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Chapter 170: You must have been a sedan carrier in the past?

“This is ridiculous. These Xuanwu Army members, who have moronic-minds but well developed limbs, can’t even lift the Primal arrow, let alone pierce it into the wall.” A Jin Long Wei warrior transmitted his voice softly.

Ever since they came to the Tai Ah Divine City, they were finding it difficult to handle training after training.

The training was too tough!

After all, this was their first day of formal training ever since they came to the Tai Ah Divine City.

In the future, they would constantly undergo similar training. If they could not take it, the outcome would be miserable.

A group of Xuanwu Army members, after shouting for about fifteen minutes, collapsed to the ground one by one, with their faces puffed red. Their tongues stuck out from their mouths. They were really dog-tired.

“Can you get it up or not?” The bald man taunted.

Hearing the words “get it up”, they all felt ashamed.

It was taboo for men to be said to be unable to get it up. But now, they had no way of retorting.

“I’ve never seen such a bunch of wimps! Originally, I thought you wouldn’t be able to insert it in, but now, you can’t even get it up!”

“Since you can’t get it up, then what’s the point of keeping it? You might as well castrate yourself and become a woman!” The bald man’s words were really venomous. The Xuanwu Army members who had stepped forward wanted to burrow into the ground and hide themselves.

It was too embarra.s.sing. They had never been that ashamed in their entire lives.

A youth said with some disgruntlement, “Qin&h.e.l.lip; Instructor Qin, it’s not that we can’t get it up, but this Primal Arrow is too heavy. Instructor Qin, you might get it up easily, but we are still young. We have just spent two hours in the Wilderness Divine Hall, and frog-jumped while bearing weight. Our energy hasn’t fully recovered&h.e.l.lip;”

“Just give us some time. Once we recover our energy, lifting this Primal Arrow won’t be difficult&h.e.l.lip;”

Between the lines, the youth was implying that the bald man was using his age against them, forcing them to do impossible tasks.

Upon hearing the youth’s words, the bald man flashed a cold gaze that was difficult to detect, “Oh? Really?”

The youth immediately shut up with that reply. He did not dare look at the bald man.

These days, everyone knew about the bald man’s foul att.i.tude. But he was extremely strong. He had handled the Primal Arrow like a chopstick. Although these youths were arrogant, in the bald man’s presence, none of them dared to show any temper.

Secretly, all of them called the bald man Baldy Qin.

“You, step out!”

The bald man pointed at Zhou Kui.

Zhou Kui’s eyes lit up. For Baldy Qin to call him, it was naturally to use him as a demonstrative model!

Zhou Kui’s heart beat faster!

This proved that Baldy Qin appreciated him!

This was his time to shine. He definitely could not fail!

Zhou Kui clenched his fists and walked out of the troop.

Zhou Kui did not expect that moving the Primal Arrow was that difficult. He had wanted his followers to try it, but seeing his boys fail to lift it, Zhou Kui also became aware of the difficulty.

Among his boys, some of them were quite strong.

Although Zhou Kui was stronger than them, he did not have a ridiculous amount of strength. Hence, Zhou Kui made the clever choice of continuing to recover his Yuan Qi.

Seeing Zhou Kui step forward, the Xuanwu Army’s unruly kids lit up.

Zhou Kui was their big brother and was the strongest amongst them. They couldn’t do it, but Zhou Kui could.

If Zhou Kui managed to do it, they would also gain some pride.

At least someone from the Xuanwu Army could say he was a man.

But before Zhou Kui could do anything, the bald man pointed out another person.

“And you too!”

The people followed Baldy Qin’s fingers, and that person was none other than Yi Yun.

No one was surprised when Baldy Qin pointed out Yi Yun. During the frog-jumps, Yi Yun had surpa.s.sed Zhou Kui and he was currently in the limelight.

There were even some Xuanwu Army members, who were full of confidence about Zhou Kui, felt that Zhou Kui might lose to Yi Yun.

The bald man gave a meaningful glance at Yi Yun, “Kid, step out!”

The gap between Zhou Kui and Yi Yun was rather obvious.

Zhou Kui was about the same height as the bald man. He was even bulkier than the bald man. On the other hand, Yi Yun still looked like a twelve-year-old child. Compared to that four-meter long Primal Arrow, three Yi Yun’s together would only be a foot longer than the Primal Arrow’s shaft.

Yi Yun was helpless about his height problem. The children from the vast wilderness grew taller later as their nutrition couldn’t keep up.

Now, Yi Yun had finally matched up his nutrition level. Every morning when he woke up, he could feel his joints crack. It proved that his body was growing.

But growing tall needed some time. To grow up, a boy needed about two to three years time.

Yi Yun walked out of the troop and walked towards the big metal box.

The adult arm-thick arrow shaft could only be lifted by Yi Yun using two hands, or he could not even maintain his balance.

Crossing glances with the bald man, Yi Yun noticed that there was a strange flair within the bald man’s eyes.

Zhou Kui glanced at Yi Yun. He pumped himself up. This time, I can’t embarra.s.s myself.

“Brother Kui, go!”

“Brother Kui, insert it mercilessly!”

