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Chapter 167: Frog-jumps

Many people were looking at Yi Yun. Choosing two training sets was too shocking. But if Yi Yun couldn’t wear it, then it would be a great joke.

Yi Yun placed the black training suit over his head and pa.s.sed his two arms through the sleeves.

The moment the training suit was worn, the array was initiated!

Yi Yun immediately felt his body sink. 250 cauldrons and the Flowing Mercury Gown’s 50 cauldrons were now weighing on Yi Yun’s body.

Such a weight made the ground sink with every step!

The Tai Ah Divine City’s streets consisted of special materials. It was made to support the warriors’ training, if not, the streets would be destroyed very quickly.

He really wore it.

Zhou Kui’s eyes twitched. He saw a scene he really did not want to see.

He had to admit that he had underestimated this kid.

But even if he had that ability, how long could he last?

Previously in the two hours at the Wilderness Divine Hall, Zhou Kui had already expended so much of his energy, it was impossible that Yi Yun did not expend any.

Zhou Kui gritted his teeth and wore the two training suits.

The moment he put it on, he felt his two legs grow heavy. At the same time, he could feel his body void of Yuan Qi.

To wear such heavy training suits to frog-jump, it was certain he couldn’t last long. “If I really cannot endure it, I’ll wait till Yi Yun collapse from exhaustion, then I’ll take off the red training suit.”

Zhou Kui made such plans since Yi Yun was unlikely to leap more than a few steps.

“Frog-jumps, begin!” The bald man ordered and everyone began jumping.

Many people were paying heed to Yi Yun, especially the people from the Xuanwu Army. They were all waiting to see Yi Yun collapse from the two sets of training suits.

“We shall wait and see. 250 cauldrons will crush your knees.” Some people thought maliciously.

Among the 100 people, Yi Yun was among the first few. He took a deep breath and with a deep squat, he jumped!


With 300 cauldrons of weight, even the ground vibrated gently.

In the frog-jumping process, Yi Yun could feel each muscle in his body tremor.

300 cauldrons was the weight Yi Yun could bear. Under this weight, Yi Yun’s muscles even had slight cramps. His body’s joints was also enduring violent smashing into each other.

Yi Yun felt that the training suits he was wearing were like a heavy hammer striking at his body.

And this striking process made the primordial species’ energy, which he had not fully absorbed, be hammered into his flesh and blood. It nourished his blood, strengthened his muscles and broadened his meridians.

This feeling was too comfortable!

“The primordial species’ energy is no trifling matter!”

Yi Yun’s body heated up. It was like there was a fire in his Dantian. The primordial species’ energy surged through Yi Yun’s veins, making his blood flow faster. All of his joints began to crackle like the crackling of a bonfire!

Again and again, Yi Yun jumped and landed. He breathed in deeply and his steps were stable. He even felt that under the nourishment of the primordial species’ energy, his strength was constantly increasing.

The primordial species’ energy was being quickly absorbed when he was exercising at his limits.

Soon, Yi Yun had already jumped more than ten times. He did not seem like he was faltering, but he was actually becoming increasingly relaxed.

What&h.e.l.lip; What the h.e.l.l?

The people from the Xuanwu Army were dumbstruck. Zhou Kui was even more dumbfounded.

They were frog-jump training experts. They could tell just from Yi Yun’s takeoff and landing that Yi Yun was not forcing himself, but that he could really handle 250 cauldrons of weight!

Maybe Yi Yun’s strength could not last for long, but in this situation, he could easily jump and complete the first thirty feet easily.

Zhou Kui’s eyelid twitched. He felt like his stomach was churning.

As for the members of the Xuanwu Army, they swallowed a mouthful of saliva and they all had a constipated expression.

How could this be possible? This kid’s endurance is so good? He still had so much stamina left after spending two hours in the Wilderness Divine Hall?

“Brother Kui, what should we do?” Someone asked.

“What can we do, jump after him. I refuse to believe that I cannot endure longer than he can.” Zhou Kui bit the bullet and took a deep squat. He could only endure for a while doing frog-jumps with 250 cauldrons of weight with his current Yuan Qi left. The only thing left was to see who amongst them could sustain themselves longer.

“Right, Brother Kui is right. This kid definitely cannot beat Brother Kui! Brother Kui can even endure close to 400 cauldrons to jump 2.5 kilometers, not to mention 250 cauldrons.”

“Brother Kui, kill him. We will support you!” Zhou Kui’s followers were confident of Zhou Kui.

Zhou Kui took a deep breath and with a vein popping out of his forehead, he took a deep squat and jumped!

Zhou Kui felt like there was a big mountain pressing on his knees.

The knees bore the full brunt of the frog-jumps. If one wasn’t strong enough, they could injure their knees.

As such, Yi Yun was in front, and Zhou Kui was behind. Zhou Kui stared at Yi Yun’s back and followed closely behind.

He could not see Yi Yun’s expression. He had to guess if Yi Yun was nearing his limits by observing Yi Yun’s actions.

