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Chapter 180: Dragon Rune Ranking


Facing the young ladies’ inquiry on how he found the Meteorite Gra.s.s, Yi Yun gave an indifferent look as if it was not an issue at all.

“Of course I can’t cut every rock open. But Meteorite Gra.s.s can be found inside meteorites. I happen to know meteorites well. There may be many rocks in the Tai Ah Divine City’s herb mountain, but there are few meteorites. I just opened every meteorite up.”

“You know what meteorites are?” The young ladies asked again. They only had a vague concept of things like meteorites and they were not sure what it was because they were still young.

Yi Yun said, “Meteorites may look the same on the surface as normal rocks, but there is actually a difference. When a meteorite is falling, the heat bearing on it is extremely high. It will burn and melt in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, forming a molten sh.e.l.l on its surface. And it is shiny and glossy black, which makes it different from other rocks. Also, it falls at an extremely high speed, thus, it burns through a path of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, leaving behind a texture of being blown on by Heaven Earth Yuan Qi when it cools. Although it is not obvious, you can look for this ‘wind pattern’.”

Yi Yun began to speak at random. He came up with a random story which wasn’t entirely clear. Based on the knowledge he had of meteorites in his past life coupled with his own imagination, it sounded amazing.

However, validating the story was not easy. Distinguishing meteorites was like appraising jade. It was not something someone could learn after hearing a few words. Every meteorite was different. The characteristics he mentioned could be found in some kinds of meteorites, so he was not exactly saying nonsense.

Even if someone proved that he was speaking nonsense in the future, there were no rules against speaking nonsense. There was always compet.i.tion among the geniuses in the Tai Ah Divine City; hence, others would think he was making up nonsense so he would not share his secrets with others.

Sure enough, Zhao Qingcheng and company believed him. Even w.a.n.g could not find fault with Yi Yun’s words. Since Yi Yun’s words were reasonable, and as a warrior, w.a.n.g would not have done any research on meteorites.

“Brother Yi Yun sure is great. You can even find a meteorite amongst all of those stones&h.e.l.lip;” The thirteen-year-old girl was looking at Yi Yun with sparkles in her eyes.

She wanted to accompany Yi Yun while he picked herbs. However, according to the rules of the Tai Ah Divine City, warriors had to be alone while picking herbs. It was to prevent them from privately exchanging herbs.

If not, by combining 20-30 people’s worth of herbs all to one person, one could easily break the record.

Yi Yun began to take out all sort of numerous herbs. After counting each one and drying the low-grade Yellow-ranked herbs, w.a.n.g quickly counted Yi Yun’s actual harvest: 208 dragon scale runes.


The few girls behind Yi Yun drew in a cold breath of air. Although they had already guessed in their hearts, when the number came out, they were still shocked.

It was too ridiculous. They had been arduously picking herbs all these days just to pay the bank loan. And that loan was only 200 dragon scale runes.

The amount of dragon scale runes the four of them borrowed was earned by Yi Yun in a day!

It was really an exasperating comparison&h.e.l.lip;

“Your luck sure isn’t bad. Maybe you have some skill.” After keeping Yi Yun’s herbs, w.a.n.g used her slender eyes to size up Yi Yun, “No wonder you asked so much about breaking records. Looks like you are pretty confident! Alright, bring your token here!”

Back when Yi Yun entered his residence, Baldy Qin had issued him the token. The front of the token was filled with inscriptions and on the back were the words “Divine wilderness”.

Each token was inscribed with 10 dragon scale runes at the beginning. Yi Yun’s token was no different.

After taking over the token from him, w.a.n.g used her spirit to imprint within. After a few seconds, some thickly-dotted golden sparkling runes flew from her token to Yi Yun’s token. It was like a bunch of tiny golden bees.

Zhao Qingcheng and company looked by the sidelines. Those golden runes made them envious!

After Yi Yun’s token absorbed all the dragon scale runes, some golden lines appeared on the surface. They were like dragon scales, and extremely beautiful.

“Thanks.” Yi Yun grinned, taking his token back. At this rate, in about 4-5 days, he would be able to acc.u.mulate enough dragon scale runes to enter the Wilderness Divine Hall.

“This&h.e.l.lip; Little brother Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip;” Just as Yi Yun was prepared to leave the jobs office, Zhao Qingcheng called out to Yi Yun with a flushed face.

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Yi Yun looked at Zhao Qingcheng and from the way she wished to say something, Yi Yun guessed what it was about.

“About this&h.e.l.lip;”

“You want to borrow runes?” Yi Yun hit the nail on the head, making Zhao Qingcheng extremely awkward.

