan gold is originally black in color, but when light shines on it, it would reflect a dark golden sheen.

But this Great Yan gold sculpture inside Hall 6 looked blood red. This was because the pure Yang energy the fire bird had merged within the Great Yan gold over a long period of time and it eventually turned into this color.

“The founding city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City surely chose it well. To have an ancient three legged Golden Crow primordial species&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun pondered over it. This fire bird’s name was Rainbow Blood Feather.

How could the Tai Ah Divine City, being the symbol of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, not have a pure Yang primordial species within its Wilderness Divine Hall?

If it did not have one, then future generations would find it difficult to practice the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’.

Back when the founding city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City built the Wilderness Divine Hall, he had chased the pure Yang Rainbow Blood Feather across half the Divine wilderness!

When the Wilderness Divine Hall was built, the Rainbow Blood Feather was placed in Hall 6. The Hall was inscribed with arrays that gathered pure Yang Qi. This caused Hall 6 to maintain a hot temperature over the tens of millions of years. The closer one approached the Rainbow Blood Feather, the higher the temperature was.

The tiles below the Rainbow Blood Feather had been baked red. Over many years, all the impurities in the tiles had been burned away. Even the tiles were considered treasures.

“Rainbow Blood Feather&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun looked at the formidable fire bird sculpture. He could feel wave after wave of energy and pressure heading towards him like a tsunami. The blood within his body began circulating rapidly.

The Rainbow Blood Feather’s pure Yang energy was much better than the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

Yi Yun had his spiritual energy interface with the Purple Crystal. In his vision, it was a fiery red scene.

Ever since he had absorbed the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, Yi Yun’s mental powers had improved. Having formed the Heaven’s eyeball, his control over the Purple Crystal had increased.

Now, Yi Yun could easily use the Purple Crystal to absorb the primordial species’ energy through the Great Yan gold.

Soon, the first energy blob flew towards Yi Yun.

This energy blob was the size of a pigeon egg. There was a small, cute fire bird in it. This fire bird looked exactly like the Rainbow Blood Feather. Each feather looked lifelike and they could be clearly seen.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and calmed his mind. After that, he opened his mouth and began to swallow the energy blob.

Suddenly, Yi Yun clearly felt that the pure Yang energy surged through his limbs. Yi Yun controlled this energy masterfully and with one complete circulation in his body, the energy entered into the picture of the Sun.

With the picture of the Sun within his body, Yi Yun’s body ability to hold and control energy greatly increased. If Yi Yun’s body was said to be a water reservoir, then the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi would be the water. Now, having learnt the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, Yi Yun’s reservoir had been dug deeper, so he could freely absorb the energy, filling up the reservoir once again.

Blob after blob of pure Yang energy flew towards Yi Yun. The Rainbow Blood Feather, as a primordial species, had energy that was in no way inferior to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng in terms of purity. After going through the Great Yan gold and the pure Yang array for tens of millions of years, the energy quality was much better than the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

Of course, the most beneficial thing Yi Yun got from absorbing the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was not the energy itself, it was his Heaven’s eyeball, which he formed using its energy. This was an unexpected surprise.

In the next two hours, Yi Yun dedicated himself to absorbing the pure primordial species energy. As the picture of the sun in his soul became more and more complete, Yi Yun’s understanding of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ also grew deeper.

Day after day, Yi Yun would allocate time to cultivate in the day and at night. By absorbing the pure Yang energy within the Wilderness Divine Hall, he slowly copied the Sun picture in his mind. Yi Yun’s cultivation level also became more solid as he did so. The picture of the Sun slowly increased in completion. It went from 70% to 75% and then to 85%, all the way to 90%.

These days, Yi Yun’s Dantian was like a burning flame. Slowly, his cultivation level reached the peak of the mid-stages of Purple Blood and it was moving towards the late-stages of Purple Blood.

But at this time, Yi Yun had used up all the cultivation time he had left in the Wilderness Divine Hall.

Just a bit more&h.e.l.lip;

The sun picture within Yi Yun’s mind was nearly complete. If he could not enter the Wilderness Divine Hall at this time, it would be a pity.

He just needed six more hours of Wilderness Divine Hall cultivation time to complete his Sun picture.

Yi Yun frowned slightly. If he were to pick herbs to earn dragon scale runes, it would be too slow. To earn 3000 dragon scale runes, he needed to pick herbs for at least another 7-8 days. Then, he wouldn’t be able to finish the first stage of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in one go. If he carried on 7-8 days later, he would lose his momentum and waste a lot of mental energy.

“Right!” Yi Yun’s mind suddenly had a flash of brilliance. He thought of an easy solution. “How could I forget this? It shouldn’t be a problem then.”

