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Chapter 158: Central Divine Tower

“What is that huge flame-colored bird?” Yi Yun asked the person behind him. He had gained a few friends in these last few days.

“It’s a Ferocious Fire Bird. It has the bloodline of the primordial desolate beast Vermilion Bird. It and the Crackling Fire beast are both fire elemental desolate beasts. Consuming another fire elemental beast will help its development. Although they are both desolate beasts, the difference in their strengths is tremendous!” said a slightly plump youth beside Yi Yun.

This youth’s name was Xu Zheng. He was one of Yi Yun’s newfound friends that he gained while traveling.

Xu Zheng touched his plump chin and licked his lips, “Desolate beasts with primordial bloodlines, tsk tsk. They give great benefits to one’s body. If you can capture and refine a Ferocious Fire Bird into a desolate bone relic, it would be priceless on the market. There will be no shortage of people rushing to buy it.”

These days, Yi Yun had learned the different desolate beasts’ strength cla.s.sification.

The weakest were normal desolate beasts. The only difference from fierce beasts was their ability to manipulate Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. It was similar to the Mortal Blood warriors before the Qi Gatherer realm and those who had broken through to the Qi Gatherer and above.

After normal desolate beasts, there were the elite-ranked desolate beasts, general-ranked desolate beasts, king-ranked desolate beasts&h.e.l.lip;

Further up, there were rumors of primal-ranked desolate beasts and primordial-ranked desolate beasts. These were beyond Yi Yun’s comprehension scope.

For a desolate beast to be strong, the most important criteria was its bloodline. Typically, a desolate beast with a primordial bloodline tends to be stronger.

If one could kill a primordial type and obtain its bones and blood, one could make them into a relic and elixirs and their value would be immeasurable.

Of course, this was too far away for Yi Yun. He found it difficult to beat normal desolate beasts, not to even mention how he would do against primordial types.

As it started to turn dark, a commotion aroused within the airship. Upon hearing this, Yi Yun looked out into the distance. What he saw completely shocked him.

He had previously heard that the Divine wilderness campground was located within a city. This city stood within the Divine wilderness and was known as the Divine City of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

Words are but wind, but seeing is believing. Now, after seeing the city, Yi Yun knew why it was called “Divine City”!

Within millions of miles of endless gray plains, there stood a city. It was built on the peak of a gigantic outcrop!

The city was a black citadel. The foundation stone pillars were below it. It was a shaved off summit, dozens of miles in radius and tens of thousands meters high!

A city built on top of a rock pillar which was tens of thousands meter high, made it look like a black dragon from afar!

It was hard to imagine that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had built such a city in the Divine wilderness. Even the most capable human would sigh with emotion when seeing this!

As the airship approached, Yi Yun slowly saw the city’s silhouette come into view. The sight made him feel a majestic aura, as if an emperor-G.o.d was attacking him, both mentally and physically.

Yi Yun’s chest started to fill with an unknown vigor, as if his blood was set on fire.

To use magnificent to describe a city such as this would be insufficient.

The city’s base was already tens of thousands of meters tall. Inside the city, there were tall buildings, some of them even pierced through the clouds themselves.

The walls around the city seemed to be connected to the sky, as if they were endless.

There was a huge, dark brown colored square in front of the city. It looked like it had been covered in blood, revealing an endless amount of killing and vigor.

Beside the square, there were thick and tall old trees, which resembled green giants.

The entire city was situated on a sharp cliff, the cliff walls were smooth like mirrors. There were no roads, only water-bucket sized black metal chains that linked the jagged parts of the cliff to the plains tens of thousands meters below.

Looking at it from below, the chains were huge and lofty at the bottom, while the other end looked thin in the distance, as they eventually disappeared into the clouds. It was horrifying.

These chains were bridges that hung in the void and they were the only entrances into the city from the Divine wilderness plains.

Such construction made it difficult to enter and exit the city. But it had a great advantage, it was easy to defend.

The Divine wilderness would occasionally have beast hordes. In these beast hordes, there was no lack of king-ranked desolate beasts. If it was an ordinary city, it would long since have been flooded by a beast horde!

Having a city built on an outcrop tens of thousands meters high, standing all alone at the pinnacle, once the chains were withdrawn normal desolate beasts would no longer have any way of attacking.

The airship landed on the square in front of the city.

There were dozens of vessels, the same size as the large airship they were on, parked in the square.

There were many strong-looking guards standing in the square.

Yi Yun, Song Zijun and the hundred other people from the airship followed the thin bald man in disembarking.

