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Chapter 166: Basic Training

At this moment, several Jin Long Wei members were suffering in their hearts.

They were skilled at techniques, but in terms of strength, they really could not compare with the Xuanwu Army who were noted for their strength.

The Xuanwu Army was a heavy-armored regiment. Xuanwu is also the name of a divine beast, similar to a tortoise. This divine beast is shaped like a tortoise with a snake on its back.

With a divine beast with such high defence as the army’s mascot, it also reflected the nature of the Xuanwu Army.

These Xuanwu Army members mainly trained by bearing weights and doing strength-training.

It was difficult for the Jin Long Wei to compare with that.

These Jin Long Wei members had barely managed to endure two hours in the Divine Wilderness Hall. They were under the misconception that they could rest, but now, they had to undergo even more training. The Divine Wilderness campgrounds, which was known as death’s goalpost, was something normal people could not endure.

Seeing the ugly faces of the Jin Long Wei members, the Xuanwu Army members turned excited. For them, they did not need to be very happy, it was sufficient as long as someone beside them did worse than them.

To these people, the suffering of others was their own happiness. Besides, overshadowing the Jin Long Wei made them feel good.

As a result, the Xuanwu Army members were looking forward to go to the school grounds.

“The training will begin now. From the Wilderness Divine Hall to the school grounds is about five kilometers. Get there while frog-jumping!” The bald man said.

“Frog jumps? Haha, I like it!”

Frog jumps was a common training method used by the Xuanwu Army members. As warriors, they had to bear weights, or it would just be too easy. It was no trouble jumping a dozen meters with just one leap.

“How much weight do we have to bear?” Someone from the Xuanwu Army asked.

“Since you have consumed a lot of energy today, I’ll reduce the weight. You just need to wear these.” Saying that, the bald man touched his interspatial ring and took out a huge box.

With a kick, the box opened. The box was filled with training suit.

These training suits were colorful and looked like they were made of denim. But the young heroes present knew these were weighted clothes.

It was light in the hand, but upon wearing it, they would be tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds in weight.

“This is the Tai Ah Divine City lightest types of training suits. It’s originally used to train your movement, but I’ll let you use it for weights. It’s very easy!”

“The black training suit is 200 cauldrons, the purple one 100 cauldrons, the red one 50 cauldrons, the green one 30 cauldrons and the white one is 10 cauldrons! Choose whichever you want to wear.”

A cauldron was a thousand pounds. Even the lightest white training suit was 10,000 lbs and it was equal to the Flowing Mercury Gown’s lightest weight.

But the Flowing Mercury Gown could increase in weight to a thousand cauldrons, which was five times the black training suit.

And the training suits here had fixed weights. As such, the difference in value was obvious.

“By squeezing yourself to the limit is beneficial for you. But&h.e.l.lip; if you think you can’t handle it, just choose the white training suit and eat some bone relics or something.” The bald man mocked.

This dismissive tone immediately stirred up the people’s desire for excellence. How could a bunch of proud youths acknowledge words that belittled them?

They immediately began choosing the training suits.

To frog-jump for five kilometers while there was little Yuan Qi within their body, even the young and spirited heroes knew the difficulty.

After measuring the difficulty, the Xuanwu Army members chose the red training suits. Very few of them chose the purple ones.

As for the Jin Long Wei members, they had to settle for a lighter suit. Most of them choose the green training suits, with a small minority choosing red.

After all, they had little energy left within their bodies.

Zhou Kui laughed at Yi Yun while glancing over at him, “Hehe, Yi Yun, you must have consumed a lot of Yuan Qi in the Wilderness Divine Hall? How about it? Do you want to choose a lighter one? This purple training suit is a hundred cauldrons, and it is probably not suitable for you.”

Zhou Kui purposely provoked Yi Yun. The purple training suit was the second heaviest training suit among all the suits. None of the Xuanwu Army members dared to choose it.

Zhou Kui wanted to provoke Yi Yun into choosing a training suit he couldn’t handle, and make him dog-tired while frog-jumping.

Yi Yun laughed and said, “It’s indeed not suitable.”

With regards to choosing the training suits, Yi Yun did not need any consideration. There was nothing to consider.

Back when he was in the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s array, he was wearing the Flowing Mercury Gown at a weight of ten cauldrons. However, that was to train his movement skills, which was very different from training his weight-bearing.

A tier one male could easily lift 300 lbs of items, but if he were to lift 50 lbs of items to do a hundred meter sprint or a long jump, then it would be much more difficult.

Yi Yun’s body was full of energy, and since it was just weighted frog-jumps, the purple training suit’s hundred cauldrons was not suitable.

Zhou Kui stumbled. He did not expect Yi Yun to ignore his taunts.

He’s so gutless? I said it was not suitable and he didn’t choose it? Is he even a man?

Just as he was preparing to say a few words to nip at Yi Yun, he suddenly widened his eyes as he saw Yi Yun picking up a black training suit.

The black training suit was 200 cauldrons in weight!

Seeing Yi Yun’s choice, Zhou Kui’s eyes twitched. Is this kid mad?

