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Although Yi Yun noticed Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and company, he was unfazed. Since they were still a distance from him, they posed no threat to him. Even if each of the Divine Lords present were extraordinarily strong, this was a Primordial Chaos universe. In terms of comprehension of the Primordial Chaos laws, they were likely inferior to Primordial Chaos Daolord. This made the universe they were in his home turf.

"Old ignoramus, didn't you say you would make me wish I were dead? Don't just shoot your mouth. Come capture me!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he slashed out once again. Mirage Snow's stream of light contained the Primordial Chaos and Destruction Great Dao. Primordial Chaos Daolord naturally knew how powerful this strike was, and did not dare to belittle it. He turned around in a fl.u.s.ter, slashing out with his saber.


The saber beam shattered as Yi Yun's Sword Qi remained very tricky. The fusion of Primordial Chaos and Destruction Great Dao allowed it to easily endure the explosion. It once again penetrated Primordial Chaos Daolord's protective Yuan Qi, boring straight into his meridians.

Although Primordial Chaos Daolord had instantly wiped out Yi Yun's laws, he was still left with lifeblood that was in turmoil.

This scene naturally did not escape the notice of the experts present.

All of them felt their hearts jolt. This person was that strong!?

It was strange, because they clearly did not feel the aura of a Divine Lord Royal Seal on him, so he was likely only an ordinary Divine Lord. Yet he had been pursuing Primordial Chaos Daolord this whole time, to the point of tearing through his protective Yuan Qi!

They immediately realized that they had underestimated Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had managed to turn the tables while being pursued by Primordial Chaos Daolord, and ended up chasing Primordial Chaos Daolord until he was reduced to a sorry state. This only made him appear unfathomable!

Especially when his bone age did not seem high. His future was likely limitless. Once they offended him, they had no choice but to kill him. If not, the repercussions would be dire.

Upon coming to this realization, all the Divine Lords felt a little apprehensive against Yi Yun. It was best not to offend such a person!

The hegemons of the few major factions of Sinkhole unanimously chose to maintain a distance from Yi Yun.

This was exactly what Yi Yun wanted to happen. He had delivered the final strike at Primordial Chaos Daolord in order to create such an effect.

Of course, Yi Yun would not take the initiative to close in towards the hegemons of these major factions. Although his pursuit left Primordial Chaos Daolord exasperated, he knew deep down that he was no match for these old fogies. If he came too close, he would be in danger once they grasped an opportunity.

It was wisest to stay far behind and act accordingly.

"It looks as if this young man is prepared to investigate this landma.s.s together with us," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord as he looked with Yi Yun with a ruminative look.

If this were any other time, any other person who dared s.n.a.t.c.h his treasures, he would have long smacked them to death, but now he had to admit that Yi Yun was already approaching their level. He had the qualifications to to take a share of the loot.

"Hmph. Primordial Chaos Daolord, you are an embarra.s.sment. An ordinary Divine Lord has reduced you to this state. Do you need me to lend you a set of clothes?" quipped Fire Cloud Divine Lord. Previously, while opening the primeval universe's entrance, he had nearly gotten into a fight with Primordial Chaos Daolord. Now that he saw Primordial Chaos Daolord in such a wretched state, he definitely did not miss the chance to mock him.

"Fire Cloud, are you sick of living? Do you really think I'm some wimp that you can push as and when you wish? If you have what it takes, chop off that junior's head and I'll be impressed. If you don't have what it takes, it's best you shut up!" Primordial Chaos Daolord said coldly.

He was deeply aware of the inexhaustible variety of means available to Yi Yun. He was certain that Fire Cloud Divine Lord would definitely not fare any better if he crossed Yi Yun. In fact, he'd be happy to see him try.

"Hahaha! Primordial Chaos, do you think your goading will be effective on me? That junior is your enemy. It's not like I have any grudges with him. You want to use me as your vanguard? Do you think I'm a fool? If we enter this landma.s.s and encounter some great opportunities, and this junior is foolish enough to offend me, I will show you! When that happens, you will be convinced utterly!"

As Fire Cloud Divine Lord spoke, he looked Yi Yun deeply in the eye.

He had to admit that Yi Yun was capable, but to say he was afraid of Yi Yun would be a joke. He had reigned supreme in the Sinkhole for many years, so how could he be afraid of a junior!?

He could sense that Yi Yun might keep following them and try to snag any benefits for himself. If that was the case, he would definitely make Yi Yun pay a terrible price.

"Let's go and take a look at what this landma.s.s has to offer. Watch out for this junior. At the critical moment, he might stab us in the back. If it's possible, find a way to eliminate him."

Fire Cloud Divine Lord sent Sacred Horizon Divine Lord a voice transmission. Sacred Horizon Divine Lord only smiled without a reply. It was not only Yi Yun that they had to be wary about, anyone in their group would do the same since they only appeared united but were actually divided at heart. They had to be wary of everyone.

"Let's go!"

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord waved his hand as a group of people flew towards the landma.s.s.

Yi Yun followed slowly behind them, keeping his feet on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

As everyone flew close to the landma.s.s and approached the gray blurry mist, all of them drew a cold gasp. What looked like a gray mist from afar was in fact a powerful storm.

The periphery of the landma.s.s was enveloped in a thick stormy layer. There were turbulent astral winds in that layer which resembled sharp knives. Even the void would be blown to smithereens in such a storm.

"What a powerful storm. These winds are eroding our Yuan Qi!"

The powerful Divine Lords raised their protective Yuan Qi to forge through the astral winds. However, when their protective Yuan Qi was struck by the astral winds, it was like boulders weathering endless time. They were eroded and quickly worn down to nothingness.

Their Yuan Qi was rapidly vanishing!

Everyone was alarmed. The astral winds contained the power of time!

However, these Divine Lords were hegemons of their respective dominion with deep foundations. Using their powerful Yuan Qi, they constantly replenished the barriers that were being corroded, allowing them to successfully descend.

Fire Cloud Divine Lord gave Yi Yun a glance, curious as to how Yi Yun would pa.s.s through the astral winds with his weak cultivation level. Taking a step back, even if the astral winds were nothing to Yi Yun, he could see what means and strength were available to Yi Yun from his actions. If Yi Yun could barely withstand the astral winds, he could even consider attempting a sneak attack.

However, Fire Cloud Divine Lord never imagined that Yi Yun wasn't even bothering to raise a barrier. Instead, he jumped into the ma.s.sive cauldron and plummeted through the astral winds!

No matter how unrelenting the astral wind's power of time was, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was unperturbed. Not even a mark was left on its shiny surface.


Fire Cloud Divine Lord widened his eyes. What sort of treasured cauldron was that to be so powerful?

Primordial Chaos Daolord grunted coldly. He had long expected for this to happen. He could not even be bothered to watch as he immediately tore through the storm to venture deeper.

If a bit of astral winds could stop the punk, would he be in such a sorry state?

He now antic.i.p.ated something good would appear on the landma.s.s and that Yi Yun would ultimately succ.u.mb to impatience and try to s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure. When that happened, Yi Yun would have to close in and it would be an opportunity for him to capture Yi Yun.

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