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Chapter 197: Yi Yun’s Reason

“To be able to pick this herb, it was really the luck of this junior. It was like this&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun stretched out his words. He made sure that there was nothing left out in the story he had fabricated.

“In the past few days, this junior had been diligently picking herbs in the #60 herb mountain. Late last night, this junior was near the peak of a mountain. I saw a flash of lightning a few hundred miles away. It seemed like it was raining over there.”

“But&h.e.l.lip; the lightning that occurs when it rains is usually bluish purple. But this lightning was blood-red in color. But because it was too far, I couldn’t see it well. Even so, I felt that I was not mistaken.”

“From young, I have an inexplicable sense and intuition for strange phenomena. I found this lightning strange, as if something abnormal was happening. As such, I rushed over there to investigate.”

“I ran at my top speed, but by the time I reached there, the lightning had stopped. From the soil and plants, I saw obvious signs of lightning having struck the area.”

“I perceived the surroundings carefully and I found an unusual Yin-Yang Qi in the surroundings. I did not know what happened. I just recalled in some books that when treasures appear, it will create some phenomena. With this thought in mind, and seeing this phenomena, I felt that maybe this had something to do with a treasure!”

“Hence, I carefully searched the surroundings. I dug three feet in the ground and did not miss a single leaf. After that, I found this Blood Yang Flower&h.e.l.lip;”

“It was deeply buried within, and it was already damaged. Its juices were mixed with mud, but even then, I could still recognize it.”

“I was overjoyed when I found the Heaven-ranked herb. I took out the jade box and I was thinking of sealing the Blood Yang Flower to prevent it from losing its herbal essence. But suddenly, I found that my surroundings had changed. It was like I had traveled through a s.p.a.ce-time tunnel. I was suddenly in the middle of the Divine wilderness. There was thunder and lightning in the sky and there were a large numbers of desolate beasts charging at me from all directions!”

“I panicked and I took out my Thousand Army Saber to engage in battle. However, I felt something was amiss. How could the scenery suddenly change?”

“My perception has been different from others, even when I was younger. I quickly calmed down and perceived the surroundings. I suddenly felt that the beasts charging towards me did not exist. Everything was just an illusion.”

“I realized that something was trying to harm me! I could not find it, but I could guess that it was a magnificent existence.”

“At this time, I felt my head ache terribly. It was as if something had entered my head. I nearly went mad, but I suddenly realized that if I couldn’t endure through it, I was doomed. With all my might, I maintained the last bit of clarity within my mind and, with my Tai Cang Bow, shot out a desperate arrow.”

“This arrow had been specially modified by me. I had embedded the arrowhead with a Divine h.e.l.lion Bead, that I bought earlier, in it.”

“Divine h.e.l.lion Bead?” Upon hearing this, w.a.n.g suddenly interjected. Of course, she knew the weakness of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. This was too much of a coincidence. The arrow prepared Yi Yun had prepared earlier was the bane of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

“Yes&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun scratched his head with shame. “I heard that the Divine wilderness camp has a high death rate. As this junior is afraid of death, so with the first amount of dragon scale runes I earned, I exchanged them for something defensive. I did not expect it to be used so early on. I’m really lucky.”

Seeing Yi Yun with his boy-next-door look, and the continuous mention of the word ‘luck’, w.a.n.g could not stop her eyelids from twitching. The reason he bought the Divine h.e.l.lion Bead was because he was afraid to die&h.e.l.lip;

As a mid-stage Purple Blood kid, you actually exchanged a Divine h.e.l.lion Bead for defense!

Absolutely&h.e.l.lip; speechless!

What was more outrageous was that this Divine h.e.l.lion Bead had really come in handy. This luck was too ridiculous!

Yi Yun was not afraid of mentioning the Divine h.e.l.lion Bead. As for the lunar Yin array and the cicada array, he did not mention them.

Even Zhao Qingcheng did not know what items he had bought in the Ten Thousand PaG.o.da.

Even if people were to investigate it in the future, the Ten Thousand PaG.o.da was not like a cashier machine like in his previous life. It did not have any storage system, so who would know what was bought by who amongst those millions of items.

“And you actually shot this herb just like that?” w.a.n.g asked.

“That is how it was. Back then, my mind’s hint of clarity was like a tiny boat in the huge ocean. It could disappear at any time. I shot that arrow with all I got. As for the direction I shot, I followed my feelings. I did not know what I was shooting at. I just felt that if I didn’t shoot, I was likely to die.”

“Following that, there was a large explosion. I was violently pushed by that explosive wave and I nearly fainted.”

“After struggling to not lose consciousness, I began searching my surroundings. I guessed that something formidable had attacked me, so I wanted to find out what it was.”

“My surroundings had turned into a scorched piece of land. The Blood Yang Flower was buried by the soil again and it was damaged even more. With my perception, I searched carefully and turned over every rock and finally I found a carrot-looking thing three feet deep. It didn’t look eye-catching, but I knew it was something spectacular!”

