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Suddenly, the ground began to tremble as the mountains swayed.

Primordial Chaos Daolord and the other two had a change in expression. "What's happening?"

"It seems to be coming from that treasure hill!" said Aqua Waters Divine Lord.

And at that moment, a deep peal rang out from the hill. The sound sent reverberations to their very hearts, to the point where they almost wished to prostrate before it.

If they were low-leveled warriors, they might have even failed to resist and knelt.

This was an extremely powerful nebulous Primordial Chaos, as though the entire hill had come to life. All the nebulous Primordial Chaos around them also began to flow.

"What's happening?" Primordial Chaos Daolord's eyes shimmered as his expression turned grim.

It was obvious to them that the commotion was likely caused by Yi Yun.

What was Yi Yun doing inside?

However, regardless of how they looked at it, their vision could not penetrate the surface of the hill to see its interior, much less see Yi Yun who was inside.

And at that moment, Yi Yun was also unaware of what was happening. His eyes were tightly shut. The wisps of light that connected his body to the hill's walls were emitting extremely glaring light.

These beams of light seemed like contracted versions of meridians. Swirling within them was the purest nebulous Primordial Chaos.

The ma.s.sive quake came from the Chaos Gem mineral vein itself. The mineral vein was like a divine dragon that had been dormant for hundreds of millions of years. And now, it had awakened…

At that instant, Yi Yun felt a ma.s.sive aura, one as boundless as the ocean. Compared to the Chaos Gem mineral vein's ma.s.sive energy, he felt like a lone boat in the middle of the sea, trivial and insubstantial.

"Oh? The Chaos Gem mineral vein has stirred…"

Inside the stone chamber, the G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness was also astonished by this scene. He had originally summoned Yi Yun to the chamber due to his numerous connections with the eight ancient G.o.dly Monarchs, wishing to leave him some things.

However, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's heritage was just too profound. G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness did not pin any hopes on Yi Yun comprehending much of it but now, as Yi Yun began absorbing the Chaos Origins Qi from the Chaos jade slip, he surprisingly caused the entire Chaos Gem mineral vein to stir.

The Chaos Gem mineral vein was the essence and foundation of this primeval universe. Compared to that, a single warrior's strength was just too minute. It was impossible to extract everything in the mineral vein. Even a G.o.dly Monarch was incapable of doing so.

"Junior! This Chaos Gem mineral vein was discovered by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch. You might have stirred the mineral vein's essence Qi, but do not be overly greedy. Your body will not be able to withstand it if you absorb too much of it."

If warriors were said to be thirsty travelers, then the Chaos Gem mineral vein was a ma.s.sive river. Even if the river's waters were refreshingly sweet, travelers could only drink so much. It was completely impossible for them to take the whole river away.

Now, Yi Yun was greedily absorbing the nebulous Primordial Chaos. All the Chaos Gems inside the mineral vein were releasing their essence. As for Yi Yun's body, it conjured a visible black vortex, absorbing all the available nebulous Primordial Chaos without end!

"Oh? What's going on…"

This scene stunned G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness. Yi Yun had absorbed just too much nebulous Primordial Chaos. In addition, the speed at which he absorbed the nebulous Primordial Chaos was accelerating. Such an absorption rate would have long caused the average person's body to explode. Even a G.o.dly Monarch at his peak would not be able to withstand it. Yet, Yi Yun did not seem like had any plans to stop.

"Could it be that his body is special?" G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness thought of a few rare bodies, but even ancient sacred bodies which could contain more energy than the typical cultivator were incapable of doing what Yi Yun was doing.

Despite absorbing so much nebulous Primordial Chaos, there was no indication that Yi Yun would explode to his death. He was like a bottomless hole.

G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness found this unbelievable.

Unbeknown to G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness, in the core of the nebulous Primordial Chaos vortex inside Yi Yun's body, there was a purple card-shaped crystal that was slowly spinning.

This was the Purple Crystal Origins that had been sleeping inside his body for many years. Yi Yun had once guessed that the previous owner of the Purple Crystal Origins was Empress Sheng Mei!

This was also why Yi Yun was able to see phantoms of Empress Sheng Mei and what was apparently the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch in the Purple Crystal Origins, allowing him to gain insights into the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

Gradually, Yi Yun's heartbeat began to synchronize with the Chaos Gem mineral vein's quakes. And these quakes caused the entire hill, and even the entire landma.s.s, to tremble.

Yi Yun's body was being reconstructed by the nebulous Primordial Chaos Great Dao, and slowly, it began to release an aura of Great Dao.

Mortals fought against the heavens by cultivating in the Martial Dao and studying the laws, but they were forever changing externalities into something internal.

In Yi Yun's case, his body was near to that of a Great Dao. The Purple Crystal had absorbed too much nebulous Primordial Chaos, and although the nebulous Primordial Chaos could not all be absorbed by Yi Yun's body for the time being, it would slowly fuse into his body over time.

When that happened, Yi Yun's body would experience another qualitative transformation.

Having laid in slumber here for such a long period of time, G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness's heart was already as still as water. He could handle any matter calmly, but the junior he summoned in today had left him in a state of astonishment.

He watched Yi Yun's absorption of the nebulous Primordial Chaos, and at that moment, the black jade slip floated up and towards Yi Yun.

"Oh?" G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness was shocked once again. The black slip had been left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, but he had never explained what was inside of it.

In fact, when G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness first came to the chamber, he had studied the black jade slip. The other ancient G.o.dly Monarchs had also studied the jade slip in various ways, but the information recorded in it was esoteric, like a mountain hidden in clouds. It was impossible to discern its true form.

Now, the black jade slip was automatically flying to Yi Yun. It was something G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness was seeing for the first time.

Although Yi Yun had connections with the eight G.o.dly Monarchs, it was unlikely he had any connection with the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch. Why was he able to stir the Chaos jade slip that Dao Originator Celestial Thearch left behind?

The black jade slip flew above Yi Yun's head, and at that moment, Yi Yun's body released a destructive aura. The aura felt demonic, as though it came from an abyssal h.e.l.l. Even though Yi Yun's eyes were closed and he remained unconscious, his entire being released a stern killing aura.

A gigantic black wheel appeared beneath Yi Yun's feet. And within the wheel were all sorts of demon G.o.ds.

Following that, the black jade slip seemed to come alive. It suddenly emitted a blooming radiance. Following that, the Chaos jade slip vanished. In its place was a blob of black light. The light seemed to contain boundless killing intent, as though it contained a sanguine world, as though it was the collection of all battlefields.


The light from the Chaos jade slip fused with the black wheel completely!

G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness found this amazing. He had never imagined that the black jade slip would undergo such a change.

What was that black wheel?

"I originally believed you to be a simple junior with a connection to us eight G.o.dly Monarchs. But from the looks of it, I have underestimated you. I never expected that even the heritage left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch would resonate with you…"

G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness muttered to himself. He was filled with admiration over the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's omnipotent cultivation level. Yet a junior was able to forge a connection with the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch despite hundreds of millions of years separating them. This young man was truly extraordinary. He was able to stir the Chaos Gem mineral vein and also awaken the black jade slip. The talent and opportunity he displayed was simply astounding.

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