The moment he disembarked the airship, Yi Yun felt an extremely dense and oppressive Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was more than ten times denser than in the Cloud Wilderness. The density of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was very important for a warrior’s cultivation, hence, the Divine wilderness was considered by many warriors to be a sacred cultivation ground.

Finally standing in the square, Yi Yun felt the majestic aura of the city.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s number one city–Tai Ah Divine City!

The Zhong state royal capital was the central city of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, it was magnificent and had a grandiose atmosphere. However to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warriors, this city that stood in the distant Divine wilderness was the true number one city of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

Over the tens of millions years, the Tai Ah Divine City had nurtured numerous numbers of warriors for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. They cultivated here, they killed and grew here!

“How does it feel?” The bald leader spoke with pride. The Tai Ah Divine City was the pride of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

When standing on the tens of thousands meter tall city walls, looking at the endless plains of the Divine wilderness below, pride would inevitably rise up in every Divine Kingdom warrior!

“Let’s enter the city!” The bald man led them with a wave, bringing all these young heroes into the city.

The sky was already turning dark at this point.

The city walls were dimly glowing with inscriptions before they lit up one by one. It made Yi Yun clearly feel a mighty energy fluctuation.

These were inscription arrays made by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s array masters over hundreds of millions of years. Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was injected within, allowing every inch of the city wall to be impregnable.

On the city wall’s crenels, there were ballistae with fine inscriptions on them, as their muzzles pointed outwards in all directions. The ballista’s cold arrowheads would shimmer with purple energy. Together with the entire city wall’s array, it gave off a subtle trill.

These ballistae were like beasts in the night. Although they were not pointing at Yi Yun, they gave him a thin layer of gooseb.u.mps.

When a beast horde would appear, the greatest threat came from the attacks of flying desolate beasts. These ballistae were the nemesis of these flying desolate beasts!

Hence, this city was the amalgamation of uncountable numbers of Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warriors’ wisdom as well as their flesh-and-blood.

At this moment, the city gates opened. Yi Yun followed the bald man into the Tai Ah Divine City. There were not many people in the streets, so they looked empty.

Upon entering the city, the most prominent building was a large tower in the city’s center. This tower was squarish in shape and half of its height had broken through the clouds. Its spire, blurred within the clouds.

It looked like a huge pyramid.

Yi Yun compared it to the surrounding buildings and found out that, all the buildings around it made the pyramid’s size become even more exaggerated, it was like a huge mountain by itself.

Layer after layer of the pyramid was filled with exits, which made it look like a beehive. Flying beasts and airship could be seen shuttling though these exits. In the face of this huge pyramid, those huge beasts and airships were as small as mosquitoes.

“That is the Central Divine Tower. The top level is the residence of the Divine wilderness city’s city lord and its three elders. The Tai Ah Divine City’s elites live in the lower levels.” The bald man casually introduced it tersely before taking them deeper into the city.

The deeper Yi Yun entered the city, the more shocked he became.

The various buildings within the city were not exquisite. But their ruggedness and magnificence emitted a st.u.r.dy and solid aura. Its steadfastness was breathtaking.

Some of the building materials used even had several primordial type desolate bones. Yi Yun could feel the undulating souls of the beasts.

Such buildings were solid and grand in construction. Even if a desolate beast were to enter the city, it would find it extremely difficult to destroy these buildings.

Even the ordinary houses on the streets were covered with protective arrays. They looked ancient and simple. Some of the commoner’s houses had beams made out of the shin bones of unknown beasts.

It was amazing to use bones as beams.

“Oh? “What’s that?” A young hero found that there were black round metal platforms by both sides of the street. These round platforms were lined neatly and above each one there was a stone sculpture in the shape of a human bust.

Below the stone sculptures were some text.

One of the round platforms wrote: “In 2164 W.D., Gao Zhi stood on the Heaven-Earth stage and lasted for 3 min 24 seconds. He had broken the records of the ancestors. This record is to encourage future generations!”

Heaven-Earth stage? What’s that?

Yi Yun was puzzled. This “Gao Zhi” was naturally a person’s name. If he wasn’t wrong, the bust was Gao Zhi.

This half-man sculpture was that of a teenager with a daring sense.

As for 2164 W.D, it was the year that marked the beginning of the Divine Emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, Wan De. He was a Divine Emperor from 50,000 years ago.

That was to say that this metal round platform and the bust had stood there for 50,000 years. This Gao Zhi person had most likely pa.s.sed away!

“Are these the records left behind by warriors training in the Divine wilderness?” Yi Yun understood that this street lined with metal platforms and sculptures, recorded all the geniuses that appear in this Divine City. They had accomplished splendid achievements in the Divine City and their records gave them a permanent place in history.


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