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Chapter 186: Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng

The library stood in the northeast corner of the Tai Ah Divine City. Compared to the central divine tower or the Wilderness Divine Hall, the library was much more plain.

Upon arriving, Yi Yun saw building after buildings of black stone terraces. Each black terrace was seven floors tall.

“Here it is. The further back you go in the black terraces, the more precious the books are. Some of them even need glory points to enter. But they are all cultivation technique manuals. If you just want to check for information, you won’t need many dragon scale runes.”

Zhao Qingcheng brought Yi Yun all the way to the entrance. After asking the librarian, Yi Yun walked to the third black terrace.

There were old bookshelves that lined the inside of the black terrace.

There were all sorts of ancient books that stood on the shelves. Some were made of paper, animal skins or even had metal pages.

Besides the ancient books, there were different kinds of jade scrolls and regular scrolls. A jade scroll the size of palm had an amazing wealth of information recorded within.

Soon, Yi Yun found the book he was looking for.

“Divine Wilderness Anthology”! This was a book devoted to introducing all the treasures within the Divine wilderness.

The book was as thick as a brick. Each page was similar to the ‘Divine wilderness’ book. It had its own world within and needed spiritual energy to read it. There was a vast amount of information contained in it.

Each page introduced the different treasures!

Yi Yun swept through the table of contents. The items that could enter the “Divine Wilderness Anthology” was items that interested human sages or top human lords.

The desolate beasts were all beast king-ranked and above or primordial species.

The worst kind of herbs recorded were Heaven-ranked or primordial herbs.

As Yi Yun browsed through it, he even saw the chimera the founding city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City killed!

“Oh? Chimera!” Yi Yun paused. The chimera was one of the strongest among the primordial species.

The primordial herb he found had energy as pure as the chimera, but the quant.i.ty was much less.

The chimera had the ability to cast away mountains and upset the sea, it was not something a herb could compare with.

Yi Yun carried on browsing and he looked carefully at every divine herb recorded.

From midnight, he carried on browsing deep into the night. After comparing over a hundred divine herbs, he slowly came to determine the primordial herb he had encountered.

“Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng! It has to be this!”

While in the Tai Ah Divine City herb mountain, Yi Yun had seen the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s shape using his energy vision. It was rod-like and it was about a foot long, with the thickness of a wrist. It was very similar to the description in the “Divine Wilderness Anthology”.

In addition, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng could control Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to form illusions. People who wanted to pick the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng would fall into an illusion, and they would not be able to distinguish between illusion and reality.

Furthermore, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was a Yang ent.i.ty. It liked to eat items with Yang Qi in them to aid its own growth.

With this, it meant that the Blood Yang Flower was mostly likely food reared by the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

After considering all of the information, Yi Yun confirmed that the mysterious herb was most likely the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

There were clear records of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s habits, weaknesses, pharmacology and abilities within the “Divine Wilderness Anthology”.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was an earth elemental divine herb. It specialized in forming tunnels. It could instantaneously enter the ground and form tunnels at an incredible speed!

But the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had its fears. It was afraid of thunder and fire.

Thunder could make the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng momentarily paralyzed. And fire could burn it.

“Thunder and fire&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun was lost in thought. For him to capture the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, he had to hit its weaknesses.

But the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s speed was too fast. For Yi Yun to get close to it, it would be difficult!

Yi Yun’s speed may be fast, but that was when compared to warriors on the same level as himself. But if he were to compete with the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, he was certainly slower.

If he were to charge with the Thousand Army Saber in hand, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng would notice the situation and flee!


How to reach the limits of speed?

Yi Yun was faced with a difficult to solve problem at the outset.

It was not possible to improve his speed overnight.

It was not possible to train his movement techniques to the point of catching up with the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. How should he go about then?

Deep in thought, a thought suddenly flashed within Yi Yun’s mind.

His speed may be inferior to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, but it did not matter. As long as his attack could keep up with it.

Although this would be difficult too.

For a warrior, his attack speed would definitely be faster than his body’s speed.

Some large-sized primal behemoths moved slow, but their attack speed was terrifying. This was the reason why they were feared.

Improving his attack speed would be easier than improving his body’s speed.

But, Yi Yun thought of his best attack. And that was with arrows!

There was no chance for Yi Yun to approach the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. He estimated that the closest distance he could come to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was thirty meters. Any closer, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng would become wary of him.

At a distance of thirty meters, rushing forward with a slash was not fast enough. But if he were to shoot out an arrow, the speed would be much faster!

Although trying to hit the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng with a shot was difficult, there was always hope.

Using the Tai Cang Bow with the Wind Chasing Arrows, this was Yi Yun’s most extreme attack.

“Tai Cang Bow&h.e.l.lip; Finally, it is time to use that bow!”

General Yan had previously said that the Tai Cang Bow was made by a reclusive family clan in the Cang state. A treasure bow made by the Zhang family!

What did it mean to be a reclusive family clan? Yi Yun did not know before. He only thought it was a big family clan. As for how big it was? He had a vague understanding.

But now, after Baldy Qin’s introduction, Yi Yun knew that a reclusive family clan had a long history. They were even super families that accompanied the founding emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom to conquer the lands. They had a complex relationship with the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family, and their heritage might not be weaker than that of the Tai Ah royal family!

That guy nicknamed ‘Qiuniu’, who had stabbed into the purple tungsten wall seven times, came from a reclusive family clan.

The bow made by such a family clan was clearly exceptional.

After receiving the Thousand Army Saber and Tai Cang Bow, he had primarily used the Thousand Army Saber. After all, melee weapons were used in fights with other warriors. A bow was primarily used as a military weapon.

These days, Yi Yun had tried using the Tai Cang Bow a few times. Although he did not have superb archery skills, for a warrior like him, be it spiritual energy, eyesight, or the control of his muscles, they exceeded commoners. Hitting a target hundreds of feet away was simple. Furthermore, Yi Yun was only going to be thirty meters away from the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

At thirty meters, Yi Yun could accurately hit a willow leaf with the Wind Chasing Arrow.

“I’ll use the bow!” Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. Just the thought of capturing a primordial herb made his blood boil!


Chapter 186: Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng

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