In the central square of the Tai Ah Divine City, there was an inconspicuous building behind the Ten Thousand PaG.o.da. This building was thirty meters tall and looked ordinary from the outside.

But this building held painful memories for many cultivators.

This was the Tai Ah Divine City’s bank. It provided loan and p.a.w.ning services to cultivators.

The loan interest were abnormally high. Rookies had to pay a monthly interest rate of 12%, while non-rookies had to pay a 15% monthly interest rate.

Back then, when Zhao Qingcheng had to ask Yi Yun for help. it was because of the high-interest loan she had borrowed from this bank. That amount was just tens of dragon scale runes. Yi Yun did not ask for it back since Zhao Qingcheng had helped him quite a lot.

Yi Yun came to the bank to borrow money. He wanted to borrow 3000 dragon scale runes and he wanted return it in a month. He just needed to pay 360 dragon scale runes as interest. To Yi Yun, this was nothing.

The bank’s loaning procedures were not complicated. Although Yi Yun was a rookie, he had previously had a large number of dragon scale runes, so he had a high credit limit. According to the Tai Ah Divine City’s various regulations, Yi Yun had a 5000 credit limit.

Yi Yun planned to only borrow 3000, but when he entered the bank he encountered a strange group of cultivators.

Within the bank were four youths. They were dressed in silk. Their body figures were interesting. One was tall, another short, another fat and another thin.

The four of them stood together, completing a height and weight set. It gave a comical feeling.

“Manager, how much do you think this could be p.a.w.ned for?”

Not many people dared to borrow from the bank’s usury. And to these rich young masters, borrowing from a bank was pretty disgraceful.

Hence, if they needed money, most of the time they would choose another method, which was to p.a.w.n.

Many young masters p.a.w.ned items that they had brought from their family clans. The Divine City did not encourage such behavior, hence they greatly lowered the valuation of the p.a.w.ned item!

An item, when p.a.w.ned in the Tai Ah Divine City, would usually be devalued by half.

But there was no other choice. Many young masters would still come to p.a.w.n their items since the Tai Ah Divine City had many resources that could not be obtained elsewhere.

“500 dragon scale runes!”

The p.a.w.ning manager had a moustache. He was a middle-aged man who wore a small felt hat, which gave him a common businessman look.

Each item was just scanned with his eyes half-opened. In a few seconds, he would evaluate the items and give them a price. The quoted price was final and those who didn’t agree with it could choose not to sell it!

“500, so little&h.e.l.lip;” The tall youth was upset, but after some thought, he bit his teeth and said, “I’ll p.a.w.n it!’

“Second brother, don’t worry about it. Right now, what we are lacking is dragon scale runes. With this item p.a.w.ned, we can redeem it back in the future if you want it.” The short one amongst the four youths spoke. As he said it, he raised his hand over his head to pat the tall youth’s shoulder. Due to the difference in heights, it looked very out of place.

“By p.a.w.ning our items, we can use the dragon scale runes we get to bet with that fool Yi Yun next month. By then, 500 will turn into a thousand and a thousand will turn into two thousand. In a short while, we will earn everything back!” The short youth said it with ease.

The fat youth by his side echoed, “Right. This kid Yi Yun dared to offend our Hongdao a.s.sociation. It’s best to start with him! Brothers, this battle will be our, the Capital’s Four Bully Lords, it will be our first battle in the Tai Ah Divine City. We must ensure that the name ‘The Capital’s Four Bully Lords’ becomes famous. In the future, the four of us will become famous in the Tai Ah Divine City. We will use Yi Yun as our flag in this first battle!”

The fat guy’s words made the others excited. Having the Capital’s Four Bully Lords dominate the Tai Ah Divine City was an exciting thing to think about!

At this point, not far away from them, Yi Yun’s facial expression was odd. These four people’s words made him puzzled.

Bet with that fool Yi Yun? Were they talking about him?

This made Yi Yun at a loss over whether to laugh or cry. He understood that these people were from the Hongdao a.s.sociation.

They came to the bank to obtain money. However, as they came from a prestigious background, they had items to p.a.w.n. It did not matter if they couldn’t return the money in the future.

And the reason for them p.a.w.ning their items was to bet on the battle with him in a month!

Rookies did not earn a lot of dragon scale runes, but they had large expenditures. It was natural that they did not have many dragon scale runes to gamble with.

And to many rookies, the battle in a month’s time would be their best opportunity to earn dragon scale runes.

As for Yi Yun, having arrived in the Tai Ah Divine City, he had chosen the herb-picking job that the least capable people did. Together with his Cloud Wilderness background, his strength couldn’t be any good. Yet, he picked a primordial herb, making him worth a lot. Was he not the perfect lamb for the slaughter?


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