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Chapter 199: Elder Jian Ge

“Yi Yun? He’s looking for Yi Yun!?”

Upon hearing the black cloaked man asking for Yi Yun, the youths were shocked. Why was such an important person looking for Yi Yun for?

Although Yi Yun was outstanding, he was just a rookie that would not attract the attention of such important people.

“I am.” Yi Yun stepped forward. He gave a Tai Ah Divine Kingdom military salute to the law-enforcer.

The black-cloaked middle-aged man sized up Yi Yun, as if he was trying to figure out what was so special about this youth.

This little fellow was really surprising for a mid-stage Purple Blood thirteen-year-old.

The black-cloaked man smiled and said lightly, “Follow us, the Elder wants to see you.”

Saying that, the black-cloaked man turned to leave.

Behind him, Zhou Kui and the other bunch of youths were stunned upon hearing this!

What did that black-cloaked guy say?


What Elder?

Many of them had not recovered from the shock. They looked at each other. It seems&h.e.l.lip; in the entire Tai Ah Divine City, the people who were qualified to be referred to as Elders were only a handful of people. Each of them was a pillar of support for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and they were a super existence that could battle a primordial species.

They were sages!

A human sage wanted to see Yi Yun!?

They were shocked. Not even the youths, but even Baldy Qin was baffled.

The Divine City’s elder wanted to see Yi Yun? This was really&h.e.l.lip; unbelievable&h.e.l.lip;

In the history of the Tai Ah Divine City, there may not be a single human sage in 500 years!

Baldy Qin obviously knew that the reason the Elder wanted see Yi Yun was definitely not because he could insert a few Primal Arrows into the purple tungsten wall.

Yi Yun’s three Primal Arrows were indeed not bad, but it was definitely not worthy of the Elder’s concern.

Ignoring people like Qin Haotian, even new recruits like Qiuniu could match Yi Yun’s standard.

This achievement, in the eyes of a Human Sage, was like a pa.s.sing cloud, it was absolutely negligible.

Then&h.e.l.lip; why did the Elder want to see Yi Yun?

“Instructor Qin, I’m leaving for a bit. For that reward, sorry for bothering you.” Yi Yun bade farewell to Baldy Qin and followed the black-cloaked man.

Baldy Qin was still stunned and did not react, nor did he make a sound.

Behind Baldy Qin, Zhou Kui and the other youths were already dumbfounded. Their agape mouths did not close even when Yi Yun disappeared from their sight.

Zhou Kui suddenly recalled that before Yi Yun lifted the Primal Arrow, Yi Yun had mentioned that he was in a rush because someone might want to see him in a while.

At that time, Zhou Kui thought that it was some medicine child that Yi Yun picked herbs with. But now he realized that the person who wanted to meet him was the Tai Ah Divine City Elder!

The person Yi Yun casually said he was meeting was actually the Tai Ah Divine City’s Elder!

Zhou Kui began wondering if he had a mental problem.

“Instructor Qin, What&h.e.l.lip; the h.e.l.l is going on?” Someone asked Baldy Qin, but Baldy Qin shook his head. He had no idea too.

“Dismissed!” Baldy Qin waved his hand.

For Yi Yun to be summoned by the Elder, this was definitely a huge matter in the recruit camp. Baldy Qin did not know what Yi Yun did that could involve the Elder.

He was prepared to ask w.a.n.g in a moment.

And at this time, Yi Yun had already followed the law-enforcer to the central divine tower.

Despite seeing the huge and majestic central divine tower several times, Yi Yun was still shocked by its majesty.

It was like a majestic mountain. The huge airships that flew in and out of the central divine tower were as small as flying bugs compared to it.

The black-cloaked man said, “The Tai Ah Divine City has 5 Elders. The one meeting you later is Elder Jian Ge! Elder Jian Ge is currently in the central divine tower’s Earth Fire Alchemy Lab.”

As the black-cloaked man spoke, he took Yi Yun into the central divine tower. The hall’s pa.s.sageway was five floors high, it gave the people who walked through it a feeling like they were tiny.

There were huge mural paintings and sculptures lining up along the two sides of the pa.s.sage and the floor was made of flat tiles.

These tiles were black and they were so bright that you could use them as a mirror. When Yi Yun stepped on the tiles, he could feel his blood circulation speed up. There was a faint feeling that his body’s blood was connected to the floor tiles.

These tiles&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun suddenly recalled the description of the central divine tower from the “Divine wilderness” book. The tiles used in the central divine tower were specially made.

These tiles were three feet and three inches in length and three feet and three-sixteenth inches wide. The tiles were smooth and they were as hard as steel. They had a special name, Beast Blood Midnight Tiles.

Midnight was used to describe the blackness of the tiles, while the Beast Blood was used because each tile was sprayed with desolate beast blood before being placed into the furnace.

It was hard to imagine how much desolate beast blood was used to build this central divine tower.

