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It had been four months since Yi Yun entered the Chaos Gem mineral vein.

Primordial Chaos Daolord and company had scoured the primeval universe for Chaos Gems during these four months.

These Chaos Gems were sentient, making them very difficult to capture. It took these Divine Lords more than two months to gather the Chaos Gems needed to make one Chaos Gem armor, but it became a problem of who was going to wear it.

None of these hegemons of the Sinkhole's major factions trusted each other. However, only one of them would be able to wear the Chaos Gen armor and enter the mineral vein. If that person were to kill Yi Yun while hidden in the Chaos Gem mineral vein and reap all the benefits, they could easy lie and say they found nothing after exiting.

No one wished their efforts to solely benefit the others. Therefore, even though they knew that Yi Yun had caused a huge stir in the Chaos Gem mineral vein, they waited another two months to obtain a second Chaos Gem armor.

With that, two people could enter, each one keeping the other honest. It was ultimately more a.s.suring.

They also made the two who wore the Chaos Gem armor swear upon their mental demons not to betray the others.

Warriors encountered various difficulties in their cultivation journeys. If they were to go back on their vows made upon a mental demon, it was very likely that they might suffer a deviation while cultivating, especially during a critical breakthrough moment. Therefore, warriors seldom swore on their mental demons.

With the mental demon vows and with two people supervising each other, this put the rest a little more at ease.

"Hand me the armor. I want to enter." Primordial Chaos Daolord was the first to speak.

"Primordial Chaos Daolord, aren't you being overly anxious?" said another Divine Lord immediately.

Primordial Chaos Daolord's cultivation level was considered top-notch among the people here. The other Divine Lords were wary of letting him enter.

"Hmph! What's there to be afraid of? Since I, Primordial Chaos, have made a vow, I would not go back on it. I, the almighty Primordial Chaos Daolord, despise any breaching of vows. I have a vendetta with the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d inside. He has to be killed, and anyone who stops me is stopping me from exacting revenge!" said Primordial Chaos Daolord coldly.

Primordial Chaos Daolord had suffered enough under Yi Yun's hands in recent times. Now, these people thought nothing of his prestige to the point of questioning him to his face.

All of this was thanks to Yi Yun. Upon thinking of Yi Yun, Primordial Chaos Daolord felt a lump in his chest.

At that moment, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord suggested, "Alright, since Primordial Chaos Daolord has said so, we naturally will trust you as a person. Besides, with me and Eclipse Arhat here, we will naturally ensure that everything is resolved fair and square."

Upon saying so, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord smiled at Primordial Chaos Daolord as he nodded.

Primordial Chaos Daolord was expressionless. However, he was still somewhat wary of Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat. Therefore, he did not make a scene even though he knew that Sacred Horizon Divine Lord was warning him.

Besides, unlike Eclipse Arhat, who didn't poke his nose into the business of others, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord was an experienced and astute person. With such a huge treasure before them, it was surprising that he had no intention of entering despite the high prestige he commanded.

Primordial Chaos Daolord watched coldly from the side, unsure what Sacred Horizon Divine Lord was planning. He refused to believe that Sacred Horizon Divine Lord had selfless intentions. How could there be a saint in this cruel martial world?

Seeing that Sacred Horizon Divine Lord had stepped forward to preside over the matter, none of them uttered another word despite being unsatisfied or contentious.

"As for the second person…"

The moment Sacred Horizon Divine Lord spoke again, Fire Cloud Divine Lord could not contain himself and said, "Everyone, I'm willing to do it. Besides, I'm the best candidate."

"Fire Cloud Divine Lord, do you think you have what it takes?" a Divine Lord asked with a frown.

"That's simple. Primordial Chaos and I don't see eye to eye. Since Primordial Chaos has volunteered to enter, I should be the second person to be nominated. That would leave everyone most a.s.sured. At the very least, I will absolutely not ally with Primordial Chaos and instead create a check and balance. What does everyone think about that?" Fire Cloud Divine Lord was confident as he slowly explained his reason.

The Divine Lords revealed contemplative looks.

"What Fire Cloud Divine Lord said makes sense. It's somewhat reasonable," said West River Divine Lord.

"Yes, I think so too."

As a few Divine Lords expressed their agreement, the other Divine Lords had no choice but to nod even if they were reluctant to do so.

In fact, even though what Fire Cloud Divine Lord said was reasonable, there was a question that hung on the Divine Lords' minds. If they were to fight with Primordial Chaos Daolord, they would easily be at the disadvantage. Since Fire Cloud Divine Lord was willing to keep Primordial Chaos Daolord at bay, he was naturally the best choice.

However, not being able to personally enter the treasure hill to see its interior with their own eyes still left these Divine Lords with deep regret.

"In that case, may the both of you take action now," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord.

The two Chaos Gem armors were handed over to Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord. After they donned the armor, the way they looked at hill changed.

Primordial Chaos Daolord had killing intent in his eyes, while Fire Cloud Divine Lord had a strange look of pa.s.sion.

They gingerly proceeded forward by one step. And at that moment, the energy jets rose up from beneath their feet, enveloping them instantly.

No matter how fast one's reaction was, there was no way to dodge that!

Even though they were already mentally prepared, being so quickly enveloped by the blast of energy made Fire Cloud Divine Lord's heart skip a beat. He was extremely nervous. Although he had seen with his own eyes Yi Yun sitting fine and dandy inside the energy jet while donning the Chaos Gem armor, he could not help but turn nervous when it was his turn to actually verify the conjecture. After all, his life would be gone if anything went awry.

However, when the energy jet flowed past Fire Cloud Divine Lord's body, it was like a gentle breeze. It did not harm him in any way.

Fire Cloud Divine Lord immediately heaved a sigh of relief as he could not help but suffuse a smile. The energy jet was so terrifying, yet the Chaos Gem armor allowed for safe pa.s.sage. It was truly a miracle.

At that moment, a sneering sound came from beside Fire Cloud Divine Lord. "What a coward."

Primordial Chaos Daolord had walked straight through the energy jets without even the slightest change in expression.

"You! Heh heh… Caution is the parent of safety. That allows one to live longer." Fire Cloud Divine Lord was first enraged, but he shot back a sneer of his own. He then strode past the energy jet.

Their lives were not threatened inside the energy jets while wearing the Chaos Gem armor. However, the heftiness of the armor, as well as the terrifying Primordial Chaos laws, made them travel at speeds like aged elderly, slow and r.e.t.a.r.ded.

Primordial Chaos Daolord had a profound comprehension of the Primordial Chaos laws. After he familiarized himself with the laws inside, his walking speed immediately exceeded that of Fire Cloud Divine Lord's. Although he was still very slow, he soon left Fire Cloud Divine Lord far behind.

Upon seeing this, Fire Cloud Divine Lord revealed an anxious expression. Everyone wanted to see the treasures inside first. He did not wish to let Primordial Chaos Daolord beat him to the draw, but no matter how much Yuan Qi he mustered, he was unable to speed up. All he could do was watch Primordial Chaos Daolord's rapidly shrinking back.

"Primordial Chaos! Are you thinking of leaving me behind to gain all the treasures for yourself?" Fire Cloud Divine Lord shouted sternly.

Primordial Chaos Daolord did not respond. He stared intently at the hill's entrance. His entire body was exuding forbidding killing intent as a cruel sneer suffused the corner of his lips.

Yi Yun had been fearless, but he probably never expected that today was the day of his death!

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