Yi Yun’s story was cooked up with a mixture of truth and falsehood. But everything within it was based on some factual foundation.

w.a.n.g listened carefully to the story. When Yi Yun finished, she gave Yi Yun an odd look.

According to the way Yi Yun said it, Yi Yun’s luck was really ridiculous!

The lightning Yi Yun said he saw from a few hundred miles away was likely a heaven calamity.

A large number of primordial herbs would slowly evolve, but there were some primordial herbs that through a variety of exotic lucky chances and they would create a small heaven calamity with a tiny probability.

This heaven calamity was unpredictable and it would usually catch the primordial herb off-guard.

Such a heaven calamity would make its evolution more thorough, but if it were to fail in surviving through the crisis, it would be destroyed.

According to ancient books, the blood-red lightning that Yi Yun saw was a specific feature of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s heaven calamity.

By surviving through a calamity, it was the point at which the primordial herb was at its weakest!

At this point, a primordial herb’s concealment abilities, attack power and its escaping abilities would all greatly decrease.

After surviving a calamity, a primordial herb would hide itself to slowly recover.

This Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng would likely do so, but Yi Yun had to appear at this moment and found the Blood Yang Flower it was nurturing.

Hearing Yi Yun’s description, w.a.n.g felt that this calamity came too suddenly. This Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng must have responded in a panic, which resulted in it to be greatly weakened.

At this time, the Blood Yang Flower, which could help it quickly recover, was too important to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

How could it let Yi Yun steal the Blood Yang Flower? As such, it ignored its serious injuries and attacked Yi Yun.

By right, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Yi Yun was still young and he had a low cultivation level. Even if the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was greatly weakened, it was no surprise that it could handle Yi Yun.

But Yi Yun had extraordinary mental fort.i.tude. At a young age and with his mere mid-stage Purple Blood cultivation level, he could actually escape from the illusion. This gave the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng no choice but to increase its psychic attack on Yi Yun, causing it overdraft on its pure Yang Qi.

But what made w.a.n.g most puzzled and alarmed was that Yi Yun was able to use his intuition to guide him under the illusion attack. By using the Divine h.e.l.lion Bead arrow he had prepared well in advance, he killed the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

This was too ridiculous!

But&h.e.l.lip; upon further thinking, with a Divine h.e.l.lion Bead made by a master, a full-strength shot from Yi Yun’s Tai Cang Bow and a seriously injured and overdrafted Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng made it possible for Yi Yun to turn the tide!

w.a.n.g was stunned for a while. What Yi Yun said may sound strange, but there was nothing unreasonable with the story if one gave it further thought.

And besides that, there was no other way in explaining how Yi Yun had managed to capture the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

Is that possible?

A less than thirteen-year-old kid managed to capture a primordial herb!

This was absolutely preposterous. How could all those long-bearded alchemists accept this?

The only mysterious thing was Yi Yun’s intuition.

But this was not surprising. In this world, there are some people who are born with naturally keen senses. In extreme conditions, they could have a magical sixth sense, which leads them to good fortune and allows them to avoid disaster.

This intuition was often life-saving.

w.a.n.g gawked at Yi Yun before moving her dried lips, “Do you know&h.e.l.lip; what it is that you have dug up?”

Yi Yun thought and said, “It should be a primordial herb. Actually, this junior had some speculations. This junior has seen some Divine wilderness books. One of those herbs described within was very similar to the herb I picked. As this junior knew it was a matter of great importance, I came back earlier&h.e.l.lip;”

Hearing Yi Yun’s words, w.a.n.g’s jaw dropped. She really did not know what to say. She had previously heard Yi Yun say, “Because I managed to obtain some extra bonus. I was worried about the loss of the herbal essence, so I came back early.”

At that time, she felt that Yi Yun was merely fabricating some story. But she never expected that Yi Yun was actually saying the truth and he had actually brought back a Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

This was the so-called “some extra bonus”?

This was “some extra”!?

What sort of worldly joke is this!

“You&h.e.l.lip; You wait for me here. I&h.e.l.lip; I’ll report to the Elder!”

w.a.n.g had trouble saying those words. It was almost like she had lost her ability to speak. To w.a.n.g, a cultivator picking a primordial herb was an absolutely important event!

It has been very long ever since the Tai Ah Divine City was built. But this was likely the first time that it happened!

She was completely at a loss how to handle it. The manuals in the office did not label the rewards for a primordial herb because there was no need to!

Upon thinking of this, w.a.n.g suddenly remembered that when Yi Yun came to the office, he had asked what the reward was for picking a primordial herb.

At that time, she had thought that this youth was crazy and he was somewhat like a r.e.t.a.r.d.

But now, she suddenly felt that she was the r.e.t.a.r.d.

This world had really gone mad!


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