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As they constantly descended, the stellar wind storm turned more intense and violent. The wind howled like the stampede of wild beasts. It even made them wonder if the stellar winds at the surface of the landma.s.s would only be more terrifying.

The rate at which the group's Yuan Qi was depleted also increased. The violent winds swept at them like sharp blades and, at that moment, the howling of the winds turned even louder. Terrifying typhoons appeared out of nowhere as they instantly swept the group within their blasts.

Right as his protective Yuan Qi failed to withstand the typhoon, Fire Cloud Divine Lord took out a defensive artifact. But just by being a moment too slow, the typhoon battered him and left him ruptured in several spots, causing his expression to change.

If it was a warrior with a slightly lower cultivation level, they would probably have vanished silently amid the stellar winds.

Apart from the Divine Lords with the highest cultivation levels—Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, Eclipse Arhat, and Primordial Chaos Daolord—the other Divine Lords suffered an injury in some way or another due to the abrupt appearance of the typhoon. Following that, they each used whatever means they had available to them, allowing them to continue the descent by relying on a defensive art or artifact.

However, no one had thoughts of leaving. The existence of the landma.s.s appeared very odd in the primeval universe. Even if this was a land of peril, they would not be willing to stop until they probed it. Furthermore, the violent stellar winds were just too conveniently placed, as if they were a natural protective barrier. If that were the case, this land definitely had something rare.

Even these Divine Lords began to find it challenging when the stellar winds suddenly vanished. What seemed like a barren land appeared before the group's eyes. Weathered gigantic rocks and mountains stood erect on this piece of land. Gusts of sandy wind swept over from time to time as the wind moaned. An extremely ancient aura seemed to envelop the landma.s.s.

Also, the ancient aura seemed to effuse a strange and sinister feeling.

After what seemed like an endless amount of time, they might very well have been the first batch of people that had set foot on this piece of land. At the instant they landed, everyone felt a strange feeling as though a pair of eyes was watching them.

They suddenly heard a bang, giving them all a fright.

They looked in the direction of the sound and were immediately left speechless.

It was the sound of Yi Yun's huge cauldron landing.

In such an atmosphere, how could anyone not jump out of their skins when Yi Yun let out such a large sound when his cauldron landed? After all, they had not even dared to breathe loudly when they first arrived. Yi Yun sure was calm. He had caused such a stir the moment he arrived. He truly was bold!

Yi Yun emerged from the cauldron and saw the Divine Lords looking at him from afar. However, he did not mind them at all. He was not with them, and instead of keeping a low profile, he might as well act as he wished. If he ended up attracting some danger, he still had the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to protect him. The one who would ultimately suffer was definitely not him.

When Fire Cloud Divine Lord saw Yi Yun appear completely unscathed, he frowned. Many of the Divine Lords had suffered minor injuries amid the stellar winds, but Yi Yun was completely fine. The artifact was truly powerful.

Fire Cloud Divine Lord's eyes flashed with a strange glint as he began coveting the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

"Everyone, this landma.s.s is probably full of strange things. We have to be careful," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord.

With that say, the group proceeded forward together.

While walking across the landma.s.s, they saw nothing but weathered rock everywhere. It was very easy to lose one's sense of direction. Other than just rocks and sandy wind, it did not seem like it had anything else. There were no vegetation or living creatures. They found it extremely quiet as they walked along.

Suddenly, a faint gray beam of light flew across their path.

After finally seeing something after walking for so long, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, who was in front, was quick to act. He immediately reached out to grab it.

An invisible suction force appeared as the gray beam of light was pulled back forcibly before Sacred Horizon Divine Lord grabbed it.

"Could it be a Chaos Gem?" asked a Divine Lord immediately as his eyes sparkled.

These Divine Lords had encountered Chaos Gems in the primeval universe as well, but they were not adept in Primordial Chaos laws. This caused their speed to be greatly limited and, in the vast cosmos, the Chaos Gems had given birth to some form of intelligence. They would escape the moment it saw people from afar. These Divine Lords found it difficult to grab the Chaos Gems. Up to this point in time, each person only had about four or five of them.

In fact, the Chaos Gems they had obtained could not even be considered gems. They were better described as grains since most of them were the size of sesame seeds. The largest one was probably about the size of a rice grain.

Even so, such precious Chaos Gems were still very valuable in their eyes.

If the landma.s.s had Chaos Gems, capturing them would be a lot easier.

Therefore, it was not only that Divine Lord that had posed the question. The other Divine Lords also gave an inquisitive look of antic.i.p.ation.

"It's not a Chaos Gem," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord with a shake of his head. "But it's also not some ordinary rock. This is the most primeval rock formed at the beginning of this universe. After billions of years, they were formed by the contamination of the nebulous Primordial Chaos. It also has the power of Primordial Chaos laws.

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord spread his palm, revealing a gray rock the size of a pigeon's egg. However, its weight was incomparable to the average rock. The rock was as heavy as a mountain.

The Divine Lords could not hide their disappointment when they heard that it was not a Chaos Gem. However, when they looked at the gray rock, they realized that although it was far inferior to Chaos Gems, it was also a rare treasure. Firstly, its size was a lot bigger than those Chaos Gems which were the size of sesame seeds.