The brothers from the Xuanwu Army cheered loudly.

Zhou Kui rolled up his sleeves and after stretching his back and loosening his feet and neck, he finished his preparatory warmup.

Following that, Zhou Kui went into a horse-stance, and used both his hands to lift the Primal Arrow’s tail. With his hips, all his muscles flared up!

“Get it up for me!” Zhou Kui shouted loudly, and he lifted one end of the Primal Arrow, and rested it on his shoulders!

Following that, Zhou Kui rested the other end of the arrow shaft on the metal box corner. His body slided along the arrow shaft by two meters, placing his shoulders in the middle of the arrow shaft. With that, he lifted up the Primal Arrow!

“Brother Kui, nice!”

Upon seeing this scene, the Xuanwu Army members turned red from excitement, as if they had just eaten aphrodisiacs. Zhou Kui was the first person to lift a Primal Arrow.

“Insert it in!”

“Insert it in!”

The bunch of animals shouted loudly. With a burst of strength, Zhou Kui carried the Primal Arrow and rushed towards the purple tungsten wall with big steps.

He was like a wild bull charging forward!


A metallic thud sounded, and the Primal Arrow crashed heavily into the metal wall.

It quivered against Zhou Kui’s arms and shoulders as they turned numb. His shoulder felt like it was breaking apart.

Before, the bald man said the purple tungsten was soft. Thinking about that, Zhou Kui wanted to curse. How was the purple tungsten soft? If it was, how could his long-trained body nearly break apart from that collision?

But, the result was okay. He had still managed to stick this Primal Arrow into the purple tungsten wall with great difficulty.

About half the arrow head was embedded within the metal wall at about half a foot deep.

But this deepness was insufficient to keep the Primal Arrow firmly planted within the metal wall. The moment Zhou Kui loosened his grip, the Primal Arrow staggered and fell onto the ground.


The Primal Arrow fell heavily on the school ground, causing a tremor, showcasing it’s terrifying weight.

“Brother Kui is a real man!”

The people from the Xuanwu Army were extremely excited. Although it was not stable, it was still inserted.

Zhou Kui was the first person to lift the Primal Arrow, and the person who had left a mark on the purple tungsten wall.

But still, Zhou Kui frowned. He was not pleased with the result. The bald man had casually thrown it and the Primal Arrow stuck stably. When it came to him, he found it difficult just to insert it.

Zhou Kui thoughtlessly looked towards Baldy Qin, waiting for Baldy Qin’s evaluation.

Baldy Qin smiled and said pleasantly to Zhou Kui, “Not bad. The way you lifted the metal pole was very proficient. You knew to raise one end first, slide your shoulders over, and then lift the metal pole. Doing it this way really saved you a lot of energy. I say, you must have been a sedan carrier in the past?”

When Baldy Qin said the first half, Zhou Kui still felt praised, but the last half of his words made Zhou Kui choke.

Sedan carrier?

Zhou Kui took a while before realizing what Baldy Qin meant. He was ridiculing his pose used to insert the Primal Arrow.

The Primal Arrow was similar to a spear. When training your attacks with a spear, you would stab while carrying it in your hands. Who would lift a spear with their shoulder to stab?

His results had been torn to pieces by Baldy Qin’s evaluation!


Zhou Kui was aggrieved, but he was completely unable to refute.

At this time, the bald man turned towards Yi Yun, “You, try it!”

Baldy Qin had been paying attention to Yi Yun. Baldy Qin’s expectations were high. After all these years in the Tai Ah Divine City, Baldy Qin had seen many geniuses, the real geniuses.

But this time, of the hundred people from he Jing state, Baldy Qin was not satisfied with them at all.

So far, he only paid a little more attention to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun regulated his breathing. This time, it was a comparison of pure strength, no tricks!

Yi Yun’s forte was not his strength. Of course, that was compared to those naturally born with divine strength. Compared to others, Yi Yun’s strength was still sufficient.

“Help me take this.” Yi Yun took off his clothes and removed the Flowing Mercury Gown and handed it to Xu Zheng.

“Oh? “Flowing Mercury Gown?”

Many people saw the clothes Yi Yun was wearing and recognized the level of the Flowing Mercury Gown with a glance. Its weight varied from ten cauldrons to a thousand cauldrons.

When Yi Yun was doing his frog-jumps, he was apparently also wearing the Flowing Mercury Gown. But if the Flowing Mercury Gown was at 10 cauldrons, then 250 cauldrons with the 10 additional cauldrons was just 260 cauldrons, and that was not ridiculous.

“Brother Yi, be careful. You just came out from the Wilderness Divine Hall and you have frog-jumped for a long time. This arrow doesn’t look light, don’t get injured!”

Yi Yun nodded, a.s.suring Xu Zheng.

If it was a test of movement, Yi Yun could still wear his Flowing Mercury Gown. But in a test of his body’s strength, Yi Yun had to go all out.

Using all his strength might not even satisfy others.

Today’s training was a great challenge for Yi Yun. He felt that with his present strength, it would be extremely difficult to insert the Primal Arrow into the purple tungsten wall!


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