Tiles baked in a furnace with beast blood would absorb the blood’s strength. With the array master’s elaborate setup, the central divine tower became a huge treasure, allowing it to gather all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within a hundred miles of it.

It could be said that the central divine tower was built using an extreme amount of wealth and materials when the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was extremely strong. This was the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s symbol!

The black-robed man pushed a heavy stone door, which revealed a spiraling staircase that led downwards behind it.

“Follow me.” The black-cloaked man said and started walking down the spiral staircase. The spiral staircase was not wide and it could only allow four to five people to walk up or down it at the same time. Yi Yun guessed that this was a small path that led underground.

However, because Elder Jian Ge lived underground in the divine tower and not at the central divine tower’s peak, Yi Yun was disappointed.

Yi Yun really wanted to take a look at the levels above the ninetieth floor of the central divine tower. He wanted to see the legendary top-cla.s.s rooms!

The top-cla.s.s rooms were mysterious and they were of the utmost grandeur among cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City.

Ignoring normal cultivators, even a person like Qin Haotian, who had cultivated in the Tai Ah Divine City for six years, might not be eligible to stay in one of those top-cla.s.s rooms!

The spiral staircase, which did not seem to have an ending, had lit lamps on both sides of the wall. Yi Yun estimated that he had descended a few hundred meters before they arrived in front of a metal door.

This metal door was engraved with all sorts of complex patterns. The black-cloaked man stood in front of the door and bowed, “Elder Jian Ge, I have brought Yi Yun.”

“Alright&h.e.l.lip;” A m.u.f.fled voice transmitted from the big door. It lacked any might, but the sound did not dissipate, and kept echoing.

Yi Yun held his breath. He was worried about meeting the Elder.

Without anyone pushing the door, the door opened by itself.

A stream of hot gas rushed forward.


This was Yi Yun’s first feeling. In front of him was the Earth Fire Alchemy Lab. A furnace made of bra.s.s stood in the middle of the hall.

The furnace was the height of a person, and on the surface were carvings of flowers, birds, insects and fish.

Below the furnace, a green flame burned. This flame was silent. The flame was steady and it did not jump. This was the so-called “Earth Fire”.

In the bas.e.m.e.nt of the central divine tower, there was a Earth Fire array that gathered the Divine wilderness’s fire for the Elder to be used in refining elixirs!

And in front of the furnace stood a green-shirted elder. He had very ordinary looks and he was slightly thin. As such, his green alchemist robes looked baggy.

Behind the green-shirted elder was a sword. The sword was wrapped up in cloth, only revealing an unsophisticated hilt. It made it hard to imagine what the sword looked like.

This elder looked like he had spent a long time in the Earth Fire Alchemy Lab. His eyes even looked tired, making him look listless.

It was difficult to imagine that this groggy-looking old man, who did not look like anyone special, was one of the strongest experts in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

“Elder Jian Ge, I have brought Yi Yun here.” After the black-cloaked man bowed, he silently backed out and closed the door.

Suddenly, there was only Yi Yun and the green-shirted elder left in the alchemy lab.

Yi Yun held his breath!

He told himself to remain calm, but still, his heart beated even faster.

He had seen many strong desolate beasts in the past, but when facing them, Yi Yun had no fear. However, in front of this elder, even though the elder did not do anything and looked listless, Yi Yun still felt a tremendous pressure. He was like a mortal trapped in a cage with a fierce tiger.

“You are Yi Yun?” The green-shirted elder lightly asked. The eyes that were originally half-closed suddenly opened, reflecting Yi Yun’s figure in his black pupils.

As if he was looking at a mirror, Yi Yun could clearly see himself through the elder’s pupils.

Yi Yun tightened up immediately!

He felt that the eyes were looking through him.

His every inch of flesh and blood, his Dantian, his organs, his 360 acupuncture points, the 12 regular meridians and the 8 special meridians were all being scanned by the elder!

Heaven’s Eye&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun felt a tremor in his heart. He wished he could stop his beating heart.

But reality went contrary to his wishes, and Yi Yun’s heart began beating even faster.

Within his heart, the Purple Crystal throbbed along with his heart and pulsated along. Yi Yun’s palms began to ooze sweat.

The Purple Crystal did not react to the green-shirted elder’s scan.

But, when the green-shirted elder’s scan swept past the Purple Crystal, he did not stop.

The green-shirted elder carefully sized up Yi Yun a feel times and he looked through Yi Yun inside out. But even after sweeping past Yi Yun’s heart a few times, he still did not detect the presence of the Purple Crystal.

Finally, the green-shirted elder withdrew his sensing.

The short few seconds made Yi Yun feel like he was in a great war. It was extremely exhausting, it was much more tiring than capturing the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

The green-shirted elder looked at Yi Yun with a surprise, “You have formed the Heaven’s eyeball?”

Since the green-shirted elder’s senses were sharp, the fact that Yi Yun had formed a Heaven’s eyeball naturally could not escape his eyes.


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