If Zhou Kui was in his optimal state, then jumping five kilometers in 200 cauldrons of training suits was nothing. He could even handle 300 cauldrons.

But now, after expending so much energy within the Wilderness Divine Hall, Zhou Kui was only planning on using a purple training suit. After all, there was still training to be done at the school grounds. If he were to collapse from exhaustion on the way, it would be too embarra.s.sing.

He had wanted to provoke Yi Yun into wearing a purple training suit with him, entrapping him. But unexpectedly, Yi Yun chose the black one.

How should he choose? Now with Yi Yun choosing the black one, was he going to acknowledge his inferiority and choose the purple one?

Yi Yun must be a r.e.t.a.r.d. Did he not listen to the bald man’s words and mixed up the weight of the black training suit?

Even the bald man looked at Yi Yun with surprise. But, it was only surprise.

As for the Jin Long Wei members, they were stunned.

“I choose this.” Yi Yun said it and smiled at Zhou Kui. “What about you? I heard the people from the Xuanwu Army like you practice frog-jumps all the time?”

Zhou Kui hesitated for a moment, and with a gulp, laughed bitterly, “That’s for sure. Stuff like frog-jumps is basically the same as walking to us Xuanwu Army! We have already gotten bored of it.”

Zhou Kui gritted his teeth. He could not be overshadowed by Yi Yun.

Zhou Kui grabbed another black training suit and thought, “Kid, I’ll let you fake it. I’ll see how long you can fake it!”

Zhou Kui knew his current situation. He was in no situation to play around with the black training suit.

But upon careful thought, this was no matter. Once Yi Yun collapsed from exhaustion, he could eat some fierce beast relics, or at worst, eat a desolate bone relic to replenish his stamina.

By gritting his teeth, he would be able to endure until he reached his destination.

After all, this was the heaviest training suit and he had expended a lot of energy within the Wilderness Divine Hall. Eating a desolate bone relic in this situation, even the strict bald man will probably allow it.

“Hehe, as long as I eat a desolate bone relic, I will be able to endure through it. As for you, with your tiny body and thighs thinner than my arm, you will probably not be able to make it after leaping thirty feet. Five kilometers isn’t that easy to jump!”

With this in mind, Zhou Kui gave a sinister and burlesque glance to Yi Yun. He said lightly, “In the past, our training uses 300 cauldrons training suits to do frog-jumps, and we do 15 kilometers at a time!”

Zhou Kui bragged, and his followers echoed, “Haha, Brother Kui had previously even played with 400 cauldrons. Even the shortest distance was 10 kilometers! It’s only 5 kilometers today, and the heaviest training suit is only 200 cauldrons. Brother Kui, you will just have to make do with it.”

After all, bragging didn’t cost anything, so they did it with great aplomb. But for Zhou Kui’s optimal state, he could barely manage slightly above 300 cauldrons.

Zhou Kui’s record was frog-jumping 2.5 kilometers with 360 cauldrons.

Seeing Zhou Kui and his follower brag, the bald man raised his eyebrows and laughed, “So, you think 200 cauldrons isn’t enough?”

Hearing the bald man’s words, Zhou Kui nearly planted his head in the ground. He wanted to slap his follower. Why did he have to open his big mouth!?

“If you think it’s not enough, you can wear two pieces.” The bald man pointed to the box and said calmly.

Zhou Kui laughed drily twice. Just as he was about to say some words to admit his defeat, he saw Yi Yun puffing and blowing while picking up a red training suit and putting it on his body&h.e.l.lip;

Zhou Kui nearly choked.

He opened up his mouth and looked disbelieving at Yi Yun.

This kid, is his brain screwed on right?

With the black color’s 200 cauldrons and the red color’s 50 cauldrons, it was a total of 250 cauldrons!

Actually, this was the apparent weight.

Yi Yun had secretly changed the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight to 50 cauldrons for a total of 300 cauldrons. Yi Yun estimated that this was his limit. If he really couldn’t take it, he could slightly reduce the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight. When comparing strength, Yi Yun could not beat Zhou Kui in his peak condition.

At this time, Zhou Kui looked like he had eaten a pound of a.r.s.enic. He did not know what to say.

This kid, what madness is this&h.e.l.lip;?

After enduring the Wilderness Divine Hall, he’s still taking on 250 cauldrons to frog-jump 5 kilometers?

Zhou Kui was now irrevocably committed.

Many people were looking at him. The Jin Long Wei members, the Xuanwu Army members and the bald man were looking at Zhou Kui with a smile.

Zhou Kui felt this heart was in a stampede of 10,000 near-horned beasts with mud-stained hoofs. They were crushing him till he vomited blood. He gritted his teeth and took out a red training suit from the box.

Black color and red color, a total of 250 cauldrons&h.e.l.lip;

A vein stuck out from Zhou Kui’s head. Is he risking his life to defy me?

He looked at Yi Yun. He had his suspicions that this kid Yi Yun was purposely messing with him. Can he even wear 250 cauldrons of training suits?

If Yi Yun couldn’t, then he didn’t need to follow in Yi Yun’s mad footsteps.

But Yi Yun had already wore the red training suit and was just about to wear the black one&h.e.l.lip;


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