Many a time, by having a goal to follow, it could allow a person to persist for a very long time.

For example, in a long-distance run compet.i.tion, the second place could follow the first place and have less pressure.

That was Zhou Kui’s plan. He was confident of his ability. With his advantage in strength, and the psychological advantage, there was no way he would lose.


As time pa.s.sed, Yi Yun was proceeding forward at a steady pace. During his advancement, the primordial species’ energy was constantly refining Yi Yun, entering Yi Yun’s blood and flesh.

This extremely pure energy gave him the ability to go against fate.

Yi Yun felt his body heat up more and more as he jumped. There was a surge of energy within his body that needed to be spent, or it would explode.

Under the stimulus of this energy, Yi Yun jumped with greater strength. He felt like he was rearing a Fierce Divine Tiger in his body. There was endless amounts of energy within him, making him want to jump several feet higher.

Yi Yun finally felt that 300 cauldrons was insufficient!

In the beginning, 300 cauldrons was Yi Yun’s limit, but now 300 cauldrons could no longer suppress the primordial species’ energy flowing throughout Yi Yun’s body.

With some focus, the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight increased by another 30 cauldrons!

330 cauldrons.

This weight balanced out the primordial species’ energy.

Being at the limits, it could force Yi Yun’s stamina by compressing his blood, combining the primordial species’ energy into his body bit by bit.

With such a clear increase in strength and increase in level, it made Yi Yun overjoyed. He felt like a tree in Spring, as he grew bud after bud.

Slowly, Yi Yun had increased the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight to a hundred cauldrons. Hence, Yi Yun was undertaking a total weight of 350 cauldrons, higher than what he was experiencing previously by 50 cauldrons!

The primordial species’ energy gave Yi Yun a 50 cauldron increase in strength.

Although Yi Yun’s face was covered with sweat, his eyes sparkled with excitement. His eyes were like shooting out lightning, and was extremely bright.

At this time, Zhou Kui did not see Yi Yun’s expression and eyes. All he could see was Yi Yun’s back. Zhou Kui gritted his teeth as he followed Yi Yun.

“He should&h.e.l.lip; not be able to make it, soon&h.e.l.lip;”

With this thoughts in mind, it motivated Zhou Kui to keep jumping.

Every jump and landing was like he was within an execution ground.

Initially at up to the sixty meter mark, Zhou Kui did not feel anything.

By 300 meters, Zhou Kui felt his legs go numb.

Following that, at 600 meters, 900 meters, Zhou Kui’s knees were trembling.

It was already 1200 meters!

1200 meters&h.e.l.lip;What was the feeling after expending all the energy in the Wilderness Divine Hall for two hours, and undertaking 250 cauldrons to frog jump for 1200 meters?

Zhou Kui had never been so tired in his entire life!

But, in front of him, Yi Yun was still making one leap after another.

Zhou Kui was going mad. How the f**k is he holding on?

What went wrong?

Zhou Kui hoped that Yi Yun would falter at every breath, but&h.e.l.lip; All he saw was Yi Yun leaping forward jump after jump, as if he didn’t feel tired.

Yi Yun’s speed was leisurely, and the distance he covered with each leap was surprisingly uniform..

Zhou Kui opened his mouth to take in deep breaths as his sweat seeped into his eyes.

After 1200 meters&h.e.l.lip; it was 1500 meters&h.e.l.lip;

Zhou Kui’s body had a deficit in Yuan Qi and he felt dizzy.

“That kid&h.e.l.lip; should&h.e.l.lip; should be faltering. I’m already so tired&h.e.l.lip; He is definitely&h.e.l.lip; just barely enduring it&h.e.l.lip;”

“I just&h.e.l.lip; just need to endure a little longer&h.e.l.lip; and it will do, will do&h.e.l.lip;”

Zhou Kui was hypnotizing himself as a form of consolation, but&h.e.l.lip; as he opened his sweat-filled eyes, upon closer inspection, he could not believe that Yi Yun’s back was getting further away from him.

Even so, Yi Yun still jumped again and again with no signs of fatigue. It was as if he was going to jump to the ends of the world.

How&h.e.l.lip; How could this be&h.e.l.lip;

Zhou Kui could not believe it. Ignoring the thought of enduring to the point Yi Yun could no longer jump, just the distance Yi Yun had opened up was more than a hundred meters.

This hundred meters distance was an insurmountable cliff for Zhou Kui!

If he was inferior to Yi Yun in terms of speed, it was alright since he was not good at it.

But strength and endurance were his pride; how could he lose to Yi Yun in these?

When a genius experiences a failure, and especially in an area that he was most confident in, it will result in a psychological blow. Zhou Kui felt a lack of oxygen to the brain. He felt light-headed as his vision began to blur.

He could no longer hear anything except his breathing and heartbeat.

He had been motivated by his stubborn willpower previously. But now, with his Yuan Qi completely drained, and the huge psychological blow, with one breath, he was left without even a shred of energy.


Zhou Kui’s body wobbled and planted his face into the ground. He fell sprawling upon the ground.


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