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"Sealed within this primeval universe is the pa.s.sageway that leads to the Ancestor G.o.d's universe. To the people in this universe, this pa.s.sageway is no different from the entrance to h.e.l.l." G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness's tone seemed to have a tinge of regret and retrospection. He was probably recollecting the ma.s.sive battle following the Ancestor G.o.d's invasion from so many years ago.

Back then there was the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch to hold down the fort, but now… the seemingly thriving Martial Dao was actually in decline. The G.o.dly Monarchs were few in number, and the G.o.dly Monarchs who received the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's heritage were either dead or severely injured.

If the pa.s.sageway was opened, it would lead to unthinkable consequences.

Yi Yun found something odd in what G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness had said. The look in his eyes changed as he asked, "The seal set by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch is likely to be extremely robust, isn't it?"

"Definitely. The Dao Originator Celestial Thearch has a cultivation level that makes him omnipotent. Apart from him, no one can do something so grand," said G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness reverently, but following that, he sighed.

"However, too much time has pa.s.sed. Furthermore, the Ancestor G.o.d has been repeatedly attempting to open the pa.s.sageway. Perhaps in the future…"

G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness did not continue, but Yi Yun understood without any elaboration.

No seal in the world lasts forever. Perhaps the opening of the pa.s.sageway was inevitable; it was just that no one knew when it would open.

"What about the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch? Where is he?" asked Yi Yun.

"His Majesty has already left for another universe…"

G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness sighed lightly. The Dao Originator Celestial Thearch was only a transient visitor in this world. He had come here to search for Empress Sheng Mei. Having found her, he naturally left.

"You do not need to worry too much about this. Only when you are sufficiently strong will you have the right to partic.i.p.ate in these matters. If not, you will still be powerless even if you know everything," said G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness.

At that moment, countless blurry points of light suddenly surfaced on the walls. The stone chamber seemed to be covered in a thin halo, like it was an illusion. It made Yi Yun feel like he had plunged into an intriguing dreamscape.

In this halo, Yi Yun felt the grand aura of the Great Dao's beginnings. Although he stood in the stone chamber, he felt like he was standing above the entire universe. He appeared to be at the birth of the universe, the beginning of everything.

"For you to have such deep ties with the eight G.o.dly Monarchs and possess such immense talent, perhaps this world will rely on you in the future. I don't have much time left… I'll pa.s.s the heritage Dao Originator Celestial Thearch left behind in this stone chamber onto you."

"The black jade slip is carved from the essence of this Chaos Gem mineral vein. There is a wisp of Chaos Origins Qi in it. Chaos Origins Qi is not of any law to begin with, but it will transform into the law that suits you best. Chaos Origins Qi is extremely precious. It's only possible to encounter it as a pinnacle opportunity. Use it well." G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness's voice turned more and more ethereal. As for Yi Yun, he slowly walked towards the black jade slip and took a deep breath. Picking it up, he felt the walls around him slowly vanish. All that was left was the boundless halo that enveloped him.

Chaos Origins Qi would transform into the most suitable law for him? What did that mean?

Yi Yun floated amid the halo, his body automatically relaxing. All his pores began to absorb and expirate the points of light.

Gradually, his body also began to emit a faint halo, as though it had fused with the Chaos Origins Qi.

His vision seemed to traverse the tiny hill, pa.s.s the landma.s.s, and see into the stars together with the halo.

Yi Yun felt like he stood in the center of the starry cosmos as he quietly looked down upon the universe. Beneath his feet was a soft, gentle halo, which he himself was a part of.

At that moment, the river of time appeared in front of Yi Yun, its waters seeming to flow backward.

As time rewound, the entire history of the universe began to play before Yi Yun's eyes.

The landma.s.s splintered off into countless stellar fragments that scattered across the universe. These stellar fragments also cracked apart, reducing to countless stardust.

Even the stardust vanished as well, transforming into countless indistinguishable streams of light. As the cosmos shrank and sank, it finally contracted to a tiny vortex.

That was Chaos, the beginning of a universe.

Following that, Chaos suddenly exploded. In a dazzling display of light, a halo tore out of the light and spread in every direction. Where the halo eventually vanished was the boundary of the universe.

From the halo came all sorts of laws.

These laws permeated the newly formed s.p.a.ce as a brand new universe began taking form.

And Yi Yun watched all of this without emotion.

During this process, the Chaos Origins Qi had slowly transformed into nebulous Primordial Chaos. This was equivalent to the nebulous Primordial Chaos of an inchoate universe.

This wisp of primeval nebulous Primordial Chaos entered Yi Yun's body through his pores as it subtly transformed him.

In the stone chamber, Yi Yun floated in a halo like he was an unborn baby in his mother's womb. Although the halo appeared very light and faint, the s.p.a.ce around it was completely warped. Amid the rifts that tore open, black lightning would flash across.

The beams of light that extended from the halo connected to the surrounding mountain walls. The nebulous Primordial Chaos in the Chaos Gem mineral vein began surging towards Yi Yun by coursing along the beams of light.

Yi Yun was oblivious to all of this. He quietly absorbed everything inside the halo just like the way energy slowly acc.u.mulated before a world's birth.

"That punk has already been in there for ten days. Why hasn't anything happened?" Fire Cloud Divine Lord had been staring intently at the spot where Yi Yun vanished all this time. He felt a little impatient as Yi Yun had not come out.

He could not help but imagine that Yi Yun had discovered something remarkable inside. In this universe, the best items were the Chaos Gems. Over the past few days, Fire Cloud Divine Lord began to get the feeling that the hill was likely a Chaos Gem mineral vein.

If that was true, the benefits the hill brought would be unimaginable. If it were him, he would definitely be sleeping amid the Chaos Gems. Why would he ever want to come out?

Fire Cloud Divine Lord turned more uneasy the more he thought on it. He yearned to charge in to take a look.

Fire Cloud Divine Lord did not know that this place was not only a Chaos Gem mineral vein, but that it also contained primeval heritage left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch who surpa.s.sed G.o.dly Monarchs. If not, he would truly have gone insane.

"Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and company have been searching for Chaos Gems. They have failed to gather the necessary number of Chaos Gems after searching for so long. Who knows how long it will take to have enough for Chaos Gem armor? Only then will we be able to charge in. When the time comes, we will make that punk vomit whatever he obtained!" Fire Cloud Divine Lord said in a deep voice.

Primordial Chaos Daolord gave him an irritated look and said coldly, "If you can't bear with it, go on in. No one is stopping you."

"Hehe!" Fire Cloud Divine Lord sneered. "Primordial Chaos, I'm guessing that the anxiety you are feeling is a hundred times worse than mine. This Primordial Chaos Great Dao is the very law you focus on."

Primordial Chaos Daolord ignored Fire Cloud Divine Lord. He looked at the Chaos Gem mineral vein, his gaze seemingly penetrating the stone walls.

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