After all, she was not familiar with Yi Yun, so it was not easy to ask to borrow dragon scale runes.

In the Tai Ah Divine City, loans between cultivators were not protected by the officials of the Divine City. There were no terms of conditions or anything. In a nutsh.e.l.l, the Divine City did not support the borrowing of dragon scale runes among cultivators.

What the Tai Ah Divine City supported was fair trade and gambling fights! If one wanted returns, they had to prove their strength. There was no such thing as reaping without sowing.

To borrow dragon scale runes, one had to borrow from the bank. With an interest rate of 12-15%, very few people dared to take out a loan, because it was easy to fall into an abyss of debt.

As for the private loans between warriors, the Divine City had no way of interfering. Of course, one had to be ready incase the other party might not return it.

Besides, no one was rich in dragon scale runes and everyone had to pinch their every penny. To borrow from others?


“About this&h.e.l.lip; We just want to return the loan from the bank. We just need 30 dragon scale runes, no&h.e.l.lip; just 20 would do, is it possible&h.e.l.lip;?” Zhao Qingcheng said with her face flushed and no longer had any clout in her words.

Yesterday, she had asked if Yi Yun wanted to become an a.s.sociate member in the Luohuo a.s.sociation. Also, she said that she would protect Yi Yun if he ever needed help.

But today, she wanted to borrow dragon scale runes from Yi Yun. Not only was she not protecting Yi Yun, Yi Yun ended up protecting her.

Upon recalling the words she said yesterday, Zhao Qingcheng was ashamed and embarra.s.sed.

“20&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun knitted his brows. To him, this was nothing. At his speed of making 200 odd dragon scale runes a day, he could enter the Wilderness Divine Hall in five days. Lending Zhao Qingcheng 20 dragon scale runes would not affect the time it took for him to enter the Wilderness Divine Hall.

Having met by chance, Yi Yun was under no obligation to help Zhao Qingcheng, but since it was as easy as lifting a finger for him, Yi Yun did not reject it after some thought.

To get to know another person in the Divine City would be beneficial. After all, it might be of use in the future.

He asked, “Sister Zhao, I want to ask something. Previously, on the roll of honor, I saw that Luo Huo’er was number one on the Man ranking. But she was ranked rather far back in the Heaven and Earth ranking. What’s the matter with the Man ranking?”

“The Man ranking&h.e.l.lip; The Man ranking is dragon scale runes. The amount of dragon scale runes on your token and the amount of resources bought from the Divine City will be combined to form a rank. Senior Luo is number one on that!”

“But Senior Luo isn’t as rich as you think. Senior Luo earns a lot, but she spends a lot as well. She often worries about dragon scale runes&h.e.l.lip; She’s a Desolate Heaven Master, and she needs to practice the Desolate Heaven skill, so she needs a sizable amount of dragon scale runes.”

“I see&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun finally understood. Since the Tai Ah Divine City allowed private trade among the cultivators, as a Desolate Heaven Master, she would earn dragon scale runes quickly. But the practice of the Desolate Heaven skill is very expensive; so although Luo Huo’er was number one on the Man roll of honor, she was not very rich.

It should be said that with the rules set by the Tai Ah Divine City, no one could end up being rich. The dragon scale runes were used to buy resources.

There were many resources in the Tai Ah Divine City that were astronomical in price. No matter how much dragon scale runes one had, it could be easily spent.

“20 dragon scale runes, I can lend it to you&h.e.l.lip;”

“Really!? Thank you so much!” Zhao Qingcheng was pleasantly surprised. Yi Yun was a great help for her this time round.

Yi Yun’s dragon scale runes could be used to pay off the month’s interest, which was a timely gift.

“I’ll return you on the 5th of next month.” Zhao Qingcheng said with immense grat.i.tude. She left behind a voice transmission mark with Yi Yun, facilitating their contact in the future.

“Okay.” Yi Yun nodded.

After Yi Yun left, Zhao Qingcheng still felt like she was in a dream. This little brother had ridiculous observational power!

“He seems to be as old as me.” The young lady from before said helplessly. She was also about twelve years of age, and she still subconsciously felt that she was still a child.

But the things Yi Yun did, was it something that a child could do?

“Yeah&h.e.l.lip; That Yi Yun might one day become a rising star! If we have cordial relations with him, it might perhaps help out our family&h.e.l.lip;”

Zhao Qingcheng began making her calculations. Even if Yi Yun’s cultivation level was nothing in the future, just his observational skill would be beneficial. When warriors went to dangerous mystic realms on expeditions, a keen sense and observation could save lives. Partying up with these sort of people was an a.s.suring matter.


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