By using this gray rock, they could equally absorb nebulous Primordial Chaos, and gain insight into the Primordial laws.

Perhaps it was only on this piece of land that such special rocks could be found.

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord put away the rock. After they traveled a little further, a few rocks appeared again. Immediately, several Divine Lords jumped to give chase.

One of the Divine Lords suddenly conjured a mirror when he approached a special rock. The special rock vanished strangely when it was reflected by a mirror. However, the special rock in the mirror remained.

This Divine Lord immediately smiled. He extended his hand to wipe it, causing the special stone within its mirror to appear in his hands.

"There's such a fascinating spatial-dimension artifact?" Yi Yun marveled from the sight. These Divine Lords were all rulers of their respective dominions, implying that they had something unique about them. Just the spatial Dharma treasure was quite extraordinary.

The other Divine Lords who had tried to vie for it had ugly looks.

"West River Divine Lord, it's not very right of you to obtain the treasure by relying on your artifact, right?" The person who spoke was a Divine Lord who had charged right ahead.

West River Divine Lord, continued smiling as he said, "The retrieval of the rock all depends on your individual skills. Having an artifact is naturally a part of one's ability, don't you agree?"

The other Divine Lord's expression turned nasty as he coldly harrumphed and didn't say another word.

Another few special rocks appeared later as well. One was obtained by Eclipse Arhat and two by Primordial Chaos Daolord. He had relied on the Primordial Chaos laws, allowing his speed to be faster than the other Divine Lords. It was difficult for the other Divine Lords to s.n.a.t.c.h them away from him.

However, eight or nine special rocks would appear suddenly at once, making all the Divine Lords scramble to s.n.a.t.c.h them.

One time, Fire Cloud Divine Lord suddenly laughed as he asked, "Fellow Daoist, why aren't you taking action?"

He was naturally asking Yi Yun. Yi Yun had been following behind them all this while as though he was watching a show. He would watch coldly from the side as the Divine Lords used a variety of means to s.n.a.t.c.h the special rocks. As for Yi Yun, he stood there motionlessly like a mountain.

He had planned on seeking an opportunity to attack Yi Yun when Yi Yun succ.u.mbed to his impatience, but Yi Yun had not taken action. His long wait ended up being for nothing, so he lost his patience and asked.

"It's nothing. I'm not interested in such trivial items," said Yi Yun.

He had spoken in a very nonchalant manner which took the hegemons by surprise.

They were here to vie for items, but Yi Yun actually deemed them as trivial items? And that he was not interested?

Following that, these people laughed. They knew that the truth had to be that Yi Yun's strength was limited and he did not dare join the fray. They got a general understanding that although Yi Yun had been pursuing Primordial Chaos Daolord previously, he did not dare to enter a head-on clash. Instead, he relied on his speed advantage to maintain a distance and constantly hara.s.s. This was because once Primordial Chaos Daolord closed the distance, it would be useless even if Yi Yun hid in the cauldron. He would be captured together with the cauldron.

However, they believed that Yi Yun refused to take it lying down since he was young and spirited, so he had said those supercilious-sounding words.

"Hahaha, you actually call these trivial items? Might I know what impressive items you have obtained?" quipped Fire Cloud Divine Lord mockingly. Although these gray rocks were far inferior in quality to Chaos Gems, they had an advantage in numbers and size. Each one of them would be s.n.a.t.c.hed up by various hegemons when placed in the Sinkhole!

Yi Yun could not be bothered with Fire Cloud Divine Lord as he stopped speaking. In response, the corner of Primordial Chaos Daolord's mouth twitched and a vein protruded out his forehead.

These people did not know what Yi Yun had obtained, but he knew very well. He was so angry that he nearly blew his top!

These special rocks obviously did not catch Yi Yun's eye. He had already obtained an unknown number of Chaos Gems along the way!

The reason why the other Divine Lords had obtained very few Chaos Gems had to do with there being too many boats chasing too few fish. In addition, Chaos Gems flew too quickly and had intelligence, allowing them to avoid people well ahead of time. However, Yi Yun was different. The Chaos Gems would willingly go to him. Furthermore, these Chaos Gems were each bigger than the other. In Yi Yun's hand, a Chaos Gems the size of a sesame seed was the smallest!

Therefore, a sesame seed-sized Chaos Gem might not even catch Yi Yun's eye, much less these special rocks.

As for Primordial Chaos Daolord himself, he had seen the same number of Chaos Gems Yi Yun had seen. But in the end, all he got was a pittance. Even now, all he could vie for were these special rocks with the rest!

Yi Yun's words was a smack in the face, so how could he not be p.i.s.sed?

However, Primordial Chaos Daolord naturally was not foolish enough to tell the others that Yi Yun had a large number of Chaos Gems in hand. These Chaos Gems would eventually be his.

"Eh? Daoist Primordial Chaos, what's wrong. You don't look too well?" said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord suddenly.

Primordial Chaos Daolord's face twitched violently as his face turned sullen. He said coldly, "Nothing!"

He forcibly suppressed his anger. He had to treat Yi Yun as though he did not exist, otherwise the youth's taunting would make him blow up in anger sooner or later. He needed to grasp an opportunity to deliver a fatal strike and obtain all of the boons that Yi Yun carried!

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